Is The Wife Straying With The Neighbor Boy?

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Section 1

This is one of those I wish were fictitious but hey no sense in sugar coating it.

To be frank, I dont know if the wife wants to play, this was totally speculative on my part and it all started after a sequences of events unfolded and got me paranoid. Even though, if you stick with the story until the end, something happened that essentially removed all doubts and it could be that part of me doesn’t want to accept it? Being an over-thinker by nature, my reaction is, I want to drop the thought and focus on positive things.

As far as asking questions, the worst part is, I dont want to ask my wife who is 45, any questions about things that are causing me to be paranoid because, if I am wrong, then a who pandora’s box is opened up to never be closed again I think.

Having my wife get with others is not a fantasy of mine but she did express curiosity about a female. So we discussed a threesome around 5 years ago, it would have been a female who would be brought into the fold and the female would be for the wife. But it never happened.

So I thought should I start asking the opinion of folks who have seen a marriage go from normal to the wife starting to have extra curricular activities, be it out of her own volition, or maybe motivated by the husband? Because my situation is different from any other situation I have read on different articles where mostly husbands wanted their wives to sleep with other men. This was not on my agenda or bucket list. But maybe it has been on hers?

So I figured maybe someone out there could recognize clues as they read this story, maybe notice things that were said as “telling” about the wife wanting to play or whatever your opinion is.

Two years ago we moved from Seattle to a rural area in Texas and the nearest neighbor lives 1 mile from our ranch.

Since I travel for work, the wife stays at home with our baby and teaches online. Our neighbor is an older couple in the mid 60s and they had a 17 year old grandson living with them. Very peaceful setting, not one car drives through the remote area and all we hear are wild animals, birds etc.

After reading through a lot of the posts, it’s clear that a lot of the husbands want to be a cuckold and go through a process to convince the wife and so on.

My wife and I never had this conversation and then after some time I had this feeling in my gut and in my mind and it kept popping up in my head, something odd is going on even though I can’t put my finger on it. Cant explain, I have tried to nudge wife about discussing our intimacy and my goal is to see if there is anything I have missed that she might have tried to communicate to me about us and our sex life etc. Not a peep from her. Everything is fine honey, I love you honey etc. Our sex life has been ok and since the baby was born we had lots of ups and downs and I feel like she doesnt really open up with me. I just dont know. But oh well, I am not going to be paranoid and lose my mind over it.

The neighbors had asked me if the wife could tutor their grandson so he could improve his grades and she agreed especially because she would get paid for tutoring.

As we talked over the phone while I was away I would ask how things were going and she said that they were good and the neighbor kid improved his grades etc and is a polite kid and sometimes even helps around the house, walking the dogs, raking etc.

Then a few days later she calls me terrified saying that she had gone for a walk down this deserted country road and when she got to the most remote part where there was amore dense vegetation, as in tall bushes and trees she saw a horse she thought but did a second take and saw the neighbor kid having sex with the horse, she saw him, he looked over at her and took his thing out of the horse and tried to hide. Apparently he used some type of stool to reach the female horse’s entrance and he jumped off the stool jumps on the ground, trying to hide but by that time, the cat was out of the bag.

She talks about being terrified, disgusted and not wanting to tutor the kid anymore etc. I said I dont know what to tell you. People do those kinds of things and had you not gone for a walk at that certain time or had you gone in the opposite direction you might have never known about the kids love affair with a female horse so you have to decide if you want to keep him as a tutoring client or not.

Section 2

A week goes by and she has asked to take the week off and she tells me that she will keep tutoring the kid. she was still dumbfounded but will try to not think about it etc.

I said ok, I am sure you will be fine. Carry on as if nothing happened and focus on the tutoring thats all.

I did feel bad for not being there and thought she might be feeling vulnerable and not wanting to tell me about her being afraid of being alone in the remote ranch etc.

