A Husband's Control Is Lost

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Section 1

They really didn’t know anyone there anymore – their friends Samantha and Brad had left the party an hour or two earlier, but Charles and his wife Natasha were still enjoying themselves and had continued to mingle with the other guests. Although the crowd had thinned out a bit, the atmosphere was pleasant and Charles felt quite comfortable in the dim interior of the large room.

Making his way to the small bar, Charles ordered another Scotch and looked around for his wife. He’d been talking to an older gentleman about the economic meltdown for some time and only now realised that he hadn’t seen her for awhile. But she wasn’t too far away from him – standing not more than ten metres away in a quiet corner, he spotted her, and Charles smiled with a mild sense of relief.

Picking up his drink, Charles discreetly watched his wife with more than a passing interest. Natasha had not been out to a party for quite a long time, and with the champagne flowing freely, she now appeared to be letting her hair down a little as she leaned back casually against a wall while two men standing quite close to her talked animatedly. Charles noted that the three of them still appeared quite oblivious of him checking them out at that moment from across the room, and he couldn’t help but smile with pride – he thought his wife looked fantastically vibrant right at that moment, dressed in her low-waisted skirt and matching white top.

And Charles was right – his wife did look especially nice in her new outfit, bought recently, just for that evening…

Her skirt was of an unusual design consisting of cleverly layered white-chiffon, parts of which came well below her knees with variously shaped pieces of the almost sheer material overlapping randomly from the waist like oversized handkerchiefs – some were long – some quite short, giving the hem a staggered look. Although the neat waist of the skirt sat on her hips in a very low fashion, she was afforded some modesty, as it was trimmed with an intricate-lace that added around 10 centimetres to the height of the waist, so that in effect, it stopped just below her pierced belly button – it was more like a wide belt really, but because the lace was quite transparent, it was probably even more an alluring feature than had it not been there at all…

And her top – wow!

It was a beautifully-made camisole of an identical lace to that of her skirts waistband. Starting just above her belly button, leaving her tanned midriff exposed, it clung tightly beneath her breasts – almost like a bodice really. It gave her an almost voluptuous appearance that belied her quite modest endowment – and in the right light, it too was tantalisingly sheer. To top it off, Natasha’s long, well-groomed, almost raven-coloured hair contrasted wonderfully with her white outfit – and the effect was quite appealing indeed!

Although Natasha was not beautiful by any stretch of the imagination – to Charles, at that moment, he thought that she looked gorgeous, and he certainly felt that he was a lucky man indeed to be still married to a woman who had, in his opinion, only improved with age like a classic red wine.

Sipping his Scotch, Charles felt a slight pang of jealousy when he noticed Natasha place a hand on the shoulder of one of the men and lean toward him rather closely as she laughed at what ever he was saying to her – while she still appeared to be oblivious to any scrutiny. Charles shook his head; he hadn’t seen her like it in years – flirting with other men like a girl in her twenties! He smiled to himself; once he would have been pissed-off with her antics, but they had been married a long time, and he wanted her to have a bit of fun now – just harmless fun of course.

Finally, Natasha spotted her husband watching her, and she smiled back at him with a feigned look of innocence for a moment or two, before shifting her attentions back to the dark-haired gentleman standing in front of her. He seemed nice, she thought, Greg he’d said his name was – his friend was Jeff or something – she vaguely remembered…

Greg said something witty to her again, and she laughed spontaneously, barely noticing as his friend, Jeff, refilled her partly empty glass of champagne yet again from a bottle that was chilling in an ice-bucket nearby.

Natasha fondled her glass and sipped every few moments; she knew that she was getting more than a little bit inebriated – but she wasn’t stupid – she was quite aware of what the two men were up to, and of course their lewd suggestions to her had merely confirmed it. Funnily though – now knowing her husband was watching from nearby gave her a desire to be just a little bit naughty – just for a change, and she shifted her right leg slightly, allowing her skirt to open partway and expose her shapely thigh while still resting her hand on Greg’s shoulder…

Natasha could now feel the younger man’s hot breathe play over her neck and waft up to her ear each time he whispered something to her – and it tickled and made her giggle.

She watched her husband as he watched her – and she smiled back at him and sipped on her champagne again, all the while listening as the two men’s suggestions became cruder and cruder…

Natasha barely moved when she felt a hand rest lightly on the small of her back – soon to begin caressing her gently. Jeff filled her glass again – and again she sipped and listened. They had both commented on her dress of course – but now Jeff complemented her on her wonderful top too, and asked her if she knew that in the right light it was partially transparent – she shook her head, and laughed innocently that she didn’t know.

Discreetly, the hand on her back moved little by little down to her bottom – and when Natasha felt one of her firm, round orbs being touched lightly, she quickly drank nearly half her glass of champagne in one gulp – but said nothing to deter the bold advances.

Natasha looked over at her husband again – and she wondered if he knew where the tall dark-haired young man now had his hand – she doubted it, and she smiled, before closing her eyes momentarily when she felt her flesh being explored through the thin material of her skirt.

Section 2

Standing near the bar on his own, Charles watched his wife silently for a few minutes and finished his drink. The two men that were with her had moved in quite close and appeared to be taking it in turns to whisper into her ear. He was almost certain one of the men had his hand around his wife’s back, as she moved her hips from side to side to the music – but he was not really sure.

For what was possibly only half a minute, Charles turned around to order another Scotch – but when he turned back around, his wife had gone – and so too had her friends!

Looking around with only mild alarm, he just caught a glimpse of her leaving the large room via the hallway close to where she had been standing – her admirers each clinging onto one of her bare arms as they led her away…

Charles smirked irksomely, but tried not to let it bother him. He’d give her a few minutes and then go and check on her, he thought.

