Husband Becomes a Cuckold BBC 4.7/5 (67)

The background…I am 40 and happily married to a beautiful lady for 12 years. Even after a couple of kids and maintaining a career, she manages to maintain a nice figure. She is conservative, but somewhat sexually adventurous. However, like most men I am a little undersexed and occasionally enjoy checking out porn sites.

About two years ago I came across come cuckolding porn sites and was immediately hooked on having a my wife dominated by a BBC. I read up on the lifestyle and “how to” guides, but still thought there was no way my wife would ever go for it. So, knowing my situation, I thought I would approach the topic from a MFM perspective…but when the sex played out I would slowly back away and let the other male, Bull, take control…of course, he would know my true intentions.

After two years of being MFM blocked, to my rather pleasant surprise my wife handed me a birthday card with a note that stated, “Happy 40th…I could not figure out what to get you, so I agree to one _____.” I asked her what that meant and she said smiled and said, “you fill-in the blank”. I played it pretty smooth and held back my desire to jump with excitement. After much thought on the “blank”,

I brought up my MFM fantasy…without hesitation (she knew what I would want) she agreed, but said I had to work out the details and be sure this is what I wanted. After some thought and reading on-line the effects of cuckolding on marriage, I thought to myself what could watching my wife give another man a blow job hurt…and how exciting it would be to see her take a mouthful of cum!

I could never bring myself to cum in her mouth…I pulled out the first time she gave me head and well that ended up being our routine. But, I ofter fantasize about a stranger not having this hang up giving my wife what she is working so hard for…a mouth full of semen.

After putting up several requests on different websites, I finally narrowed it down to one guy. His name is Darryl. His profile had him at 6’3 muscular, 9″cock, great stamina, and heavy cummer. I liked that he was also experienced with couples. Talking to him really sealed the deal for me. His voice sounded very masculine/deep and you could hear the dominance in the way he spoke to me.

I proposed my idea of setting up a MFM, but I would eventually step away to watch my wife suck him to completion. He asked me “if that is all SHE wanted”…I stated “that is all I wanted.” He quickly replied “is this about her or you? Do I want to be a cuckold or not.” I said, “I didn’t say anything about being a cuckold”. He confidently replied, “that I will learn my place in the relationship once I witness his real cock opening my wife”.

All I could muster was a rather wimpy, “yes”. He told me that I needed to keep this about her and her sexual needs, and he would take care of everything else. I agreed, but Darryl did eventually agree with the idea of starting as a MFM then I would back way and he could fuck my wife’s mouth to completion on the initial encounter…to ease her into the lifestyle and my fantasy…or at least I think we had an agreement.

The day..or I should say night finally came and we all met in the hotel bar for a couple of drinks to help break the tension of initial met. My wife had out done herself by wearing a simple, but sexy black dress with heals and no panties (my request). It was easy to tell my wife was more than ok that Daryl was black…she would giggle like a school girl when he would say anything minimally funny and touched him when doing so.

Her flirting was definitely not subtle…during the conversation she was eventually seating closer to him than me. I didn’t tell her ahead of time of Daryl’s race because it never came up and part of me didn’t want to her have the choice…it was my fantasy too. Daryl had told me on the phone that after our introductions and some small talk I should make an excuse to leave the table so he could get to know my wife a little bit better without her feeling weird with me still be present.

So, on cue I told the two I had to use the bathroom and would refresh our drinks. After about 15 minutes of walking around the lobby and keeping my heart at a manageable pace, I ordered some drinks and headed back to the table. Walking up to the table I felt like the waiter…Daryl and my wife seemed like a couple on a date…seated close next to each other talking and flirting.

As I sat down I did catch a glimpse of Daryl rubbing my wife’s inner thigh brushing the side of my wife’s semi-exposed pussy with each rub. I really didn’t feel jealousy…it was truly a sense of the sexual excitement I was looking for.