When I got back home I went ahead and had a company install a discreet security system with a few cameras and I would monitor it from my phone as I traveled just so that if I saw anything, I could contact someone for help, mainly law enforcement and maybe even the neighbors. I had a camera on each side of the house and three inside the house, one being on one end of the house and the other camera in the living room facing the other end of the house and the third one inside the baby’s room. That was the basic package and I could always upgrade and install more if need be. The cameras were installed discreetly which means that they are not seen and you only know they are there, if you saw them being installed as I did.

I never told the wife because I didnt want her to worry that I was worried about her being alone in the place and then she would try and talk to me and tell me to not worry about it, and on and on! So I thought, let this be discreet and if I feel the need to tell her in the near future, I can tell her.

Then about 2 weeks after that, she started talking about the kid in an odd way, I couldn’t explain but I knew she didnt talk like that before, saying things like you know, this kid is turning into a little man already, he turned 18 and one day he shows up here smelling like alcohol, and talking about girls and all.

And I thought, really? Turning into a man? ok. Not necessarily a suspicious comment but it was just new coming from her. Or I was just paranoid.

Then a few days go by and she tells me he asked if she could teach him about girls and women because he doesn’t seem to get it right with girls etc.

She asked what I thought about that. I said I dont know ,are you charging him for that? Will it be an extra subject or something? Are you trained for teaching that or how is that going to go? She said I dont know, I will just tell him I am not qualified, you’re right.

Anyway, my stomach was uneasy about the latest comments he had made to the wife and I was asking myself, do I tell her to stop tutoring this kid or what?

Is this going to become a point of contention and worry for everyone involved here? Then I just did what I do best, I left it alone. Focused on work because that was my job as the provider.

Then two weeks go by and on a Friday I call her to catch up and that my flight was confirmed for Sunday etc and she sounded and acted as if she was in a hurry and since I was going to dinner with my managers, we just hung up and I thought nothing of it. I asked about the baby and she said he was already in bed. alright, talk tomorrow then.

Then almost two hours later, I am back at the hotel and I have no idea why, but then again maybe it was the paranoia and the unanswered questions in my head but for the first time I thought let me check out the security system to make sure things are ok at home.

Well the camera pointed at the kitchen showed the wife and the kid at the table where they did the tutoring but I am guessing the tutoring was focused on wine tasting because that is what they were doing, drinking, laughing and carrying on and I am thinking, it was almost 9 PM there, shouldn’t the kid be back home by now?

Then it occurred to me, why don’t I call her and tell her I am back at the hotel and get the temperature of things at home. Then I thought about it some more and got an email from a manager, asking for a report. By the time I was done, I wanted to shower and go to bed because I was exhausted.

So I took a shower and got ready for bed and suddenly the wife gets up and heads to the bedroom so I am thinking she is about to take a bath and go to bed and the kid is leaving, going home and that’s it. The wine tasting tutoring is over, this kid walks towards the bedroom, enter the bedroom then comes back out, and this time he is bringing with him the wine bottles, he closes the door and as much as I tried to stay awake and thought about calling her, more than two hours had passed, then the door swung open, out comes the kid again, this time naked and he went to the kitchen.

Then a few minutes after he went back into the bedroom, this time the door was left ajar so I was able to get some sound from mic in the living room. There were noises, muffled conversations, laughter, a clear word here and there, then a moan here and there a yelp a groan and I couldnt tell if porn was being watched in there or you know the real thing going on between the two. But exhaustion got the best of me and I passed out.

So looking back, a lot has changed and I am left to figure out what the heck is going on here. I want to ask her but part of me is afraid to ask because it might be that, things go to an extreme and we might have to divorce and how am I going to spend time with my kid, and the kid will end up being from a broken home etc.

Part of me wants things to remain as they are so our family dynamics remain the same and I get to be the father to my child and I didnt have myself. And there is another part of me saying: you know exactly what she is doing and she just doesn’t care and give her the boot etc. A lot is going through my head but because this is my 4th marriage and my first child, I dont want to make a knee jerk decision and regret it later.My child is everything to me right now.

So the questions in my head pestering my sanity are way too many to count but here are a few:

Could it be that she is coming out of her shell and not sharing her decision because she is afraid of my reaction?

Would confronting her be the best route? Or is my paranoia of being an involuntary cuckold becoming a reality?

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