My Husband Steve & Another Man Take Me 4.8/5 (45)

I looked my Steve dead in the eyes, our lips touching as I poised on top of him, his hardon pressing against my abdomen, throbbing, and as excited as I’d ever seen his cock in 30 years of marriage. I eased my tongue just past his lips and let him suck the taste from the tip of my tongue. We sought to look deep into each others eyes and see what was going on inside the others mind.

My eyes gave away my pleasure and Steve knew the instant Chad’s cock pressed against my overly wet pussy. He stared deep into my eyes as another man pushed my body forward slightly, indicating I’d taken all of this man’s cock fully into my tight pussy. He knew the wetness another man was now feeling, knew how Chad’s cock must feel having my snug pussy gripping is thickness.

Knew his cock was encased and gripped by my soaked insides. I’d only been with a few men before now. Now I am straddled across my husband as another man fucks me animal style, and it’s beautiful. Steve softly kisses my bottom lip, the slight bump of Chad fucking me transferred to my husbands quivering lip.

I suck Steve’s tongue deep into my mouth as I grind my pussy mound into Chad’s stiff cock, letting it feel my body rocking to and fro, sharing a touch of what another man was doing to me. It felt wicked, dirty and wonderful. Making love to my husband while another cock fucked me with a solid thump from behind. His cock thick and wet with my spit and pussy fluids.

Chad lived across the street and we had been friends for several years. Steve and I had fantasized of sharing me with others, sometimes it was a dark black, thick lipped and thick cocked black man, and sometimes it had been Chad. And now I was sandwiched between my husband and his friend, a strange new cock buried deep inside me.

This event began a few hours ago after inviting Chad and his girlfriend Janelle over for bbq and drinks. Janelle was out of town so Chad came alone. With the warmth of summer, I was wearing tight shorts that showed off my long well formed legs and ass, and a deeply cut top that showed my cleavage and ample bossum.

I was fully aware they were both watching me as I served food and played the perfect hostess while Steve cooked. Taking peeks down my top as I bent to fill a glass or bowl. Although I try to stay fit and looking nice, I’m still surprised at 53 that men still look at me with as Steve would say, “I want to taste her, lick her, and fuck her eyes.”

I sat next to Steve on my left, his arm dr*ped over my shoulder, with Chad sitting close on my right watching a basketball game after dinner. Steve’s hand would take an occasional sneaky rub across my breast, his fingers lightly running along the v cut between breasts. Chad was not oblivious to Steve’s actions. I noticed from my peripheral Chad’s attention to any movement Steve made.

Steve frequently touches and even gropes me when we’re alone, but I’m normally shy and reserved and would be upset if Steve behaved this way with any of our friends present. Maybe because of the drinks and that we had fantasized about Chad, I found Steve’s actions arousing and exciting.

I normally would never intentionally act sexy around other men, but after a half hour of light touching, all the while knowing Steve was aware of his friend watching silently, I decided to linger a second longer when pouring the boys a fresh drink, making sure Steve had a good full view of the breast he’d been teasing.

When I sat back down next to Steve his hand immediately went over my shoulder and he took a full handful of my right breast, gave it a solid squeeze then left it resting on my chest. Chad did not miss a thing, as Steve’s fingers began to lightly drift back and forth across my now stiffened nipple. I knew it peaked my top and clearly showed off it’s hardness to Chad.

Steve’s thumb sank into my top’s v neck and he made a slight tug, showing off just a tad of my upper breast and cleavage. I made no resistance to his playing about. He got bolder and was now lightly running his hand in a slow motion exploration of my breast,

all the while Chad ignoring the game and watching my being felt up. I’d never been touched in front of anyone before, and found it titillating. I figured Steve was just playing around and I just let him have some sneaky fun.

I thought since Steve was enjoying himself I’d assist, so I finished my drink and sat it on the coffee table, but when I leaned back, I turned slightly more towards Chad, and sure enough as I settle back against my husband his hand found my breast.

He ran it across both breasts slowly and deliberate, hooked his thumb back into the v and tugged my shirt down enough to show a lot of cleavage. Chad watched intently but I avoided his eyes and acted as if nothing was going on. Knowing two men were having some sort of sexual thoughts about me made my juices begin to flow.

I laid my left hand on Steve’s thigh near his groin and shifted my right arm to make sure he was aware I knew what he was doing by allowing him more freedom to move his wondering arm. His next move was bold and I felt his hand move fully into my top, cupping my entire left breast into his warm searching hand. I could feel his nervousness, perhaps wondering if I would bolt or stop him.

Instead I slid my hand into Steve’s lap, only to find his cock hard as marble stone. He squeezed my breast and I responded by moving my hand up and down his hard shaft. I could feel his cock pulse in my grasp. I was doubtless we’d wind up fucking as soon as his Chad left the house.

It was clear by his movements, Steve was not only feeling up my breast, but his motions showed an ongoing trend to display more and more of my amble chest in the presence of Chad. Each time he successfully inched a little more of my flesh into view his cock would pulse in my hand. Clearly his intent was showing me off a little to his friend.

Chad said he had to go to the bathroom as he got, but said he hoped he didn’t miss anything. I noticed when he stood he was sprouting a sizable bulge in his pants. Our antics had been appreciated by our guest.

“You having fun” I asked my husband as Chad disappeared down the hall. “Crazy, huh” he said. “Who’d thought” he added, his dick pulsing in my hand. “Thought what” I asked my hand gripping his hardon tighter. “This” he said, nodding towards his solid erection.

“Although we’ve talked about it, actually showing off my wife would make me hard” he exclaimed. “You haven’t showed me off,,, yet”, I added. He looked at me questioningly “I was afraid you’d be mad” he told me. “Your just playing with me” I added. “Hun, if you only knew what’s going thru my mind”

he said. “Such as” I teased while gripping his cock? “Tell me” I said. He replied, “It hadn’t started out like that, but touching you with Chad here, I got so hard thinking of him seeing your breast” Steve confided.
“He is watching, and he has a hardon” I informed my husband. “Really”? Steve asked, his cock jumped in my hand. “You know what that means” I said with an evil tone and laugh. “Yeah, he thinks you’re as hot as I do, and he wants my wife as I do” Steve said mater of factually. His dick stiffened again in my hand. I paused, wondering where this might lead, and then turned back to be facing Chad when he returned.

Chad came back asking as he crossed the room if he had missed anything. We both chimed in saying no, the game was not that exciting. “You look excited” I said softly while smiling at the tent in front of his pants. “Well, yes, but it wasn’t the game” he laughed.

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    This might be the hottest truthful sounding story that I’ve ever read. Wow. Thanks.

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