I Shared Myself With A Stranger And My Husband 4.8/5 (53)

Mike’s lips gently sucked my sensitive, hardened nipple into his mouth. His hands gripping my naked ass checks as I lowered myself onto his stiffened cock. I felt the thick warm head of his meaty dick find my entrance without difficulty. One of my favorite moments of sex, when your wet hole feels its spreading open, widening and there is no turning back, you’re on the edge of fucking. His thickness left no doubt my pussy was tight, but soaking wet.

His cock was welcome inside my hot soaked pussy. I ever so slowly let his meat spread me wide and took just the head into my eager box, then eased back onto the tip of his dick, letting my husband enjoy his first view of another man’s cock fucking his wife, that first penetration. This was the first time I fucked another man since marrying Jonathan eleven years ago.

I don’t know why some men find the idea of another man having sex with his soul mate to be such a turn on, sprouting erections of steel and epic lust. Being a woman, I suppose I’m genetically predisposed to wanting to be his all, meet his needs, and him to be greedy jealous of me. At about six years into marriage, we ran into a former lover of mine. Jonathan and I were at a local bar and my former partner and I exchanged a simple causal wave.

My husband asked who that was and I, being truthful, said he was a former lover. Jonathan just acknowledged the fact, no biggie. But later during some pillow talk and petting, Jonathan asked me how my former lover fucked, did I orgasm on his cock, was his dick big and did I like to swallow his cum. He seemed quite curious about my premarital sexual experiences and I noticed my husband began to get very horny when I told him about my past experiences.

The more details I gave him, the harder his cock became. I know dicks don’t lie. If you mention something and a boner is born, the topic is erotic to the man. Simple truth is, for whatever reason, Jonathan quickly gets powerful, strong hardons at the mention of previous sex acts with others. I actually think he’d rather hear how good some other man’s cock felt inside me than telling him how good he feels. I also discovered this is a source of power over his cock.

I can make him hard almost instantly by mentioning something I did with a previous partner. At first I did not see the true untapped potential of this phenomenon. Then I realized I could use this to my advantage. Two weeks ago as we went to bed, Jonathan said he couldn’t wait to get to sleep, that he was so tired.

I was feeling quite the opposite, sexy, with the urging to cum, so for the first time I decided to try out my sexual super powers over my husband’s cock. “Sorry you are feeling tired, Jon. I suppose I could just masturbate then. Yes, that will be fine. I will think of Stanley maybe, as I make myself cum. He loved to eat me out until I came before fucking me hard and shooting his cum all over me” I said, then laid back onto the pillow and slipped my hand into my black lacy pantie, slowly inching it down to my pussy.

He took the bait instantly saying, “Stanley. I don’t recall that name.” Jonathan perked up, eyeing the movements under the thing fabric of my panties. “ Eh, we only fucked a few weeks, but he loved shooting his cum on my body. One time, he didn’t quite get me off, so I rubbed his cum across my breast, then down to my pussy.

I used his hot cum for lubricant, rubbing it into my clit hard until I came” I told Jon. “Wow, that’s awesome. Did he cum a lot” Jonathan asked. He was hooked and reeled in with two sentences. Hard as rock he was no longer tired, he wanted to fuck me. I had full control over Jonathan’s manhood. Indeed, I had super powers over his cock. “Yes baby, god you never seen so much cum.

He’d pull his hard cock out of my pussy at the very last second, sometimes a tad late, his cum blasting out onto my clit as he pulled out of me, shooting load after hot load all over me. Sometimes he came so hard it would reach up to my face and mouth where I’ lick his tasty cum off with my tongue” I gave the real details to my husband just as they’d played out.

I knew he had no control over what turned him on, none of us do, so why not use it as a tool. “Man, that’s so hot” My husband began to snuggle up to me. I reached down to find his cock as hard as mahogany. I was almost amazed at how fast I could make my husband excited. My stories were faster than if I rolled over and sucked his cock.

