It Finally Happened In Bonaire

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Section 1

Diane and I (Marc) had previously visited this modest resort and had a very relaxing time.

We rarely ever go back to places we’ve already been. Our motto has always been that it’s a big world and we’ll never see it all.

But post pandemic we were looking for something less than adventurous. Something relaxing and familiar.

I have had cuckold fantasies for decades now. Something Diane is well aware of, but not very sympathetic towards. Leading up to such a holiday I always anticipated the extra sex we’d enjoy and fantasized about how my cuckold desires might be realized while we’d be away. But once we arrived my cuckold desires would drift into the background while I concentrated on enjoying each moment with my beautiful wife.

Diane does enjoy being social while we’re in a resort setting. So it was surprising to find her by the pool, having woken before me after our nap, speaking with the female half of a couple at the bar. I was quickly introduced to Lisa and Paul. Turns out they were in the bungalow immediately adjacent ours. We ended up joining them for dinner during which Diane and Lisa were becoming fast friends. Seems we might be spending a bit of time with them over the course of the coming week. Before we parted for the evening breakfast had already been coordinated with plans for the day to be determined.

So it was no surprise then that Diane would happen to open our door at the same moment Lisa was opening theirs. This was when Diane accidentally became aware of her new friend’s kinkier side. Over the years I’d been attracted to stories where the wife is seduced with the help of a female friend who already enjoys a cuckold relationship.

So on our first full day at the resort it seemed like fate when Diane “accidentally” discovered that our new friends were a “cuckold couple”. It seems Lisa was in the early stages of “outing” her cuckold husband Paul. Hearing us getting ready to leave for the breakfast buffet Lisa made sure the neighbors got an eyeful of here kissing her lover goodbye while her caged husband Paul stood in the background. So Diane got a look at her very well put together “bull”, Lisa in skimpy night attire and a naked, caged and embarrassed Paul.

By the time I got to the door it was all over. The only incling I got that an interaction had occurred was hearing the tail end of Lisa’s apology.

Diane didn’t come clean about what she saw until it was time for our afternoon “nap”. We’d spent more time with our new friends by then, without me having any idea that Diane already knew a secret about them. I would later learn that Lisa had given Diane a complete run down on the true nature of their marriage. While Diane off to the ladies room Lisa had taken the time to explain what Diane she saw and why. Later, duri g another brief moment with Lisa I admitted to her that I too had cuckold desires. Her tone quickly became conspiratorial. She said she could make sure that Diane gained some exposure to both the lifestyle and some of her bulls during our stay. Asking how much I saw and if Diane had mentioned anything she brought me up to speed and suggested I discuss with Diane what we saw.

Later during “nap” time I asked, “That was a bit strange this morning at the door.”

“To each their own” remarked Diane.

" I’m surprised you’re still so chumy with Lisa given the potential awkwardness and your views on cuckolding." I responded.

“Well I don’t normally chose my friends based on what they do or don’t get up to to in private”.

Sensing a bit of a sore spot I ended it there and initiated some foreplay. Things go along their predictable path with her having an orgasm on my tongue. My erection was uncharacteristically spontaneous on this occasion and so Diane was treated to three more vaginal orgasms before I came.

My “nap” Quickly turned into an actual nap. Diane doesn’t nap and I heard her say something about bar, drink, balcony.

I woke up to voices outside on our balcony.

Section 2

Seems Paul also liked to nap and Lisa was also sitting out. The two ladies had started a conversation and It had already been arranged that we would be eating dinner together again and then would be meeting some locals she is aquainted with for a bit of a party at their suite.

Of course my mind went directly to thoughts of whether any of her lover might be among the guests. Surely the thought must have crossed Diane’s mind. And yet here she was agreeing to these plans wholeheartedly.

I couldn’t help but notice a little glint in Diane’s eye as she brought me up to speed.

Having retrieved myself a drink and the girls a another round I found myself alone again with Lisa as Diane excused herself for a bathroom break. Lisa again assumed her conspiratorial tone as she quickly filled me in on tonight’s get together.

Seems it would be us four and 4 male guests all of whom she had previously been intimate with. My mind raced at the possibilities laid out before me knowing Diane was going get a first hand introduction into my fantasy world.

Over the course of the afternoon and early dinner Diane and Lisa were thick as thieves. Whisperef conversation was interspersed with more open dialogue that was mostly small talk.

