Jen And Jerome's First Night In Paradise


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After I dropped Jen and Jerome off at the airport to go on their all expenses vacation, i went home to pick up the kids. I was going to have a busy week until Jen got back. On the weekend I would have to drive them around, make meals, cleanup, etc. But on the weekdays I arranged to work from home. I would get up before the kids and work a few hours. Then make them breakfast and get them ready for school and drop them off at school. Then work while they are at school. Then pick them up or drive them to after school activities. Then make them dinner. Then cleanup. Laundry, dishes, etc. I would be working double time, while Jen and Jerome were enjoying each other’s bodies in paradise!!!

Anyway, as I made Jen promise, every once in a while she would text me a photo. The first was from the night they got there and was just of her in her sexy shorts on the beach with a big smile and a text saying thanks babe. Sexy, but left me wanting more. She later texted and said, how did you enjoy driving us to the airport. I texted back “It was amazing - thank you”. Jen sent an i mojo blowing me a kiss. She said “Jerome enjoyed it too”. I said “I could tell by the noises from in back, and from the taste later”. Jen sent an LOL. I also said “I was glad to meet Jerome, he seems like a great guy, and I see why you like him”!

Jen said “Jerome said he liked meeting you too”. and he thanks you again for the trip. He said hi hopes he didn’t hurt you when he shook your hand. He said he may have instinctively shook too hard. He said it looked like you were in pain. I said “it wasn’t that bad”. She also said “Jerome asked me if you enjoyed going down on me in the airport parking lot after we had sex”. Jen said “I told Jerome, I’m pretty sure since I was all cleaned out, and I had to tell him I had to go or I don’t think he would have stopped”! Jerome just said “Man, I don’t understand that shit”. She said she told Jerome “me either”. and they just giggled and said let’s just enjoy it while we can.

Later after the kids went to bed, Jen sent me another photo. It was a little hard to see, it was night, the lighting was bad, but I could make out Jen’s bare ass bending over, and Jerome’s cock buried inside her! Her text just read “Jerome’s first fantasy in the record book, sex on the beach!”.

I kept bouncing back and forth to the two pictures and rubbing my cock with my thumb like Jen does. I kept thinking of all the fun and sexual adventure they will have over the next week, and grimacing about all the work I was going to have to do while they were frolicking around. It wasn’t long before I came. I just thought to my self. I am sitting at home, by myself, masturbating, and cumming in my underwear, while Jerome is cumming in my wife on the beach in paradise!

I made the mistake of texted by Jen how hot her pictures was and then a picture of my light gray boxer briefs with a wet stain on them. I texted - I enjoyed the pics as you can see!

Jen texted back shortly saying “ You naughty boy! You are only supposed to cum when I’m fucking you or giving you a handjob!”. She said she showed Jerome and he just laughed! She said “they talked and agreed that they would have to do something about that”! I wondered what they meant, but fell asleep thinking of all the things it might mean!

In the morning I got two more photos:

One was Jen naked, sitting on top of Jerome, and I could see his thick black cock buried in her! I could see a look of pure pleasure on her face, and when I zoomed in the picture on her breasts, I could see her nipples were sticking straight out and looked hard as little rock’s! She was obviously enjoying herself!

Then 15 minutes later of her bare ass bent over again with Jerome’s cock buried in her - this time with the sun rising on the hotel room balcony!

The text said “still banging”!

another one of Jerome’s fantasies checked off “sex on the balcony”!

But then the text said “no masturbating to this one”. You masturbating 3-4 times a day vs taking care of the house and kids was not part of the deal”!

I was shocked and worried. But then she texted “Just kidding - Jerome thought it would be funny if I texted you that!”. She then said “but don’t masturbating too much - I want my honey horny, thinking about me, and with so much pent up energy that when I get home it will only take me a few minutes of light touching your cute little cock to get you to cum in your shorts for me “ and she blew me a smiley icon with a heart!

I made up my mind to keep busy, and wait until the night times to look at the texts if I could and to try not to masturbate - but I knew it would be very difficult!

I just wondered what other sexual fantasies they would make come true. I also wondered how things would change when they got home???

I couldn’t wait to hear.

I will submit the next story when I find out!

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