Jen's First Hall Pass Date Night


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Section 1

Jen and I wok up early saturday morning and had coffee and a bagel. We didn’t talk much but I was dying to ask her the plans for her first Hall Pass “date” with Jerome tonight. I finally asked what her plans for the day were and when she planned on meeting her old student Jerome for dinner and drinks. I still couldn’t believe how hot our talk was last night and how great the sex was as she told me her chance meeting with her old student at the bar with her friends last night.

She said, oh yea, I wanted to ask you “if you could take the kids to their games today while I get my hair done, get a bikini wax, and pick up a new outfit today”! I had expected the hair and outfit thought, but the waxing came out of left field. She had said last night the first date would probably not lead to sex, but as far as I knew, getting a bikini wax meant only one thing - sex!

I said “wow - a bikini wax - and I though you said the date would probably not lead to sex last night” and I smiled mischievously!

Jen said “ we’ll it may and it may not” and she also smiled a more devilish smile - which I could tell she had clearly made up her mind to have sex with Jerome, her old freshman highschool student who was about 12 years younger than her, but according to her a young, hot, muscular, young african American man who had hot on her and surprised her at the bar last night.

I then got up and kissed her and said “ of course I will take care of everything today, and tonight” and kissed her. I said Jerome is going to be one lucky young man tonight - I think it will fulfill his long time “hot teacher fantasy”! Jen blushed and teasingly said “I hope so”! I of course started to sport a small erection through my gym shorts. Jen said “it looks like someone else will fulfill a fantasy tonight too”. When I also said “I hope so” Jen got up and kissed me again, grabbed my hardon, and said “keep this hard for me when I get home”. I asked will it be late, and Jen said “ late, early, we will see how much of a fantasy Jerome can take” and she get me a last devilish look as she turned to get ready to go out.

As I offered, I planned a fun day and night with the kids. After baseball they each could have one friend over and I offered to take them to a movie and out for pizza.

In between baseball and the evening activities with the kids, I got to see Jen before she headed out to her first Hall Pass date. When i saw her come down the stairs my jaw dropped. He hair was tinted, she had a tight top on that clearly outlines her pert breasts, and a thin short skirt, slanted up on one side showing her whole toned leg on one side, and a little above the knee on the other side. I said “You look stunning! I like your hair, and your legs look great!” She said “Why thank you sir”. Then I said “I wish I could see the bikini wax”! She blushed and said “That’s for Jerome” but then turned, and lifted her skirt quickly showing me her ass for a couple seconds - and the thong panties she was wearing. I said “Nice Ass”. Jen just looked back as she walked away and said “I hope Jerome thinks so”.

At the end of the night, with the kids finally in bed my thoughts turned to Jen and Jerome. I had not heard from Jen. I hoped everything was OK, but I just figured she was enjoying her night and it was probably a little intense.

I kept my phone close to me. I woke up around 3AM when my phone buzzed. It was Jen. She just texted “ Hi Babe. Everything is OK. Just fell asleep with Jerome. Woke up in the middle of the night, and it led to a double header - and she added an Imoji, with a wink and a heart”. She said she would be over after breakfast.

In the morning I got up and made breakfast for the kids. At about 10AM I got another text from Jen. She said “Just finished a three-peat after breakfast”. Will be home by noon. She again added the winking heart Imoji.

I decided to drop the kids off at their grandmas so I could be home alone by noon.

Jen got home a few minutes after noon. She was in the same outfit, but her hair was disheveled, and she looked a little like she does after a long hard workout at the gym - and I could just imagine how physical her last 12 hours were!

She came over and kissed me and said “Hi Babe! Thanks for being so understanding!”. I said, the kids are at my Mom’s, so we have the place to ourselves. Jen said “Thanks. But I am tired and need a shower “ and she just smiled. I said “Oh - I wasn’t asking for sex. I just thought I could give you a nice message and you could tell me about your night”. Jen said “Don’t you want me to shower first”. I got the innuendo that she was probably not only sweaty, but probably had some “evidence” of the three-peat nighttime activities. But I said “you can shower after your message”. Jen said “OK”.

