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Section 1

It has always been a long standing fantasy of mine to watch my wife Marnie get fucked by another man. My fantasy recently became a double reality as she not only had sex with another male but two other males. Now I wish to share the story with you.

I was at work last Wednesday, when I received a phone call from my wife. She asked me if I wanted to enjoy an evening out without the kids. She just got off the phone with my mother-in-law who happened to get a couple of days off before Christmas and was willing to watch the children so my wife and I could enjoy a pre-Christmas present out. I asked her what she wanted to do.

She told me she wanted to go for a nice dinner and dancing at the local bar. That suited me just fine, for I was wanted to get to the end of the night where we fuck ourselves silly. Well I guess you got to have patience, I told myself.

When I got home the kids were already gone for the evening and apparently my wife was in the shower. So I went to the bathroom got undress and surprised Marnie by stepping in with a raging hard-on. She turned to me a said, “What do we have here, bad boy.” With those words she dropped to her knees and shoved my sausage into her hot and moist mouth. Before long she finished me off and sucked my cum like it was her last meal on earth. She then got up off her knees and said, “that should hold you over till later tonight.”

We got out of the shower, got dressed and prepared for our evening out on the town. When we were ready I just starred at Marn in awe. Without the kids around she sure looks like an incredibly hot women. She wore a short black dress with black stocking (which always turn me on). What really caught me off guard was when she bent over to slip on her pumps. Her dress rose above her thighs to give a view of her bare ass with a garter belt holding up her nylons.

First off my wife never wears a garter belt and second I always thought she felt that not wearing underwear was completely disgusting. Little did I know she was being a little more adventurous tonight. I felt a tent popping in my pants by the sight in front of me. She turned around and noticed the lump in my pants and said, “your acting as if you’ve never seen it before.” I replied, as we walked out the door, “dear, I wish I would see it more like that”.

We got to the restaurant early. This restaurant was where we had our first date. It is located in the hotel where we first had sex together. Ironically we did both the date and the sex on the same night. Our table wasn’t ready yet so we headed to the bar and had a few cocktails. We talked a little bit about Christmas and what our plans were. It was getting a little late, and our table wasn’t ready yet, so I went to see what was going on. I was got about a minute and upon my return, I noticed two guys chatting up my wife.

To some guys, they might have been jealous of seeing your wife talking to two other guys, but I was somewhat flatter and honored to be in my wife’s presence. When I got to our table the two guys turned a kind of jumped. My wife acted like normal and said, “I would like for you to meet Jeff and Matt. They were kind enough to keep me company while you were away.”

I gladly shook hands with them and offered them a drink. They took me up on my offer and sat down. Jeff was a mature looking guy with gray streaks running through his jet black hair. He had chiseled a well defined features on his 6'2 frame. Matt was a tall 6'4 black man who was very bulking in a weightlifter sort of way. He was completely bald and look younger than Jeff.

The two gentlemen explained that they were in town on a conference. They were businessmen for a large computer firm and our city was the one picked for their meetings this year. Jeff was 49 years old and he was a senior manager for the firm at the company’s Canadian headquarters in Toronto.

He has been married for 23 years and had two teenage children. He told us it gets pretty lonely traveling as much as he does. Matt was 35 years old. I asked him if he was married and he replied, “No, the bitch left me!” with a smile on his face.

We all broke out into laughter. He was a programmer for the company and was also from Toronto. The two have been here for a couple of days and things were winding down as they were planning to leave for home in the morning. I went to check our table again and found out that it was going to be a while longer. I told them to forgot it and went back to the lounge.

Upon my return I noticed Jeff was getting quite friendly with Marn as he had his arm wrapped loosely around her shoulder with his hand within groping distance of my wife’s tits. I got back to the table and told my wife to forget dinner tonight, we’ll do something else. Jeff offered us up to his room, for room service. He offered to pay since it was on his company’s expense anyway.

I knew what Jeff really wanted to do and I’m sure Marnie did to. We gladly accepted his invitation and in no time flat we were all in the elevator on the way up to Jeff’s room. While on the way up Marn boldly said, “me and my husband both know what it is you really want.”

