Hotwife Gets Her First BBC


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Section 1

After my friend Hilda told me how much she and her husband loved their Hot Wife lifestyle I found myself fantasizing about it for over a year before introducing the idea to my husband. David and I have been married for twenty years and have a great marriage with three teenage kids.

David and I have always enjoyed having sex at least a couple of times a week. David is a wonderful lover and has very reliable 6" cock that I love but I just found the idea of fucking a guy with a really huge cock exciting. Especially after delivering three babies. I don’t need it to have one to cum but I’d love to enjoy one.

We don’t always have a lot of time for sex so there isn’t much time for the foreplay that I’d like to enjoy for me to really get into it. Of course David doesn’t take more than a few minutes but I usually need to get my mind into it by having a drink or two first.

Although, I must confess, I know that as a woman, I may be a little odd because I am a lot like a man, in that I’m very visually excitable. I honestly get as aroused watching porn as any guy does. Especially since I had been thinking about adding a man to join Dave and I for a three way. Every time I find myself attracted to some random guy I drift into a daydream visualizing him naked in bed with us.

On our designated sex days David and I will usually have a drink and watch some porn to quickly get into the mood. One day after thinking about a three way for so long I was finding that some of the porn was really getting me more excited than it ever had.

A few years back my friend Hilda told us about the Hotwife genre and I was surprised at how many real wives were actually in the videos. Of course there are a lot pros pretending to be real couples but we like the motel porn that is obviously done by real amateur couples where the wife was clearly enjoying herself immensely.

I get especially excited when I’m sure that we watching a real husband and wife and she is obviously truly enjoying being fucked by some guy with a huge penis while her husband participates and encourages her to have orgasm after orgasm. The first time I watched one of these three ways where the husband eagerly took sloppy seconds, I got so excited I fucked David’s brains out.

Now we have accumulated a nice little selection of our favorites and I actually started to watch a little porn once in a while even when I am by myself just to imagine being fuck by two men. I know it’s not very ladylike but sometimes I get off a couple of times in the middle of the day because I love to fantasize about it.

Finally, one Saturday as we sipped our wine and watched a favorite three-way where the wife was shared with the most beautiful black stud I decided I had to go for it. I wanted to be fucked by a huge cock so badly that I was quivering in anticipation.

Although, Dave had never proposed the idea of actually doing it we both liked to watch wife sharing and couples swinging porn for years. We did kid about it but not in a serious way. But that was then and this was now. So, I said to Dave as we watched a Hot Wife enjoying a BBC,

“I can’t believe her husband lets her fuck someone and he doesn’t get to fuck someone’s wife. I mean, I understand swinging but two men for the wife doesn’t seem real or fair for the husband.”

David looked at me with a smile and said,

“Nonsense Mary, I would love to watch you fuck that guys brains out and cum harder than you ever dreamed you could.”

I was shocked.

“Really? You wouldn’t mind if I fucked an attractive guy with a huge cock and I loved it. I mean really craved having him fill my pussy with cock that was way bigger than yours and you’re saying that you honestly would enjoy watching me fuck him and cum over and over again?”

David smiled, threw back the sheet and said,

“Look at my cock.”

It was rock hard. He said,

“That all that I need to think about to get aroused. As long as I am included and not being insulted, I would love it. I just love to watch you cum. You know I love to watch you masturbate and really cum hard, because you do it for me sometimes.”

“My fantasy is to watch you fuck a guy that can make you cum hard and then, I would love to fuck your cum filled pussy while our stud waits for his next turn!”

I was so fucking excited thinking about it I was shaking. I immediately went down on his hard cock and then we fucked like crazy and talked about our imaginary three-way as we came.

For over the next few months we talked about it, fanaticized about it and worked our way into it. We were committed but we wanted to be selective.

A couple times a month we would go to bars where I began to get comfortable flirting and putting myself out there as a Hot Wife. I’d show maximum cleavage as I smiled and flirted with my prey and a couple of times I reached the point of connecting to the point of groping, kissing and even some petting but I just couldn’t pull the trigger.

