How I Became A Sissy Cuckold

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Section 1

We have and still have a great marriage. I’ve been married to my wife for about 3 or 4 years now. Our sex life has been the best I’ve ever had it. My wife is 33 and I am 31.

My wife Alley is a shorter woman, huge breasts, nice beautiful butt, and she normal kept it neatly trimmed but always will have a hairy vagina but I don’t mind it, I kinda like the natural look. We usually have sex about 3 to 4 times a week until just recently. I am not sure what happened but my wife has been wanting it more and more. It turned into 3 to 4 times a day 7 days a week and let me tell you it was great at first but I couldn’t keep up with her. We were going to sleep one night and I kissed her goodnight and rolled over to go to sleep. Just as I was about to fall asleep she hit me with the “babe I need to talk to you about something”

Me: Ok baby what is on ur mind? I said

Alley: Baby I love you so much, you have been the greatest thing to happen to me in my life

I kinda looked at her puzzled but my heart was melting at the sweet things she was saying

Me: Baby I love you too I’d do anything for you

Alley: Anything babe?

Me: Yes sweetheart anything.

My wife just looked at me with the eyes of I’m afraid to asked you thing but here it goes

Alley: I’ve been thinking… my sex drive has went through the room they say a woman’s drive goes through the roof around this time.

Me: Yea I have noticed babe, I can’t keep up with you!

Alley: So that’s what I wanted to ask you about… I need it more than you can physically give it to me. I mean the sex with you is great baby, but I need more!

I was afraid where this is going, but I listened and still held her and just listened.

Alley: I would like to adventure outside our marriage, I want to try something new, I want to sleep with other people

Stunned I didn’t know what to say, everything negative went through my head. I did have deep dark fantasies of her sleeping with multiple guys and I get the sloppy seconds, I’ve always been a very kinky guy.

Me: I mean I’m not gonna lie, this hurts me I’m not enough for you but if this will make you happy then go for it.

I couldn’t believe what I was saying, but I loved my wife more than anything and secretly it turned me on so I agreed to it.

Section 2

Alley: thank you thank you baby I love you so much!! We can talk more tomorrow

Me: Anything for you baby.

I kissed my wife goodnight and went to sleep.

The next morning she immediately came to me and wanted to talk about last night.

Alley: So your gonna let me do this?

Me: Baby yes you can do this, but I want there to be some ground rules.

Alley: ok like what?

Me: Well I want you to be safe, I want you to use protection.

Alley: Of course baby your the only person that gets to cream pie me

Getting turned on she looked at me and bluntly said “ Wanna fuck?!”

Of course I said yes

We went into the bedroom, her clothes were off before she jumped into bed. We started to kiss and make out, I started squeezing her beautiful breast and my cock started to swell up to maximum size. I started to finger her, she was dripping wet, was so beautiful feeling and seeing how her pink pussy would shine with her juices. As she was jerking me she started kissing me all the way down to my hard cock, and she let out a “ mmmmmmmm” and immediately started throating my cock. My eyes rolled into the back of my head and before I knew it she had already hopped on my cock and started riding it. She bent over and started kissing me more, then looked at me with these eyes of pure pleasure and said “ I’m gonna cum baby”

Me : cum baby - I said as I smacked her ass

My wife is a squirter, I felt her pussy squeeze and as she sighed in the relief from her orgasm I felt what felt like a gallon of warm pussy juice soak me.

I fucked her some more frequently changing positions until I got her into doggie. I couldn’t last much longer. By this point I was pounded her, she was moaning like a school girl, I told my wife I can’t last much longer baby.

Alley - cum baby, cum inside of me!

It wasn’t 2 more pumps later I pumped a load deep into her hairy pussy it was amazing.

We both just layed there in bed exhausted from the pleasure.

She said “ I love you”

Me “ I love you too”

The next day was Saturday

My wife came up to me and asked me if it was ok to go out with her friend Jessica.

Section 3

I said sure baby go ahead have a good time you deserve it.

She leaned in and gave me a kiss, then drew me in closer and said “ I’m gonna look for another lover tonight”

Instantly it turned me on, the thought of my wife being desired by other men turned me on.

“ oh ya” I said

Alley - Yes babe.. is that ok?

Me - if this is gonna make you happy then yes, just remember to use protection.

Alley : I will baby I promise

The next few hours we did our own thing, I could tell she was getting ready to go out because I heard the shower running. A little bit later she came out.

My Jaw dropped as I whistled “woow”

Alley: how do I look?