So we went and sat on the couch and turned on some music. I said lay on your belly and I will message your back. I started to message her back - through her shirt at first. She started to moan when I pressed hard and said “Oh that feels so good, I was in a lot of strange positions last night!”. and I said “Do tell”

Jen said “she met Jerome at a nice seafood restaurant for dinner. She said “Jerome had the biggest smile on his face” when he saw her come in. Jen said she could also feel his eyes look her up and down before he said “Jen - you look amazing!”. Jen said she could feel herself get wet from the first thing he said. They had a great meal, and a few drinks. She said the conversation was a little guarded at first, but after a few drinks, it opened up and had a definite sexual tone by the end of the dinner.

They went to a club to go dancing. Like the night before they started dancing dirty together. She said it wasn’t long before they were dancing close, and again she could easily fell the size of Jerome’s hardon. She said when they danced face to face, she could feel it against her lower belly. Jen said one time Jerome put his hand under Jen’s dress and grabbed her Ass! Jerome said “Mmmm-a thong huh”. Jen said “Just for you”! Luckily Jen said she had heels on. She turned her back to Jerome so she could grind her “thong” behind into Jerome and feel his hardon with he butt. She said Jerome put his hand on Jen’s belly and pulled he in tight. She could feel his strength and she got very wet on the dance floor. She said then Jerome took both hands , put one on each side of Jen, and ran his hands up her side. She said it was purposefully not to be seen grabbing her breasts in the dance floor, but an obvious play to let his fingers run up and over the side of her breasts. Jen said “ I almost came right there! She said “I tuned and said to Jerome said - you wanna get out of here” with a wink.

Jerome said let’s go, and drove Jen to his place. When they got into Jerome’s apartment, Jen said he was trying to be a gentleman. He offered Jen a drink, but then Jen said “I don’t know what got into me, but after the dirty dancing and feeling Jerome’s hardon on the dance floor, all she could think of was seeing how big Jerome really was”! So she said she went over to Jerome, kissed him, grabbed his zipper, looked Jerome in the face and said “Do you mind”? Jerome looked shocked, but quickly overcame Jen’s forwardness and said “sure Miss Johnson” obviously reflecting back on his freshman hot teacher memories. Jen said “she giggled, gave Jerome another quick kiss, dropped to her knees, pulled down his zipper, and fished our Jerome’s 10 inch thick hardon!”. I said “no way, 10 inches - lucky guy, and it sounds like a hot night in the making”. Jen said, “hot night and hot morning time two”.

Jen them described her difficulty taking Jerome in her mouth. She described his big mushroom head, his thick shaft, his veins, even his big balls “ in great detail. She said she had never felt or tasted anything so large or amazing! I of course felt another twinge of jealousy - but it would be bother like the ones I would feel as Jen described their three love making sessions and how each made her feel!

Section 2

She said the first session was intense and erotic. After giving Jerome a fantasy teacher blow job, he lifted her up, pulled her skirt up, slipped he thong off, and rubbed his hard cock, covered in Jen’s saliva, against her pussy lips. Jen said she started moving her hips and could feel herself getting wet. Jerome then started placing his head against Jen’s opening. Jen said Jerome started slow and tender. He just kept slowly applying pressure until his head finally entered Jen. Jerome asked if Jen was OK. Jen said “OK - it’s amazing”. Jerome then started pulling out and pushing in. Each time going another half inch in. Once he got a full length stoke in Jen, Jerome started picking up speed and power once he saw Jen could take his whole length and girth. Jen said she felt so full, but it was so hot and kinky that she was soaking wet, and once he started full stroking into her, she lost it and came all over Jerome’s cock! She said she kind of lost the strength in her legs, so it was lucky she was bent over a couch. Jen said she told Jerome “Oh my God, my sorry”. Jerome said sorry, “That is just your first of many tonight”

Jen said she felt a little worried that she would not be able to keep up with Jerome, but then she said “he just slowly took me to his bedroom, and took all Jen’s close off. Jerome said “My God Jen, you are beautiful and sexy, way better than I ever dreamed of in high school”! Jen said that made her feel more comfortable and thanked Jerome for the sweet words!