David had been very supportive and I knew I was in complete control and I became confident that Dave would not change his mind because realized that it was true that David truly was aroused by watching me enjoy myself with other men.

So he never really pushed me to do anything that I wasn’t completely comfortable with. He wanted me to understand that I was in complete control. And that actually turned me on with a wonderful feeling of empowerment. I love the fact that David was so into it and wanted to participate because we were doing this as a team.

Eventually, we decided to take a long weekend to Jamaica to relax and increase our odds of success. It was a great trip and things could not have worked out better or faster. As soon as we checked in we changed and went down to the pool for a swim.

Ever sense we agreed to pursue the lifestyle David and I had been on a real health and exercise regimen. We wanted to look our best if we planned to be naked with another person in bed! As a result, we were both looking very fit. So we changed into some very lightweight island appropriate clothes.

I wore a sheer sundress without a stich on underneath. My near nakedness made me feel horny and energized. Before long we ended up at the bar with a couple of Island drinks. We couldn’t have been there for more than ten minutes when an extremely attractive young Jamaican, about thirtyish sits at a table behind us talking on his cell. Dave and I had been facing each other when we both noticed him sit down.

We both look at each other with a big smile and agreed to make a play for him. Dave turned towards the bar as I turned in the opposite direction with my back to the bar. This allowed the young Jamaican to look at me without a worry. As we made eye contact I smiled at him and spread my legs enough to send him a clear inviting message. He instantly responds to our body language and comes up to us and initiates typical small talk.

“Welcome to Jamaica mon are you staying here at the hotel?”

As he approached we got a good look at each other and when we then looked into each other’s eyes I immediately knew that this was going to be the guy. He was about to be the first guy that I fuck besides my husband since we’ve been married. I gave him my best and most obvious, I want to fuck you smile and proceeded to engage in the obligatory small talk.

Section 2

“Yes we are. I’m Mary and this is my husband David.”

“My name is Adam. I’m an Island guide and I’m available to help you enjoy your stay in any way that I can.”

David then clearly established our intent with just a few words,

“That’s wonderful, Mary and I are looking for someone to join us for a fun evening. It’s very important to me that Mary thoroughly enjoys our stay and I would love some help making her happy.”

“Adam, what are you drinking?” I asked.

“Red Stripe thank you.”

As I waved for the bartender, I placed my other hand against his chest initiating our first contact. We all knew instantly what was about to happen but there still needed to be some clarifications. Adam smiled and showing his respect for David as my husband he asked, looking at David,

“How would you like this to play out? Do we take turns or do we make Mary happy at the same time?”

“The first round is all you Adam and I’ll be right there to enjoy Mary’s pleasure. Then I’ll take my turn and you can remain as involved as you like.” David said with a smile.

“David isn’t gay but he isn’t homophobic either. He doesn’t mind male to male contact when I am the object of the attention. So it will be up to you. You can take turns or double up if you like.” I said with a smile and patted Adams chest.

By this time Adam was standing against my bar stool as I straddled him between my knees and so I began to gently rub his back. Adam looked very happy. With a big smile he said,

“That’s exactly the way I feel. I’m your man! Let’s just let it play out.”

We all now knew what was about to happen so it made no sense to remain in the bar for very long. We were back up in the room within twenty minutes of introducing ourselves. This would be a three way with me as the center of attention because they didn’t have a problem with male contact as long as I was the object of their attention. I was loving Jamaica!

Adam was about six foot 180 lbs. very fit and ripped and very attractive. There was absolutely no need for continuing the small talk, so as soon as we walked into the room I took his hand and walked him to the bed and sat him down. I hiked up my dress and sat on his lap as I faced him and I began to kiss him as I slowly rubbed my hands all over his hard body. I was so horny I felt like a teenager.

