Husband Shares Wife

Section 1

I arrived at Steve’s house after getting a call from him, saying he was having a little party. “Just come on by, but come to the side door of the house,” is what he told me. No problem, I thought. I was already at the bar for a while, so I was feeling pretty good. A couple more drinks have a few laughs and I’ll be on my way home. How naïve was I that night?!?

I knock on the side door, and his wife, Kathy, answers the door wearing a red satin teddy and a smile! She’s an attractive blonde with a nice, slim body. “Come on in and have a seat on the couch. I’ll make you a drink.” I nervously made my way through the kitchen leaving my coat on a chair at the table. I turned to see Steve sitting on the couch rather relaxed, in a pair of shorts. “What the heck am I getting myself into?” I asked myself! But what the heck – whatever happens, happens!

I say hi to him, as she makes a Bacardi and Coke in the kitchen for me, giggling the whole time. I sit down on the other side of the couch and notice that there’s a porn video playing on the TV. NOW I know what’s going on. And of course, I’m not about to get up. It’s been a while, and I’ve never been involved with a threesome!

Kathy happily returns to the couch, sitting between the two of us, leaning towards Steve. He lights up a joint and we all take turns hitting it. Of course, since I’m not used to smoking weed, it didn’t take much for me to get a good buzz going. And mixing that with the alcohol I’ve already ingested AND the strong drink she made for me, I was feeling really good, really quickly. We’re all sitting on the couch enjoying the drinks and the joint and the movie. That’s when it all started.

I noticed them two making out a little bit, and then he whispers something in her ear. She giggled again, then started turning her attention on me. She leaned over to me and started kissing my neck, then licking and sucking on my ear. Her hands were rubbing all over my body eventually getting down to stroke my cock through my jeans. In no time, she had my belt and pants undone.

While I started to take my clothes off, we kissed deeply, our tongues battling it out in each other’s mouths. We stopped kissing momentarily, so I could remove my shirt. That’s when I noticed Steve getting back to rubbing over Kathy’s body. I decided it’d be easier if I just stood up to take everything else off. The two of them started going at it again. It was almost like I wasn’t even there, until I joined back in.

I sat back down next to her, starting to rub her body through the satin fabric of her teddy. She turned back towards me to kiss me, while Steve rubbed the other side. It must have been the combination of the alcohol and weed, but having four hands rubbing all over her put this glazed look on her face. All of our breathing began to get labored as we were all getting into the action.

Steve and I were roughly massaging her body, taking turns at rubbing her pussy underneath her panties, pinching her breasts through the satin. She, in turn, used each hand to stroke and slowly jack our cocks. We eventually got her teddy off, both of us sucking on our respective nipples at the same time. She was moaning at this point. He and I maneuvered her body so she was laying down on the couch at this point, as he buried his face into her hot pussy.

I scooted down on the couch so her head was lying on my stomach, so she could suck on my cock, which was hard as a rock at this point. The movie was still on, at this point, but no one was watching except her. I’d notice on occasion, her eyes would open up to see what was going on with the video, making her all that much hotter!

We stayed like this for a little bit, until Steve decided he wanted his cock sucked by his wife. We sat her up; both of us kneeling on either side so our cocks were at mouth level. She took turns sucking on each of our cocks, while he pinched and rubbed her tits.

I leaned down to rub her pussy, and fingerfuck her. Then it was my turn to eat up. I went to move from her while she was sucking on my cock. It popped out of her mouth – we all had a pretty good chuckle after that. She began to concentrate on sucking Steve’s cock, while I knelt between her legs.

Her ass was over the edge of the couch, so it was easy for me to pick her legs up so I could have more access to her sweet pussy. I licked for all it was worth; she was getting wetter by the second. So, too, was my face from her flowing juices. I’d lift her legs a little higher so I could rim her cute puckered asshole. She flinched at my approach, but didn’t object at all. In fact, her moaning became louder, if anything.

“Damn it! I want….. you to …… fuck me now ……. With your hard cock,” she told me between sucking on Steve’s dick. Who was I to argue with her? We moved her again, so she was lying back down on the couch on her back.

I fucked her from one side as Steve began fucking her mouth from the other. After a while, he and I switched places, leaving her on the couch. He then turned her over, to fuck her doggie style. I leaned back so she could suck my cock and balls.

We then moved again. I stayed seated on the couch, with Kathy kneeling in front of me. I scooted down, like she was earlier, so she could get to my balls better. Before I knew it, she moved further down, and started licking MY asshole, returning the favor I did earlier. All the while, Steve was fucking the hell out of her from behind. He’d pound into her so hard, along with their skin slapping that her head would bounce into my stomach while she was sucking me.