* * *

“So where in the hell have you been?” Charles said to his wife, just a little too harshly.

Natasha looked at her husband bemusedly for a moment, “Just getting a bit of fresh air, honey… why, did you miss me?” she asked, as she raised her champagne glass and nearly emptied the contents.

Charles stood in the hallway looking down at his wife; her normally well-groomed long hair looked dishevelled and one of her camisole’s spaghetti-straps hung down loosely off her tanned shoulder, allowing her cleavage to spill out even more.

“You’ve been gone long enough!” Charles exclaimed, “So where are your boyfriends?”

Natasha laughed; “My boyfriends?” she sipped from her glass again, “You’re not a bit jealous… are you?”

Charles’ mind was racing and he looked around briefly – they were on their own for the moment, but the music was loud and he wanted to talk to his wife – privately. Putting his arm around her slim waist, he walked her to a door not more than two metres away, and opening it, he led her inside. It was obviously someone’s bedroom, but no-one else was in there at that moment.

“Oooh… sooo do you want a bit, too?” Natasha chuckled, as she placed her arms loosely around her husband’s neck.

Charles’ reaction was immediate – just as she’d expected. His jaw dropped and his eyes opened as wide as dinner plates, and he gripped her wrists firmly and removed her arms from his neck!

“Tash… you’ve gotta be kiddin’ me?” Charles said, his anxiety levels peaking at his wife’s lewd innuendo.

She said nothing for a moment – just looked up at her husband sheepishly, while a crooked smile slowly parted her lightly rouged-lips, “Kidding you? About what, honey?” she asked, pouting seductively.

Charles took a deep breath and tried to calm himself down. He had not seen his wife like this in years – but it appeared to him that the long absent cock-teaser had suddenly resurfaced! “I wanna know what happened? Why in the fuck do you look messed up?”

Natasha wobbled slightly as she looked up at her husband, “Le’s sit on the bed, honey… mmm? My legs are getting tired in these blasted high-heels you made me wear…” she suggested as she finished her champagne and dropped the flute onto the thick-carpeted floor carelessly.

“I want to know, Tash!” he said sternly.

“Okay then… I’ll tell you…” she said huskily, and then gripping her husband’s hands in hers, she pulled him backward toward the large bed in the middle of the room and sat on the edge, her slender form barely ruffling the black-silken sheets.

Charles stood in front of her – his hands on his hips, “Well?”

“Well… umm… let’s see… well, the tall one…you must have noticed him when you were perving on me…”

“Perving on you? I was merely fuckin’ admiring my wife, thankyou!” Charles snapped, his irritation starting to rise markedly, “What about the prick, anyway?”

“Prick? Oooh dear… that’s a bit nasty,” Natasha said tartly, “His name is Greg… and he’s a successful chartered accountant… and…” she hesitated.

“And what?”

“Well… he was nice… and I think he liked me…” Natasha said dreamily, as she lay herself down on the soft bed, allowing her arms to flop back behind her head.

Charles looked down at his wife – she was certainly more than half drunk now, he noted – something of which was a very rare occurrence indeed these days. He tried to remain calm, as the onset of years had taught him wisely – but he was struggling with it – he could feel his jealous anger growing like a monster inside of him with her not-so-subtle teasing.

“…in fact… I’m sure he liked me, Charles,” she said as she raised her knees till the heels of her white shoes rested on the bed.

“So what makes you say that?” he asked, watching her moving around on her back sensuously from side to side, her eyes partly closed.

“Well… why else would he take me out to show me his old car… some Mustang or something like that?” Natasha said softly, “You would probably like it, hon… it was really… really nice.”

Charles grunted, “So is that it?”

Section 3

“Umm… well… not really, he showed me how the seats go back. You know there’s not much room in those coupe thingies?”

“Is that right?” Charles said, now wondering how far she was going to embellish the truth. Natasha may have been a notorious flirt in her younger days, but one thing he was certain of was – she was no promiscuous whore! He was now starting to suspect that she was just teasing him.

“Uh hah… and even less room when there are three people in the front of a car with only two little bucket seats!” she quantified, just as she allowed her knees to fall apart slightly – the hems of her skirt falling either side of her thighs at the same time.

“Greg’s mate?”


“The third person in the car with you… the other one that took you outside.”

“Um… yep… Jeff or something… and there was little me stuck in the middle with a silly little gear-knob between my legs.”

Charles sighed; he’d just about had enough of her little game, “So what then? I suppose they both tried to fuck you, did they?”

Natasha looked up at her husband with mock horror, “Try? Did they try?” she smiled at him lewdly, “Do you really wanna know?”

“Of course I want to know,” he answered.

“If I tell you… promise you aren’t going to be mad… promise?”

“Promise,” Charles said, as he looked down at her and smiled. He was certain she was playing with him now, hell, she had probably messed her hair up herself just to give him a fright.

“Well… how about you tell me… mmm?” Natasha purred, as she ran her hands down her sides till she reached her legs… then began inching her skirt up her thighs.

Charles shook his head and smirked at his wife’s almost juvenile little game, “So what are you going to show me?”

Gradually Natasha moved her feet apart on the edge of the bed till her legs were open… while her hands continued to work the hem of her skirt up toward her hips.

The light from the lamp next to the bed was not all that good – but it was good enough, and soon he could see between his wife’s firm thighs. Then his heart skipped a beat, just as Natasha raised her skirt the last few centimetres and parted her thighs!

Charles stared down at his wife’s panty-less pudenda as it came into full view! Her lovely little triangle of dark, close-cropped pubic hair shone almost as radiant in the dim light, as her normally well-groomed head of long hair…

And suddenly, Charles began to wonder; his stomach churning with anxiety.

He looked from his wife’s pretty little pussy up to her face. She was smiling at him.

