Husband Gets Me Bred

Section 1

I love sex and doing it with my husband is very good. We have been together for six years and average three and four nights a week. The problem is that ever since we got married I have been trying to get pregnant. He went to a lab and had a sperm count. It was bad news. We did not have the money for the latest science.

So one night as I lay on my back, legs wrapped around his waist as he slid in and out of me, when I whispered that maybe we should find a nice guy who could put a little extra seed in me. He stopped. I thought I had screwed up and figured a fight was coming. Then after a short pause, he whispered to me, “That might solve the problem. Would you be willing to do that?”

“I want to have a baby,” I said. “Keep fucking me.”

“We’ve already talked about the cost of insemination.”

“You could find a guy,” I whispered. I pushed my pelvis up to meet his thrust, and then tightened my virginal walls around his penis. I felt the cheeks of his ass quiver as I tightened.

“You could bring him here,” I continued, “Have him join us in the dark here in the bedroom. It would be a threesome sort of thing. Only he would not have to know he was getting me pregnant.” I continued to milk his dick with my cunt. I love calling it that.

His breathing became labored. It was obvious he was enjoying the fuck. At the time I was working very hard to make sure he was enjoying a good servicing. “I could watch?” he questioned.

“You can be a part of it baby. You can be there. You can watch him fuck me.”

As I was finishing the sentence his body tensed, then spasm, followed by his cum. It was pretty hot. It seemed to me it was very hot for him too.

Later, after he had calmed, we discussed it quietly in the dark.

“You really want a guy to get you pregnant?” he asked.

“If it works,” I said. There was quiet for a moment, and then I continued.

“You could find someone, maybe on the internet. He could be your general height, complexion, eyes, and healthy of course.” A moment or two passed. We were snuggled together. I could tell from a growing erection against the small of my back that the conversation was exciting him.

“I guess I could look around.” He finally said.

I responded by rolling over, taking his dick in my mouth, massaging his balls with my hands, and sucking him. It was one of those times he came twice in one night.

Over the next few days we talked of it more. He was agreeable and started searching the adult and swing sites on the net. I found it very interesting that our sex life became more raw and intense. I finally figured out that he was excited about the idea.

A few weeks later he had found someone who met his qualifications. Ken showed me transcriptions of the emails between him and Larry.

I looked at the picture of Larry. He seemed okay. The things he said was okay. So I said okay.

Ken set it up that he would bring Larry home, after meeting him at a bar, and checking him out. I was to wait at home. This suited me. On the appointed Friday evening when I was most fertile, Ken left to meet Larry. I bathed, prepared my appearance, and put on a wrap dress.

I guess I should describe what look like. I am blond, blue eyes, 5'3', 115 pounds, small breasts, large nipples, child bearing hips. I do not shave my pussy. When I stand up, there is a 2 inch gap between my thighs where they meet my pussy. My clit is very large, almost a mini-dick. I love having it sucked.

While waiting, I had a drink. I knew they would have a drink while getting to know each other. I waited. I had another drink.

Two hours later, sitting in the living room, lit by candles, I heard the door open. They had arrived. In that brief moment, I knew that not only was I impatient to be pregnant, but I was really looking forward to the attention I was about to receive by two men. I was tingly.

They came in. My husband, Ken, sat beside me and motioned for Larry to sit on the other side. I got the impression they had already decided protocol and knew what the sequence of events was to be. Ken leaned in and kissed me, placed his hand on my stomach and began caressing. Within another moment another hand, Larry’s hand, was on my breast.

I returned Ken’s kissing, enjoying the attention. It probably seems odd that there were no introductions, small talk, or other banter, but I was happy things began so quickly. It was less awkward. Larry’s hand moved to my leg, up the thigh.

Ken pulled the string that held the wrap dress closed. It did not fall open, but allowed exploring fingers unobstructed access. While I continued kissing, hands were on my breasts and mound. I parted my legs in appreciation.

There was more foreplay than I would have thought. I enjoyed that and was thankful for it. However, within short time Larry’s tongue had found my pussy and my pussy liked him immediately. His tongue was exquisite. I opened myself to accommodate him. I realized that I had never been eaten so wonderfully.

As I surrendered my cunt to this marvelous tongue, Ken put his dick in my mouth. I accepted the cock and tried to give it pleasure, but Larry’s tongue overrode my senses. My hips rose, my knees widened, his tongue went deeper. I am embarrassed to admit it, but at one point, I deeply grunted.

Ken’s dick, still in my mouth, was very hard, so I knew he was enjoying what was happening. It was then that Larry replaced his tongue with his penis. What a penis. I had never thought much about size. But as Larry began to ease himself into me, it was not only obvious that he was longer and wider than my husband, but more adept in the use of it.

