Jen And Jerome's Last Night In Jamaica


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Section 1

Saturday was Jen and Jerome’s last night in Jamaica. I had a long day planned taking the kids to their various sporting events, cooking, cleaning, and I had to prep for an 8AM monday morning meeting. So I got up early and started making breakfast. As I was starting I got a text from Jen.

She said “Morning babe. Just had mind blowing morning sex with Jerome! Sad that today is our last night here :-(. But I asked Jerome what sexual fantasy he wanted to fulfill on his last night in paradise. He said, since you allowed me to have you and Erika a couple nights ago, I thought I could return the favor. My jaw dropped and I playfully slapped him on the arm. He grabbed me in his big arms and said “It’s up to you, but it would be hot seeing you suck another big black dick while I repeat what I gave you this morning! I got a little tingle in my pussy and I said “well no cute guy will want me anyway so we can try and see who we find, but if all three of us don’t agree you won’t be disappointed will you”? He said no, the chase and prospects will be just as exciting, and I’ll still fuck you tonight anyway” and we both agreed. But then I said “but no anal!”. He just smiled and said “well, that’s up to you, but if our 3rd party asks - you should be nice.”. I said are you saying you want to see another guy fuck my ass too, or are you asking for a DP??? Jerome said “ it would be interesting feeling another cock in you go in and out while i’m inside you! I smacked him playfully again and said “my pussy, my ass, my rules”!!! Jerome laughed and Jerome said “absolutely babe”.

That was the the last I heard in the morning. I thought to myself “OMG, I can’t believe she is gonna fuck another black guy and this time she doesn’t even know him”. I hope they don’t find anyone! But at least she won’t let another guy fuck her ass. Luckily I had a busy day and forgot about the text as I went along with my busy day, while Jen and Jerome enjoyed their last day in paradise and prepared for one last wild night of sexual fantasy, filled with excitement, and kinky escapades!

At 11 PM I was finally done cleaning up. The kids were in bed. My mind started to wonder about what Jen was doing. All kinds of things went through me head. Did they find a guy to make their sexual fantasy come through? What did he look like. How did he fuck Jen. How did she enjoy it. I was scarred, but excited. Before au knew it my hand was in my cock, until I remember Jen telling me she did not want me masturbating. I guess she wanted to be in charge of my cock?

Then I got a text. Jen described her night. After dinner they had dressed up in the best clothes they brought with them. Jen wore her sexy, low cut, tight black dress. No bra. She wore the anklet I gave her. It had a white female sign and black male sign on it to indicate what she was now into.

Anyway, they found an upscale club, that was known for interracial hook ups for the tourists. Jen said she made plans with Jerome. She would sit at the bar to try to attract some men who might be interested. Jerome would watch. Jen would decide if she was interested. Once Jen was interest, and then man was obviously interested, then Jen would explain what they were looking for. If the man agreed, Jen would introduce the prospect to Jerome. If all three agreed the game would be on! Jen also asked Jerome “ you will protect me right, with a loving hug and kiss”. Jerome said “absolutely, anytime you say no or stop, I will take care of things”! Jen said “thanks babe, and I plan on picking a smaller guy than you so you can dominate the situation!”. Jerome just laughed and said “i always do” with a confidence that made Jen wet.

Jen then said “grab my ass”. Jerome did. She then said “ more towards the center”. Jerome slid his hand to Jen’s crack, and said “oh what’s that, did you change your mind”? Jen said “it’s only an option, if you guys play nice, and turn me on, you can have all of me!”

I thought to my self, “OMG, Jen is going out looking for a second guy, with a butt plus in, ready to go all in”!!!

I was shocked! But also very excited. I could not wait to read what happened next! I didn’t have any fear, since I knew Jen was already back in the hotel room - and safe.

Then Jen said, she got approached by several guys at the bar. She danced with a few, but did not hit it off with any. One guy in the dance floor was too aggressive, grabbing her ass immediately. He apparently felt the plug, and was pushing Jen to go to the car and have anal. Jen just cut it off immediately. She wanted to be chased a little, and respected.