“Tash… what the… where the… Tash, where the fuck are your knickers?”

Natasha knew she had him now. Only moments before she had detected his smug look – the look that told her she had not fooled him – but now he looked really alarmed!

“Umm… I think they’re hanging from the mirror of that old car…” she said, pulling her knees back even further.

Charles’ heart-rate had almost doubled – maybe she was telling him the truth! Quickly, he glanced back down at his wife’s pussy and almost inexplicably he felt his loins tingle at the erotic sight of her lying there on some stranger’s bed, with her legs spread open wantonly.

“Umm… are you going to do me too?” Natasha asked him.

Charles gulped, his anxiety levels had gone through the roof – but his cock had rapidly grown hard. His wife’s slit, although noticeably puffy-looking, did not look like it had just been fucked – of that he was quite certain – but it was certainly about to be!

Hastily, Charles unbuckled his pants and released his erection and Natasha smirked knowingly as he moved closer to the bed. She reached next to her to grab a large pillow, and then raising her butt up off the bed, she pulled the remainder of her skirts hem up to her waist and poked the pillow under her bottom – this she knew would give her husband far better penetration – just the way she liked it…

Section 4

The two men wandered around the large house for a few minutes longer still looking for her – but it was to no avail, they both thought that she must have left.

“Fuckin’ cock-teaser’s gone, I reckon Greg,” Jeff surmised.

Greg looked pissed-off – it had been close. He knew she was married, but that had only attracted him to her more – yep, the rings on her finger, and that beautiful long dark hair that framed an almost angelic-face. Yep, all that – and of course her great tits!

“I’ll go and ask Gus on the door if she’s gone, wait here,” Greg said to his friend as he walked off.

Leaning against the hallway wall, Jeff put his hand in his pocket and pulled out a tiny piece of lace. He looked down at the ivory-coloured material and brought it up to his nose – yes, the scent of a woman! Fucking delicious!

Jeff watched his friend talking to the big, old doorman, and he thought about how close they had both come to fucking the attractive brunette – and he mused at how gullible she appeared when Greg had asked her if she wanted to look at his ’67 ‘Stang. She’d agreed with only moderate persuasion, and they’d both led her outside, past a few other guests in the yard, some of whom had merely looked on with mild amusement at the two bachelors’ antics as they disappeared with her into the garage…

She had said nothing when Greg had placed his hand on her butt as they stood admiring his pride and joy – and she had just giggled a little when Greg had worked his hand between the folds of her skirt, till he touched her bare flesh.

Getting her into the car was easy, Jeff remembered – but doing anything with her once inside was pretty fucking hopeless! Still, she had let them both feel her up for a bit – but then she said she had to go to the loo – and she said she’d be back!

Jeff snickered to himself as he pictured the recent memory; neither Greg nor himself would hop out of the car to let her go easily – and because of the car’s steering wheel in front of Greg, she had instead climbed over him as he sat in the reclined passenger seat – laughing at her predicament, as she struggled to get out of the vehicle…

With one of her long legs outside the car, she had paused momentarily to dislodge her other foot and she’d sat fair over Jeff’s thighs – her skirt parting to her hips to expose her little lacy panties. Jeff had shot his hands up her thighs and hooked his fingers into the dainty material – just as she got herself free and pulled away, and the fine lace had given way easily – and Jeff had caught more than a glimpse of her exquisite slit as she’d finally extricated herself from the car – with him still clutching her torn underwear!

Jeff watched his friend walk back toward him and he shoved the woman’s knickers back into his pocket.

“She’s still here!” Greg stated, “We’ll check the bedrooms… maybe she’s waiting for us in one of them?”

* * *

Charles continued to thrust himself between his wife’s thighs, and the large bed squeaked and rocked almost amusingly with his valiant efforts…

Looking down at Natasha’s face, he smiled at her recent teasing – she’d really had him going for awhile. Fuck, she could be a horny bitch sometimes, he thought, as he ploughed his cock deeply into her moist warmth.

He could feel her own excitement growing with each hard grind… but then suddenly he felt her tense up unexpectedly.

“Stop… hon… stop… we’ve got guests!” Natasha said in sudden angst.

“What!” Charles exclaimed in alarm. Because they were lying sideways on the bed with the bedroom door behind his back, he had not noticed anyone come into the room. Quickly looking over his shoulder, Charles saw two men standing not more than a metre away from the bed – watching them! The two men that his wife had been talking to earlier!

“Hey, do you blokes’ mind!” Charles said angrily, instantly noticing the bemused looks on their uninvited guests’ faces.

“Do we mind? Hey buddy… you’re fucking our girlfriend on my fuckin’ bed!” Greg responded calmly, “But don’t worry… I don’t mind.”

“She’s my wife, pal, not your fuckin’ girlfriend!” Charles snapped.

Natasha just lay there unmoving, biting her lip; oddly enough, she now felt instantly guilty getting caught having sex with her husband by the very two men she had been with not more than fifteen minutes before.

“Yeah whatever… but for Christ’s sake keep fucking her, mate, don’t let us stop you… ya looked like you were having fun!” Jeff suggested crudely.

“Yep… go for it… she looks like she needs a good one!” Greg piped in, “And we’ll just watch ya’s, okay?”

Section 5

It was a bizarre situation for sure, Charles thought, but he could not deny his lust for his wife at that moment – and he could almost swear she was still willing. Charles flexed his hips again and looked at Natasha – and she closed her eyes submissively…

“Go on… finish it hon… I don’t care if they watch… do you?” Natasha urged, as she began to writhe around beneath him.