As I kissed him I reached down and grabbed his crotch. I could feel his massive bulge quickly filling with blood. I was hoping he was a boob man because my natural 36D’s were about to swing in his face. As I pulled my dress over my head my boobs swung against him and he quickly cupped and as he caressed my bare heavy boobs he said,

“These are beautiful, really beautiful.”

He pressed his face against them and nibbled at my nipples. I was completely naked and in a fantastic state of arousal. I felt my body flush with anticipation. I was covered in goose bumps just from his touch and my pussy felt so wet that it was as if it were already filled with cum.

As he caressed me I went for his pants and he stood as I dropped to my knees. My face was just inches from his crotch and pulled down his pants and underwear at the same time. As I slowly pulled them down I revealed the most beautiful cock that I had ever seen in my life.

It was thick and probably 10" long. The uncut skin was smooth and silky completely covering the huge bulbous head. I was shivering, I think I even came a little as I felt its solid thickness with both my hands. I gently squeezed it feeling the thickest massive cock that I had ever had in my hands. I just stared at it. Then I looked at David with a big smile and said,

“Holy Fuck can you believe how big this is?”

“Mary, I think you’re in for some of the best fucking of your life and I’ll be happy to take sloppy seconds!”

“Oh yeah I am,” I replied as I was now stroking Adams cock. I honestly, came a little just from feeling his cock in my hand. I really was shivering with anticipation.

I tried the best I could to give him a proper blow job but I couldn’t get much more than the head I my mouth. I mean, I licked it and nibbled it and slobbered all over it. I just loved to touch it and play with it but as I did Adam was getting harder and harder until it was rock hard with huge veins running along his shaft. I thought to myself,

“This cock was made for fucking not sucking!” Finally, I couldn’t take it another second I said,

“Adam, I need you to fuck me. I want your beautiful cock deep in my pussy. But please take it slowly. I’ve never had a cock even close to this big in my pussy so I really don’t know how much of you I can take.”

I laid back on the bed, spread my legs and held my knees way back allowing Adam to take me.

“Don’t worry Mary, no girl can take all of my cock—I’m very use to it.”

Adam smiled and then went down on me as his hands were moving all over my body. His tongue and touch were already driving me crazy. He then finger-fucked my wet pussy, slowly adding fingers until he had all four in my cunt. I was so wet that they all easily slid in past his knuckles. As he did this his fingers pressed hard against my g-spot and I gasped as I enjoyed an unexpected orgasm. He then kneeled between my legs, his cock was rock hard and looked huge.

I was afraid it was going to be way too big but I wanted it in me so badly that I was shivering with anticipation. Suddenly I felt his massive cock head press against my soaking wet flesh curtains. He slowly pushed his cock into my cunt stretching me open wider than anyone has before. As he gently worked the head of his cock all of the way in I let out a moan. I had thought that it might hurt but it actually felt wonderful! I said,

“That’s it Adam, I love it—give me some more.”

Adam pulled back a little and thrust back in a few more inches. This time as he filled me up stretching me wide I felt nothing but pleasure. As he began to fuck me faster but only penetrating me about maybe 6". It was like being fucked by very thick but otherwise normal cock. I was already cumming just from the friction on my clit caused by his girth.

“That’s it!” I gasped.

“Holy Fuck, I’m already cumming baby! More. I can take more!”

Again, he pulled back so only his giant head was in my pussy and then he pushed a little deeper. He did this two more times until I had his entire cock balls deep! Once I realized I was taking his entire cock without pain I knew I was going to be able to really enjoy every inch of his huge cock. I was gasping with delight and quivering with what seemed to be continuous orgasms in a way that I had never experienced.

“That’s it Adam, baby I can take every inch of your beautiful cock, now please fuck me hard and fast. I mean really fuck me hard!”

Adam said, “Oh your pussy feels so good Mary. I usually don’t get to enjoy the feeling of having my entire cock so deep. I love your wet pussy.”