She grabbed Jeff’s hand and brought to her chest and had him squeeze one of my wife’s breasts. Matt took that as his cue and immediately cupped her other tit and roughly squeezed and fondled it. Marn rolled her head back and closed her eyes so she could just enjoy the attention she was getting.

We finally reached Jeff’s floor and got out and practically ran to his room. He said to us, “I guess we’ll skip dinner and move right to dessert.” He grabbed Marn and pulled her to him and planted a full kiss on her lips. Matt straddled up behind her and brushed her hair aside an began to nibble and kiss her on her neck. I know that the neck always makes Marn go weak in the knees. I, myself just pulled up a chair a began to watch the action.

Finally Jeff broke his wet kiss with Marn and told Matt to bring her to the large bed. Matt picked Marnie up and gently placed in the middle of the bed. He bent down a gave Marn a passionate kiss fully on her lips. Jeff wasted no time and began to move his right arm up her skirt and began to massage the inside of her thigh.

Matt and Jeff then worked in synch a began to pull Marnie’s straps of the shoulder of her dress. Marn raised her hips to allow them to completely take her dress off, just leaving her sexy teddy, nylons and shoes on. Both their arms were all over her body feeling and probing where ever they could. Marnie would just let out soft moans and raise her hips in a bucking motion.

She could not just sit idle anymore and she let her hands roam all over her two lover’s bodies. Jeff got up off the bed and began to undress himself while Matt kept his passionate kiss on my wife’s lips. From what I could see they were swapping and sucking on each other tongues'.

Jeff got out of most of his clothes but left his briefs on. What I saw definitely impressed me. He had a large bulge underneath his shorts and could hardly wait to see Marn’s face when she saw his dick. Matt removed the Marnie’s teddy and left her naked in just her nylons and shoes. What a sexy sight that was. He then proceeded to suck on one of her nipples which brought moans of pleasure from her lips.

Jeff fondled and pinched my wife’s other nipple, which brought out a moan of Marn’s lips. Then Jeff took Marnie’s hand and brought it to the bulge in his shorts. Marnie stopped what she was doing with Matt and stared wide eyed at where her hand was placed. She said, “my God! I don’t know if I could handle all of that.” Jeff cooed and said softly, “don’t worry, I’ll be gentle.

Section 2

After you feel this inside you all you will feel is pleasure.” With that he bent down and gave Marnie a big wet kiss on her lips. She kept fondling Jeff’s massive prick through his shorts. This gave Matt time to remove all his clothing as well. He had a decent sized dick as well. I kept thinking to myself, my wife is never going to feel the same again after she was done here.

Jeff broke his kiss with Marnie and he released his dick from his shorts. Marn just gasped and was in awe at the dark piece of meat that was jutting out just a few inches from her face. He brought it closer to Marnie’s face and she grasped it in her hand. Her hand did not even cover the circumference of his dick.

My dick is average in length and width, but Jeff’s dick was at least a good few inches longer (10 inches) and about twice as thick as my dick. Marn brought her lips to the tip of his cock and began to kiss it gently and lightly nibble on the tip.

Matt took his position in between her legs and began to kisses and lap away at her wet pussy. This brought moans to my wife’s lips as Matt began to lap away at her pussy. Jeff then grabbed Marnie by the hair and began to enter her mouth. Marnie’s jaw was stretched incredibly wide as she began to feel the assault of Jeff’s dick into her mouth. Jeff was started to let out a few moans of his own as he mounted my wife’s chest and began to slide his dick in and out of Marn’s mouth.

Meanwhile, Matt was really lapping away at her pussy. You could tell he was going to bring her to orgasm pretty soon because of the way Marn’s hips begin to buck up and down. Her moans became load around the dick that was in her mouth. With one final lapping of her pussy she bucked wildly and began to scream around the dick in her mouth.

Matt’s head was being squeezed between Marnie’s thighs as he hung on for the ride. After Marn’s orgasm died down, Matt sat up with his pussy smeared face and said, “boy you sure have one hot wife.” At the other end, Jeff was really getting into fucking her mouth as he had a handful of Marnie’s hair and was fucking her mouth with all it was worth. Marn was squeezing Jeff’s athletic ass as he stroked his dick in and out of my wife’s mouth.

