Hubby Finds Me a Man 4.6/5 (12)

We?ve had a tough time finding a comfortable way to get involved in swinging. We had a couple of experiences with single friends (both male and female) some years ago, but we moved and haven?t found those kind of friends in our new town.

There?s a local club, Collette?s that we attended, but maybe we went on a bad night. The club had torn carpet, mattresses without sheets and a clientele whose occasional decent looking patron was like a raisin in a pudding.

The only sex act we witnessed was a fat girl getting banged by three guys. An amusing sight for sure, but nothing you?d want to see on a full stomach. Discovery number one: the likelihood of meeting someone at a club that we were prepared to have instant sex with was nil.

Next, we tried going to a swinger?s vacation resort, but we were there for only three days and we discovered that we really prefer to know the people we fuck. First day was relaxing from travel, smiling at couples we found attractive and hinting that we?d like to talk.

I mean when we were younger meeting someone in a bar was fun and both of us had a few experiences with people we?d only recently met, but in our forties our tastes have changed. Anyway that?s what we discovered. We had one experience in the Jacuzzi during the cocktail hour after too many rum punches with a couple we?d flirted with at the beach.

I ended up with his very aggressive finger up my pussy and some drunken bragging on my part caused me to give a little sample of my oral skills while hubby was blown by his wife, but I didn?t cum and neither did she.

Discovery Number 2: It was going to take more than three days to find someone suitable AND both partners had to be attracted to the idea of playing. When she told me that she never orgasms during her swinging that should have told us she really wasn?t into it.

We often talk about our couple of good experiences: a girlfriend came over one night four years ago to study with me and by the time hubby came home we were onto the second bottle of wine.

By the time he had a shower and appeared in a bathrobe she was ready to flip it open and feast on him and I found that licking pussy was a lot of fun. Hubby had a great time fucking her though I was a little shy about doing what I really wanted (licking her while she was getting fucked).

My friend married shortly afterwards and though I?ve hinted that we would love to have sex with her and her husband so far no opportunities have come our way.

Three years ago, we picked up a new boat on an overnight cruise and hubby invited a friend of his to join us in bed, and that was a lot of fun but since then we haven?t had any success. We sat down the other night over a bottle of wine and discussed both of our successful experiences and decided to grade them. Strangely, both hubby and I agreed that we had the greatest fun with our male friend.

That kind of surprised me. I was pretty sure my husband didn?t have any homosexual tendencies though he wasn?t shy around another cock and hadn?t minded touching his friend to guide him into my pussy (I?d insisted just to make double sure he was OK with it.) He said that it really turned him on to watch me enjoy getting fucked.

Of course he didn?t know that I had fucked his friend five years previously after he?d brought me home from some corporate function. I?d been pretty drunk and hubby was away and one thing led to another. We?d both felt bad about it afterwards, but I really liked the guy and got along with him well. I guess I have a hang up about only getting off to guys I like.

I mean I?m a horny gal, and once past thirty five I became a really horny gal, but I just don?t think a stranger can get me off. Anyway, when my husband suggested that this guy join us in bed I nearly flipped. When we did it five years ago I was not quite sloppy drunk, but I did remember that he had a nice fat cock.

I also remembered getting so sloppy wet fucking him that I?d had to change the sheets and the mattress pad the next day. When hubby made the suggestion on the boat we both pretended to be shocked at the idea, and I guess hubby was a little surprised when I dove for his friend?s cock.

Anyway that first time I was a little cautious and didn?t really feel like letting myself go, but both of them fucked me twice, cumming pretty quick the first time but slow the second and I got off to both of them.

The second time when I was getting fucked by his friend hubby had his finger in my ass the whole time and that made me cum really hard. The ass sensation was good, but what really turned me on was the fact that he could

feel his friend?s cock through the thin skin and that he was OK with a strange cock in my pussy. His friend moved to the other side of the world a few month?s later, so we never got to repeat the experience.

Anyway, we?d tried a few times to set things up with couples, but we never found a couple where we found that both of them we equally interested in us. Our experience at Desire made us realize that the concept of taking one for the team doesn?t work, in that sex where any of the four partners isn?t getting off just isn?t fun. So we decided that we?d find a single guy.

Wow; what a nightmare. I became discouraged after answering about a hundred messages. Hubby said he?d develop a short list and would then meet with each of them first to see if he thought I?d like them. We agreed that I wouldn?t even know when he was meeting them, but he?d tell me if he found someone he thought I?d like and then I?d start chatting.

One of the concerns we had was security. We figured there might be a psycho factor with any of these people, so we agreed that we?d only look for men who appeared to be stable in the jobs. Hubby, being the tactician, said he wanted to find a professional, someone who he thought would have something to lose and who therefore would be more inclined to play by the rules.

Hubby didn?t say anything for a month, but I knew he was working on it because he would spend an hour each evening answering emails and chatting. His list of chat buddies was close to a hundred long. One Thursday at lunch he announced that he?d found a candidate.

The guy was a doctor and hadn?t minded giving out the address of his practice. John showed me his pictures and he seemed reasonably good looking. He hadn?t shown John any pictures of his cock, but he assured John that he was above average in size.

I didn?t really care about that part. I kept in pretty good shape and knew that my pussy muscles could make the most of anything bigger than a c cell battery. John had already met David twice and liked him. Now he wanted to know if I was interested in having a drink with him. He?d saved all of his chat sessions with him and let me read them so I could get a feeling for his character.

We also agreed that nothing beyond a kiss and maybe some light petting would occur that first evening. We picked a bar that had an exit off the women?s restroom and we arrived in separate cars so if I was uncomfortable I could dart out the side, hop in my car and go home.

John seemed to have thought of everything. I arrived fifteen minutes after they sat down. The guy was a hunk. He was well dressed, his fingernails were clean and he stood up when I arrived. We chatted about the city about what we?d done today and vacations we?d taken; silly stuff that meant nothing and everything. Finally I leaned over and said, ?I have to ask. Where?s the girlfriend or wife??

He laughed and his eyes crinkled up in just the right way. ?Divorced last year, dating a few women but no interest in getting married again. If I have sex more than a couple of times with my dates they tend to think its permanent. I guess there?s something about this that fascinates me.

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