It Seemed Like a Good Idea

Section 1

“I really think we should try this idea,” I said to my wife. We were having our morning coffee before I left for work.

“Mike, it’s pointless,” she said. “There’s no way that kind of thing would interest me in the least.”

This idea that I was raising with my wife had been rolling around in my head for a long time. The problem, to say it straight out, was that after eight years of marriage, our sex life was pretty much non-existent. And the reason, as far as I was concerned, was really pretty simple.

Kathy just didn’t like sex.

Believe me, I didn’t know that when we got married. Sure, I knew she came from a conservative background, and while we were dating she always insisted that intimacy should be reserved for after our wedding. Maybe she was trying to fool herself, I don’t know. But the reality was that even after we became man and wife, the bedroom was generally an ordeal.

And it was particularly frustrating because as a package, a physical package of womanly sex appeal, Kathy was an absolute knockout. Her sandy blond hair, full pouty lips and hooded eyes turned heads everywhere she went. And her body, well let’s just say with her proud upturned breasts, firm heart-shaped ass and long supple legs Kathy was a real live walking erection maker.

Too bad, though, because nothing I tried in our lovemaking seemed to get her interested. It seemed like whenever I filled our bedroom with soft music and candlelight, Kathy would be distracted by the littlest things.

Like the time when we were passionately kissing, my hand just starting to caress her lovely nipple, when she looked up, exclaiming “What was that?”

“What? Jesus Christ,” I said.

“That tap, tap, tapping. It’s driving me crazy. I can’t make love with that noise going on. Go see what it is.”

I had been so engrossed I hadn’t heard a thing, but now, faintly, in the silence between us, I barely heard something. Something outside. An hour later, after searching with my flashlight all around the house, I saw that the metal strap holding one of our downspouts had become loose, and the metal downspout was rhythmically hitting the side of the house. After taking care of that, and coming back inside, I found Kathy sound asleep.

That kind of thing happened all the time. If it wasn’t the gutter, it was sirens from a far away fire truck or ambulance. Or she was too hot. Or cold. Or thirsty. Or the old proverbial headache, that came up a few times, too.

From time to time I would arrange for a romantic evening of dining and dancing. And I noticed that when we were out in public Kathy did seem to respond to the attention she always got from strange men. Nothing overt, but she was always exquisitely sensitive to the lustful gazes she would attract from men in the bar or restaurant.

And there was never any shortage of those. The attention seemed to give her a glow somehow, and when this happened I could always tell she got more affectionate toward me – she’d gaze at me softly, and reach over to touch my hand.

But by the time we got home the effect had worn off, and it was just more of the same.

So I guess I was getting desperate, when I made the suggestion.

“On Saturday, why don’t we get a room at the best hotel in town? And here’s what I have in mind. We’ll go to the Corcovado Lounge, you know that hot singles spot? You can wear your sexy black dress with the spaghetti straps. We’ll go in separately, and you can sit at the bar, while I get a seat maybe at the other end.”

“What are you talking about?” she said.

“You’ll be the hottest thing there, Kathy, I just know it. Guys will be hitting on you from the minute you sit down.”

“Your point?” she asked.

“Well, you could flirt and tease the guys at the bar. Make them think they have a chance with you. You know, use your imagination,” I said. “Get them all hot and worked up.”

“Why would I want to do that?”

“Then you can shut them down, and as you’re walking out of the place, I’ll follow you up to our room. Where we can make passionate love as you tell me all the details of what happened at the bar.”

“You’re nuts,” she said, succinctly.

“Really, honey,” I said. “I think this might be a good thing, you know, to help put some spice into our relationship.”

“Spice,” she said. “Is that what you call it? Me getting hit on by some stranger. And telling you all about it.”

“What harm can it do?” I asked. “And honey, you know you like it when you turn these guys on.”

“What are you talking about? Sure, it’s flattering to get someone’s attention, but that’s as far as it goes.”

I could tell there was just a hint of interest on her part, though she’d never admit it.

“This weekend,” I said. We’ll try it this once, and if it doesn’t work out, I won’t bring it up again."


So after a lot of persuasion, Kathy reluctantly (or so she seemed) agreed to give my idea a try.

* * *

We walked into the dimly lit Corcovado, a place that specialized in hot Latin jazz. The bossa nova beat made its way out the front door, even when you couldn’t yet make out any melody.