Jerome then sat down and pulled Jen’s hand over to sit on him. Jen took Jerome’s hardon and slowly positioned it to sit down on it. It was now up to Jen in how many times and how fast to bury Jerome’s cock deep into her pussy!

Jen said they fucked like that for another five minutes, and then somehow Jerome just stood up with Jen holding onto his neck, while Jerome held Jen’s legs wrapped around him. Jerome’s cock stayed buried in Jen as he got up. Jen said how shocked she was at how strong Jerome was, and how everything he did made her feel safe and sexy. She said she never felt like that before which was the second sting I felt. She then added again how large he was and how full it made her - but it didn’t hurt, it just felt great!

Jen then said Jerome pressed her back against a wall while he held her up off the floor with his cock in her. Jerome said “Are you ready”. Jen said she felt a little worried, but said “Yes Jerome, Fuck me deep and hard”! This almost broke me - but I wanted to hear more as I massaged Jen’s back.

Jen starts telling me Jerome started really fucking her hard! Jen said she felt Jerome was totally in charge, and she was just hanging on hard. Eventually he slowed down a little, and started french kissing Jen. Jen started laughing as she told me, but she said “That was the first time anyone ever screwed me that hard, or while they were holding me up off the floor” She said “she felt a connection with a. men she never did before, and this time when she came, she said it was the hardest and longest she ever came”!

Jen said she was totally exhausted, but Jerome was not done yet. She said Jerome asked “ How was that Jen”. Jen said she rolled her eyes and told Jerome “OMG you are amazing”!

She said then Jerome took her to the bed, always keeping his cock buried in Jen. She said he gently placed Jen on her back and started long slow deep penetrations. They started french kissing again. Jen said Jerome was a great kisser, especially when buried deep inside her”.

That is when Jen flipped over on the couch and asked me if I wanted a handjob. I said it sounds like you must be a little sore, so that sounds great!

She pulled my little hardon out of my shorts and started by telling me “what a cut little cock” with a smile on her face. Again I felt a sting, but au wanted to hear more.

She said Jerome slowly started to build up speed again. Jerome asked Jen how she was doing. Jen said she told him she was exhausted but wanted to feel him pulse inside of her.

I said “but you are not on birth control said I got my vasectomy”. Jen said she knew and that it wasn’t her time of the month, so it was Ok. She did say “ she might have to get a new prescription though” with a wink. After hearing that, even though she had only been giving me a handjob for a couple minutes, I blew my load all over! Jen laughed a little and said “Oh someone likes that idea huh”. I said “absolutely”

Jen then said Jerome finally blew his load deep in Jen. Jen said he could feel him pulse a dozen times. She said when he eventually pulled out, it felt like she was open and empty. She said she could not believe how much cum drizzled down her legs. But instead of showering she said they just fell asleep naked together on the bed - exhausted .

Jen asked if she could take a shower now. She said she would tell me about the double header and three peat later. I said sure as long as I get to pleasure you one more way. She looked at me funny and said “really”?

I said “I would like to experience it with you and I know you are sore. I will be gentle”. She said, you know he did not wear a condom, and we had a three pray over 12 hours right? I said “yes” and gave a quizzical look. Jen said “This is what you wanted all along isn’t it”. I said “yes”.

Jen pulled her dress and thong off and said “Ok,” Doug, come make your wife yours again”. Then O slowly slide down, lowered my head between her thighs, and ever so gently started using the tip of my tongue to first touch her clit. Jen jumped a little and laughed”. She then touched my head and used it to adjust my tongue location. After 10 minutes I not only had gently licked he clit, but also softly licked her inside walls as deep as possible”. I definite got a strong smell and taste - one I had never tasted before - even after we had sex!

Then I started licking Jen’s inner thighs - wherever I felt it was a little sticky. By the time I was done, Jen’s legs and pussy were clean. She asked me if I was done. I said yes, how was it. Jen said “ It was great baby. Thanks you”. Then with a devilish grin she said “ - maybe that can be our thing “

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