I feel I’m sexy at five three, one hundred pounds flat and I have a descent shape because I love to workout. My hair is long and ass round and I seem to get hit on every time I go out. At 32 I’m doing pretty good I think. Jonathan is in good shape, he’s very active, shaved head and handsome with a nice seven inch cock that has heft and fits inside me perfectly. I love how he fucks me. I moved down between his legs, taking his dick into my hands and lightly licking the swollen head of his cock.

“Stanley liked the way I sucked his cock, slow and softly like this”. I wrapped my mouth around his thickness and slowly went down to the base, stayed a few seconds working my tongue against the underside of my husbands meat. I teased him with the facts of how I’d often sucked Stan. My words hardened Jon and I found myself likewise getting wetter and hotter.

“Damn, I’d be so proud of you if we ran into Stanley. He’d know I get such awesome blow jobs from the best and he’d be so envious” Jonathan moaned. I had my husband under full control and was liking my new found super powers. “Want to see how I fucked him, how Stanley fucked me” I asked my man. “Hell yes” Jon replied.

So I took position, laying back and spreading my legs. Jonathan got between my thighs and as he approached, cock hard and wanting inside me, I said “Look at my pussy, Stanley fucked that pussy, had his fat cock deep inside me, came inside me, a lot. My pussy is so used, do you want to fuck my used pussy” I teased him. “Oh yes, I’d love to fuck that used pussy” he almost begged.

“Show me then, show me how you like my used pussy” I demanded. Jonathan put his dick at my entrance and with no hesitation just pushed all he had deep inside my wanting hole with one solid pump, bottoming out against my wet mound. It felt so good, his lust filled cock stretching me out and filling me up.

He set to thrusting in a quick series of jabs, slamming into me with nice impact. “Man, your so wet, it almost feels like you’ve been cum in” Jonathan moaned out, taking a nipple into his teeth and gnawing my flesh lightly. “It’s had lots of cum” I panted. “God I love your used pussy” he said with real enthusiasm. “You’d like to see me fuck another man, wouldn’t you, take me after another man was inside me” I panted to my husband.

“Shit yes, oh fuck yes, I’d love watching you fuck a hard fat cock” Jonathan moaned out. “Show me, show me how you’d fuck me then” I was getting caught up in my own super powers game. “I’d fuck your used pussy so good” he panted and began to slam his cock into me like a mad man, thrusting and pumping hard, grinding his body against my clit, pushing deep and holding it there making me feel every inch before beginning to slam me some more.

“Oh wow, you do like used pussy” I almost laughed if it were not for my orgasm coming on fast. “I’m going cum,, like I came on Stanley’s nice fat cock” I vulgarly spat out. My hips began to meet Jon’s thrust at mid stroke. I fucked up at him like an animal in heat and in ways I was. Mindless, I grabbed my husbands face and looked him dead in the eye, leaving no doubt my orgasm had begun at that second and said “This is how I came on Stanley’s cock”,

then I jerked into a spine twisting muscle loss as my orgasm hit like a bus. I kept my hands locked on Jon’s head, starring him in the eyes as my orgasm washed thru me. I felt my cunt tremor and cinch on my husbands steely cock. He stared back at me as if I was really coming on Stan’s cock, not his own.

I heard Jon in my mind more than my ears saying he was cumming but could not miss the feeling of his cock pausing, then pumping his liquid deep inside my quivering pussy. We froze in time a few seconds, stuck in a limbo until our orgasms released the siege it had on us. We both went limp and collapsed onto the bed gasping to get air in our lungs.


  • maryann

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    it is so much better when your husband likes to watch you having sex with other men it was so strange i had started having sex wuith my boss and his friends i was afraid my husband would be mad at the same time jack was trying to find ways to make me a hotwife and he a cuckold we had a party on labor day amd had invited Ben my boss we were drinking jack grew tired and went upstairs to rest Ben began kissing me yhen he began fingering my pussy Jack came doen stairs i was so surprised i didnt know what to do Jack said keep it up we did and since then both Ben and his friends have come over and we have sex Jack likes to watch and he eats me after he also cleans Ben and his friends dick off

    • another Bull

      Reply Reply February 17, 2019

      Wow, that is hot, glad you get to play and hubby likes it

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