Kathy was stunning in a silky black number that hugged her breasts and her ass. The low neckline showed off her tempting cleavage. She wore a slim gold chain, with her gold wedding ring as a pendant that nestled softly between her luscious breasts.

We walked in, hand in hand, I pointed to the bar, and nodded at the other side of the room where I’d be sitting.

“Are you sure about this?” she asked.

“Absolutely, baby. You’ve never looked hotter. And one other thing.”

“What’s that?” she said.

“I love you,” I smiled.

“Me too, honey,” she replied, as she swayed her way up to the bar. My wife. Boy, what a turn on she was.

“I’ll see you later,” I said. “We’ll have a nice talk and you can tell me all about your night.”

I walked across the room and got myself a small table right against the wall. I had a direct view of the bar, although the light in the room was low enough that I couldn’t really see the people at the bar in sharp detail.

Kathy hoisted herself on a bar stool, her black dress rising above mid thigh as she sat down. The bartender came over, and shortly she was sipping on a martini.

It didn’t take long. I knew it wouldn’t. Within just a few minutes a guy sat down at the bar right next to my wife. I couldn’t make out his face. He looked like he was about 6'2. I’d guess he worked out regularly, from his muscular appearance. Probably in his mid twenties. (Kathy is 30 and I’m 38). After a couple of minutes, they were facing each other, engaged in some kind of pleasant conversation.

And so it began. As I watched them talking, I had some time for some thinking. Thinking about how things had gotten to this point with my lovely wife and me. And hoping too. Hoping that this guy’s attentiveness would arouse Kathy sexually so that she’d be in mood for sex with me, her husband.

That was the plan, anyway. So I relaxed, had another drink, and a couple more, and tried to be patient. Listened to cool latin jazz.

Over the course of the evening a couple of other guys moved in, but the first guy seemed somehow to effortlessly box them out, and maintained his sole hold on my wife’s attention. As the drinks took their effect on her, her skin seemed to be glowing, and over the course of the evening this guy and Kathy seemed to imperceptibly move closer together. She’d reach out and touch his arm from time to time to make some conversational point.

His arm rested casually on the bar stool behind her. Now she leaned closer and moved his sandy hair back into place. Now he leaned closer, whispering in her ear, now kissing her lightly on the neck as she leaned her head back and giggled softly.

After a couple of hours, I started thinking it was nearing time for her to tell him goodnight, and we could head home together. I couldn’t wait to hear what all these whisperings were about. Maybe he was trying to get her to go home with him. Somehow I knew that had to be a turn on for her.

Section 2

Sure enough, a few minutes later, Kathy got up from her bar stool.

“OK, here we go,” I thought as I motioned to get my check. But then I noticed the guy got up from his bar stool, too, and they were both walking toward my table.

Hand in hand.

As they came up to the table, I could see Kathy’s eyes were bright with excitement. A soft sheen of perspiration covered her upper lip as she said, “Mike, I want you to meet Paul.”

Paul stuck out his hand, “A pleasure, Mike.”

“Hello Paul,” I said evenly.

Then Kathy said, “Mike, I’ve invited Paul to come over to our hotel room with us for some drinks. It’s kind of loud here, we were looking for someplace a little more quiet. I told him you’d be fine with that.”

“Well, I don’t know,” I said.

“Come on baby. Paul was telling me what a smooth dancer he is, and there’s no dance floor here. I told him there would be plenty of room in our suite at the Carlton for him to show me.”

This was true. We’d gotten a fancy suite with a large lounge area, complete with hardwood floor. And it came complete with a fancy sound system with an endless variety of music.

I didn’t know what to say. The plan had just been for Kathy to flirt a little with a strange guy, then come back home with me. Not with him. Paul didn’t say anything at all. Just stood there with a slight smile on his lips.

I started thinking, maybe this will be even better. If I’ve met the guy and even talked to him a little, it’ll make it even more exciting later after we get rid of him, when Kathy can tell me all the ways he’s been trying to turn her on.

“OK, as long as we don’t make it too late,” I said. Figuring we’d have him leave after just a few minutes and get back to the original program with my wife and me.

“Got a busy day tomorrow,” I added lamely.

“Great, honey,” said Kathy. And her wedding ring, hanging on the thin gold chain and nestled softly in her cleavage, winked at me in the soft light. “I’ll go with Paul in his car, and you can follow in ours.”

And with that they turned and walked across the floor and out the door.

Hand in hand.

