Jen Negotiates Her Extended Hall Pass


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A couple days after Jen’s weekend of sexual escapades with her old student Jerome I noticed Jen texting someone repeatedly and giggling. I said “I bet that’s Jerome” and Jen just smiled. I asked if, or when, she was planning on seeing Jerome again.

Jen said “oh - I wanted to talk to you about a few things”. I got a little scared, but said “sure - what’s in your mind”?

Jen said that Jerome had invited her to a party on friday and to stay over two nights, returning to me sunday morning again. I said “well - I thought we were going to dinner with her friend Michelle and her husband this weekend”. Michelle was one of the women Jen was out with when she first met Jerome again. Jen said, oh I already rearranged with Michelle. I was a little concerned since that seemed like Jen had already said yes to Jerome and potentially told Michelle what was going on.

Jen noticed I looked a little concerned and so she said “there is one other thing. I went to my gynecologist today, because I thought it would be a good thing to get another prescription for the pill - just to keep safe like we agreed”. Now I was clearly shaken. Jen noticed and came over to me. Jen said “ Hi babe. I know this is a lot all at once, and I want to make sure you are OK with everything. I want type to know if you ever want me to stop I will immediately. But I am really enjoying exploring my sexuality with Jerome, and it really seemed like you enjoyed sunday when I got home. When you went down on me after a day and a half with Jerome, and when you came after barely touching you while I told you the things he did to me, it seemed like you were enjoying it almost as much as me”. She said this as she was looking directly into my eyes with a loving smile. Then she said “please tell me how you feel”.

When she said that, all my concerns faded, and I kind of melted inside. I said “ you are right - I really did enjoy when you held me, telling me how Jerome made you feel, his size, his muscles, his endurance, the different positions, the contrast of his black hand on your body, or his black cock pressing into you, the intense orgasms, all of it. It’s what I always wanted to give you myself, but have been unable to. I am just a little scared - and even though I enjoyed your two handjobs, or in one case a thumb job - at which Jen just smiled - but I hope I will still get a chance to have sex with you again sometimes.”

Jen said - “oh my God yes.” You are my husband and I always want you to be. And yes, I want to still have sex with you. I was just a little sore for a couple days - but babe, let me show you how I will always make love to you”. Then she started kissing me deeply. It was not long before I got hard, and she said “well I feel a little something going on down there” as she slowly slide down and unzipped my pants. Jen easily fished my cock out of my pants and in one move, took my whole cock into her mouth. She sucked on me for a couple minutes and then said “I am proud of being able to swallow you whole Doug. With Jerome I can barely get half in and I start to choke. See there are some good things to being on the small side - you get a great blowjob, and I prove that I can still deep throat’s a cock without choking”!

Then she had me lay down, removed her shorts, and said, “will you do that thing you do great for me - you know - our thing”.

I immediately knew she wanted me to go down on her for about 15 minutes, using my tongue, lips, and fingers in every way possible to give her a pretty good orgasm - at least as good a one as you can without a big cock!

After about ten minutes Jen was really getting into it. She started really grinding her hips and moan. I started to moan also and Jen said “Don’t blow your load while your going down on me if you want sex now! If you hold out until I orgasm, then you can have sex, and clean me up afterwards”!

She knew exactly what I wanted, so I tried to take my mind off what I was doing, while still performing oral in Jen. Luckily I sensed Jen pressing her pussy down on my lips harder, and then convulse and I knew I had given her a little pleasure. She looked down on me, while I looked up at her and she just smiled for a couple minutes as she relaxed. Then she slide down and kissed me and said “Now it’s your turn for pleasure babe”. She easily slide my cock into her in one movement - not the slow progressive deepening strokes she described needing with Jerome”. But it felt great and she slowly started to move up and down on me. Unfortunately I popped out a few times since I didn’t penetrate her as deep as Jerome or fill her up with his thickness. But she put me back in each time I popped out and just giggled. She started moving her hips and she whispered in my ear “Go ahead babe, I know your are about ready, I just wanna climb back up on you face quick”!

As she said that, I blew my load in her after only about 3 minutes of intercourse”. She barely waited until my last pulse until she pulled me out, and moved up to sit on my face again, as I swallowed my small load. Jen just said “I will always enjoy “our thing whether it is after sex with you or Jerome this weekend”!

I felt like I was played a little, but I wanted sex so bad that I knew I would do anything to keep Jen happy!

Jen then slide down and laid next to me. She asked if I enjoyed that. I said “ That was so hot. I said I was glad she was on the pull again and to now tell me about your plans with Jerome this weekend .

She said “well all I know is there is a party with some of his friends friday and then he noticed how rock hard my body was for 35, so he wanted to work out with me saturday and enjoy two nights of intense sex this weekend exploring each other’s bodies!

He said that he knew I was a little sore after last weekend, but he thought I could work up to taking him without any soreness if we started to have sex several times per week!

Jen said “I would love to find out if you are OK”. I said “How can I help” and Jen filled me in on how she thought she could deal with the 25 miles distance on weekday nights. She thought if she met up with Jerome 1-2 weekend nights, and then if I were to rent a long term stay apartment for a couple months then Jerome could come up here a few days during the week. She said she would cover the cost since Jerome was just starting his career. I was a little shocked at this - but said I could make a few calls. Luckily I had a great job and made a good salary so I told Jen who was a teacher that I would cover the cost. I also said to really test her endurance, after a month, I would pay for a week vacation for the two of them to go away while I watch the kids. Jen was shocked and said “Oh my God Doug, I love you” and she hugged and kissed me!

She said “You know there could be one other benefit to a local room for Jerome and me. When I get home, Jerome’s seed in me will be a whole lot fresher, and I think you will enjoy your cleanup - you know “our thing””. I kissed her back and said “I love that as you fantasy of sex with Jerome - you are thinking of me too”. Then we just laid down together and Jen agreed to come home earlier on sunday and spend time with me - with a devilish grin on her face.

In my next story I will tell you about Jen’s party experience, the workout with Jerome, and how she felt after two nights with Jerome and Jerome’s thoughts on the local long term stay idea!

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