“My turn, Steve. I want to fuck that pussy again. You’re having too much fun!” Without missing a beat, he tells Kathy, “You heard him. Climb up on that cock of his, ‘cause I’m going to fuck your ass!” An evil looking smile appeared on her face, as she deep-throated my cock two times, to get it nice and slick!

As soon as he backed out of her, she quickly climbed up and impaled herself on my cock. It was so hot and wet, I practically came right then and there. Steve got up and reached for a bottle of lube from the side table, and greased his pole up.

He then started rubbing her ass with his lubed up fingers. He squeezed one finger, then two into her asshole, while I slowly fucked her pussy. We could tell she was getting used to the feeling, as she started fucking my cock and his fingers with her own rhythm. When he started moving his fingers around in her ass, I could actually feel it from the thin wall of skin where my cock was. Very weird, but I wasn’t going to protest!

“Fuck my ass, baby, fuck my ass!” she demanded. He moved in, as we tried to get our legs arranged for some kind of comfort. “Here it comes, baby. I’m gonna fuck the shit out of your ass,” he said. She stopped moving again, when the head of his cock was at her sphincter. She was slowing pushing back to let more in, a little at a time. In no time, his entire cock was buried in her ass. I reached up and gave both her nipples a hard pinch, which sent her over the edge.

Her entire body started to shake as she reached the first of several orgasms that evening. I could feel the muscles of her pussy squeezing down on my cock, so I knew that her ass was squeezing the hell out of Steve’s cock. She slowly started moving again, starting to fuck both our cocks at the same time. Her pace quickened as we started to fuck her right back. She came quickly again, but we didn’t give her a chance to enjoy it!

Section 2

He withdrew from her ass, much to her disapproval. He then lay down on the floor, wiped his cock off, then said, “Kathy, get over here and fuck me with your pussy. He’s got to know how good that tight ass of yours feels.”

She smiled, gave me a kiss and got up. She went over to him and sat on his cock. She pumped a couple of times, then leaned forward. “Come on over here now. It’s your turn to fuck my ass. You’re gonna love it, trust me,” she tells me, as she reaches back with her hands to spread her ass. I get up to grab the lube. She then says, “Forget that stuff, it’s plenty slicked up. Just get over here and fuck my ass now!”

No problem! I was pretty much tunnel-visioned at this point with everything that was going on. All my eyes could see at this point was her asshole, slightly opened from the reaming Steve was giving her just a minute ago. I quickly moved in for the kill. Placing the head of my cock at the entrance to her rectum, she quickly backed up into me. Steve was right, her ass was so tight I couldn’t believe it! She came again, her body shaking even more violently than before. Again, we didn’t give her a chance to recover as we kept fucking her holes.

Somehow, and I still can’t figure this out, we remained in the same position but rolled completely over so now I was on the bottom of this Kathy sandwich. Apparently, this gave her a little different sensation, because she came almost immediately after we rolled over. I could now feel her pussy juice running down my cock and balls via her ass. This was unbelievable!

As if on cue in one of the porn videos that was still playing, Steve and I both announced we were about ready to cum. “I want you both to cum all over me. I want to watch your cocks spit that hot cum on my tits and in my mouth.” We were more than happy to oblige.

We moved around so she was kneeling between us. We both faced towards her as we jacked our cocks, while she massaged both our balls. I was the first to explode with load after load of hot cum. She watched wide-eyed as I first hit her cheek, then shot in her mouth. She took it like the porn queens she had been studying earlier, making sure that it dripped out of her mouth, down her chin and all over her tits and body. She started to suck my cock dry as Steve made the announcement that it was his turn.

She quickly turned only to catch his first shot on her forehead, just above her eye. She moved her head up a little to try and catch the rest in her waiting mouth, but he was having none of that. He kept shooting all over her face. When he was done, she’d take turns stroking one cock as she’d suck the last drops of cum out of the other. I thought I was going to pass out when we were done. Kathy finally stood up, giving each of our cocks a good squeeze, saying she was going to clean up real quick and to have a seat on the couch again.

Steve and I sat back on the couch, pretty much spent. He leaned over to me and said, “We can do this again, when she’s in the mood for it. Just make sure you don’t tell anyone about this. That’s my only rule!” “I can definitely handle that!” I told him. He lit up another joint and we started hitting on it to relax some more. I heard some rustling in the kitchen but didn’t really pay attention. Then Kathy came over with 3 more drinks filled to the top. “Ready for round 2?”


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