How We Accidentally Got Started


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Section 1

While we understand that most people submitting their story are much younger than us our experience is still an important part of our sexual lives. We are in our 70’s and our first experience took place when we were fairly newly married and I was a senior college student and my wife worked in retail. It was a time before internet, cell phones and the big thing was polaroid cameras. Wife swapping, later known as swinging, was becoming public and XXX movies were just becoming available in adult theaters. Deep Throat was a very big deal in the theaters. Birth control pills had just become available freeing women up to sexual liberation without concern of pregnancy. The sexy female dress was micro mini skirts and discarding of bras.

My wife was fairly short and a very attractive and sexy blond. She wore her blond hair long, the most popular style of the day, At my encouragement she had a number of very short skirts and dresses and also some semi sheer blouses. Most times she dressed conservative but when we had the chance to go out I wanted her to dress sexy. I loved looking at her and found that I also really liked the looks she got from other men.

Over a short period of time we enjoyed going out with the intention of showing her off to other men. It was my idea but my wife came to like the attention also. Again at my request she would deliberately do things to show her body off to other men on purpose. We always wanted to make it look accidental which wasn’t all that hard with the micro mini skirts. We almost always went to malls. I liked to stand away from her so that the men didn’t know she was with me and I could see their reaction. My favorite thing was to go to book stores and have her shop up and down the aisles and I would watch from a distance. When she attracted attention from a lone male I would work my way behind the target man and she would “innocently” lean over looking at books and in doing so her very short skirt would raise up enough to reveal her butt. Thong panties were not available then but very sheer see thru panties were very popular and when we went out to show her off that is what she wore.

One evening we went out in a pretty blue micro mini dress. Standing up it barely covered her rear end and it showed off her sexy legs and perfect skin. She got attention even without leaning over. In our favorite book store we were able to reveal her to several men. Often they were much older than us and it was fun to see them stoop down to look at books on the bottom shelves but really just to get a better angle to see when she leaned over. I would be behind the man and her and I loved being able to see what he was seeing.

I would get hard just as I imagined the man was looking at her. On this special night she was showing off to a man our age or maybe a couple of years older. Rather than just look he actually discretely followed her around the book store and he was watching her showing off for 10 or 15 minutes. Finally I got her attention and left the store and she followed me a few minutes later. We went to a different area of the mall and didn’t see the man watching us. It was a two story mall and I went to the restroom which was on the second level and my wife sat on the edge of water fountain waiting for me. As I came out of the bathroom I could look down to the first level where my wife was setting by the fountain. I stopped to look at her because she looked so sexy setting there because that short dress barely covered her and her sexy legs were very visible.

I was surprised when I saw this same man from the bookstore walk up and start talking to her. I stopped and just watched for a few minutes as he talked to her and the he sat down next to her. I realized that he was not leaving so I had to go down. When I approached I didn’t know what to expect. My wife introduced him and said that he was wondering if we were swingers and she said that she had told him that he should talk to me. I told him no. With that he told us how sexy my wife was and he knew we were showing her off on purpose. I was embarrassed and was a little speechless and caught off guard. He seemed like a very nice guy and was polite and good looking and in good shape.

He told us how sexy my wife was and how much he liked looking at her. Finally he asked what we were going to do tonight. Actually we had though about going to a movie. We had been thinking of going to a movie and were trying to work our nerve up to going to a new XXX theater. Since they were new there were a lot of couples going to this theater which was in a nice area and was a nice theater. We wanted to go but were apprehensive no knowing if it was really safe. I mentioned this in passing and he suggested that we could the three of us go because he wanted to see one also.

Not knowing what to say I asked my wife what she thought and she said it was ok with her. The theater was about a mile from the mall and we agreed to meet there. We drove in our car and he drove in his. He had parked close to where we were parked. I saw he was behind us several cars when we left the parking lot. On the way I discussed it with my wife and told her we could just keep going if she didn’t want to do it and we agreed that we had been wanting to see a movie like this and that it would be better and safer with him along and he seemed like a real nice guy.

The theater parking lot was crowded and we ended up parking in the rear and poorly lit area and he actually pulled in next to us. We went into the theater together and found seats with most of the nearby seats empty although it was a big theater but did had a good crowd. We felt better that many of them were couples.

The movie was very erotic for us. It was the first time that we had seen naked men and women on the screen since that wasn’t readily available at the time. The movie was about four really attractive couples having sex with each other. Not much story line or dialogue but really sexy naked people having graphic sex. My wife was setting in between him and me and when I looked at her the short dress barely covered her and most of her legs were visible and they looked great in the light of the movie screen. When I looked at my wife she was completely engrossed by the action on the screen. She had never seen anything like this.

On impulse I put a hand on her leg and began caressing it. He skin was smooth and soft and wonderful to the touch. She didn’t stop me or even acknowledge my touch. After a few minutes I saw the guy with us looking at my hand on her legs. I stroked her leg and thigh while he watched and our attention was divided between the movie and my wife. Both my wife and I were very turned on by the movie and her legs.

On impulse I leaned over and whispered in her ear for her to take his hand and put it on her other leg. To my surprise she actually did it immediately and now we were each stoking a bare leg as we watched the sex on the movie. I was more turned on by my wife’s legs and his hand on her leg as the movie. I began stroking higher and higher on her leg until I touched her panty covered pussy. I rubbed her for a few moments and when I moved my hand I was thrilled to see him slide his hand up and rub her thru her panties as I had. At this time my wife’s eyes never left the screen and beautiful, sexy people who were fucking in glorious color and close ups.

