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Section 1

It was sunday and Jen and Jerome were coming back home from the Jamaican sexual fantasy vacation in paradise I paid for them. Jen had told me about all their sexual escapades all week, and I could have never imagined some of the wild kinky things that they did together while I was at home doing the work of two adults.

But now I was happy. I want to see Jen, kiss her, hold her, hear more about her trip, and make love to her in our bed. I couldn’t wait to see her. I was super horny.

In the afternoon I got a text from Jen. She said “ Hi Babe. Had early morning sex with Jerome on the beach and then watched the sun come up. It was beautiful. So sad we have to come home now. Jerome and I talked and instead of driving Jerome to his place from the airport tonight, I have invited him to stay at our place. I arranged for my Mom to watch the kids tonight. Looking forward to seeing you. Jerome and I want to thank you for our trip, so we have some ideas on how we can thank you by experiencing a little of the fun we had on vacation!

I was all excited, but a little nervous. I imagined it would be a little like the threesome they just had with Tyrone. I was excited that I could have sex with my wife tonight regardless if Jerome was there or not. I imagined I would claim my wife back and then cuddle with her all night long. I never imagined that my involvement different than the other strangers they invited into their sexual escapades in Jamaica.

I picked them up around 5. Jen gave me a hug and quick kiss. Then she hopped in the back, and started making out with Jerome as I started exiting the airport. Instead of driving them to our place right away, they first had me take them to an adult store. They told me to wait in the car as they went in. They came back out with two bags and hoped in the back. I asked what they bought, but they just giggled and said “you’ll see later”.

Then they asked to go to the grocery store. They came back out with a few more bags and a bottle of wine.

Hey said, OK, we can go home now.

When we got home, they asked me to make dinner for them. They wanted to go “relax upstairs”. My jaw just dropped! I wanted to relax with Jen! But Jen just said, don’t worry - you’ll have some fun later too. I just want to show Jerome our bedroom! I could not believe it. I knew what they were going to do. It is what I wanted to do with Jen after not seeing her for a week! Then Jerome said “Doug, could you throw my clothes in the laundry too? We will be about an hour, so the dinner and laundry should be almost done by then. Jen giggled at this but was in a real happy perky mood and it seemed she was anxious to run upstairs to the bedroom so I just said OK as I started the laundry first and prepping for dinner.

They ran upstairs. While I was cooking I could actually hear the bed springs squeaking at times. We could not believe what a was going on. My wife was having sex with her young big black lover, in our bed, while I cooked and cleaned for them!

I was starting to get angry, but eventually they came downstairs. I had the table set with two chairs for Jen and me on one side, and one for Jerome on the other. But they sat down next to each other and started kissing as I served the food. I sheepishly sat down across from them.

The talk at dinner revolves around all the non sexual things they did in Jamaica and all the people they met.

After dinner I cleaned up quick. Jen said “Doug, once you are done with Jerome’s laundry, come up and we will have a talk.

Once I got up, they Jen said “have a seat. We both want to thank you so much for our trip and everything you allowed us to experience this last week. Jerome and I know that we will not be together forever, but we had such a great time on vacation, and we feel we are so sexually compatible that we would like to continue our sexual relationship for a while longer, or until Jerome finds his life mate. But we also know that you want me too. So we came up with some ideas that would hopefully involve you more in this unique relationship. Some ideas we got from some of our sexual fantasies we enjoyed on vacation. Others are from some cuckold and hotwife relational guidelines we read on line that seem to make sense for this three way relationship!

I was shocked by this, but also I could feel my small cock get aroused!

Jen then proceeded describing the restrictions:

  1. Jen and I could still have sex, but it could not be two days before Jen spends time with Jerome, or one day after she spent time with Jerome. Jen said the time before was so she was clean for Jerome, and the day after was for recovery - when she said this last part she looked over and Jerome and gave a little giggle.

Section 2

  1. I would be invited to be part of their sexual activities when Jerome stayed over at our place - or other times of their choice. But I would be required to wear a male chastity belt. When Jen said that my jaw just dropped! Jen said Jerome picked out the chastity belt. Jen pulled it out from the bag as she discussed it. Jen said they looked at metal ones, clear plastic ones, but the pink plastic one was picked so Jerome would not have to see your cock while you are with us. The pink was not see though like the others, plus it matches these new pink panties we would like you to wear as well. She pulled out a pair of pink panties with a cup area up front made for cuckolds wearing chastity belts. There was also a little pink bow above the cup area. She also pulled out a pink tank top that said “Cuckold” on the front. I was totally humiliated by this. Jen recognized this, she came over and kissed me gently. She said “I know this is not what you expected, but I think I know what you will like. We will always have a few week days to do other things just between us “

The she sat back by Jerome and continued:

  1. You will wear the chastity belt whenever you are with us, but also when I am with Jerome. As I said, I don’t want you masturbating while I am with Jerome. I want to make sure I control any orgasms you have. But you will have some.

