Jamaica and My Wife 4.7/5 (41)

Finally. she took my now spent cock, almost reverently, in her tiny soft hands and put it back deeply in her warm mouth as she softly sucked it and cleaned it off letting it bathe in the soothing confines of her wonderfully warm and sexy mouth. While in her mouth she would softly swirl her warm tongue around it, cleansing it from any cum until it finally went soft in her mouth. Only then did she finally take it out and as she gently patted my now empty balls she kissed it 3 or 4 times and looked up and asked, “God I loved that, was that good for you too?”

I looked down smiling and answered, “It was unbelievable baby.”

“Good” she said. “Now I guess we should get dressed and ready for tonight.”

We both got dressed. I watched her as she put on some of the sexiest clothes I’ve seen her wear since the evening with Sean. First she put on a tiny thong panty with a very sexy looking white shelf bra. Then she slipped on a pair of tight little white shorts and a loose and kinda sheer turquoise colored blouse. Then she put on her new open toed sandals which showed off her manicured nails so nicely and had 3-4 inch heels with straps going halfway up her calves. She looked so hot and so sexy and I told her she did.

“Thank you, she said, I want to look sexy for you.”

I told her, “I want you to look sexy for me too, I really do, but I also want you to look sexy to any guy that looks at you, or who might meet you tonight, OK?” I asked her.

“Yes, it’s ok, I do too babe.” She now said it so honestly and sincerely.

“I want to look sexy for you, but I also want to look sexy for other men too when they see me. I want you to be proud of me and I know you are when other men look at me. I also know you especially like it when they look at me with desire.”

“That’s right, I answered. That doesn’t bother you does it?”

“Bother me? No, of course not, not anymore. How could I be offended by my husband looking at me with desire and wanting to show me off and to watch other men looking at me with desire too?”

We kissed deeply and passionately then left the room.

We went down to the small intimate bar and when we walked in the bartender looked up hearing her clicks from her heels. He smiled and welcomed us and it was quickly obvious he was pleased with what he saw. We sat down and had a drink and we talked. The bartender was a handsome young guy and I occasionally saw him looking at her cleavage more than once as he would serve us or walk by.

Eventually I just openly asked her if she was aware of his eyes and where they were looking and she said, “Yes, I know, I saw him trying to look at my breasts. A girl can tell, but it’s ok, right? Your not insecure and jealous and he’s certainly not hurting anything and it might be making him feel good. I guess I’m learning to relax and just take it as it truly is, a nice compliment.”

I looked at her and smiled and said, “I am so proud of you baby.”

We talked so wonderfully openly about everything now. We even briefly relived the incident today and she no longer seemed shy talking about these types of things.

Inside I was still so well satisfied sexually by our activity in the shower but I then realized I was the only one that came, Michelle herself hadn’t been satisfied sexually. I even felt a little concerned that I might not be up to the task tonight. I’m sure she would need a good fucking after everything that happened today. More importantly, she deserved it.

I had an idea. It may hopefully only be a back up but I wanted to do this. I ordered us another drink and then I reached into my pocket and took one of the two keys to the room I had and put one in front of her on the bar. I softly and sincerely as I could said to her, “Here, take this, just in case something happens and someone better gets to take you home tonight and enjoy you.”

She looked at me with loving eyes but also questioning ones and said, “Oh baby, that’s sweet, but I really think I’ll be going home with you tonight.”

I looked at her and said, “That maybe true but just take it babe. I smiled and said, “I don’t know, maybe it’s just a fantasy but you have to remember, your sitting here with a lover that you’ve already made cum just a little while ago, and you still haven’t yet.”

“Ohhhh, that’s right,” She said looking serious. Then she let a soft smile come to her face. We may have been just making some good sexy fun out of this thought but deep down I think we both knew that there actually could be a possibility of something happening tonight.

She smiled at my logic but then I slowly saw her hand moving towards the key. She finally reached out and picked it up with her left hand and as she did I noticed the sparkle of her wedding ring that for some reason added to the naughtiness. Then she said, “OK, I’ll take it, but it’s only just in case, ok?”

“OK, good I said with a smile.

She had been sitting sideways facing me and then she turned her body back to the bar and took a sip of her wine. As she did she noticed the bartender just to her right, who was looking at her chest all night. He had watched her put the key in her purse. He looked a little embarrassed knowing he was caught listening and looking and tried to look away but Michelle came to his rescue and looked at him, smiled, and said so sweetly, “Hi”.

I’m sure she was being nice and said it so he wouldn’t feel awkward, but then she added sweetly, “By the way, you have very good Merlot here.”

“Ahh, well, thank you,” he said finally letting out a smile.

Then she added, “Hi, my name’s Michelle.”
She reached her soft hand out and the bartender took it and they shook hands.

It wasn’t the shy conservative Michelle I knew and married that so easily introduced herself to the bartender, but actually I loved it. She had opened up and relaxed more around men at my own encouraging. He came over and introduced himself to me as well. His name was James.

We chatted the usual stuff, where you from? How long are you here for? She asked him where he lives and he told her, “About a quarter mile down the road from here.”

“Ohhh, she said, is it on the ocean too?”

He told her yes but it was just a one bedroom cottage because it was only him. She mentioned it must be beautiful. “It’s so close, you can easily stop at home for lunch.” she said.

“I do actually, I have a dog I go home and take out.” He told her.

“Ohh, what kind?” She asked, as she absolutely loves dogs.

“Labrador,” he mentioned and she squealed with delight as she loves Lab’s. “He’s just a pup,” he told her.

“Oh my God, I love Lab’s and puppys are even better. I have to see him.” She said.

“He wasn’t sure what to say with me sitting there so he just smiled and said, “Sure, anytime you want.”

She smiled back at him and said, “Thanks, I’m taking you up on that.”

He went back to bartending and I casually asked her if she thought he was nice too.

“Oh yes, I like him, everyone seems to be so nice here. I have got to see that puppy of his too.” she said.

“I knew that as soon as he said he had a Lab pup.” I told her. Then I added, “And he’s so close too.”

“I know, she said sounding excited. I could walk there. I’d love to see his place too, she added. This place is fantastic.”

“It is a beautiful place,” I said as we both turned on our barstools to look out at the ocean and the nearby pool.

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    my girlfriend and i are going to jamaica this fall she has gone preiously it is a party all black i am so looking forward to it she said nude almost all the rime sex on the beach in fact everywhere i didnt think i would be able to go but i found out jack had been wanting me to have sex with others i have been now with my black boss and 4 of his friends

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