HotWife Anne Meets Aaron


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It’s Friday quitting time at the corporation headquarters. I ‘m Anne and I am hungry. James is away on a fishing trip with our friend and my lover Dave. I decided to go to the Tropical Club and Bar. They have a fish and chips special on Friday. I sat at the bar. The owner Jackson took my order. He knows me very well. When Dave arranged the gangbang in his party room Jackson was in line to fuck me. He did fuck me. Today when he brought me my food and drink he whispered, “On the house Anne.” I whispered back, “Thank you Jackson.”

As I was eating at the bar another customer sat two chairs from me. He is a 6’4”, thin muscular, bald, clean shaved Jamaican businessman. Jackson asked him how is the car parts business? He replied,”This has been the best week in 3 months.” I learned he is part owner in a car parts franchise. He introduced himself to me. I replied giving him my name. He asked me how the fish and chips were? “I replied crisp and good.” When his meal came he asked if he could join me? I said, “Yes, please.” During our dining he told me he is a bachelor never married. He is 35 years old. He has a condo in town overlooking the river. He asked me about my wedding rings? I told him I am married however I am in an open marriage. He mentioned how beautiful I am and my husband must be a great man to share me with other men. We finished our meal. As I was ready to drive home Aaron asked me if I would like to come to his place for drinks tonight? I replied, “Yes.” We walked to the parking lot together. He hugged me and we kissed. I followed his car in my car to the building where he lives.

We took the elevator to his floor for his condo. When we entered his home we both became passionate. We kissed and French kissed. In the living room he pulled my dress off. I don’t wear panties or a bra most of the time. We kissed as his hands explored my body as we stood there. His fingers found my shaved pussy. He tickled my clit causing me to kiss and embrace him more. He picked me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist. He carried me to his bedroom. He laid me on the bed. I turned my body laying on my stomach, with my hands under my chin, smiling, watching him undress. He took a picture of me with his cellphone camera. I asked him to use my phone camera so I could send photos to my husband. James really gets off on other men fucking me. Aaron rolled me on my back across bed with the back of head slightly over the edge of the mattress. I knew what he was doing as I was Queen of Spades trained.

He stood over my face and pushed his cock into my mouth. His cock is thick and about 12.” I was trained to allow his cock into my throat without choking. He slowly pushed his cock all the way in. He was sweating and saying he couldn’t believe a petite white girl could take his cock into her throat. He took more photos. He pulled back enjoying the feeling of the next best thing fucking a pussy. He fucked my mouth squirting my mouth with copious sperm. I swallowed all of it. I had a a little dribbling on my chin. He had been tickling my clit while he fucked my mouth. I was ready to be fucked. He pulled me up to the headboard. He kissed me, sucked my breasts and nipples. Aaron moved to my clit and pussy. He was licking, sucking, fingering and hand fucking me. He was

preparing my small pussy for his thick cock. He said to me,”You have a Queen of Spades on your mound. There is a name under the spade.”

I replied,”The name is Marquis.”

Aaron asked,”Is he your master?”

I said, “Yes.” I added that my Black boyfriend in college paid to send me to the master for 3 days. The master kept me for 8 days sending me to other masters for more training. I was dressed with expensive clothes and whored out to rich guys that like young girls. The master paid to have the tattoo, my tongue, lips, nipples, belly button, clit and pussy pierced. Since I left I never went back. If he calls me I have to go back. He has more power than my husband.

Aaron said,”I love you Anne. I have sent your photos to my Jamaican brothers in town. They are coming to visit us tonight. We will have a party.”

He decided he would have his friends to his place soon so he fucked me missionary style totally controlling and covering my body with his 6’4” large muscular body. He used a lubricant on his large cock and my pussy. Aaron is a passionate lover. He slowly fucked me and whispered in my ear how much he loves me. He told me how proud he was to have a Queen of Spades owned by a French Black Master. He deep penetrated my pussy to breed me before his friends arrived. He was licking, sucking my breasts and nipples while he fucked me. I rubbed my clit to help stimulate myself to orgasm. I also put my arms around Aaron’s neck while we kissed. I started having orgasms. I had multiple orgasms. He squirted my pussy causing me to have intense powerful orgasms.

