Jen Full-fills Jerome’s Sexual Fantasies


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Section 1

After Jen’s first night in Jamaica with Jerome, I did not hear from her all day. I took the kids to school, went to work, picked them up, made them dinner, helped them with their homework, cleaned up, did a couple other chores Jen left me notes for, and finally settled down after 16 hours of work and parenting. As I was about to go to bed around 11 PM I got a text from Jen. It was a picture like she promised to send me each day, but it was of another beautiful blond woman in a sexy bikini. I wondered what this was all about. Then I got Jen’s story of the day.

Jen started with “Hi Babe, you’ll be proud of me. I fulfilled two of Jerome’s sexual fantasies in one amazing sexual experience!”.

Jen then said, what do you think of the picture I sent? I said, “what can I say, she is beautiful. Who is she”?

Of course I wanted to say “OMG - who is that super sexy blond, with amazing tits, right abs, great legs, and a beautiful face”. I wanted to say “send me a picture of her ass too” LOL

But Jen said “you have no idea. Her name is Erika, and we met her and her husband on a cruise today. Doug, she is the most beautiful and sexy women I have ever met. She makes me look like an ugly duckling next to her. She was a model until she met her multi-millionaire jet setting husband. He calls her “his trophy wife - LOL”.

Jen added that they hit it off on the cruise and we ended up going out to eat, and then they invited us to go to the hot tub after dinner. After some drinks the talk got a little sexual and things started to progress.

Brad, Erika’s wealthy husband, asked, “ Jen, what do you think of Erika’s body. I was a little surprise, but I said it’s the most sexy body I have ever seen. Jen said, I feel like an ugly duckling next to her”. Erika said “OMG no Jen, you are beautiful and she reached over and kisses me on the lips”. I was surprised but did not resist. Then Brad said “Jerome, do you want to see Erika’s tits”! I was shocked at the question, but again when Jerome said “-Absolutely”! I laughed and smacked Jerome playfully, but I could see he meant it, and was starring right at her in a longing way he looked at me when we first went out”! At first a felt a little hurt and mad, but then I thought, why should I be, we are here to have fun and enjoy sexual fantasies, so let’s see where this goes”!

So Erika took her top off, and OMG, it she has the most perfectly shaped size breasts, and firm”! She reached over and kissed me again, and this time longer. Doug, she slipped her tongue in my mouth, and I could feel myself getting excited”! Brad then said, Jen, why don’t you take your top off too! “Jen laughed, and said now way, I can’t compete with Erika”. Then Erika said “Jen, you are beautiful and sexy, I would love to see you take your top off”. Jerome said “absolutely baby, you are hot”. I instantly felt like I wanted to be naughty, so I took my top off, exposing my tits to people I just met today”. I was nervous at first, But Brad said, you are beautiful Jen. Brad You are a lucky man! Then Erika said “ Jen, you are so sexy, and she leaned in for another kiss, but slid her hand up to let her fingers bounce over my hardened nipples one by one”! I could not believe how excited I was, and what I was doing. I looked at Jerome and he was just watching us in amazement. I remembered then he had told me a few weeks ago, one of his sexual fantasies was to watch two women get it on, and then to have sex with them. I was still not sure I wanted that, but was OK with a. little show”. Jen said, she also reached over and felt Jerome’s cock. It was rock hard as he enjoyed the show.

I could not believe was I was reading. My little cock was hard. I wanted to reach down and touch myself, but I remembered Jen saying she did not want me to masturbate so much.

I then read Jen said “ Things progressed quickly, as Erika slipped her hand under Jen’s bottoms, and started rubbing her clit”. Jen said she jumped and everyone laughed. “ Brad said “look like you two are having fun. You want to go up to our room?”.

I could believe what I was doin. It felt so good, but o didn’t know what to do, so I looked over at Jerome. Jerome said “sure, let’s go”! My jaw dropped and Jerome said “You OK, babe it’s up to you”. I asked to talk to Jerome, and Brad said “of course” and they started getting out of the water. Erika whispered in my ear “I really want to do this, whatever you and Jerome want we are OK with, just me and you, all four of us, or even just you, me, and Jerome. it’s all up to you Jen. i’ll handle Brad, he will be OK with anything”!

jen said she immediately felt better, and was now instantly open to exploring what Erika and Jerome wanted “. She talked to Jerome, “Babe what do you think”. Jerome said “this was so hot and he was open to anything, but that he loved watching me and Erika, and not to get upset, but was really turned on by Erika. Being with a blond super model is a fantasy of every man.” So Jen said, OK, let’s see what happens, we are here to explore our sexual fantasies thanks to Doug, but I am not turned on by Brad, like Erika turns you in. She told Jerome what Erika told her, so Jerome agreed, Brad can only watch. She asked Jerome to tell Brad and Erika. He did, and Brad immediately agreed and said “-absolutely, let’s go, I just want to see the ladies enjoy themselves”. So we were off to their room.

They had this huge penthouse suite that was amazing. Huge balcony, great view, all kids of art on the wall, fully stocked bar, and a big hot tub that opened up tp the balcony .

When we got there Brad said “Ill make some drinks, you three can pick up where you left off downstairs.”

Jen said she was shocked when Erika stripped fully naked and walked to the tub. I looked at Jerome and his jaw dropped. I smacked him again flirtingly, Erika laughed, and said, come in in you guys, but this is a naked only tub and laughed. I took my top off, and Jerome took his bottoms off. I saw Erika take a look at Jerome and say “Wow Jerome, you’ve got a great body!” She said Jen, your a lucky girl”. I said “you have no idea” and we all laughed.

Brad came over with the drinks, and As I stood up to grab my drink, Erika saiid “ let’s take these bottoms off” and she slid my bottoms down as Brad looked on. I looked at Jerome and felt hot as, the most sexy women I have ever seen say my naked body unfold, and both men watched the amazing show!