Now Adam was picking up speed. With my legs way back over my head he started to pound his cock hard and deep into my pussy. He was pulling it out about 7 or 8 inches and slamming it back in balls deep like a piston. I was covered in goose bumps and sweat as I came in uncontrollable waves. I pushed my cunt up to meet his cock each time he came down. I wanted it all as deep as he could fuck me.

He fucked me like this at maximum penetration with his huge balls slapping my ass with each thrust without letting up for about a half an hour. Really—I’m not exaggerating and I just kept cumming in waves. Each time thinking, I was done; only to feel myself begin to sense that beautiful awareness that I was once again slowly experience another orgasmic plateau.

Section 3

“That’s it, yes fuck me! fuck me hard! Please don’t stop fucking me Adam!”

My hands were moving all over him. I was in in a fucking frenzy. Then I heard David,

“I’ve never seen hotter fucking in my life. Mary you’re easily taking nearly a foot of the fattest cock I’ve ever seen!”

I notice that my husband’s cock was rock hard and dribbling with pre-cum as he was capturing the best angles on video. He wasn’t even touching his cock and it was oozing cum.

“Baby I want you next so don’t cum yet.” I said to David.

Just then Adam began to moan and thrust his cock deep into my cunt and I pushed up taking his maximum possible penetration. We locked and held deep and reflexively continued to grind against each other as I felt him shot a hot load of cum deep into my cunt. I was squeezing his beautiful tight ass holding him deep in my pussy. Finally, he slowly sat back and pulled his enormous cock out of my very stretched and happy pussy.

Now David eager to take his turn rolled me over on my knees and Adam sat in front of me and positioned himself so that I could play with his cock while David fucked me from behind. I arched my back and David spread my ass cheeks and said,

“Fuck Mary your ass is so beautiful and I can see deep into your exquisite well stretched cum filled gaping cunt and it is fucking awesome!”

He then began to rim and eat my ass - which I love - this usually leads to a completely different kind of orgasm for me. He just gobbled up my ass and tongue fucked my butthole. The next thing I knew I was cumming again. Then he ran his tongue around my clit and rolled it until I came again. I was just resting my cheek on Adams cock so I could properly enjoy my husband’s attentive oral skills until he started to fuck me from behind.

I brought my legs together to tighten the fit and David fucked me on an angle that allowed him to slam against my G-spot on the topside of my vagina. No sense in expecting the same kind of fucking as I got from Adam but after years of fucking, David knows how to hit my g-spot. I knew David had been holding back just waiting his turn but he was now fucking me hard and fast.

“Oh baby your cunt is so fucking silky. You are so fucking awesome!”

I said, “That’s it baby, you’re hitting it! That’s it- fuck me hard! Hit it hard.”

David started to moan as he drilled me fast and hard the way he knows I like it.

I was moaning and said,

“That’s it baby, I’m cumming. I’m fucking cumming again!”

Then David gave a final thrust and held balls deep unloading another load into my cum filled pussy. I have to say I did honestly cum again because David definitely knows how to pound on my g-spot.

As David shot his load into me Adams cock was rock hard again. I laid his cock back on his stomach and licked it up and down from his balls to its tip. I was in heaven. I wasn’t even sore, numb or tired. All I wanted to do is continue to fuck.

I had assumed one good fuck with Adam and my husband and I’d be ready for something to eat. Not the case—I wanted more cock! I just wanted to fuck! I crawled forward straddling Adam as cum oozing down my leg. Typically, I would wipe the cum away and clean up after fucking but cleaning up the cum didn’t even enter my mind.

Instead I was enjoying the feel of their cum oozing out of me and the feel of it all over me. I started to rub my sloppy cunt up and down the length of his massive cock leaving it slick with cum. As he lay there with a big smile David’s cum was oozing out of my cunt and soaking his cock. I found that I was already craving the feel of being completely stretched and filled by his beautiful cock again.