Daryl just like the phone call took charge and told her to go ahead to the room and we would follow in 5 minutes. As my wife left for the room, Daryl took his glass and looked at me. He said, “remember, this is about her sexual exploration…not yours. You ok with that.”. I relied, “definitely”. Daryl said, “remember that you said ‘ok’…this is something you want for her,

just follow my lead and trust me…you ok with that”. I replied, “yes”. Daryl rose his glass and I did the same…he smiled, nodded and said you are going to be a good cuck…we tapped glasses and finished our drinks. And with that we headed up to the room.

Entering the room my wife was standing in her lingerie and had some music playing in the background. Without saying a word, Daryl pointed to chair near the desk and told me to take seat and enjoy the view. He walked up to my wife and kissed rather forcefully…he rubbed his hands down her side and back up to her breast. He turned her around so he could press his semi-erect cock against my wife’s supple ass…

he kissed down her neck as he again ran his hands down my wife’s body and hips this time down to her pussy…rubbing his into her clit. After a few minutes, he turned her and sat her on the bed and pulled his shirt off. With this my wife begin to slowly kiss his exposed and rather well-built stomach while unbuttoning his pants and dropping them to the floor. She rubber his cock through his underwear and then unleased his now firmer (amazingly he was still not rock hard, like I was), thick, black cock.

My wife’s facial expression really said it all. She said, “this is the biggest one I have ever seen”. Daryl replied with a thanks and a grin. My wife started to lightly jerk on his huge cock and said “honey, I am not sure about this thing”. Daryl again smiling and standing there in front of my wife with his cock being stroked and him running his fingers through her hair replied, “you know what to do with it.

It is time a beautiful, sexy white women like you knows what a real dick is like. Your husband is good at providing the material stuff, but he can’t give you what your body, mouth, (whispered) your pussy craves…that is a man’s cock”. With that my wife began licking his shaft all the way down to his rather large balls. After getting his shaft nice and lubed with her spit, she placed the head of his cock in her mouth.

Daryl let out a nice grunt of satisfaction and pleasure as he slowly pushed his hips towards my wife’s face and her head towards his stomach. He repeated this slowly for 3-4 minutes until my wife could take down about 3/4 of his cock. I was (pleasantly) surprised. I mean she could easily deep throat my 5″, but I was sure what she could take.

It was such a massive turn on to me watching her slowly work her skills and mouth on Daryl’s cock…the contrast of his black cock and her white face/red lips were almost too much as I had to quit touching myself in fear of cumming too soon. Oddly, the stuff Daryl had said about my her needing a real cock didn’t faze me…because they were true…if not would we be here with her sucking another man’s cock?


  • John

    Reply Reply February 15, 2020

    Absolutely exactly what I would like for my wife forefillment I just not able to give her.

  • Steve

    Reply Reply February 15, 2020

    I enjoyed that a lot. I was hoping that he would have stayed longer so he could cum twice; once in her pussy and then in her ass.

  • Notoold

    Reply Reply February 15, 2020

    Hot story. Just one thing, though . . . In the initial conversation with Darryl, Hubby should have let him know that his attitude was off base and either they start over or the whole thing was over. No need to allow a show off bastard to take over. This nonsense that having a large penis affords one a superior position in all interactions is utter nonsense. A baseball bat or, if necessary, a gun would have reduced Darryl to his natural position in any arrangement.

  • Thomas

    Reply Reply February 15, 2020

    I agree with John, the other responder. This is exactly what I want for my wife but I’m unable to give her that cock size, stamina, and black cream.
    Hopefully I’ll find her that special black bull. Someone that can fuck her when she’s needing to be stretched and thirsty for black cum.

  • Cuck

    Reply Reply February 15, 2020

    I would love for this to be me and my wife with Daryll. Personally I liked his dominance, arrogance. And I like how he was made a cuck not by exactly his choice. The bull knew what was coming.

  • Nicola

    Reply Reply February 18, 2020

    Wow! What a great story! I don’t think Daryl will satisfy his wife ever again nor should he be given the opportunity – he has had his fantasy fulfilled and and he deserves to pay the price.

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