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Most men here seem to want their wife to have sex with another man. I am a cuckold in the truest definition. My wife had affairs with other men without my knowledge. She moved from swinging to having sex with other men behind my back.

When we got married, we were high school sweethearts. She had a body that was unbelievable, 38-24-36. The most impressive part was her boobs. They were huge,32H. Those puppys were the first thing anyone noticed about her when they first saw her.

We dated through high school and college. We dated each other exclusively except when it served her purpose. On one 4-H trip, I was told by other people on the trip that she had sex with another person on the trip. I had heard him boost that he was going to fuck her on this trip. At the time, we were all getting dressed after a swimming party. I saw his cock was much longer and thicker than mine. I was feeling very insecure. She denied it and it was easier to finally accept it since he was several states away.

Initially, we went to different colleges. I went to a large state university and she went to a small church school. After a couple of months in the church school, she told me we should date other people. i was devastated. She started dating another music major at that school. A friend agreed to drop me off at her school. I found out that she was on a date with this guy so I waited for my friend to pick me up at a friend’s frat house.

It turned out that her date was a member of the same house. When he returned, the other guys asked him how far he got with her. He described her boobs perfectly and said she sucked his cock and sallowed his first climax. Then, he fucked her twice. The next year, she transferred to the state university. She wanted to resume dating and we finally did. Almost instantly, we were fucking like rabbits. She denied everything and claimed she was a virgin when we had sex the first time. The sex was so good and it was the first time for me, I believed her.

After three years of working in industry, we both retruned to grad school. We moved into a four-plex. Donna was constantly with the husband who lived next door. Because of our schedules, I rode home with his wife. Three of the couples partied regularly. One night, we were drinking and some one suggested we play spin the bottle. After several rounds, the couple that lived upstairs left.

We continued the game but it quickly changed into a makeout session with the opposite spouse. Suddenly, Donna stood up and said she and Red were going next door. No one had any delusions about what was going to happen. Anne and I eventually moved to their bedroom when we realized they weren’t coming back. Anne was very shy. She had a great butt but she was barely and A cup. The sex was ok for the two of us.

She was going to fix breakfast for all of us but Red and Donna had the door locked to our apartment. Every hour or so Anne would try but to no avail. Finally, at three, I went and banged on the door. Donna finally answered the door. She lead me back to our bedroom. Red was naked under the covers. She crawled bak into bed with him. With one hand under the sheet you could see her stroking Red’s cock.

It appeared huge. With the other hand she dropped my pants and took my cock out . She looked at mine in one hand and his in the other hand. She laughed and said it looked like they still had some unfished business. She told me to leave and they would be over when they were ready. Iwas totally humilated.

It became a weekend thing for us to swap mates. The joke was Anne and I were the poorly endowed and they were hugely endowed ones so that how sexual paring should be. This continued until Red got a job offer and they moved to the east coast. We moved to St. Louis.she started her teaching job. I returned to Mizzou to finish my research This took a couple of weeks. I returned and had job with a small engineering firm.

Upon arrivng home, a few days later Donna introduced me to Jim, a man she met in the laundry room. She suggested I take him fishing since we had a bass boat. Neither Jim or I were interested in that. She had a job that allowed her to work from home on Friday’s to do paperwork. I became aware she was seeing Jim on Friday’s. One day, she informed me she was going to start taking birth control pills again.

She had quit because they made her boobs even bigger. One day on the way to work, I told her i was unhappy about her spending time with Jim. She asked me if i wanted her to quit seeing him. I told her I didn’t like it but she was the one that had to make that decision. If she didn’t commit to stop seeing him, it wouldn’t stop.

One Friday, I stayed home because I needed to fix the car since she it needed for work, I needed a part so I took my motorcycle. When I got back, she was not in our apartment. I fixed the car and she wasn’t back. Since she had told me she needed the car to deliver her reports, I started searching for her. She was not in the laundry room or any where else.

So I went to Jim’s apartment and rang the doorbell repeatedly. Finally, Jim answered the door. He stood in the door naked with an erection that was shiny. His cock was huge. The head looked like a small apple extending over a very thick shaft. Over his shoulder, I could see my wife lying nude on his bed. He told me she would come home after they were finished and closed the door.

I was on my third or fourth bourbon when she returned several hours later. I asked her what happened. She said he had made her a late breakfast. While she was cleaning the dishes from the meal, he walked up behind her and kissed her on the neck. She said he continued kissing her and rubbing her shoulders. She said it felt good and relaxing. He continued kissing her and his hands reached her breasts on the outside.

She could feel his erection pressing against her butt. Soon, his hands were under her blouse. Then, the bra was loosened and he took her nipples and rolled them between his fingers. She said she had an orgasm from that. Once it subsided, he carried her into the bedroom and undressed her. Then ,he undressed. She said when he pulled his underwear down, she was staring at the largest cock she had ever seen.

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