After dinner we split up temporarily while they got ready to recieve their guests. We were to drop over about 8:00. Diane was struggling with what to wear. I tried Telling here she was fine in her dinner attire but she wispered to me that this was a more intimate gathering. Lisa would be in lingerie when we arrived. Her other guests in just their briefs and Paul in nothing but his chastity cage. Then she told me not to get too excited. She wasn’t planning on exposing herself quite to that extent but she just needed to find a compromise for us.

At 8:00 we walked next door. Her in a very modest nightgown (but with her sexiest matching lingerie set underneath). I in my most presentable set of boxer briefs.

Upon arrival I immediately noticed Paul serving his guests drinks while Lisa danced close with one of the four other guests. All four of the other guests were dark skinned native Islanders and younger than the two couples. Diane was immediately scooped up by one of these men and wisked over to the impromptu dance area.

My cock immediately responded to the charged atmosphere. I don’t dance at all so cutting in was not a real option for me. I nursed a drink served to me by a mostly naked, save his cage, Paul. He commented on the sight of two beautiful wives dancing close with two “black bulls”.

About half an hour went by during which time each girl changed partners more than once. Diane’s current partner was getting really friendly with his hands and when he leaned in for a kiss, and to my great surprise, she gave her mouth completely to his. Lisa immediately noticed that things were progressing and she’d hoped for her new friend. She broke away from her partner to wisper something into Diane’s ear. Then immediately made her way over to speak to me.

What she said nearly caused a spontaneous ejaculation into my already damp boxers.

“I’m not sure how far Diane will let things go with Tyrone and Travon” she said. But we both want you to go next door and give her some space. She’ll join you later. How much later depends . . ."

Diane looked at me with a kind of expression that was part deer in the headlights, part lust and part “careful what you wish for”. At this moment Trevon had both of her ass cheeks in his large hands and was kissing her neck passionately.

I left as instructed shortly after to stew over what may or may not be happening next door.

My angst was in full bloom as minutes, then half an hour went by. What might Diane have allowed to happen in the interim? Now it’s been an hour. She’s definitely got some kind of story to tell by now. Another agonizing ½ hour. Anything could have happened in that time (more than once even). Another ten minutes went by and then a knock at the door. I quickly gathered my thoughts. I told myself “Must not seem too eager. Just show acceptance. Don’t push for details too soon.” I let Diane in, hug here and tell her I love her. Nothing more is said. We go to bed. I snuggle up to her. Ask her if she enjoyed herself. She says she did, very much.

I lay there thinking. I put my hand on the curve of her hip. No panties. I know she didn’t take them off here. But if she was already full of spunk wouldn’t she have put them back on? I’m full of thoughs. Have my ultimate desires come true already? How to read the lack of panties? My curiosity is killing me but I know I must have patience. I’ve always told her I’d at least want a description of activities if I wasn’t allowed to watch. And since she was obviously relying on past conversations for the permission for whatever she let happen I was sure she would tell me when the mood was right.

The next day at breakfast our foursome resumed. The knowing smiles all round made it apparent that I was the only one left out some sort of private joke. Diane seemed nervously excited, Lisa looked like the cat that just ate the canary. Paul seemed only mildly sympathetic to my situation. Lisa broke the ice first. “So Diane did you enjoy yourself last night with those two studs I lent you ?

I nearly choked on my eggs.

Diane squeaked out a timid “yes”.

Lisa continued " they’ll all be back tonight if your not busy?”. “Maybe your ready to let Marc stay and watch this time.”

Section 3

Into what would otherwise have been an awkward moment of silence I said “I would very much like that”.

Diane seemed relieved for the moment. Like she had been let off the hook. Breakfast resumed with the conversation sticking to less risque topics for the rest of the meal.

After breakfast Diane and I went snorkeling. It was great as usual with lots to see. We had lunch and then a nap. Diane wouldn’t let me near her pussy though, which I didn’t make a fuss about. I woke from my nap to find Diane in tears. I held her and told her everything was going to be ok and that I loved her. She said “you won’t love me if we go to Lisa & Paul’s again like we are supposed to”. I said “I most certainly will.”. “But if you are not ready for me to see I can look eave again if you need your privacy.”. She seemed somewhat relieved and pulled herself together.

We joined the others for pre-dinner drinks as planned by the girls. Lisa asked “was I looking forward to tonight?”