There was something about the situation at that moment that titillated Natasha almost beyond her wildest dreams! It was the same lurid feeling she had discovered in herself when less than a year ago she’d caught their new neighbour’s teenage son perving on her through a crack in their fence, as she’d sunbaked in the privacy of her backyard with nothing more on than a pair of little g-string bikini bottoms. She clearly remembered being shocked at first – and quite embarrassed – but she had said nothing to deter the boy, choosing instead to pretend he was not even there. And he continued to watch her surreptitiously – and Natasha had felt herself becoming unaccustomedly moist at the knowledge of his presence. Of course, it may have been the first time she had caught the boy perving on her – but it certainly had not been the last! And a few times Natasha had been very tempted to remove all of her clothes for him – but so far, she had refrained from doing so…

Yes, something about the two men standing nearby watching them now excited Natasha – she did not want her husband to stop – nor did she want their audience to go!

“You can watch… but that’s it…” Charles stated, as he slowly began to fuck his wife again.

Jeff smiled at his friend; the black-headed beauty looked mighty fine lying there with her legs spread wide while accommodating her husband – and he could easily imagine himself between them soon. Not surprisingly, he felt his cock growing hard at the scene and he unzipped his jeans to release himself – and then slowly, he began to masturbate…

Greg knelt on the bed next to them, and he too pulled his cock out and began masturbating… now not more than an arms length away from Natasha’s head.

Soon, Natasha felt her husband’s hard penis driving into her forcefully once more, and she grunted enthusiastically almost every time. Her senses were now in one of the highest states of arousal that she could remember for a long, long time… She tried not too look, but the curiosity was too much for her… and soon she found herself watching Greg as he stroked his long penis while he smiled down at her confidently…

Natasha barely registered when she felt her hand being lifted from around her husband’s shoulder – lifted by Greg – up toward his long tool… And she didn’t resist him – nor did her husband seem to notice either…

Natasha ran her thumb and forefinger over Greg’s knob – and she felt the slick pre-cum oozing from his glans, and she rubbed it over his hot flesh slowly… And she closed her eyes and smiled, as she imagined it was Greg now fucking her and not her jealous husband…

Then a hand tickled her ankle… And she was only just aware of her shoe being removed from her foot. Then something wet touched her toes… Something warm and wet and it tickled her like anything, raising her lust even higher from an erogenous zone she had barely known existed – and looking over her husband’s shoulder, Natasha was surprised to see Jeff sucking greedily on her toes – all the while masturbating his own superb-looking penis…

She knew they were not meant to touch her… But as her husband continued his rhythmic intercourse with her obliviously, Natasha said nothing to stop them…

“Why doncha get up on your arms so we can see a bit more of her?” Greg finally suggested to Charles.

Charles considered the request for a moment; he was also discovering something about himself, too. The bizarre scenario he was now in with his wife was… well, it was turning him on like all fuck! He certainly had no intention of sharing his wife with the two men… But he now wanted them to watch… And he now didn’t care if they pulled themselves over his wife in her near nudity, while he fucked her!

“Hmmph, let ’em,” he thought sardonically.

He felt in total control of the present situation and a perverse pleasure coursed through his veins – yes, they could look… But they couldn’t touch! He even hoped they would ask him if they could fuck her, too – yes, that would be good – he wanted them to ask him if they could fuck his wife – just so he could say ‘no’ to them!

Charles slowed his fucking till his pelvis was almost motionless, and he smiled down at Tash, as he raised himself up on his arms – she had a faraway look in her hazel eyes…

“Pull your top down… go on, Tash… give ’em a thrill,” Charles grinned.

Natasha had quickly released Greg’s cock, just as her husband had propped himself up – and she was pretty certain he had not been aware of her giving their guest a slow hand job moments earlier… Charles did not have to suggest it to her twice, and taking a deep breath, Natasha removed the thin straps of her camisole from her shoulders… and slowly… she lowered the lacy garment, till her breasts were fully exposed.

Section 6

“They’re fuckin’ nice, Tash,” Greg remarked candidly, “Why doncha tweak them hard little nipples for me too?”

Natasha looked from her husband’s face to Greg’s. Her fingers were still slimy from Greg’s pre-cum, and she made a show of slipping them into her mouth as seductively as she could… to slowly lick the slick juice from them… Then, she ran her fingers over her breast and moistened her hard, sensitive nipple and rubbed it in little circles several times before gripping it… and pulling on it firmly…

“You like?” she asked, directing her question to the smirking Greg.

“Fuckin’ oath!”

Charles started to fuck his wife again – faster this time. He watched Natasha’s breasts jiggle back and forth each time he pushed his cock in. Strangely, he now wanted to show the men more… he now wanted to expose his wife completely to them as his lust rapidly built in intensity with every passing second!

Straightening himself up even higher, he reached behind his wife’s legs and he held them up almost vertical. His feet were now on the floor – and with the thick pillow still beneath Natasha’s buttocks, their copulating was on full display to the ogling men!

Natasha could feel her orgasm approaching like the proverbial freight train – and she met every rapid thrust of her husband with as much enthusiasm as she could muster!

“Ya like that do ya boys? Hmmph… hmmph… hey?” Charles grunted, his face contorted with his own impending climax, “Ya see her tight little cunt now… hmmph… fuckin’ feels good boys… hmmph… real good…”

Both men pumped their cocks enthusiastically at the sight – Greg on one side of Natasha, and Jeff on the other side – and it looked good alright! Her husband’s cock, although quite small, was slick with her juices and each time he drew himself out of her vagina, her inner labia was drawn out too, as her flesh gripped his shaft firmly – yes, she did look good… and she looked tight!

Jeff lent in even closer till he was almost touching her thigh with his penis, “Show us ya clitty too, would ya… go on… ya might as well?”

Natasha quickly obliged, and she peeled the upper part of her cleft open with her left pointer and index fingers…

“Uh hah… yep tha’s it! Ooor fuck that looks nice!” Jeff said with total honesty, “Fuck I’d like ta lick it for ya, Natasha… would ya like that?”

