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I should start by telling you a bit about us. We are, by my standards, a pretty average couple. We are in our late forties, both very attractive and successful, and have both been career minded throughout our lives. We have raised three beautiful children, the youngest of which left home three years ago. My husband is a wonderful, kind man that I met shortly I graduated college and started my career. I was attracted to him because of his stunning good looks and his quick wit which he still shines at both.

He has been the most wonderful husband and father I could have ever hoped for. He has always been supportive of my decisions even when they have been questionable. In return, I believe I’ve been an exceptional wife to him. I was an attentive mother that shouldered much of the child rearing as well as keeping my career moving so there was no grass growing under my feet for the better part of thirty years.

Our sex life over the years has been what I would call good but average. There never was anything to blow either of us out of the water. My hubby, Tom, had always teased me about my lame fantasies but I found it hard to step out of the box and think about the wild stuff he came with to fantasize about. I chalked it up to him being male and we all know that a male’s mind works a bit different than a woman’s.

One of the biggest changes in our lives as a couple was when our third child moved out to go to college. Suddenly, instead of kids bouncing around the house making a mess and asking about the next meal, Tom and I were left to our own devices which in some ways terrified me. I always had something to do. For thirty years, there was always something that needed to get ready, something that needed cleaning and something that needed to be cooked.

Suddenly, without children, this had all changed. I would find myself cleaning things that were clean and cooking food enough for a household of ten. Tom handled it a bit differently. He dove straight into his hobbies head on. Over the years, he had tried for short spells to get a little deeper into the things he loved to do but again, those of you with children realize that to focus on yourself for any length of time is impossible if you want the little critters brought up right.

Well, that is where this story takes off. After our oldest left and this metamorphosis took place within our home, our sex life changed somewhat too. Now, there was nobody to hear us or catch us. It was like being on vacation all the time. We both found ourselves relaxing quite a bit more during sex. We no longer had sex to rid of primal urges but rather to relax and enjoy each other’s company and I found this all very refreshing.

Another change that slowly took place with Tom, was that he had become far more vocal before and during sex. He would talk about his fantasies in great detail while we slowly fucked and brought each other to orgasm. Time and time again, I would allow myself to go along in these short journeys he would concoct in his mind. Predominately, his stories included me fucking other men. This turned me on to no end. I had only had these kinds of thoughts a few times in my life on my own.

It had always involved alcohol and the presence of other men and I would allow those thoughts to creep in. I began to chime back to Tom about feeling a different cock inside me, and where I would have this stranger cum. This kind of banter would usually send Tom over the edge and myself as well for that matter. Our youngest son was into his second year of college when this story took place.

He had chosen to pursue the engineering field as a career and was lucky enough to receive a baseball scholarship as he had made it has life’s passion to play baseball. The college he attended was about three hours away from our place so the distance was actually about right. Short enough to drive home in a half a day but far enough to be independent. Shane was always a nice kid but he was a bit overactive, he could never sit still.

He was always bouncing from one project to another and the story was about the same with his love life. He never went with one girl for very long before picking up and moving to something different. Anyway, Shane had called on a Thursday evening in December to inform me that he was coming home that coming weekend since he had found out one of his high school buddies was home on leave from the Air Force.

He also asked me if the Tanner’s (my daughter) room was still made up as a guest room because he was bringing a friend home to hang with him for the weekend. I informed him that it was all ok as my maternal instincts to get everything ready kicked in. The boys showed up late Friday afternoon just in time to tell us they’d be around for dinner. The gentleman that Shane brought with was a handsome devil named Dustin who played baseball with Shane and they generally hung out together from what I gathered.

Like Shane, Dustin was twenty years old and perusing a degree in engineering but was in a different category. A lot of their classes these first couple years would be the same I supposed so they probably saw quite a bit of each other. As we sat down to dinner, I noticed that Dustin would let his stare stay on me a little too long and to be quite honest, it was making me horny. I usually don’t let myself believe that twenty year old boys look at women in their late forties with lust but I didn’t have any other explanation.

I was wearing my dress suit that I had worn to work that day which consisted of black suit pants which are a tish too tight, a white v-neck blouse with quite a neckline with a black dress coat to top it all off. Before we sat down to eat, I had removed the coat. Dustin was not shy about looking at my body from top to bottom and like I said, it was lighting my fire.

The conversation at the meal was quite casual and consisted of questions from Tom and I about the boy’s lives back at school. After dinner, they picked up their things and informed me and Tom not to wait up. As they left, I asked Tom if he had seen what I had but he had been oblivious. But this did light his fire as well as he began to grope me and ask about what was in store for him later that night.

I reassured him that after I returned from my “girls from work” night out, he would be handsomely rewarded. Earlier in the day, a gal I worked with had arranged for all of us to meet for drinks at a local booze hang out. The girls were all meeting to eat too but I had Shane coming home so I had made arrangements to meet up with the girls later on. I said goodbye to Tom and went to find my crew. That evening was an absolute ball.

We drank to heart’s delight, laughed until we ached, and even managed to get some good looking studs to try to break up our little clan of six women so that they could corner one of us. I knew how boys worked and held my guns but my pussy was soaked knowing I could easily let one of these thirty year old guys know that I would fuck him and it would be that easy. So, that is how I left. Once again bringing my hungry vagina home for Tom to ravage and I was excited. (and a little drunk)

I pulled into the garage and realized that it was one in the morning. I had no clue that we had partied that long. I entered the house only to hear a key hitting the door. Dustin came into the front door, smiled and gave me a warm “hello”. He then explained that Shane had hooked up with an old girl friend and that they were “catching up” on their lives so he decided to turn in. Dustin and I were in my kitchen speaking softly as to not alert Tom and I could tell that Dustin had quite a buzz going on himself.


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    Very hot story I wish my wife would do that I’ve always fantasized about it

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      Gary, you should tell your wife that the thought of here blowing a young cock in front of you is exciting you like hell! Ask her what she thinks about it ! To get your fantasy a reality you must tell her your thought about thus. Please let us know what is her answer

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