I couldn’t believe how horny I still was. I suddenly realized how much I love sloppy cum fucking. David is an oozer. He can fuck for a long time and shoot a small wad on my clit and then continue to fuck me. I love the feel of warm cum so I actually love sloppy fucking. Now as I had two huge loads of cum deep in my cunt I was craving the feel of sloppy cum fucking Adam’s huge cock again.

I’m sure it helped that my husband was both encouraging me and admiring us on how wonderful we looked fucking while capturing it all on video. And Adam made me feel as though he was as happy to be fucking me as I was to be fucking him. He was constantly caressing my boobs and moving his hands all over my body telling me how hot and perfect I was.

I was totally relaxed in this MFM 3-way with my husband and an incredibly attractive Fuck god that just happens to have the biggest, thickest and hardest penis that I had ever seen. I was delighted that after a mind blowing first round, I was feeling great and still very horny!

This time I would be in control of the pace because I was on top. I lifted myself and slowly came down on Adams massive meat. This time I didn’t even need to work his cock in slowly because my gaping cunt was still stretched and slick with what was left from two big loads of cum. I just slowly sat right down on it and his thick cock easily slid right in allowing me to just enjoy the feel of his massiveness stretching me wide and occupying my entire cunt.

It felt wonderful as I now sat down hard taking his entire cock. I watched his cock disappear into me as I lifted myself high and the came back down I loved the visual aspect of watching it enter me. I burned the vision into my brain. His cock is so fucking thick. I felt like a guy in that I not only wanted to be fucked by him but I actually found it incredibly exciting watching him fuck me! I was so happy that David was capturing it all on video.

just wanted to keep that fabulous cock in as deep as I could get it so as I pressed down hard I started to rock and grind my clit into his pelvic bone. He was squeezing and playing with my tits while I was pressing my clit down as hard as I could while grinding in a frenzy.

Now I was cumming again and again in waves as I was grinding my clit against him. I felt his massiveness shifting in my cunt. His cock was so huge and hard that as I was grinding it at the based the whole cock was shifting his bulbous cock head back and forth deep in in my cunt causing waves of orgasmic sensation that I had never felt before.

I didn’t know if it was coming from his girth pulling at my clit or from the depth of his cock pressing against the entire length of my vagina. Whatever caused it, I’m not really sure but I was definitely cumming in waves again. By this time my whole body was actually slick with sweat. Then Adam said,

“Oh no, slow down Mary, I’m going to cum if you keep this up!”

So I leaned forward and arched my back a little allowing about 7" of cock to slide out of my pussy. When I did this David said,

“Oh my fucking god that is a beautiful site! Awesome, fucking awesome!”

Suddenly as I arched pushing my ass up off of Adams cock I felt David’s mouth on my butthole with his tongue rimming and tongue fucking my hole as he spread my ass cheeks apart. Just when I thought nothing could feel better my husband provides even more pleasure. I was surprised because Adams cock was still half way in my pussy. David was licking me an inch away from the shaft of Adams cock.

Regardless my anal treat didn’t last long because Adam had another idea and I’m sure Adams ball slapped David’s face as he suddenly slammed his cock balls deep. David pulled back as Adam began to fuck me faster holding me close to him. I realized he didn’t want me to sit back on his cock because he liked to drill me hard from below in this position.

Section 4

This of course was fine with me I just stayed put enjoying his thick hard cock thrusting up into me. I felt myself building to another orgasm as he fucked me hard. And I do mean hard. He just kept fucking me for about ten minutes sending me into more waves of orgasms until he quickly flipped me on my back and continued to fuck me deep and hard.

By now we were both slick with sweat. My legs spread wide and way back over my head and I pushed my cunt up to take maximum cock with every thrust. My hands were on his ass pulling him deep. We were in another fuck frenzy again for about 10 minutes. I was in heaven. I just kept cumming in waves.

“That’s it Adam, just keep fucking me as long as you can. I love your fucking cock. Fuck me deep Fuck me as deep as you can. I’ll never tell you to stop.” I panted.