She smiled wickedly at the offer – the temptation to reach behind Jeff’s head and push him down was immense, and she looked up at her husband for any sign of approval, her face almost pleading him to say he could – but his consent was not obvious…

Then seconds later it was upon her! And almost subconsciously, Natasha reached out for Greg with her right hand and instantly found his long penis – her hand replacing his, to squeeze and pump his hard flesh frantically!

“I’m coming… oooh gawd… don’ stop… I’m coming… I’m coming…” Natasha cried out vocally as she continued to rub her hardened nub of rubbery flesh with her left hand in a desperate fervour – and all the while as she continued to tug on Greg’s cock!

Charles threw his head back as he felt the familiar pulsing of his wife’s delicious pussy gripping his shaft as she came – and with a loud grunt, he pushed himself in as deep as he could… and shot off part of his load. Then he withdrew himself quickly from her velvety passage and stroking his cock, he milked the last spurts of semen over the edge of the bed between his wife’s thighs…

“Oooh honey… why’d you pull out sooo quickly!” Natasha crooned, “I’ve missed the best bit, babe…” she pouted frustratingly – her hand still gripping Greg’s cock… but not moving anymore.

Charles was breathless from his exertion, and he released his wife’s legs and stepped back a couple of paces to survey the scene of his wife, with her legs still pulled up high in the air, while Jeff looked down between them from not more than thirty centimetres away! Then Charles noticed his wife’s hand on Greg’s cock as he knelt beside her… and Charles pretended not to notice… Almost wobbling on his legs, Charles glanced down next to him and pulled up an antique dining chair from against the wall and plonked himself down on it – and then smiling to himself, he waited for it.

“It’s alright Tash… I’ll finish you off,” Jeff volunteered as he stepped off the bed and moved in between her still-vertical legs.

Charles sniggered – he didn’t have to wait long, he mused…

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” Charles said firmly, “No touching, remember!”

Section 7

“Aw for fuck’s sake, ya kiddin’ aren’t ya?” Jeff huffed, “Ya gonna let us fuck her too, aren’t ya?” he said as he gripped Natasha’s slim ankles and gently pushed her legs open even wider – his hard cock now not more than twenty centimetres away from her beckoning slit.

It was just what Charles had hoped for – he had wanted them to ask him! Now he could deny them – torment them with his wife’s wonderful delights just out of their reach…

“No touching her, alright? Or we get up and go. You can both jack off over her if you like… but you’re not to touch her… let alone fuck her. Clear?” Charles said firmly.

“What about her titties… can we at least play with her tits?” Greg asked, his hand running down her arm toward her shoulder.

“No touching!” Charles reiterated.

“Hon, I’m alright with it… really,” Natasha said softly.

Charles was not too sure what she meant by it – was she saying she was right to let them fuck her? Or was she just saying they could play with her breasts?

“You can wank them a bit if you like, Tash, but that’s it,” Charles informed her.

The two men may have had bigger cocks than him, Charles observed drily, but he was surprised at how easy it was to stop them from just going right ahead and fucking her! He guessed it may have been because he was at least fifteen years older than them – and he felt quite confident that he was the Alpha male!

“Let me put my legs down, would you,” Natasha said softly to Jeff.

Jeff reluctantly released her ankles, and watched her rest her feet on the edge of the bed – her knees bent. He looked over his shoulder briefly at Charles watching them, and then back at Natasha. She had recommenced stroking Greg’s cock, and she looked from one to the other, licking her lips and swallowing deeply several times… Her pussy looked inviting of course – with its small patch of short pubic hair above her hairless labia… Jeff started to stroke himself again, just as a tiny drop of semen oozed out of her puffy slit and trickled down her crack and onto the bed.

Charles watched them with morbid fascination – the scene was like something out of a cheap porn movie. He could clearly see his wife jacking off Greg with one hand, while she ran her other hand over her breasts and down her stomach toward Jeff – but as Jeff had his back to him, he could not see whether Natasha was stroking his penis, too – or whether she was indeed masturbating herself!

He wondered how long he would have to wait. He was not stupid – he knew that out of the two young men with his wife, it was Jeff who was the one to watch – especially considering his position between his wife’s open thighs! And now he felt his own penis growing hard again – it was the power that had given him added virility, he told himself – nothing more…

Jeff gradually moved himself closer to Natasha, and he watched her rub her pussy open till her lovely pink folds glistened invitingly… Then he stroked his thick penis back and forth, making the foreskin ride partway around his fat knob, before pulling the blue veined flesh backward again… And then bending his knees slightly, he looked up at her, and she smiled and mouthed something to him… An invitation, of which he was almost certain – then he lent in even closer – and her fingers reached for him…

Natasha was surprised at how hot his penis felt – hot and very, very hard – and so much larger than Charles. She continued to stroke Greg at the same time – occasionally squeezing his scrotum gently, and she noticed how his testicles felt large in his tight sac. It was not only the first time, since just after she was married, that she had felt another man’s cock – but it was definitely the first time – ever – that she had held an erect penis in each hand at the same time!