I vaguely noted my husband’s withdrawal from us. I would see later that he took a seat opposite us and played with himself as we coupled. Larry began to fuck me. It was obvious to me that I was about to be bred by a real man with a real dick, and the real ability to make me enjoy it. I could go on and on about how good it was. Suffice it to say he fucked me to more orgasms than I could count. I subconsciously became his sexual bitch.

Ken had picked a wonderful man to father my child. Later, when I had collected my senses, I would be able to determine that his penis was two inches longer than Ken’s. He had planted his seed exactly where it needed to be for me to become pregnant. He had been deeper in me than my husband could ever get.

After he had emptied himself in me, I nearly had a panic attack that he would leave and I might never have him in me again. I immediately jumped into action, said the appropriate things to create a fitting social situation.

I talked to the both of them in a way only a woman can to make them feel at ease, relaxed, and comfortable in the darkened living room. Even in our nudity, I was able to make it work. I fetched drinks for them. I cuddled up with them. I tended their egos. They were happy boys.

Larry’s sperm was in me. Ken had blown his wad all over himself watching us. After some conversation, I suggested that we all retire to the bedroom. It was late. There was no reason for Larry to go home. We were all friends and could have breakfast. To my surprise, the guys agreed.

In our king-size bed, I was in the middle. I held my husband’s flaccid penis and whispered my thank-you in his ear before we drifted to sleep. I knew his ego and knew that this was not the time to ignore it.

Sometime, late in the night… cuddled up to my husband, my back to Larry; I felt the rising hardness of an erection easing between my legs.

Larry, it seems, had recuperated and wanted more of me. I lay still. My husband was asleep. His penis found its way to my virginal opening with only the most marginal of body movement. He made his way in me. Ken remained asleep. I remained outwardly motionless but tightened my muscles around him, signaling my silent surrender, my acceptance of him in me.

Section 2

This time it was different. Ken was not part of it. He was asleep. It was Larry and I. I slid my arm behind me, across his hips, to cup the cheeks of his butt. Without moving his body, he was flexing his penis in me. I was responding in kind with the clamping of my cunt around it.

I do not know if it was making love or what. I do know that it is a memory that will stay special to me forever. Then things took an interesting turn. Larry slid him self out of me, put his arm around my waist, then placed his cock against the hole of my ass.

With his other than he rubbed the tip against my opening while gently pulling my waist against him, thus signaling his desire to fuck me in the ass. There was not the slightest bit of hesitation on my part. I was willing to give this perfect stranger my virgin ass. I knew it would be gentle and the appropriate gift for the father of my child.

I relaxed my ass and he pressed into me. It sent shock waves through me. I gasped at the enormity of the entrance. I instantly knew that Ken would not sleep through this, so I bent forward at the waist and took my husbands smaller dick in my mouth and began to lick it. As my husband hardened, Larry put more and more of himself in my ass. I don’t think I took all of it, but I know I took enough to give him pleasure.

Ken woke and became hard. I sucked him and he urged me to “Fuck him baby. Fuck him.” Little did Ken know that Larry was fucking my ass, a place he had never been and would never go. Then the most wonderful thing. They both finished at nearly the same time. Ken in my mouth. Larry in my ass.

In short order, my husband drifted back to sleep. I turned to Larry, and orally cleaned his now soft penis. It was a special moment between him and me.

I slept soundly.

The next morning, Ken got up to make coffee. The instant he was out of the room, Larry slid atop me, entered me, and made himself cum in me. It lasted only three or four minutes. It was a cum dump. I accepted it and would have accepted another.

Ken returned with the coffee. I was pleasantly surprised how high his spirits were. It was apparent that he liked Larry and liked watching Larry fuck me. Over time I would find that his watching me with other men would become a major source of enjoyment for him.

He did not know it before hand. I certainly would not have suspected, but nonetheless it was the case. Larry and I already had a bond that I did not understand. Larry and I also shared the secret of my ass.

It was decided that Larry would spend the rest of the weekend with us. We watched TV, cuddled, drank, snacked, and fucked. As I looked back over the whole weekend, my husband came in me two times from Friday night to Sunday afternoon.

He brought himself off four times watching Larry and I. I sucked his cum out twice. As for Larry, he contributed towards my pregnancy six times, came in my ass once, and I secretly sucked him off Sunday morning while Ken made coffee.

I am pregnant now, almost two months. We have all agreed that a second child will be necessary as soon as possible. So to insure we do not lose touch, Larry comes over a couple of weekends a month. More and more, I service his every need while Ken watches and plays with himself. It is a win-win-win situation.

The only thing is… now that I am pregnant, and safe, so to speak, I really would like to try a hung black guy. Any black dick would probably be bigger than my husbands, but I want a black dick bigger than my child-bearing lover’s. I wonder how Ken and Larry will take to the idea. I am going to do it.


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