I had to wait for the check to come back. And then there was some kind of problem with the machine reading my credit card. When they said they had to install a new reader, I paid in cash and left. Then, as I got on the elevator in the parking garage, I couldn’t remember for sure whether I’d parked on the third or fourth floor.

I got off on the third, looked around, couldn’t find the damn car. Then I went up to the fourth floor and finally did find it. By this time, some kind of concert or something down the street had just ended and the parking garage was packed with people lined up at the single exit.

It took me 45 minutes to get out of the place.

Our suite at the Carlton was on the 18th floor. As I got off the elevator and walked down the hallway to our room, I could feel my heart beating in my ears.

When I first opened the door, I thought all the lights were off in there. I couldn’t see anything, but then, after my eyes got accustomed, I realized there was dim candlelight coming from the lounge area. As I turned the corner, Kathy suddenly got up from the low couch were she and Paul had been sitting, smoothing her dress down in front and pulling one of the straps of her dress up over her shoulder.

“Mike, where have you been? I was starting to think you’d had an accident or something.”

Although she didn’t look particularly like she’d been thinking of me much at all, to tell you the truth. Her hair was all kind of tousled around, and her lipstick was smudged.

I explained what had happened and headed for the bar to pour myself a stiff bourbon.

“Get any dancing in?” I said. I think I probably allowed some irritation to enter my voice.

“As a matter of fact, no,” said Kathy. “Not yet, anyway.”

“Well, then here, let me put some music on,” I said. I retrieved a cd from the collection the hotel had supplied for the room. I looked at the label. “Quiet and Hot.” I grinned tightly. I turned on the stereo system, put the cd in, and sat down in the chair across the room, taking a long sip from my bourbon.

“May I have this dance, my lady?” said Paul.

“I’m so glad you asked, good sir,” said Kathy, turning her head and sending a satisfied smile my way.

And now he took her in his arms, and they moved slowly back and forth to the soft music. It didn’t take long before both her arms were around his neck, and both of his were around her waist. You’d have thought they were long-time partners, to look at them, they way they moved so naturally together.

Now my wife raised her head and looked up into his eyes, and he slowly lowered his mouth to hers.

“Mmmmm,” I heard Kathy moan softly as her lips pressed against his, their bodies continuing to move back and forth rhythmically, in time with the music. Her breasts pressed hard against his chest, as his hands moved down, caressing her ass through her silky black dress.

Now Paul guided Kathy through a slow pirouette, so that she ended up with her back to him, standing in front of him, facing directly at me. He held her from behind with both hands on her hips. Their bodies swayed in time to the music, and as she gazed at me with half closed eyes, his hands slowly inched upward over her stomach, stroking her sensuously through the satin fabric.

Her hands pressed down on her own thighs, as his large, powerful looking hands moved higher and higher, now softly cupping underneath her firm breasts. As she looked straight at me, her loving husband, her lips parted and her tongue appeared, moving slowly over her upper lip.

“Oh baby, that’s soooo good,” murmured my lovely wife.

Now his right hand caressed her right arm, above her elbow, and moved further up, to her shoulder, slowly, slowly pulling the black spaghetti strap down over her shoulder. And now his left hand, doing the same with the left strap.

My wife gazed fixedly at me, her back arching against him, her ass pushing into his crotch. The music stopped just then.

Paul said, “Come on Kathy, let’s sit down and take a break.”

My wife moaned in frustration, “But, I….I, ohhhhh.”

“Take it slow, honey, we have plenty of time,” he said. He fished in his pants pockets and produced a large joint. “How about joining me, baby. This here is some great stuff”

He gestured at me, “You, Mike?” but I shook my head.

“I’m good here,” I said, raising my glass of bourbon.

He lit up the joint, and after taking a deep draw, passed it to my wife. She was sitting beside him on the couch, her legs drawn up under her. The black straps of her dress were still down over her shoulders. Her wedding ring, still hanging on the thin gold chain around her neck, nestled in her deep cleavage. She inhaled deeply, held it in, then slowly exhaled. I was sure she hadn’t smoked marijuana since she was in college, and I wondered how long it would be before it hit her.

Which, only a few minutes later, it did. She started giggling for no reason, and looked over at me.

“Want me to tell you all that Paul and I talked about at the bar, honey?” Kathy asked.

“Later, honey, after he leaves,” I said.

“That might be quite a wait for you, baby,” she said. Giggling again.

Paul cut off her laughter by drawing her closer and kissing her. Hard, this time. I watched as her lips worked against his, and now her mouth opened, accepting his thrusting tongue.