Jeff flexed his hips forward slowly… till his knob just touched her pouting lips. Looking down between her legs, she smiled, and swallowed nervously, her hand just resting on the top of his shaft… holding it down till it was almost horizontal – and he leaned in…

Natasha’s eyes opened wide with mild discomfort, and she let out an involuntary groan… then she opened her knees a little wider apart to give him better access… And she felt him lean against her again, as she lifted her feet up off the edge of the bed, and at the same time, she rolled her pelvis up and down – ever so discreetly…

Jeff was surprised with the resistance he was experiencing, considering she had just been fucked by her husband. Again, he leaned forward, feeling her flesh begin to relent – and he watched her hand snake back up her body toward her breasts. Looking back down, he could see his knob buried partway in her slick entrance… and he pushed in again a little more firmly this time…

Natasha gasped, but quickly bit down on her lip, as she felt Jeff’s penis enter her – oh god, she wanted to cry out! She lifting her feet up even higher from off the bed… and at the same time, she squeezed Greg’s long penis, pulling on it with a jerky, uncoordinated action, as Jeff sunk himself into her some more… And Natasha could not believe the wonderful feeling she was experiencing at that moment… And almost instantly, she sensed a wonderful fluttering sensation beginning to build from within her womb – she was going to come again!

Jeff eased back out slightly, watching her inner labia slip back along his slug that was now partly coated with a mixture of her lubrication… and to a lesser degree, some of her husband’s cum. Then he pushed himself in again… almost all the way this time… then he hesitated for several moments as he savoured her deliciously tight hole…

Section 8

And then he felt it… the walls of her vagina began to pulse like a milking machine, rapidly growing in intensity! Jeff could not believe it – he had barely put his cock in her! But there was no doubt in his mind – he knew she was coming!

Natasha’s unexpected orgasm was intense, and the release from the sexual tension was fantastic to say the least! With immense effort, she held back most of her lustful moaning, thankful that the music outside the bedroom door would help blanket the noise of her adulterous interlude from her husband, who still sat not more than two and a half metres behind Jeff. She wanted him to push in again, but as her orgasm slowly subsided, she knew he must withdraw his beautiful cock before Charles discovered their unauthorised copulating.

Cautiously, Jeff flexed his hips forward one last time, and he was sure his knob touched her cervix, just as the base of his cock came up hard against her lovely hairless outer labia. He desperately wanted to pound into her hard several times, but surprisingly, discretion got the better of him – and very reluctantly – and very, very slowly, he withdrew his slickened cock from the pretty, married-woman’s cunt…

Charles sniggered again softly, as he watched his wife put her feet back on the bed – he had heard her muffled cries moments earlier – he had even noticed the muscles of the young man’s hard buttocks tense up a couple of times. No… he wasn’t stupid, he was almost certain his wife had just experienced her first new cock in many, many years – but he was felt smug with the knowledge that they had attempted to be so discreet about it – he knew he still had control of the situation.

“Are you boys going to hurry up and blow ya wads, or what?” Charles asked casually.

“Pretty soon mate… pretty soon. You sure we can’t fuck her?” Greg asked a little cockily.

“If it helps… you can touch… just a little bit… and only if it’s alright with my wife… But definitely no genital to genital… Okay?” Charles grumbled, as he began to stroke his own erection.

Natasha said nothing…

Greg looked at his friend, “Wanna swap positions?”

Jeff nodded and moved from between Natasha’s legs and knelt back on the bed on the opposite side of her to which Greg had been on, and almost laid down next to her head – his hand instantly going toward one of her breasts, “So, touching her tits is alright?” he asked, as his hand gently touched her soft flesh…

Charles looked up and felt that familiar pang of jealousy stir him from within. He could now clearly see his wife’s pussy glistening in the dull light, no doubt from its recent penetration – her delicate flesh was splayed open like a succulent peach, and looked beckoning. He thought for a moment longer, calculatingly, but then he nodded, “Only for a bit… no mauling or sucking on them,” he clarified.

Almost instantly, the young man began to fondle one of her hard nipples… pulling on it gently and rolling it slowly between his long fingers.

Greg removed his jeans as he sat on the edge of the bed next to Natasha’s hips. He looked over at Charles stroking himself, as he watched them with his wife. He was not too sure of what to make of the man – why on Earth was he letting them do this to her in front of him? Of course, he had heard of cuckolds before, but he’d certainly never been in the same room as one when with their wife!

The situation was unnerving – Charles didn’t look like he was going to let them go too far with his wife, Greg thought, as he looked up at his friend, who was fondling her breasts as she stroked his penis not far from her face. Greg looked back at Charles and then down between Natasha’s thighs – and he let his hand rest on one of them for a moment, before caressing his way slowly up toward her pudenda…

“That’s far enough… no fingering her… just a quick feel and nothing more,” Charles said croakily.

So Greg ran his index finger up and down her wet slit a few times – opening her flesh from her anus to her pubic bone, till he could clearly see her clitoris just poking out of its hood. He then pushed her hood back further, till her shiny, hardened nub stood up like a table grape – and just as delicious looking too. Slowly, he lowered his head down toward her groin till his mouth was just a few centimetres from her pussy… her musky sweet aroma tantalising his nostrils… and he blew gently on her flesh. She then began to move her hips in response – and she began to writhe and rock her pelvis, upward… upward, seeking his mouth…

Charles continued to stroke himself – his cock was as hard as a rock again, something very unusual for him these days, just after sex. He could see his wife lifting her buttocks off the pillow in an attempt to have the young man’s tongue touch her, and he could hear her moaning – even over the party noise just outside the door – and he could see her stroking Jeff’s large penis gratuitously – just a hand span away from her gaping mouth…

He knew he would have to put a stop to it soon… very soon, he thought mercilessly.

“You’ve got two more minutes… and that’s it, boys!” Charles stated, “Then the show’s over… whether you’ve blown your load or not!” he added, sardonically.

Natasha looked up at her husband with an almost pleading look on her angelic face, her pretty eyes imploring him for further consent. She wanted his blessing to let the two young men continue their liaison with her – she wanted to feel Greg’s tongue on her clit – and she desperately wanted to feel one of their hard cocks buried deep within her pussy again!

