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First let me tell you a little about Linda and I. We are both in our mid-50?s, she is 56 and I am 57. We have been married for 38 years and have been involved in the swinging lifestyle for about 30 of those 38 years (so much for the argument that swinging will ruin a marriage).

I think that one of the most important things to make a marriage last is the realization your mate is your friend and not your possession. They can enjoy all forms of entertainment that life has to offer and still remain your sole mate.

Young couples today have it so much easier to find and enjoy the lifestyle than we did when we first got started. Back then we didn?t have the Internet with a number of swingers sites to find other like-minded couples. When we first got started we used the classified sections of some swinger magazines and snail mail to contact other couples.

We would have to send a letter to the magazine with a Polaroid picture and they would forward it to the couples we were trying to reach. It would take weeks before you would hear back from them and start a correspondence. Not like today when you can chat with another couple in a swingers chat room and get together with them by the next weekend.

Linda and I started going out together during my first year in college, which was her senior year in high school. She was a virgin when we started going out and my sexual experience was limited to nothing more that a little backseat romance in high school.

We were really the first for each other in a true sexual since. Which is good and bad in a way because of the fact that we were so naive about sex Linda was pregnant within six months of us getting together. We started going out in June and were married the following February and had our first child the following July.

I left school and got a job. We both settled down to the family life of working paycheck to pay check trying to make ends meet. I finished my degree going to night school and working during the day. The next eight years flew by with not much of anything going on except for work and school. I found myself about eight years after we were married with a degree, a wife and three kids. That?s when the thoughts started entering my head wondering what I?ve missed in life by getting married at such a young age.

I wanted to experience life but I was in love with Linda and didn?t want to do anything to endanger losing her or the kids. Although she didn?t say anything about it looking back on it I think Linda was having some of the same thoughts I was. I don?t know about young guys today but back then we were so dumb about so many things. We really thought that we were the only ones that enjoyed sex and women just went along with it to make us happy. Or at least that?s how I felt about it.

There is no denial in the fact that I wanted to experience sex with other women but a thought that kept coming into my mind was the thrill and sexual excitement I felt with the idea of seeing Linda having sex with another man.

Swinging, as we know it today was such a well kept secrete back then that I was beginning to think I must be a little strange to be turned on by such thoughts. It was something that was only talked about as a joke and how sick wife swappers must be. At least in the small town I was from that?s how it was.

The fact that we lived in a small town with small town attitudes probably didn?t help much either. But with the feeling I was having getting to the point I decided to see if I couldn?t make them become more than just a fantasy.

The only question in my mind was just how I was going to do this. After all I was still of the mindset that sex was a male urge not shared by the women in our lives. It would have been so much easier if I would have had somebody to talk to about it but that wasn?t the case. I was also not going to be real up front with Linda about it until I had some way of knowing how she felt about it.

I had found a swingers magazine that had a forums section with stories written by couples about there swinging encounters. There were stories about 3-somes, 4-somes and swingers parties that turned out to be orgies. I introduced one of these magazines to Linda one night in bed and we read some of the stories together. I was encouraged by the fact that she was as turned on by them as I was.

We talked or should I say I talked to her about how exciting it must be to engage in some of the sexual situations we were reading about. But Linda was reluctant saying stuff like that doesn?t really happen to people like us in the real world. She also expressed concern over how such activities would effect our reputation among our friends and family.

In short yea it was intriguing to her but not enough to actively try to engage in it. We did continue to read the stories in bed together frequently but made no real moves to make my fantasies become realities.

Linda and I did have an active social life, even if it was a small town social life. We made it to a number of social events and had a number of friends we would go out with. None of them I would feel the least bit comfortable with sharing my sexual fantasies with for fear they would think I was a pervert. Our closest friends at this time were David and Pam. David was a couple years younger than I was but we both worked in the same profession so we spent a lot of time together.

Dave and I formed a close friendship over a period of time. We started spending more and more time together fishing, hunting and playing golf so it was natural that our wife?s started to spend more time together also. About once or twice a month we would have dinner together and genuinely enjoyed the time the four of us spent together.

There was a lot of teasing and flirting between the four of us but I never thought anything about it. I was still of the mindset that if we were going to find a couple to explore some of the things I was fantasizing about it would have to be a couple from out of town that we didn?t know.

We invited Dave and Pam over for dinner one night like we had done so many times in the past. Dave and I enjoyed a beer or two while we cooked the steaks on the grill in the back yard. Linda and Pam busied themselves in the kitchen talking about who knows what. With the kids over at Linda?s parents we had the house to ourselves.

After dinner the four of us found ourselves in the living room each with a glass of wine talking about nothing in particular and everything in general just good friends enjoying each other?s company.

David suggested that it might be fun to play some cards. We had spent many night?s together playing cards such as gin or some game that we could team up against one another. I said that sounds like fun what would you guys like to play. We had all had a few drinks and were all in a good mood. Dave said why don?t we play strip poker.

Everybody laughed and the girls objected but not very strongly. I thought Dave was joking and I decided to play along with him and chimed in that I thought it sounded like fun. I left Dave arguing with the girls in the living room and got a deck of cards. I then started cleaned off the kitchen table still thinking that we would windup playing gin or something.

David helped me clear off the kitchen table and we had just set down when the women came into the kitchen. Linda looked at Dave and said, ?Ok, really what are we going to play?? Dave smiled back at her and said strip poker. Linda looked over to Pam for support and Pam just shrugged her shoulders. She said ok let them have there fun but we are going to set up the rules.

Pam said the first rule was that the women were going to decide when the game was over and they were not going to go any further than just down to their panties and bras. She looked over at Linda and said I don?t think we have anything to worry about we?ve both seen these guys play cards before and nether one of them are any good at it.

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  • Malcolm

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    There is need for a lot of editing. The story is hot but it is jarring to come to each of the many abuses of English.

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