Jen’s Hall Pass Double header and Three-peat


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I ended the last story describing my wife Jen’s first hotwife experience with one of her old students, Jerome. They had just fallen asleep after a night of dancing, drinks, and an intense first extramarital sexual experience. Jen had fallen asleep in Jerome’s arms after a passionate, kinky experience with Jerome that left her exhausted but fully satisfied in a way I was just not capable of.

Jen had told me this when she had returned from her night with Jerome as she gave me a handjob. Needless to say I had not lasted long. After I also reclaimed her with my tongue, she took a shower. I had wanted to hear about the rest of the night ( her double header and three -pear as she called them in her texts”. But the kids were getting up, and we spent the rest of the day like nothing happened. She promised me we would talk more later with a wink!

After the kids were in bed, she came to me and said “Do you want to hear the rest”. I said yes. She said Ok, but this time the “play” will be a little different. She said she would be keeping all her clothes in since she is still a little sore - and I would be keeping my briefs in. She will still give me a handjob, but she wanted me to last longer as she described her follow on two sexual encounters with Jerome. As she started she was just use her thumb on my cock, just bumping up and down over the head of my cock over my shorts. I laughed a little and she asked why. I said I can’t believe the difference between your wild sexual encounter story with Jerome vs me just getting hard with you fully clothed, me with underwear on, and you only using a thumb in me. Jen just smiled and me and gave me a little kiss on the lips and said “i bet you will still enjoy this “ with a devilish smile !

Jen then described what happened when she woke up half way through the night ( 5)3 double header). She had to get up and go to the restroom. She tried to get up quietly, but noticed Jerome move as she got up. As she returned she saw Jerome was up - not up out of bed, but she noticed Jerome had propped his head up on a pillow - but also he had a huge hardon that was lifting the sheet up quite noticeably. Jen said “we’ll someone looks ready to go”. Jerome said “We’ll I couldn’t help after watching your cute little ass walking to the bathroom” and now with your perky little breasts coming back for more. An Jen I also appreciate your sexy little landing strip”! Jen broke out laughing and said “ OMG - my husband asked before I came over last night that he hopes you would appreciate my waxing I got before our first date”. Jerome laughed and said well “You can tell him I was more than appreciative” and I could not get enough of it! Then Jen climbed back into bed and said “It would be a shame to waste this” as she grabbed Jerome’s thick cock and slowly started to give him a blowjob. First just the head. She noticed she was enjoying her lips forming around Jerome’s head as she kind of rotated her head from side to side to get a feel from her lips tightly forming around his head from different angles. But she did not want a long blowjob now. This was mainly to get some saliva around his head and top half of his shaft.

After a few minutes Jen climbed on top of him and slowly positioned his thick head up against her pussy. She was already getting wet from Jerome admiring her body, and after just a few rubs of Jerome’s thick head against her pussy, she started to slide down on his cock. Just like before she need a few minutes to get his cock in inch by inch. But the. Jerome slapped his old teachers ass causing Jen to moan, and then he grabbed both ass cheeks with his two large hands - and then made Jen’s juices flow. She was ready to show Jerome what she could do on top - and she told Jerome in her old teachers voice “Ok Jerome, just watch and learn how a real woman rides a man”.

She went from sitting up, to holding herself on Jerome’s broad shoulders, to laying down on him, pressing her small pert breaths into Jerome’s thick chest. Each position she would move her hips, reposition, let Jerome drive deep, to just have his head in her and just moving up and down an inch. She loves how this last move made Jerome want more but he held him off for a while until Jerome wanted more penetration, and just grabbed her ass again and drived deep into Jen. Jen felt herself getting close but did not want to cum yet, so she pulled up off Jerome and said “hold on young man with a devilish grin”. She then turned her back to Jerome, spread her legs over him, and again grabbed his cock. She just looked at it picking 10 inches up between her legs, and noticed it was almost to he belly button. She wondered how she could actually take his full length - but told me “she was so glad she could”!

