I Was Waiting For My Wife To Come Home 4.4/5 (73)

Earlier that evening my wife and I drove to town for a few drinks and bar hopped from bar to bar looking for a man that my wife liked the look of. Someone she was attracted to where she would get wet thinking about him fucking her. This was never easy as there are a lot of brain deads out there and often these escapades would end with my disappointment when we failed to find a suitable candidate for her sexual liaison.

Tonight however there was this one man that caught her eye and after a few drinks she decided she would try to seduce him. He was the barman serving drinks at this quiet little bar and she had decided that he was the best candidate for her needs. We talked strategies and I decided I would catch a cab home and Leave my wife with our car so she could be independent but enjoy her seduction and drive home after her liaison with this man, that is, if she could persuade him to partake of her feminine charms.

I had no doubt that she would seduce him as my wife Is the prettiest woman around with the sexiest body and looks. She is a knockout in all respects and any hot blooded male would want her body. I get turned on when she gets attention from other men where ever she goes and I love the way she flirts with them, the eye contact, the smiles, her demure looks, her gentle touch of their arm or shoulder as she talks with them, this never fails to get me hard, the turn on I feel is so incredible. I want her to get fucked by these guys but she is very selective and never makes this happen.

Tonight is my lucky night, she has an attraction to this barman and I watch as she kisses me on the cheek and whispers, “ I bet he has a hard cock “ and she walks to the bar and makes herself comfortable while ordering another drink and I notice her immediate flirtation with this guy. I go hard in my jeans as I watch from a distance this seduction taking place and I exit quietly and unseen, to leave her with this stranger about to become my wife`s sexual play thing for the evening. I catch a cab home to wait for my wife`s return.

So here I am, waiting for my wife`s return incredibly aroused at the thought of my wife wanting to be fucked by this guy. The amazing sexual energy emanating from my loins, the incredibly strong sexual arousal I feel when my wife misbehaves like this is such a turn on that I wish she would make it happen a lot more than she does. Never mind, I`m really grateful for the times she does this.

I know that on one level she is doing this for me as she knows that I so want her to fuck other guys. She knows it`s incredibly arousing for me. I hope that it`s just as arousing for her. I hope its more than just incredibly arousing for her. I want her to have the most amazing sexual experience of her life with these connections with other men. I want her to be taken to places that she hasn`t even dreamed possible, the most earth shuddering climaxes she has ever experienced, like a 12 on the richter scale.

So here I am with my hard cock leaking precum through my trousers leaving a wet patch on the front of my trousers the size of a dinner plate completely soaked through, waiting for my wife`s return and I cant focus on anything else, I have tried watching the tv, reading, watching the flames in our wood burning fireplace, watching more Tv. There is no way I can sleep Its been over 4 hours since I left her at the bar and its 3am now.

She has been with him long enough now and I am finding its difficult to cope with the waiting any longer. In my mixed up mind I decide I will jog back to town and find her. It’s a distance of 8km and I don’t know where to look anyway and its 3am. I start to jog up the road for a while, its foggy and cold but its something to do to take my mind off her absence. I am missing her now. I am starting to get worried and anxious.

She should have finished having her fun by now. Maybe he is such a stud that she can`t get enough of him. I ponder that for a while and I decide that is why she is out much longer than I am comfortable with. I am starting to accept that she might be staying out all night and I hadn`t anticipated that. I was having trouble keeping it together when I saw our car drive past, I turned and ran back to our house, I never did ask her what she thought I was up to, jogging up the road at 3 in the morning but I arrived back as she was unlocking the door. We moved inside together to the warmth of our open fire. I sat on the rug as she sat on the couch by me. “ Well what happened, “ I asked, bone hard and leaking my precum everywhere, desperate to hear of her adventure.

“His name is John. We talked until his shift was over and he closed the bar at midnight. John asked me to wait while he locked up as he wanted to take me somewhere quiet. I asked him if that was a good idea and with a twinkle in his eyes, he assured me it was. I liked his boldness. I ended up following him to his flat where we made out on his couch. He was touching me on my boobs and my pussy and I let him, it was lovely. He made me very wet with his hands exploring my pussy. He took me by the hand and lead me to his bedroom and I followed him willingly I wanted him in me. Those condoms you gave me, well, we didn’t use them and he fucked me and came in me 3 times. I loved that he would become hard quite soon after he came in me and he was eager to go again. So was I. My pussy loved being done by his hard cock. I had a good time. “

“Show me “ I asked as I eased her onto her back on the cushions and I reached and grabbed her panties and pulled them down. The gusset of her nickers was sticky with his cum and I inhaled his aroma. WOW I was so turned on, I eased here thighs apart and was confronted with the sexiest pussy known to man. Her opening was dilated and I could see her deep inside. She was slick with the juices of their mating and I loved it.

Slowly I tickled her wet folds with my tongue, savouring the taste and inhaling their scent. I fucking loved it. I had never ever been this hard or this turned on before in my life. I LOVED it. I continued to probe her pussy with my tongue licking and sucking her lips and pushing my tongue as deep in her as I could then flicking her clit repeating my oral stimulation on her pussy and pretty soon she was breathing erratically and making soft moans, then rising in volume as I concentrated more on her clit. Soon her legs were shaking and her moans were louder and louder and then my wife was cumming on my tongue as she clamped her thighs about my head and cried out in her orgasm. After a time I let her quiet down.

“ WOW that was amazing“ I said, “ I think it’s the hottest thing that you let him fill you with his cum 3 times without wearing a condom. He must have turned you on and you are still open for him, do you know your pussy is open about 3 fingers dilated “

“ He did turn me on, it was wonderful, he was so strong and forceful and I liked how he fucked me and when he filled me up with his cum I came violently, I couldn`t believe how animal I became when I was cumming. I was screaming and grunting and moaning. It was the best sex I have ever had“.

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