But her husband’s countenance was unmoving, as her diminutive hand moved rapidly up and down Jeff’s thick penis. Then boldly, she moved her face a little closer to his bulbous knob… till she was close enough that if she poked out her tongue she would touch it…

Section 9

Then Tash felt it… and her reaction was immediate, and she jumped like a small charge of electricity had touched her flesh! Greg had flicked his tongue over her clitoris… but just for a split second. She looked down at the young man with his head between her legs, just as he looked back up at her. He was grinning at her – and she bit her lip in frustration! She wanted more and she lifted her butt partway off the bed – her pudenda seeking the young man’s mouth again.

Greg looked briefly over at Charles. Her husband seemed not too have noticed what he’d just done to Natasha, and said nothing, nor looked overly concerned – good!

“Move up the bed a bit, Tash,” Greg suggested. He helped her wriggle up a bit, and then repositioned himself till he was lying next too her by her side. The hem of her skirt had come down partway and was now covering her upper thighs. Greg removed the pillow and moved her onto her side so she was facing away from him and her face was toward Jeff. Then he nestled in behind her and ran his hand up under her skirt – but seemingly not lifting it up.

Natasha was now almost sandwiched between the two young men…

Charles watched his wife’s hand work on Jeff’s penis rhythmically for a few moments; her eyes were almost closed and her mouth was partway open. He couldn’t quite see what Greg was doing to her with his hand up under her skirt – but he seemed to be moving his buttocks back and forth slowly – and Natasha was jutting her bottom back toward him…

Then Charles saw his wife’s hand stop stroking Jeff and her eyes opened wide – and she bit her bottom lip softly, and started pulling on Jeff’s cock again.

“Lift her skirt back up would ya, I want to see what’s going on under there!” Charles ordered firmly.

Greg looked at him and grinned, “Why doncha come up real close and have a good look?”

But Charles stayed seated, and watched as the young man lifted his wife’s skirt up to her waist again. Her legs were together, but her knees were bent forward so he could clearly see her puffy labia, still slick with juice, and the knob of Greg’s long, thick penis was only a few centimetres away from her slit. It wasn’t touching her, but Charles could see the underside of it clearly, and it was also slick juice – from its tip to the scrotum. Without a doubt, he’d just had his cock in his wife too!

Greg lifted Natasha’s leg up and grabbed his cock and began to masturbate in earnest, “Whadda reckon, Charlie, ya like that do ya?” he said smugly, “Wanna see a bit more?” He now began to slap his fat cockhead against Natasha’s flesh, making her flinch almost every time, and he could feel her moisture oozing out, which only added to the sound. If this is what her husband wanted to see, then he would see it!

“How about I fuck her for ya too, hey?” Greg sneered, his lust building rapidly, “Wouldn’t ya like to see that too?”

“No fucking… just what you’re doing!” Charles snapped back, “And ya time is running out fuckin’ quickly, too!”

Greg could feel his orgasm upon him – and another few quick tugs on his cock and he was there! The first jet of thick cum shot out and splattered over most of Natasha’s slit with force, but he continued to pull himself and pumped out more of the thick white cream, some landing on her inner thigh, some on the bed, and still more plastered against her hairless labia!

And the sordid spectacle left Charles totally speechless!

His hard cock still in his hand – Greg kissed Natasha’s neck softly and then looking directly at Charles – he quickly rolled his hips upward, and with calculated aim, he touched his still-pulsating purple knob against her pudenda and pushed, slipping his cock deep inside Natasha’s slippery vagina with one long drive!

“Fuck, your wife’s got a nice cunt!” Greg grunted as he pulled out partway and thrust in again to the hilt.

“None of that… No intercourse, I said!” Charles snapped, “That’s enough! Get ya cock outta there!” “Charles growled vehemently, “Get your fucking dirty cock out of my wife!”

But as angry as Charles suddenly became, he just continued to sit and watch – momentarily dumb-struck – as not only did Greg appear to totally ignore him, but he was gobsmacked to see his wife beginning to hump and grind herself back and forth onto the young man’s large cock, too!

Natasha groaned pleasurably – the feeling of Greg’s thick cock inside her again was deliciously nice! And now Jeff began to prod her mouth with his slug as his hand behind her head pulled her onto him. She could taste Jeff’s cock on her lips, and he urged her on – and she opened her mouth – just a little bit at first… But then he pulled her head onto his length, and she let her lips enveloped his pointy knob till it was just past her teeth – and then she lapped her tongue around his hard flesh hungrily!

It was not what Charles had intended of course! He had just wanted to tease the two young men with his wife’s body – he had also wanted to tease his wife, too! And it had all been so titillating and exciting for him for reasons of which he was not too sure of – until now.

Charles’ hand was still clasped his cock – but he had stopped masturbating, as he sat in stupefying horror, that neither of the young men, nor his pretty wife for that matter, were paying one skerrick of attention to his repeated demands of stopping!

Section 10

Suddenly, Charles felt an overwhelming sense of helplessness wash over him, as he watched his wife, sandwiched between the two men, sucking feverishly on the cock in her mouth, and at the same time humping herself back on the thick penis that was buried deep inside her glistening pussy!

“Aw come on, you’ve had ya fun… You’s can fuckin’ stop it now ya bastards… get ya slimy cocks outta me wife!” he pleaded, almost pathetically.

But they didn’t – and they continued to use her as if he wasn’t even there…

Jeff now had a handful of Natasha’s beautiful hair, and was fucking her mouth with rapid strokes, causing her to occasionally gag, while Greg rubbed furiously on her clitoris as he eased himself back and forth from behind – his cock unfortunately slowly going soft.

Charles felt frozen to the chair – still watching – his stomach churning in knots.

“Gimme a shot at her cunt now, would ya!” Jeff said to his friend, totally belligerent of Charles presence.

