Jen And Jerome In The Backseat


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A couple days before Jen and Jerome leave on their all expenses paid vacation to Jamaica, I took Jen out shopping. I wanted to get Jen some new clothes and bikinis for her trip. The night before I had given Jen the trip itinerary - two round trip first class airline tickets and 6 nights stay at Hedonism 2 in Negril Jamaica. When I showed Jen she just said “OMG - I can’t believe you - you are so s naughty!”. Then I said let’s go get you some sexy clothes tomorrow. Jen said “I’m game “.

So we went to several places for Jen to try on some bikinis. Jen tried on string bikinis, thongs, all colors and patterns and materials. She tried each and and showed me. She asked how her ass or tits looked, and she asked which ones made me want her most. I would get hard as she tried out each one, and I went to grab her ass when she was trying in one of the thongs, and she teasingly slapped my hand away, and said - no you just get to help which ones you want to buy for me - these are for Jerome to take off me in Jamaica! Jen said “sorry babe”, but this was your idea - when I get back i’ll try one in for you, but no touching me until I get back. Then she told me Jerome had asked he not to have sex with me for at least two days before she ever sees him! I thought to myself, “I go down on her an hour or so after they have sex, but she can’t have sex with me for two days before she sees him! How did I get myself into this”???

But I helped Jen pick out several new bikinis that showed off her body - even though I knew the suits would not stay on long - LOL!

Then we picked out some new sexy shorts for her, some tight tops, half tops, sheer tops, tank tops, new panties, and a couple sexy dresses. We didn’t pick out any new bras since Jen said, she would not be wearing any bras the whole trip!

The day came when it was time to take them to the airport. I started to get nervous since I had offered to drive them to the airport. I was not sure how Jerome would treat me when we met. Jen sensed my unease and said “don’t worry babe, Jerome is cool, and he really appreciates you paying for our vacation, and of course letting us explore our sexual desires in paradise!”

So we got to Jerome’s place, and Jen went to meet him at the door. I saw how large Jerome was next to Jen, and I saw them kiss, and I saw Jerome reach behind Jen and grab her ass as they kissed. Jerome then looked up and saw me watching them as I open up the SUV trunk. He came over and put his bags down, and said “Hi Doug, nice to meet you. I wanted to thank you for paying for me and Jen to got to Jamaica - it’s really cool of you! I will make sure Jen is safe and that she has an amazing adventure that she will never forget, and I saw him look over to Jen, and I actually her her giggle and blush - it was like two kids in high school gushing over each other!”

But I threw Jerome’s bags in the back of the SUV and said let’s go!

Jen and Jerome jumped in the back, and I got in and off to the airport we went. The drive was about 30 minutes. I could hear Jen and Jerome talking about what they wanted to do whe they got there. Jen said she wanted to walk on the beach. Jen asked Jerome what he wanted to do first. Jerome said “He wanted to do Jen on the balcony first”. Jen just said “OMG, said your so bad, and giggled “.

They talked a little more, but then it went quiet as I got on the highway. I looked in the rear view mirror and saw Jerome, but I did not see Jen. I shortly heard a zipper undo, and next time I looked in the rear view mirror, I saw just the top of Jen’s head going up and down and I saw Jerome’s eyes close and start to breath heavy. I thought to myself, OMG, they can’t wait to get to Jamaica, they have to start in the back of my car??? I was a little hurt, but I also noticed I was getting hard! a of course I had to pay attention to driving - LOL

After a few minutes I saw Jen moving around and it sounded like both were removing their shorts. Then I saw Jen climb on Jerome through the rear view mirror and I started to see the back of Jen’s head go up and down. I started to hear a lot of movement, and I heard Jen start to say oh God that feels good, don’t stop. They were fucking right there in the back of my car. Then I saw Jen get up, and turn around so she faced forward. I looked in the rear view mirror, and she was looking right at me, and I saw her lower herself down as I watched , and saw her gasp and the look on her face as she lowered herself down again into a Jerome’s long thick shaft!

As I approached the airport they were still going at it. Jen was still staring right at me. I was still rock hard from the sounds and sites. As I pulled up to a long stop light Jen said, turn around and kiss me babe, I turned around to see her, and she reached forward to kiss me. She forced her tongue into my mouth with a Jerome still buried deep inside her. As soon as I felt her tongue touch my tongue, I squirted in my shorts and my body twitched! Jen to my horror said “ OMG babe, did you just cum in your pants!”. Before I could answer I think Jen knew I was embarrassed in front of Jerome, and she said “That’s OK babe”.

I then heard Jerome whisper something to Jen, and and heard them both giggle. I then heard Jen say “OK Jerome, Fuck me hard now!”. I heard Jerome really start to pound Jen, and ai heard a jen start to gasp louder and as Jerome started their vacation with a bang. After a couple minutes as we got close to the airport, I heard Jen start to breath fast, and she eventually said to Jerome, “Cum in me babe, cum in me now i’m about cum!”. I then heard Jerome grunt a half dozen times as he unloaded into her i the back of my car”. He then just held her a bit, as they both came down.

Jen then said “Put me in my back, and get dressed like we talked about” and so wondered what they were doing. As I pulled up to the departures I stopped and got out to get the bags. Jerome gave a kiss to Jen and said i’ll take the big bags. He then said “Thanks again, and enjoy”. He then left and Jen said, “He babe, hop in the car and take me to the “kiss and fly” parking area.

So I drove Jen over to a short term parking place, and Jen said come back here babe. So I got in back and Jen said “did you enjoy the ride babe”?

I said “probably not as much as you”.

Jen said, “well you came first babe” with a devilish smile. I was a little embarrassed again, but then Jen said “Jerome and I wanted to give you a present for you to enjoy before we left”. I said well it was nice. Jen said “you coming when I kissed you was not the present, the present is in me still. Jerome and I felt you might enjoy a fresh load to lick out of me, versus the stale ones you have licked out before. I have held it in as best I could, and laid on my back to help. Will you go down in me and clean me up before I go through security babe with a devilish smile”! I said, “i’d love to Jen”!

Jen then spread her legs and and I started to see some white cum leak out. I didn’t need to be asked twice! As I went down on Jen I felt her hand on the back of my head, and I felt her hips move, and Then I tasted their pleasure. I knew I loved Jen more than I ever did at that time as she gave me what I didn’t even know I wanted. It truly was a gift.

After a while Jen said, I think it is time for me to go babe with a laugh. She said “did you enjoy you present? - it sure seems like you did “ with a smile.

I said “God I love you honey - I truly want you to have the best time of your life - enjoy”

Jen smiled and said “oh I will, and I think Jerome will enjoy your choices of swimsuits “. I said I sure he will! Jen said “But I think he’ll enjoy your wife more” and laughed.

Then I dropped her off, and I went to kiss her goodby, and she just put her finger in my lips and said “I’m a Jerome’s now for the next week” and she saw I was shocked, and she just looked at me and said “don’t worry, I’ll be back - and I will send you pictures, and she winked at me, turned, and embarked on her vacation!

I just stood and watched until security came and told me to get on my way!

I wondered if they were laughing at me now, but then I thought they probably won’t be thinking of me at all, as they are explore each other’s bodies in paradise!

My next story will be about Jen’s sexual experiences in Jamaica with Jerome - all at my expense!

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