Section 2

We had a few drinks, talked, I grabbed Jerome’s cock several times to keep it hard, and Jen eventually started rubbing my clit, and when she slipped a finger in me, I jumped again. Erika giggled and said why don’t you sit on the edge here.

I did what she said “ and as I did she spread my legs, and she moved her head between my legs”. When Erika’s touch reached my clit I had my first of several orgasms that night! I could not believe two guys were watched Erika go down on me, and I was loving it!

After a few minutes Erika got up and said “ Jerome, you want to come with me and Jen to our bed?

Jerome bounced out of the water, his huge erection sticking straight out, grabbed my hand, and started almost dragging me to the bed” Erika and I started laughing out loud, and Brad said “damn Jerome, you are about to be the luckiest man in the world”!

Jerome said “you ain’t lyin”!

When we got to the bed Erika laid down, opened her legs, and asked “Jen, have you ever tasted a pussy before”? I said “no and looks at Jerome and he just nodded and said motioned for me to jump in”. Erika then said “Jerome, you are so hot, and have a big, beautiful, black cock! Come let me try to take as much of that down my throat as I can”. and Jerome jumped in the bed, and all four of us laughed so hard at his enthusiasm!

I slid down between Erika’s legs, and opened my mouth, and softly touched Erika’s inner thighs, and the top of my tongue touched Erika’s clit for the first time, and I tasted my first pussy!

As I read what Jen said, I shot my first load of the night in my shorts, a thousand miles away from the action, without even touching my cock!

I could not believe the difference between what they got to experience, and me cumming from just reading words!

Jen then said she spent about 10 minutes going down on Erika and watching Erika give Jerome a great blowjob. She was able to open her throat and Take way more of Jerome’s cock down her throat than Jen could. Jerome was in ecstasy. I could see the shape of a jerome’s head in Jens neck as he actually bottomed out in Erika’s throat! He then pulled out of her mouth, and as Erika gagged a little, and he saliva dripped from her mouth, Jerome said “damn, you are the first girl to ever take my while cock down her throat!”.

Erika said “ Jerome, I want to get fucked by that big black cock”. She then said “Jen, could you lick my clit for a little longer and keep me wet while Jerome enters me”. Jen was shocked, but said “let’s try - this sis o hot”. So Jen laid down, Erika went 69 with Jen, and positioned her ass to allow Jerome access to her pussy.

Jen said “Doug, you would not believe it, my tongue was on a erika’s clit, I saw Jerome’s hugs cock head inches above me, position it against Erika’s pussy wall, and slowly start to press in. As soon as Jerome’s head popped into Erika, and my tongue was in Erika’s clit, I felt Erika’s tongue on my clit, and it was so amazing I had my second orgasm of the night.

Jerome slowly pushed further and further into Erika, they were really moving in rhythm above me, and the pace started to pick up.

It became harder for me to keep my tongue on Erika’s clit, but I kept it up until I felt her first orgasm of the night as Jerome buried his cock in her, and my tongue flicked in and off her clit as Jerome’s force of penetration rocked Erika’s body back and forth.

Once she came down from her first orgasm, I decided to slide out and then Jerome flipped Erika over, got on top, and just drove back into her hard! I went over and started french kissing Erika as Jerome started to really fuck Erika hard. I saw her hips moving, and I watched Jerome’s muscles as they worked in unison, two beautiful sexual people, at the top of their game!

I saw Brad enjoying the show. I started to play with Erika’s nipples, and started sucking on them. Erika was wrapping her legs around Jerome, and her hands around his big shoulders and she started exhaling deeply with each of Jerome’s long, hard, deep thrusts!

I was amazing to experience the physicality of these two taking and giving the best each could give.

I sensed Jerome was being more forceful with Erika than he even was with me! Later Jerome would tell me that was the hardest he ever fucked a girl. He said with me it’s more a loving sex, but with Erika it was just raw, unabated sex, and he wanted to give it to her hard, and see what she could take!

After a while in that position, he pulled out, rolled in his back, picked Erika up, turned her around, and had her ride him reverse cowboy style.

I stepped up, and just watched. Erika was just bouncing up and down and Jerome’s huge cock, clearly loving it, but also clearly at the max of her ability to take it. Jerome was really fucking her hard. She starts squirming and squealing. I went over and stuck my tongue down Erika’s throat and could feel her rough handling she was getting on Jerome’s cock. She said “i can’t take much more” and as she said that she exploded into a violent orgasm! Jerome was in a zone, but I could also see the veins in his cock fully engorged and his cock was drenched and glistening as it penetrated Erika again and again! Then I decided to get in between Jerome’s legs, and take his balls into my mouth and bounce each between my tongue, and as I did I felt his ballsack start convulsing, and I knew he was blowing a huge load 10 inches deep into Erika’s pussy.

After a minute of the thrusting slowly ramping down, I saw Erika pull off, and collapse on the bed, completely exhausted, and undoubtedly a little sore.

After a minute I decided to whisper in her ear. That’s was so hot, see what I get every day! She said how do you handle that every day? I said “ I think Jerome fucked you harder than he ever did me. I think you’ll be a little sore tomorrow” and we both giggled a little. Then I said “let me give you one last tender experience” Jen said she then slowly went down on Erika one last time, giving Brad and Jerome a show, as Jen gently and tenderly licked Erika’s clit one last time, and slowly cleaned up Jerome’s huge load, and left Erika’s pussy clean, glistening, but a little sore!

As Jen told me about her cleaning up Jerome’s cum from Erika’s pussy in front of Brad and Jerome, I came a little more in my shorts!

Jen then texted me goodnight, and said she had more ideas for me when she gets home.

I wondered what that could possibly be???

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