Matt was working on his dick for a few seconds and he went to his pants to pull out a condom from his pockets. He unwrapped the package and placed it on his dick. He then sat at the edge of the bed between Marn’s legs. He spread her legs wide as he stroked his dick up and down her pussy to get his dick nice and wet. After a few strokes up and down he entered her with ease as his 8 inches slide in right to the hilt. He began at a slow pace and allowed Marn time to enjoy the experience as she sucked on Jeff’s massive 10 inch dick.

After a few minutes Matt picked up the pace and before long he was slamming his dick home fast and furious. This was bringing a constant moan from her lips as she continued to suck Jeff’s dick. Before long Jeff was announcing that he was going to cum. He started to grunt really loudly as he released his load down my wife’s throat. After a few minutes he released his dick from her lips and sat back a rested.

This gave Matt the opportunity to fully enjoy my wife’s body all to himself. He took her legs and put them over his shoulders and started to ram his dick home. “OH FUCK! FUCK MY PUSSY! MAKE ME CUM!” Marnie was becoming very vocal and was loving the fucking she was receiving. As he kept pounding away in my wife’s pussy, you could hear his balls slapping her ass as he entered her to the hilt with every thrust. This was making Matt work harder at getting my wife to cum.

Marn was close to cumming again as she clenched her teeth and closed her eyes tight. With one final push Matt grinded his dick into my wife’s pussy. This brought Marnie over the edge as she came wildly around Matt’s dick. The tight clench around Marnie’s pussy walls was too much for Matt, as he hollered and shoved his dick hard into my wife’s snatch and started to cum.

After Matt was finished, Jeff took his place between my wife’s legs and eased his dick into her soaked pussy. After a few minutes of stroking his dick in and out of her pussy he rolled over onto his back and brought Marnie with him and started to lift her ass up and down onto his swollen member. He kept this pace up for quite a while and Marnie did not seem to complain from the moans and groans coming from her lips.

Meanwhile Matt was stroking his cock back to life and after he got himself nice and hard he placed a condom on and got behind Marn’s ass. Jeff brought Marnie closer to him and began to kiss her mouth. Matt had a tube of lubrication and squeezed some on his fingers which he immediately placed at Marn’s anal opening.

The cool sensation made her jump as he inserted his fingers into her virginal asshole. He first put one then two fingers into her ass and began to slowly probe her opening a little wider. After a few minutes of his anal probing he pulled his fingers out and smeared some lube onto his condom covered dick. After he got himself nice and ready he placed the tip against Marn’s ass opening. He gently pushed the head in slowly till you could almost hear a pop as his dickhead was sucked into my wife’s virgin ass. Marn screamed out on the dick between her lips.

“IT HURTS! OH SHIT! FUCK, PLEASE PULL IT OUT!” Matt cooed and soothed her and told her it’s ok, everything was going to be fine. He gently pushed a little further in which made Marnie suck her breath in a little bit. After several minutes of inserting and withdrawing Matt hit rock bottom as his pubic hair was racking the back of Marnie’s ass.

My dick was completely rock solid by this time as I watched my wife taking a dick in her pussy and ass at the same time. What an unbelievable site this was. I saw Matt and Jeff work like a well oiled machine. As Jeff pulled his dick out of Marnie’s pussy, Matt shoved his dick into her ass, and vice versa. This was making Marnie have orgasm after intense orgasm.

The sweat was pouring off Matt’s forehead as he continued to ream my wife’s sweaty ass. All was coming to and end as Marnie exploded into one more intense orgasm which made Matt and Jeff to both lose their loads into her ass and pussy. After they withdrew from her opening Marnie could just collapse onto the bed. I had not come yet to this point, so I took my opportunity to straddle up between my wife’s legs and entered her. She was very loose and her pussy was very wet and warm. I did not last long as I came and filled her cunt with my juices.

We then all sat around naked and had a few drinks. By this time it was getting very late and we decided to get ready to go. We washed up and thanked Jeff and Matt for a great time. Marnie lingered a little longer and gave them both very wet kisses. I pretty much had to pull her away. After we left we drove home and talked about what just happened. Needless to say this was about to open up a whole new world for the both of us. Our sex lives have never been the same since.

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