  2. When Jerome is here, he will sleep in bed with me. We would like you to stay in the bed next to our room so you can hear us. Sometimes we may ask you to sleep on the couch downstairs.

  3. Jen then showed me the contents of the second bag. She started by saying the first bag was mandatory, but this bag was optional. She pulled out a butt plug, anal lube, and a black strap on and strap on belt. She said, I think you may enjoy experiencing what I experienced for the first time on vacation. The strap on is about the same dive as Tyrone’s cock was. Not as big as Jerome’s. You should be able to take it, since I took Tyrone’s and Jerome’s! Let’s experiment and see what you like. On line, it says this is kind of the top thing for cuckold relationships - along of course with cleanup activities which is the next item.

  4. when we are enjoying sec together, with your chastity belt on, you main purpose will be to use your tongue on me before sec with Jerome, during sec with Jerome like I did with Erika, and after sex with Jerome for a cleanup like you have already done several times. You are also allowed to kiss me while I fucking Jerome, use your hands on me, and hold me as I am taking Jerome’s big cock. Jerome will be the Alpha Male. You will be my loving Beta.

I was shocked, but before I could say anything Jen said - here go try these on and come show us how it looks. When you come back out, I will lock you in for the evening as she showed me the lock and key, and then her and Jerome giggled and started kissing.

So I took them and sulked off to the bathroom to change!

The chastity belt took me a while to figure out how to put on, but it fit. It felt strange, but did not hurt, yet. Then I put the panties on, and with the little bulge caused by the chastity belt, it looked really cute. Then I put on the pink tank top. It also fit - Jen knew my size alright!

I came out and showed them, and Jen said how cute I looked. She got up to kiss me. As she did she grabbed my package to see how it felt. She turned to Jerome with her hand shaking my package and said “what do you think”. Jerome kind of laughed and said “OMG, I can’t believe he put it on, but I am OK with it!”. I was embarrassed by Jerome’s laugh and comment, but Jen’s hand on my package started my little cock rising, and for the first time O started to feel the minor pressure and pain as my cock strained against the small chastity belt. I knew this would change things!

Jen then said, upstairs Dougie, and as I turned she slapped my ass hard, and Jerome and Jen laughed as they got up to follow me up the stairs.

When we got upstairs, Jen turned to face Jerome and said “Dougie, come take my clothes off and give me to Jerome!”.

I took off her top. Then pulled off her hot yoga pants she wore for the plane ride. As I unhooked her bra, Jerome stepped in and started making out with Jen. I keeled down and pulled down my wife’s panties, presenting her fully naked, to Jerome, Jen’s old highschool student from her first year teaching! It was as if I was giving her to him! It made my balls shrink.

Jen then told me to lay on the bed on my back. She then stratled me 69 style and lowered her pussy to my lips. She grabbed my package and shook it. I could see Jerome stripping out of the corner of my eye. I saw as his huge hard on bounded as he pulled his shorts off. I saw it bounce as he made his way over to Jen. I then saw up close and personal as he took his shaft, positioned his head at Jen’s opening, and inch from my nose, and slowly started pressing in. As his head popped in Jen’s pussy, with my tongue on Jen’s clit, I could hear Jen let out a gasp, and her body twitch! Jerome was fucking my wife’s an inch from my face! I was shocked, but again I felt a more intense pain as my cock tried to force its way out of the little pink chastity belt, but there was no where for it to go!

Jerome picked up the pace. I could feel Jen’s body react to Jerome’s cock, I could hear her squeals, as Jerome’s balls started rubbing across my forehead and nose. I was being totally humiliated! But Jen was loving Jerome’s cock in her, and my tongue on her clit. She said OMg, i’m gonna cum! Jerome was also getting the thrill of fucking Jen, and emasculating me. This new experience made him cum way quicker than normal as he unloaded a huge load into Jen as she reached her orgasm. It took minutes before they slowed down!

As Jerome pulled out a huge glob of his cum dropped into my mouth as Jen looked down between her legs at me. She just said “swallow it babe” as I gulped it down.

I will describe the rest of the nights activities in my next story, But I will never forget swallowing that first huge load all at once, following Jen’s request.

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