Diane interjected “he’s been un-invited”. After some wispered conversation between the girls Diane said out loud “yes, that seems only fair”. At which Lisa responded “on your phone of course”. It want hard to read between the lines. Lisa had confronted Diane about shutting me out and quickly negotiated a consolation prize for me that involved pictures or video.

As the appointed time approached Diane, Lisa and Paul headed into their suite and I headed into ours. A few minutes later I heard a knock at their door. Looking through the spy hole I saw all four of Lisa’s Bulls enter the room next door.

It was agony waiting for some hint of what might be happening. 45 minutes later my phone buzzed. It was a messenger message from Diane. Or rather it was from her phone. Clearly it was Paul who had been tasked with sending it as the caption read “welcome to life as a fellow cuckold”.

Opening the attachment I almost came in my pants. It was a picture of Diane sprawled out on their bed. She was flanked by two large naked black men. Their cocks no longer completely stiff. The evidence of how they had just been drained was oozing from Diane’s distended vagina and dripping off her chin onto her breasts. I had barely had a chance to process all that this picture represented when my phone buzzed again. A second message this one read “Marc, Lisa here. Diane has lost a bit of her shyness and wonders if you want to come and clean her up while she gets them ready for round three?”

After taking a few moments to think about everything that these few words implied I was soon knocking on their door. Lisa led me straight to where Diane lay still flanked by here two bulls. Cocks not as soft as to they were a few minutes ago. One in each of Diane’s hands as she slowly stroked them back to hardness. Lisa grabbed me by my hair and caused me to kneel at the foot of the bed. Diane’s legs came up and back and her oozing pussy was presented for clean up. I dove in face first. It was such an erotic act of submission eating her lover’s sperm out of her well used pussy while she stroked the cocks back to hardness so they could fill her again. I came on the floor without touching myself. Which seemed to delight Lisa no end.

It was a long night. Lisa was very generous about sharing with her recently converted friend. All four bulls each had at least one turn at leaving me additional clean up opportunities. In all I watched and cleaned up after them 7 more times over the next few hours. Somehow Diane seemed insatiable. There didn’t seem to be enough cock or enough sperm to satisfy her new appetite for sex. Neither of us can recall how many orgasms she had. They were coming at regular intervals and were the kind of whole body vaginal orgasms only produced by the huge cocks these gentlemen were wielding.

At some point I fell asleep in a chair. I woke up a couple of times to the sound of Diane and or Lisa being fucked again. As for me I’d had two more pretty much spontaneous orgasms while either watching or cleaning my wife.

When I did finally wake up for good I needed to pee really bad. Naked bodies were everywhere but I managed to make it to bathroom only to find out I was wearing a cage. It took a minute to figure how to pee in it. Not knowing knowing what to with myself at that point. The others were still dead alseep. I went back to our room.

I was joined by my lovely wife an hour or so later. She looked amazing despite having little sleep and still being literally covered in sweat, cum, lube and pussy juice. She gave me a grin and I gave her a hug and told her I loved her. She said that I was so good to here and deserved a reward for letting her experience last night. But went on to say she was far too sore everywhere to deliver on that sentiment at the moment. She told be get some lube and removed a key from a chain around her neck. “I’ll tell you a bit about last night from my perspective and I want you to stroke yourself and cum on my tits when you’re ready”.

She proceeded to try and describe what it was like to be truly and properly fucked. Emphasizing how deep they got in her and far they stretched her and what that did to her insides to make her cum so hard and so often. She said she had no idea where her insatiable appetite for cock came from. But that a truly magnificent cock seems to have a kind of gravitational pull that swells her pussy, makes her wet and keeps her hungry for more. That was all it took. I spilled my cum on her breasts. I imagine it was a 10th of one of her bulls ejaculations. But it felt good and I felt as if I had partially reclaimed her at least on some level.

After giving me a bit of time to recover Diane let it be known that she would be spending as much time as possible getting properly fucked during the remainder of our stay. She said she’d be spending time alone with all four men, but that I’d also get to watch again at least once more. The other times she promised she’d return to me “dirty” and in need of “cleaning”. I can only imagine that she’d had more coaching from Lisa about how to phrase this. She went on to say that I too would get to enjoy some more orgasms but that Lisa suggested most of them be delivered by “rattling my cage” while being apprised of her escapades.

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