Section 2

When I tried to slide my finger under her panties they were too tight. By now I wasn’t thinking. I was so turned on that I was just letting things happen. I leaned over again and whispered in her ear to take her panties off. I was very surprised when she immediately hooked her panties and slide them off. I put them in my pocket and then went back to stroking her legs as he stroked the other leg. I worked my way back up and soon I was playing with her bare pussy and clit. When I put a finger in her my wife sucked her breath in. Her eyes were still on the screen and when I took my hand away he slid her hand up her thigh and when he got to her pussy she was breathing hard. I felt a thrill when she opened her legs allowing him easier access. I was hard as a rock when I saw in the movie light his finger enter her pussy. When he did this she slowly slid down in the seat until her head was resting on the back of the seat and she had spread her legs wider open and he and I took turns finger fucking her. My wife does and has always had multiple orgasms and I knew she was climaxing over and over from what she was seeing and what we were doing.

I was hard and I was sure he was also. I took my wife’s hand and put it on my lap and she squeezed me thru my pants. I whispered to her to do the same to him and she took her other hand and put it on his pants and squeezed him also. She sat there holding and squeezing us as we fingered her.

Then the movie was over and the house lights were coming up. My wife sat up and we pulled our hands away and along with the rest of the people we got up to leave. We were kind of quiet going back to our cars. I was expecting to just leave and wasn’t really thinking very clearly. When we got back to the cars he asked if we could sit in the car and talk for a minute. He and I got in the front seat and my wife got in the back. He was telling us how much fun he had and was hoping that we could invite him back to our house. I hadn’t even though about that and was trying to think fast. Just as I was about to ask him for contact information for the future thinking that my wife an I should talk about it before we go any farther. Just then my wife ask him if he would like to come into the back seat with her for a little while. Of course he jumped at the chance and I was silent and a little shocked as he got out and got into the back with her.

There was no more talking. Stunned I watched over the back of the seat as he kissed her and I saw him squeezing her breast thru the dress and knew how it felt since she wore no bra. With her panties in my pocked only that short blue dress separated her from him. There was just enough light to see fairly well in the back seat and I saw him unbutton her dress several buttons and reach into it and knew he was feeling her naked breast. She closed her eyes and laid back against the seat and as I watched his hand was again on her legs and to my surprise she spread them and I saw his hand in the low light move up her thighs and, even though I couldn’t see with the lack of light I knew the moment he touched her pussy. She moaned and kind of melted. He pulled her skirt up around her waist and she laid down a little.

I found I was turned on watching even while I had a feeling of dread because I had no control over what was happening. When I saw him opening his pants I was stunned. Too much was happening too fast. He raised up and pulled his jeans and underwear down with one move and in the little light I saw his cock standing up. Then things were happening fast. My wife sat up and took his cock in her hand and was stroking it. Then she leaned down and took it in her mouth. This lasted only a few seconds and he moved around and took one of her legs and put it up on the seat and she laid back down and now he was in between her legs.

I was helpless and just a spectator in the front seat. I was watching with no ability to influence anything. As I watched he crawled up between her legs and I saw his cock poking at her. To my surprise I saw her hand reach down and guide him in and she was so turned on and so wet that he slid in her with little opposition from her pussy. I had only a glimpse of his cock disappearing into her with what little light was available but I heard her moan and thought that she probably climaxed at that moment.

Stunned at what was happening I was treated to a view of his butt moving up and down as he fucked her. Then her legs came up around him and her arms around his neck and I felt a surge of jealousy but at the same time knew I was a willing participant even if events got out of my control. I could only see her leg around him and his butt plunging up and down. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it and was wishing I could see more. Even today many, many years later I could see his butt in the street light flexing and pushing as he plunged in and out of her.

It didn’t take long before he cried out and pushed as deep in her as he could and his butt was flexing as he came in her and she was clinging to him and squeezing him with her legs and making her little sounds and I knew she was coming right along with him.

It was over just minutes after that and he pulled up off her and pulled his pants up and she sat up. We all got out of the car and we got into our car and he his and we went our separate ways. As we drove away I thought maybe I should have got his contact info but it was too late and I wasn’t sure I wanted a repeat of this. My wife was very quiet and we drove home in silence both a little shook up at what had happened.

Once at home my wife was concerned that I would be mad at how far things went. We discussed it and I told her that it was more my idea than hers and that I understood that the stimulation was overwhelming for her. Then I told her how sexy she was and soon we were in bed and I had sex with her. I couldn’t believe how much I wanted her and how surprised I was to fuck her after he had had her. She was smooth and silky inside and I realized that she felt different because he had filled her up with his cum. For a moment I felt as if that should turn me off but instead it had the opposite effect. I wanted her more and soon added my orgasm to theirs and my wife came again with me. She fell asleep exhausted in my arms and I laid awake for a long time trying to decide and understand what we had done and where it would lead. Also thankful for birth control pills and how different she felt with his cum in her. Forever after that I loved to have sex with her after another man. I loved the feeling and loved reclaiming her.

The next morning we were both a little in shock in the cold light of day and pretty much decided that that would be a one time thing. At my request we went on with showing her off to other men and it was several years before we tried sex with another man again. But it was always on my mind and fantasies of mine and over the years on occasions we would experience this. Since then I have always fantasized and wanted to see her in sexual situations with other men and we had many fun encounters. It was not a constant thing as far as taking action but when the opportunity arose we took it and I always wished we had done it more.

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