“Mmmmm, yessss, baby,” she said, as her tongue returned the favor, entering Paul’s mouth now.

Her left hand reached around behind his neck, pulling him toward her. And now he grasped the straps of her dress, pulling down the left side, and then the right, as she wriggled, assisting him. As he reached around behind her, I heard the unmistakable sound of her zipper. And before I knew it, she had removed the silky black dress completely, revealing that this night she had chosen to wear no bra or panties beneath.

Section 3

In the soft candlelight, my wife Kathy embraced this strange man, totally naked before him, and before me. Wearing only the thin gold chain with the wedding ring pendant.

Now my wife began unbuttoning his shirt. Casting a smiling glance at me, she then unbuckled his belt, zipped down his zipper, and released his cock.

He wasn’t hard. Not yet, anyway. But it was pretty obvious that he was way larger than me. Kathy gasped.

“Ohmigod,” she said. “Paul, you’re so, so much bigger than my husband. Isn’t he, Mike?” she asked.

I simply nodded, taking another long sip of my bourbon.

Kathy and Paul together quickly removed his pants and underwear, and now they were totally naked. Caressing each other, in this fancy hotel room in another city, which I had arranged to book to put some spice in our sex life.

Paul lowered his head to Kathy’s breast and began to hotly tongue her nipple to taut hardness. She gazed over his head right at me, but I’m not sure she even saw me at this point.

Paul’s hand was now stroking slowly, teasingly, up Kathy’s inner thigh, and her hips began moving rhythmically, seeking his touch. And now she spasmed up against him, as his hand made electric contact with her clitoris.

“Oooohhh, yesss, baby. That’s it. Right there. Aaahhhhhhh. Yessss. Do it. Do it to me.”

Her own hand by this time had reached out to circle his cock, which was semihard by now. And she began stroking it slowly. As they pleasured each other, her moans grew louder, and his cock grew larger and harder.

“Do you want me, Kathy?” Paul asked her. “Do you want my cock now?”

“You know I do, baby,” said my wife. “More than anything in the world. Please. Please..”

“I think we’ll be more comfortable in the bedroom,” said Paul.

“Okay, Paul, whatever you say,” Kathy replied.

And they got up, naked from the couch and walked across the candlelit room, right past me, on their way to the bedroom.

Hand in hand.

As they passed me, Kathy said to him, “Paul, can we let Mike watch us?”

“Whatever you want baby is OK with me,” he said.

“Yes, that’s what I want,” she said. Her words were directed at Paul but she was looking straight at me. “I want Mike to watch you make love to me Paul. I want him to watch you make me cum. And to watch you cum with me, baby.”

Once again her wedding ring glinted at me in the soft light.

I followed them into the bedroom.

Kathy laid down on the bed first. She turned and reached for him, but he didn’t join her there.

Instead he said, “Kathy, I want to stand here for a while and watch you. Watch you touch yourself for me.”

“Ohh, baby,” she said. “Can’t you lie down here with me? I want you.”

“Not yet, Kathy,” he said. “Go ahead, let me watch you. Show me. Go ahead.”

Her gaze moved slowly from him to me and back to him. Then as she laid her had back on the pillows, her right hand moved down between her legs, slowly moving up and down, while her left hand circled and tweaked her nipple.

Now she closed her eyes. Paul’s soft voice encouraged her, “That’s it, baby, just feel it now,” he murmured

I took a seat on the chair opposite the bed, while Paul continued to stand, gazing at my wife pleasuring herself. Her soft moaning began to fill the room.

“ooohhh…..mmmmm……ahhhhhhh,” she said. “Honey, I need you. I need your cock.”

Paul replied, “I know baby, show me how much. Stroke yourself, that’s it…that’s right Kathy.. I’m right here, baby.”

And my wife responded to his words by spreading her legs wider, and moving both hands to her pussy, one stretching herself wider, and one moving round and round over her clit.

“ohhhhh goddd, Paul…help me….help me please,” she cried, her wide eyes pleading with him…“I’ve got to have it….got to have it now… Please baby..”

Then her eyes closed again and her head began moving from side to side, her lips pulled back now….“soooo gooodd…..ohhhhh yeesssss……aaaahhhh”

By this point, my cock was rock hard, and I pulled down my trousers and underwear and began slowly stroking myself.