Then she said a thin young black man approached her. He was well dressed. Talked nice. Was smart. Playful. Funny. and seemed to know the game. They quickly hit the dance floor. He was not as aggressive as the last guy. But he moved in close. He took his time with Jen. Talking. Laughing. Light touch. One step at a time building up the sexual atmosphere. As they started grinding on the dance floor, Jen mentioned she could feel Tyrone’s cock harden. Tyrone finally slid his hands down to Jen’s ass. He was checking out every nook and cranny of her ass when he finally came upon the plug. He said “I didn’t expect that in Jen’s ear”. Jen giggled and said “does it scare you”. Tyrone said no, “whatever you like” . At that point Jen said “let’s go back to the bar. Buy me a drink, and i’ll make a proposition”. Tyrone smiled and said “Any proposition you make, I will be all in”.

Jen said she got so wet she had to go to the little ladies room. She said get me a sea breeze and meet me at the bar. On the way to the bathroom, she stopped by Jerome and filled him in. She said I think I will be bringing Tyrone over the talk in a few minutes. Jerome gave her a high five.

When Jen got back to the bar Tyrone had her drink waiting. She gave him a kiss and said. “I think your hot Jerome. I’m in a vacation with my lover, it’s our last night here, and we wanna have some fun!”. Tyrone said “go on” without appearing shocked. Jen said “My lover is over there, I will introduce you to him if you are interested. You are a lot younger than me, but you appeared to be interested in me on the dance floor”! So I would love you to join me for a night of hot sex with two guys!”. It is a fantasy of my lovers and I would love you to help me make his fantasy come true. I am also very interested in sex with you and If you are cool with it, and treat me well, au promise to do everything I can to give you a great night of sex with a little sexy hotwife from America!” Tyrone said, that sounds amazing! Jen then said “The but plug is an optional bonus. If you are interested we will see what fun we can have with that - butt no promises there “. Tyrone laughed at the pun, and said he was up to try anything!

Jen then took him to meet Jerome and they hit it off quickly. It appeared Tyrone knew how to handle himself and was very interested! Jerome seemed as excited as a little kid getting ready to play some team baseball!

They got a van taxi back to the hotel and all three sat on a van bench. Jen between Jerome and Tyrone. Jerome told Tyrone. I’ll take the top, you take the bottom. Tyrone knew what to do. As Jerome felt Jen’s tits, and kissed her, Tyrone’s hand slipped under Jen’s dress, and he started to finger her pussy through her panties. Jen started to moan. She said all her nerves were on fire feeling hands all over her body. Her eyes flickered to the van rear view mirror and she saw the driver periodically glancing back at what was going on, and she came for the first of many times that night. Both Jerome and Tyrone felt her orgasm. They decided to start ratcheting up her experience. Tyrone slipped a finger under her panties, and into her pussy. Jerome knew what was going on by Jen’s bodily reaction. He whispered in Jen’s ear. Give your other lover for tonight a kiss. Jen turned her head to french kiss Tyrone for a while.

When they got to the resort, Jen had to straighten her panties and dress as they got out of the car.

Jerome asked Tyrone if he wanted a drink at the bar before they went upstairs. Tyrone said sure. Jerome said I will pick up the tab. Of course I knew that the tab was really on me for the resort bill!

At the bar the three were having a drink and laughing, when Erika and Brad showed up. Jerome invited them over for a drink and again picked up the tab. Nice of him knowing I would eventually pay for the whole vacation!

Erika quickly noticed the sexual tension, and she saw Tyrone’s hand up high in Jen’s thigh. She pulled Jen away to talk for a few minutes and said “girl, is what I think I see going on, gonna go down”? Jen giggled and said “Yes, I am so turned on you can’t believe it”. Erika said “we’ll take it slow girl, those are some experienced men!”. Jen said “ I can still see you and Jerome in my mind, luckily Jerome agreed to take it slow with me, him, and Tyrone. He will also be my protector”. Erika said “ I’m glad you worked it out, you are gonna have the rise of your life!”. Enjoy every minute and every inch”, and the two girls giggled and high fived as the three guys looked on.

After one more drink, Jerome said, “see ya Erika and Brad, enjoy your night, we are gonna go have some fun!”. This time the three guys high fived and Jen just looked at Erika with the look like right before you take the first large drop in the largest and fastest rollercoaster ride of your life!

As Jen and her men stepped into the room, Jerome told Tyrone to “get to know Jen” while he went to change and get comfortable. When he got back, Jen said “Jeroem said “oh-ya, here we go” as he saw Tyrone’s hard cock in Jen’s mouth, glistening from Jen’s saliva!