“Mary you have the most beautiful pussy. I love the feeling of my cock completely buried deep in you Mary. Take my cock Mary take it all!” He said as he drilled me like a piston! He was slamming deep and harder and faster than I have ever been fucked! It was crazy. Fucking crazy. I was covered in goosebumps, gasping and cumming uncontrollably! Suddenly I realized I was squirting as I was cumming! What the Fuck! I had never done that before!

“Oh Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, I’m going to cum Mary! I going to cum deep in your pussy!”

In a final thrust we pressed and held as that beautiful cock pumped my cunt full of another load of cum. I thought we were done but he left his cock deep in my cunt.

“That was fucking incredible” I heard my husband say. “Just fucking incredible.”

I was gently running my fingertips around Adams backside with my legs still way back and my ankles crossed behind his back. I was in no hurry for him to pull that beautiful cock from the depth of my cunt.

I just relaxed and enjoyed the feel of his massive cock completely filling my cunt. It’s a little bit hard to tell with Adams cock because it never really shrinks much, it just gets a little softer but at some point I began to realize that he was actually getting very hard again. I mean he never even pulled out so I could feel it when he suddenly began to become aroused again.

The feel of his cock coming to life again while it was still jammed deep in my cunt was mind blowing. It immediately had me hot and ready to fuck again. With his cock as hard as ever he now continued to fuck me again and before I knew it I was gasping once again in delight as we slowly got back into our rhythm.

“Unfucking believable!” David said.

“You guys are amazing”

Adam was fucking me hard again pushing all the cum out of me. This was some real sloppy fucking that was happening and I found it really made me exited. I could feel cum running over my ass hole and I could hear his ball slap against me as he fucked me hard.

I didn’t care about a wet spot or that my ass was in a pool of cum - It just excited me more - I loved it! I swear Adam fucked me hard continuously for at least another 20 minutes and I was able to work up to three more waves of orgasms before Adam finally pumped a last load deep in my cunt.

When Adam rolled off of me I remained on my back with my knees up and my cunt positioned for David to see my wide open stretched pussy. I could feel the cum oozing out and over my crack. David and I were smiling at each other. I could see his cock was hard and ready so I said,

“Honey, are you up for some really sloppy cum fucking?”

“Babe, there is nothing that I would love more than to fuck your sloppy cunt right now!”

With that my husband proceeded to fuck me harder than he ever has for about 25 minutes. We rotated into our favorite positions and as always David ate my ass and pussy to orgasm between positions. Even though I love Adams huge cock I love fucking my husband and I always do cum when we fuck. By the time David left his final load balls deep I was so sweaty and exhausted that all I wanted was a shower and some food.

We were in Jamaica for just three days and I have no idea how many times I fucked Adam and David. We took a day off in between to see the sites and relax but other than that we were fucking. After that first session the boys were more relaxed with each other so I enjoyed a lot more of both of their attention at the same time. David and Adam had no problem eating me as the other one fucked me! David didn’t seem to mind Adams big balls slapping his face as he consumed my ass. We fucked in the shower and in the pool but mostly on the bed where I could use all the pillows to achieve maximum penetration. We fucked all weekend and we both loved every second of it.

David and I plan to go back to hook up with Adam again in a couple of month but we fuck almost every day now and we’ve hooked up with a few bulls locally since Jamaica. One thing is for sure - we love the Hot Wife lifestyle and we could not be happier.

t may not be for everyone but if as a woman you are even slightly multi-orgasmic and you actually like to have orgasms, you may be surprised at the heightened orgasmic plateaus that you will reach with the support and encouragement of your husband and an additional man to join in.

I always enjoyed sex and generally never have a problem having an orgasm because I make sure that it happens but I never in a million years though I would regularly reach the level of orgasmic ecstasy that I now reach with the support of my husband in our Hot Wife lifestyle.

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