And as I watched from my chair, Paul glanced quickly at me then lowered himself to the bed. His tremendous cock was fully erect now, so huge that I wondered how my wife could possibly take him.

As Kathy felt his weight lower on to her, her eyes flew upon and their mouths pressed hard against each other, their tongues swirling and probing against the other…

Then Kathy broke the kiss to say in a jumble of words, “Don’t make me….don’t make me….don’t make me wait. Can’t wait any more for you…for your cock baby.. Do it to me now…do it…”

Paul murmured to her, “Tell me, baby.. Tell me what you want. Tell me.”

“Put it in now, now now Neeed your cock inside me now, baby. Ohhhh Paul…do it.” Her hands were still fluttering between her legs, stroking his cock, pulling it towards her.

“Do what, Kathy?” he said, teasing my wife with his cock pressing against her entrance. “Say it…..say what you want.”

“Ohhhh Goddd yess!!!” she screamed. “Fuck me, baby. Fuck me with your huge cock. Fill me inside. Fuck me…fuck meee fuck meee.

Paul’s ass moved just a fraction, his cock head barely entering her. Her eyes opened wide now, filled with lust, and surprise at just how huge he was.

He took it very slow. Moved imperceptibly deeper, then slowly moved out again. Then, as he leaned in for a deep kiss, slowly deeper again. Then out once more, still slowly, and gradually in again, each stroke moving just a little further inside my lovely wife. Kathy’s hips moved up against him with his every thrust, and then pulled back as he did, then repeated the motion slowly, rhythmically.

He repositioned his hands outside her shoulders, levering himself above her on the king sized bed, his biceps and triceps knotted and bulging as his arms support his weight. She moved her hands behind his arms now, grasping him on both sides just behind the elbow, her head pulling up as he withdrew and then bending backward against the pillow as his huge cock penetrated deeper and deeper into her.

His lower back muscles rippled as his ass pumped again and again, levering his cock ever further into Kathy’s opening. And now her arms moved around to caress his back, pulling him into her harder and harder, cupping his ass cheeks as they thrust again, again, again. Their bodies were moving faster now, together in time.

As they both began to pick up the pace, the room was filled with the sounds of their sheer physical effort, his deep grunts mixing with her higher pitched squeals and cries.

I thought back to our past sporadic episodes of lovemaking. Usually I was good for about a minute or two before cumming in her. And she,happy that her duty was done, was more than glad for it to be over, even though she never orgasmed, not from straight fucking, not in our entire married life together.

“Ohhhhh godddd yesssss, Paul,” my wife’s loud cry arose me from my reverie. His huge cock was all the way in her now as he was continuing to pick up the pace, and she was having a little trouble putting words together.

“Never knew……never……oh godddd….could….never……be like this….ohhhh doooo ittttttt ahhhhhhh!”

Paul was working hard. Sweat glistened on his back and arms, trailing down into his ass crack as his grunting got louder and louder and his speed faster and faster. As he levered above Kathy, his eyes closed in concentration, his hair now soaked with perspiration, sweat dripped off his glistening, contorted face down onto her breasts, and trickled down to the wedding ring on the thin gold chain.

Kathy’s face was glistening too. She moved her arms to extend above her head as she continued thrusting her hips up against him with all her might.

Now her head started moving back and forth, slowly at first, then more and more rapidly. Her hair, partly matted against her face, began whipping back and forth at a frenetic speed. Her eyes opened, bearing an expression of wonder and surprise at the excitement Paul was giving her. His strength and stamina were simply amazing as he continued to fuck my wife, his ass thrusting again and again, harder and faster.

Then Kathy’s eyes closed once more, tightly this time, her head bouncing from the force of Paul’s thrusting cock. Her chin was tilting up now, her back arching off the bed as she screamed louder than I had ever heard her

“Yessss.. That’s it, baby…yes, yess…yesss.s…aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I’m cummminnnnggg. Cummmminnggg for you Paul…..Cumminnngg onn yourrrr cock, baby,,,,,,cummming nowwwww….oooohhhhh,….aggaiiinnn…aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.

I came then too, my cock spurting all over my right hand.

I don’t know if Paul came or not. He never said a word, but as Kathy collapsed beneath him, moaning incoherently, he pulled out of her, and got off the bed and walked into the living room. As he slipped back into his clothes, he turned to me and said,

“Pleasure meeting you Mike. Tell Kathy I enjoyed her company.”

And with that he walked out of the hotel room door.

Leaving me to ponder whether my marriage would ever be the same.


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