She then started the routine again where she sat up, positioned Jerome’s shaft at the entry, and slowly sat down, letting an inch more go in at a time, as she dropped down on him. Jerome allowed the routine to go slow each time not wanting to hurt Jen, but wanting to give Jen the best sexual experience he could each time - and of course fulfill his fantasy from 12 years ago when he first had a crush on his cute little freshman highschool teacher!

But once Jen has Jerome’s full length in he started to build his thirsting power and rate! Jen said “Jerome then started to run his fingers over Jen’s little tits, letting each finger bounce over her nipples, one finger per thrust of his giant cock!”. Jen said she was getting so excited, but then he reached one hand down to her clit. Jen said “he had one hand playing with my nipples, one on my clit, and his big cock buried in me! I could not take it anymore, my legs stated to shake, and I had one of the biggest orgasms I ever had”!

I was amazed at effect Jerome had on Jen.

They then fell asleep again until Jen got up to make some breakfast. She told Jerome “they needed food to build back their strength” with a smile!

Jen put in her panties, and one of Jerome’s tshirts. She was making some eggs when Jerome finally got up. She said Jerome came up behind her, grabbed her ass and said, let’s go back to bet. She said she turned around and there Jerome was - fully naked - with his cock fully erect again and ready to go. Jen said “she laughed and said - put that thing away for now young man - I need to eat after last nights activities”! Jerome laughed and said “OK teach”. Jen giggled.

After they ate Jen asked to use Jerome’s tooth brush. When she came back out Jerome was just looking at her with a look that Jen knew he wanted her again. Jen wanted Jerome again too now that she had gotten her strength back. But Jen did say “I gotta get home soon - how about a quickie”!

Jerome said “i’m in up for dat”!

He then took Jen in his arms, picked her up, and took Jen to the bed! Jen just said “OMG - as she admired how effortlessly he carried her, knowing the desire he had, and amazed at his stamina!

Jen said this time it was all Jerome on top. He could feel his muscle on top of her as they first just made out. Then she could feel him harden through her legs. This time he held his cock and rubbed his head against her pussy wall and slowly pressed in. Again Jerome took care to let Jen accept his width and length inch by inch. Jen said, when she was ready “Ok babe”. When Jen said “babe” referring to Jerome I again felt that twinge of jealously, embarrassment, and fear! That is what she called me during sex!

But I forgot about that quick and Jen told me again about Jerome’s strength, length, and stamina and how it made her feel!

She said after 10 minutes, Jerome pulled out, lived Jen’s legs over her shoulders, put his arms over them, and lowered his body on her files legs. He told Jen, “this will give me a little better access, and let me press in a little deeper”. Jen just said “OMG” but went along for the ride. Jerome pressed in quicker this time knowing Jen was already open and wet. Jen said “she just grabbed onto his shoulders and got ready for the ride”!

Jen said she really felt Jerome’s full power in this position. The way he was holding her she was totally at his mercy and he built up his crescendo fast! She said she jay let him do what he wanted, knowing this was all probably part of the fantasy he had for years!”. As she felt him thrust and thought about his desire for her, Jen started to come close. She told him this, in the hope they could cum together. Jen states breathing faster, saying to Jerome “ right there, just like that, please don’t stop ducking me Jerome”. She then said “I reached an intense orgasm just as Jerome started blowing his huge load in me. But it was strange since I couldn’t move, my legs didn’t twitch like they had the times before that night because Jerome was holding everything in place with his arms strength”. So it seemed to make the orgasm last longer than ever - maybe not as intense as the double header - but the three peat orgasm seemed to go in and on” !

I could not believe that in one’s night, Jen had had sec three times and five orgasms during sec with Jerome. That is more orgasms during intercourse with Jerome in 18 hours than with me in 18 months. I guess that is why Jen likes my tongue!

Needless to say as Jen told me about that last orgasm I lost control and came into my briefs! Jen then just kissed me gently and asked “did you enjoy that babe”. I said absolutely as I fell asleep thinking about the differences between what sexual experience Jerome gave my wife “ multiple orgasms, over hours of intense passionate sex, with me cleaning up some of it later with my tongue” vs me “ cuming in my briefs within minutes with my wife just using her thumb in my little dick”

I feel also just thinking how lucky I was to have Jen!

My next story will be about Jen’s weekend 2 with her old student!

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