Section 2

Jen told me “ As Tyrone and I first kissed in the room, I immediately used a hand to unzip his pants, while he used his hand to feel the butt plug in my ass!”. As I fished his duck out of his pants, I first looked at my second black cock up close and personal. It was big, black, and beautiful she said. Not as thick as Jerome’s. It did not have the big veins like Jerome’s. It was also a couple inches shorter than Jerome’s. But is was a darker black, and hard as a rock! I told Tyrone he had a great cock, as I first wrapped my lips around the head. Tyrone moaned. Slowly I took inch by inch, paying special attention to just below the head with my tongue! Tyrone was soon fucking my mouth, and it felt great! I loved when Jerome came back into the room and saw I had taken charge with Tyrone!

Jerome came up behind me and started to unzip my dress. He had me get up so he could slide it off. With just my panties on, Jerome said “doesn’t she have a great body for a teacher with two kids”. Jerome then told Tyrone a short version of our story, and Tyrone was high fiving Jerome again, as I went back to my knees and took his cock in my mouth again and let the boys talk about what they were going to do with my body!

Jerome then said, let’s go to the bedroom. In the bedroom I started to strip Jerome. As I stripped Jerome and took him into my mouth, Tyrone stripped down, ready for some teacher action!

I could tell the difference with Jerome in my mouth. Thicker. Longer. Deeper. ever so slightly different taste. I was getting real excited with two, hot, well hung, black guys naked in front of me, wanting my body, my mouth, my tits, my ass! But I was still unsure what I could handle and how things would go - but I was excited and wet. I noticed in the bedroom Jerome had gotten out the lube, some towels, etc. He seemed to be ready for anything. By his hardness and joking, I knew he was living yet another fantasy with my body!

We got in the bed, and Tyrone pulled my panties down, admiring and slapping my ass. The butt plug was of course front and center in his view! Jerome said, Tyrone - guests first, butt plus last. Tyrone got the idea, and with me doggie style sucking Jerome’s cock, he positioned his young, black, rock hard cock at my pussy, and as he pressed the head in, I had my second orgasm of the night!

The boys both felt my orgasm, and of course high fived again, and we all three laughed. Jerome said, Tyrone let’s see if we can give her five orgasms tonight, and then high five one last time - and the challenge was on, again using my body for a goal of five orgasms! I knew I was in for a long night!

I could not believe what au was reading from Jen. But my cock was also hard, wanting Jen to hit her record of five orgasms in a night! Unfortunately I was not part of the challenge. I knew they would all have orgasms and Jen did not want me to have one in my own. But I was not sure I could meet her expectations again.

After Tyrone fucked Jen for a while doggie style, Jerome asked to change positions for a while. Jen flipped over, Tyrone put his cock in Jen’s mouth again, and Jerome got on top of Jen and slowly forced his way into Jen. Hearing Jen moan with a cock in her mouth turned Jerome on and he picked up his pace. After a bit Jerome whispered in Jen’s ear “It is so fucking hot, fucking you, and watching you suck a big black cock!”. Jen’s head started picking up the pace as Tyrone’s cock went in and out of her mouth! Jen couldn’t believe the feeling of have two guys switch positions on her, the difference looks, taste, and feelings of the cocks in her. She was wondering what would happen when the butt plug came out, and as Jerome buried his cock one last time into her she could feel him explode in her. As he did she starts her third orgasm! As Tyrone felt this he unloaded in Jen’s mouth! Jen collapsed as she swallowed Tyrone’s first load of the night, observing the slightly different taste of his cum. As Jerome pulled out, she could feel his cum dripping down her leg.

Tyrone said that was amazing! Jerome said, “Jen is a great fuck”. You are gonna stick around for another round right, we gotta get Jen two more orgasms to high five again, and we all three laughed.

Jerome got us a drink, and we kind of laid on the bed and talked and laughed a bit, as the boys recovered their stamina, and I relaxed a bit.

After a drink and talking for 20 minutes, I first noticed Tyrone’s cock coming to life again. I decided to help it along a bit by going down on him again. As I did I noticed Jerome come around the back. I then felt him grab the butt plug and slowly move it around a bit as my ass got aroused. Jerome said to Tyrone, “are you interested in Jen’s tight little ass? I had it the other night, and it appears she would not mind you havin a go?”. Tyrone looked at Jen with his cock in her mouth and asked “I would would love to, if you want it Jen”. Jen said she just moaned “Um-Hmm” not stopping sucking. Then Jerome got the lube, slowly pulled out the plug, and started prepping Jen’s hole.