Then Natasha felt both cocks withdraw from her body almost simultaneously – and a little unceremoniously, she was rolled onto her back, and Jeff moved down and kneed her legs apart…

She thought her husband had said something again – but she wasn’t too sure what it was, and at that moment she didn’t even really care. What she needed more than anything was to be fucked hard – and right now!

Seconds later, Jeff was on top of her and telling her to pull her legs back, and she felt him quickly wriggle in-between her smooth thighs – then she could feel him at her entrance – and quite hastily, he pushed forward…

Natasha groaned as he sunk himself inside of her, “Oooh, god! Give it to me… give it to me hard… please… yes… yes… harder!”

Jeff pounded into her like she was going to be his last fuck… and he knew he was not going to last long! He grabbed at her breasts and squeezed them hard, pulling and twisting on her nipples – now totally oblivious to her husband watching them from nearby!

And feeling totally helpless – watch them, he did! Charles looked on in pathetic silence, as his wife was being fucked – and he suddenly felt emasculated – this was not how it was meant to end!

He wanted to grab the young punk and pull him from between his wife’s open legs – he wanted to punch him, and kick him in the arse – for taking things too far! But he didn’t do it. He just watched… He just watched as his wife pulled her legs back till her knees almost touched her chest… He just watched as she humped back at the young man driving into her hard. And he listened… He listened to her groans and cries, and the squelching noise of their copulating, as she repeatedly egged him on to fuck her harder and faster!

For several minutes Charles watched and listened… and then he heard the unmistakable sounds his wife often made when she climaxed! And it seemed to go on forever! But finally – finally Charles noticed the young man become rigid, as he pushed himself into his wife deeply – and he could see his buttocks clenched taut, with effort – and then he heard him grunt! It was an unmistakable grunt of intense pleasure, as he released his hot seed into Natasha’s slick vagina at long-last…

“Fuck that was nice, Natasha,” Jeff said breathlessly as he collapsed on top of her.

“Mmm… uh huh… it sure was…” she whispered back with all honesty.

From where he was sitting, Charles could almost clearly see Jeff’s shaft still buried deep in his wife’s straining pussy. He felt betrayed of course – and really fucking stupid for thinking he could have let it escalate to this – but a little strangely, he now also felt like fucking her again too!

“That’s enough now… you’ve had your fun… you can get off her now, buddy,” Charles said sombrely, “Come on Tash, we’re going to go now.”

Still completely ignoring Charles, Jeff lay between her legs for a little longer, savouring the moment, before he felt Natasha clench her wonderfully-strong vaginal muscles and squeeze his slowly-softening penis from within her. And at almost the same time, she slid up the bed a little. Rolling off her, Jeff sighed, totally spent.

Charles looked at his wife, as she lay puffing from exertion, still partly spread-eagled. Her vagina was puffy and red-looking, and oozed globules of thick semen – while her expensive chiffon-skirt, rumpled and askew around her waist, now afforded her little modesty, nor did her lace camisole that was down well below her breasts…

What Charles also noticed, was that her hand was now wrapped around Greg’s penis – and she was stroking him as he whispered into her ear.

“We’ll go soon, Charles… but now I want Greg to fuck me too… You don’t mind, do you?”

Charles was momentarily speechless yet again, and he watched disbelievingly as Greg quickly replaced Jeff between his wife’s open legs.

“No Natasha, that’s enough! We’re going to go now! Okay? You are not going to let him fuck you too!”

Section 11

Quite shamelessly, Natasha looked at her husband’s reddened face as he spoke – and then she closed her eyes and let out a lewd chuckle, “Hmmm… tha’s it… uh ha, tha’s it… gawd it’s big!” she moaned, turning her attention back to Greg. “Um… Charles, Charles honey… I don’t want you to watch this time, okay? Umph… umph… ooh, Greg! Okay, hon? Can… can you go out please… you’re sorta creeping me out now…”

Then Greg began to fuck her with long, slow, deliberate strokes…

“Yeah, fuck off would ya Charlie… ya given me the creeps too, watching me arse like you are!” Greg said smugly, increasing his pace gradually, “Ya fuckin’ weirdo!”

Charles’ heart was pounding hard in his chest and he felt himself shaking uncontrollably with humiliation… A weirdo? Is that what he was? Could it be any worse?

Charles looked away from the bed to see that Jeff had dressed and was heading for the door. Well, at least that was some small mercy, Charles thought, one of them was leaving at least!

Then Jeff stopped at the doorway and looked back at Charles’ dazed and perplexed face…

“Come on Charles, let ’em have some privacy,” Jeff said, “They could be awhile yet – Greg’s got a fair bit of stamina in him after he’s done his first load, hey!” he informed him quite candidly, “Let’s go an’ have another drink, whaddaya reckon!”

Charles stood up slowly, in almost a trance, and did up his pants, and then turned to follow Jeff out the door…

Yes, another drink – that’s what he needed…

Stopping briefly, at the open doorway, Charles turned around and watched once more as Greg’s buttocks moved up and down wantonly between his wife’s open thighs. She now had her knees bent, and holding her legs back against the side of her chest… But if that was not bad enough, he could see that they were now also kissing passionately as they fucked… and the sight of it made his guts churn so bad he thought that he would vomit!

Almost torturously, he watched for several seconds longer – telling himself with naive sincerity that he would permit his wife this one little indiscretion – yes, just this once – her first in over fifteen years! And with the sudden manifestation of that delusion in his mind – the delusion that he was still in some form of control – he felt his stomach settle a bit and his wounded pride lift slightly.

Yes, just this once, Natasha, he told himself, just this once…

And just as a couple of drunken revellers approached the doorway from down the hall – Charles turned and smiled feebly at them, and he left the room, to shut the door on the distinctive sound of the squeaking bed banging hard against the bedroom wall.

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