Me: Omg babe you look amazing

Alley: thanks babe, Jessica will be here soon so I will be leaving, I’m not sure when I’ll be back.

Me: that’s ok baby go and have a good time. Just remember if anything happens to wear protection

Alley: I will

A few minutes later her friend showed up and away they went.

About an hr later she texted me

Hey baby! We made it here at the club, just wanted to tell you I’m ok and thank you again.

Me - your welcome babe, have a good time

Alley - I will and text u later to check in

A few hours went by and she texted me

Alley - Hey babe! Having a blast, the guys are buying me so many drinks I’m having so much fun!

Me: That’s great baby, I’m glad your enjoying yourself

Alley: I met a guy, his name is Brad

Section 4

Me: Did you ?

Alley: Yes! He’s so sexy he’s been flirting with me all night

Me: that’s great

Alley: He’s coming back from the bathroom I gotta go

Me: ok baby enjoy

A few more hours went by and she finally texted me

“ Hey baby we are coming home love you see you soon”

Me - Ok baby you ok? Haven’t heard from you in a while.

She never responded

She arrived home about 3am I was axiously waiting for her. She was still tipsy from the night.

Alley: hey baby, I’m so tired

Me: so how did it go?

Alley: it was such an amazing night, I had so much fun with Brad.

Me: So tell me about Brad

Alley: Omg he’s so sexy and something did happen tonight ?

Me: Go on?

Alley: Well we went back to his place, we didn’t have sex but he did finger me and I sucked him off….. and swallowed his load

Me: really? I thought you hated the taste of cum baby? You have never really done that for me

Alley: Yes I know but he was so sexy and I was so drunk… you understand right?

Me: Sure baby

I was a little hurt.. she wouldn’t ever really swallow my cum but I’m glad she had a good time.

She then said… I’m still horny, I want ur dick. So of course I fucked her. And it was great.

Before we went to bed she said she is gonna be seeing Brad again.

Me: When?

Alley: Well he wants me to come by his place for drinks next Friday I think he wants to fuck me.

Me: I’d say so

Section 5

Alley: Are you ok if I go?

Me: Of course baby, if this makes you happy.

Alley: thank you baby

She said smiling then passed out.

Next Friday came around and my wife was getting ready for her date with Brad, when I walked by her I noticed she completely shaved her bush off! I’ve never seen my wife with a shaved pussy!

“Omg baby you shaved!”

Alley: Brad wanted me too I want to make him happy

My wife never shaved for me

Me: Alright babe like I said if it makes you happy

Alley: It does I feel so sexy. I might keep it like this for him, you understand right?

Me: Yes

A while longer she kissed me goodbye and was going for her date with Brad.

I told her to have fun and use a condom, she just kinda blew it off what I said. I didn’t think anything of it. She wouldn’t fuck him raw? No no I know her.

It was a few hours later, I get a snap chat from her. It was my wife on all fours being fucked doggie by this enormous 8” cock. I’ve never heard my wife moaning like this. And his stamina was much better than mine.

The caption on the snap read: You wifes pussy is gonna be ruined by the time she comes home

Instantly I was hard.

Then I got another snap about 30 mins later.

This time it was Brad shooting a load all over my wife’s face. She gladly had her mouth wide open with her tongue hanging out just taking his huge load. His load was 3x my size. And she was loving it

A few hours later she texted me “Hey baby I’m headed home now I have a surprise for you.”

I texted her back and asked her what is it?

She just responded back you will see.

She gets home and before she says anything she tells me, “ I have a confession to make”

Me : Ok? What is that

Alley: So Brad didn’t want to use a condom the second time around… his dick is so huge I had to listen to a real man.

Section 6

Me: Baby no, please tell me you didn’t

Alley: Oh I did and I’m about to show you. Get on the bed now!

I never saw my wife so dominate but I gladly listened to her.

She strattled my face and I could see the aftermath. She pushed her underwear to the side and out gushed a messy lobe of cum.

Me: Baby omg no

Alley: Your gonna clean it up… now!

Me: baby I don’t know

Alley: lick it up now, I’m your mistress now and you my bitch, understand?

Reluctantly I just did what she asked

And I enjoyed it.

When she was cleaned up she rode my cock until I came inside her.

Then she did it again, lick your cum out! Now!

I’ve never done this but I loved it.

Slowly sex between us became less and less. It progressed to the point she got me to Cross dress, lose weight, become more feminine. Wear make up. She locked my cock away in a chasity. Went we had sex it was her fucking me with a strap on or her bulls comes to fuck her then me. She made me into a sissy cuckold and I’ve never been happier…

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