A few minutes later, Jerome and Tyrone switched places, and Jen knew she was about to get another black cock up her ass, with Jerome’s cock in her mouth. Tyrone lubed up and took it slow and easy. Jen was happy that Tyrone was a little thinner as his head popped in her ass easier than Jerome’s. Tyrone took it slow, telling Jen how amazing her ass looked as his cock slide in deeper and deeper. Tyrone said her ass was nice and tight, and repeated Jerome’s stated on what a great fuck she was!

Jen couldn’t believe she had just met this young black man tonight, and he was already buried in her ass. He had enjoyed all her three holes. She had swallowed his cum. She couldn’t believe how in one month she had gone from a normal married mom, enjoying a vanilla sex life, to this amazingly hot, multi orgasm, interracial sexual fantasy with two young well hung beautiful black men. As she felt Tyrone’s cock in her ass picking up the pace, and her jaw open as wide as it could go with Jerome’s big cock in her mouth, she quickly felt orgasm four come up and this time her whole body shook as she lost control with Tyrone’s cock leading the way!

As she collapsed Tyrone and Jerome pulled out and let her recover for a few minutes. But they were not quite done. Jerome wanted to try one more thing and Jen knew what we coming.

Jerome said hey babe, you ready to try my last fantasy? Jen said I will try for you! He said OK, he laid on his back and pulled Jen on top of him. Jen knew what to do, and slowly buried herself in Jerome’s big cock, going slowly. Jerome held her half way down on his cock and asked tyrone to slowly enter her back door, but to go slow at first.

Jen said she looked into Jerome’s eyes as Tyrone slowly entered her ass to fulfill Jerome’s DP fantasy! Jen was uncomfortable at first with the overwhelming feeling of being stuffed beyond fullness. She was quiet just trying to adapt to the feeling. Luckily Tyrone had put more lube on his hard cock so it was sliding in without friction. It was just full. Then she heard Jerome say “ your doing great babe, he thanked her, and gave her a gentle kiss and he slowly moved in and out. Jen was also so glad to hear Tyrone say “Jen, you are an amazing woman, so beautiful, sexy, and a lady - Jerome is so lucky to have you, and your husband is the luckiest man in the world!”. At the Jen relaxed a bit, knowing she was fulfilling two great guys fantasies, knowing she had a great husband letting her fulfill her fantasies, and slowly she started to get used to the full feeling, and her juices started to flow. Jen said within 30 seconds it turned into one of the most uncomfortable sexual experiences into one of the most giving and erotic feelings knowing that she was fulling a dark desire she had and fulfilling three mens sexual fantasies at once. She started pushing back against Tyrone’s cock in her ass. Also down onto Jerome’s cock. She whispered into a jerome’s ear “did you ever think in highschool you would be DPing your hot teacher”. Jerome said “no, this blows every fantasy I ever had away!

The Jen asked Jerome “Can you feel Tyrone’s cock in my ass as you fuck me”. Jerome said yes - You are so hot Jen, I love you!

With Jen pushing back in Tyrone’s cock, and talking dirty toJerome, the boys started picking up the pace. Soon Tyrone started grunting and cuming in Jen’s ass. That set off a chain reaction. Soon Jerome was cuming deep in Jen’s pussy as he felt Tyrone cum. Then Jen could not take it any more and her hole body shook with an orgasm from deep down within her, nothing like she had ever felt before!

As they recovered and as Tyrone pulled out of Jen’s ass, the boys high fived each other and laughed, as Jen laid her head in Jerome’s chest to recover.

After a bit, Jen could feel Tyrones cum dripping down the back of her legs, and as she slid up and off Jerome’s big cock she fled his cum dripping down the front of her legs along with the mild soreness of her pussy, ass, and jaw. It was a feeling she will always remember.

She gave Tyrone a kiss goodbye and thanked him for being open to their fantasy as she headed to the shower.

Jerome saw a tyrone out and gave him some cash for a cab. Then he joined Jen in the shower for a loving warm sudsy cleanup before collapsing into bed for a great sleep.

After reading their amassing sexual escapade with Tyrone, I could not help myself but to masturbate quickly so I could get some sleep and dream about their night. As I fell asleep I wondered what was next for us when Jen got back tomorrow. Little did I know they had an idea!

What happened on their rerun will be my next story!

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