I held my arms tightly around his neck and used my legs around his body to catch all of his warm sperm in my pussy. He kept squirting and fucking me. He is very potent. I was making loving sounds as he fucked me. I told him “Don’t stop Aaron.” When he finished squirting my pussy he kissed me. He laid on his back as I licked sucked his cock and balls clean of cum. I had a cup and spoon. I asked Aaron to put his sperm into the cup from my body. I told him I would eat it. He took a photo of me eating his sperm and when I cleaned him with my tongue. He sent those to his friends who are coming to his place tonight. The replies he got the about photos had the guys wanting my cellphone number. Aaron told me he would fuck my ass when the guys are finished with me. He said they would stretch my anus for his 12” thick cock.

We showered together before the guys arrived. Aaron fucked my pussy in the shower while I placed my hands on the wall. When we were finished I dried myself and put on my crotchless denim short shorts with a halter top. I had my hair in a pony tail and I wore tennis shoes. Aaron told me the guys are going to love how young I look dressed the way I am.

Security at the condo building called Aaron. He was notified there were 10 visitors to see him. He said,”Send them up.”

Aaron had me stand with to greet his Jamaican friends. The young guys arrived bringing food, beer, gin, wine and ganja. The party was going to last all Friday night into Saturday. The guys kissed me, hugged me and when I walked with them they had their arms around my waist. My bubble butt was rubbed and and held. Aaron put his big screen TV on with a soccer game. He also put island music on for setting the mood. The guys were there for me. I helped Aaron put the food and drink out with all the accessories to help themselves. Aaron brought me a glass of wine and shared his ganja with me. I relaxed and set on a couch with 2 guys. I was in the middle.

They kissed and French kissed me. Their hands were on my thighs and their fingers were in my shorts playing with my clit. One of the guys picked me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist. He carried me to a bedroom and sat me on the bed. All 10 men came to the room. I undressed in front of them. There comments and whistles about my body. As I stood there I hands rubbing, fingers kneading my nipples and fingers stimulating my pussy. They liked what they saw and felt. They undressed and one of them laid on the bed. I got on my hands knees straddling him. I put his 9” Jamaican cock into my pussy. I was joined by a lubricated cock in my ass and my mouth. The three men fucked my holes. The guy fucking my ass pulled my pony tail to keep my head up so I could be mouth fucked. The stimulations were so powerful my brain wanted more and more.

When the guys squirted my holes I was having powerful orgasms. Three more guys filled my holes. It was nonstop fucking and my brain wanted more. The next round of fucking they double stuffed my pussy, my ass and mouth. My anus was stretched for Aaron’s cock. The guys would stimulate my clit as I laid on my back. They licked, sucked, my breasts and nipples. They also kneaded my nipples with their fingers. They pushed my legs back to deep penetrating my pussy to breed me. It was 4AM in the morning when the guys stopped fucking me and found places to sleep. I was awakened when I was rolled over on my stomach and pulled me up on my hands and knees. My ass was raised and lubricated. It is Aaron. He is putting his lubricated cock into my ass. His cock is 12” long and thick. He kissed my cheek and neck. He pushed his cock in and I pushed to receive it.

When he had completely entered his cock into me I rocked my body to fuck his cock. Aaron let me fuck his cock. He pulled me up with my back to his chest. He held my breasts kneading my nipples and kissing me as he deep penetrated my ass. He squirted my ass copiously with his sperm flowing down my ass and legs as he fast fucked me. I loudly squealed sounds enjoying multiple orgasms. When we finished fucking we showered together. He fucked my pussy as we bathed.

Saturday morning Aaron had to be at work by 8AM. We were up early. I fucked his cock as he laid on his back. We showered together again. Aaron had one of the guys join us in the shower. On my hands and knees the guy fucked my pussy and Aaron fucked my mouth. When we finished we dressed and had breakfast cooked by one of the guys. Aaron kissed me as he left the condo and 6 of the guys kissed me and also left for their jobs. The 4 guys that stayed would be fucking me one at a time or all together. They called 4 more guys to share me with them. These guys are college age and like to fuck nonstop. Even when they weren’t fucking me I hung with them watching TV. The 8 guys fucked me all day Saturday. I became “cock drunk” enjoying what the guys were doing to me. Especially double stuffing. You know 2 cocks in my pussy, anus, and mouth. With all holes filled I was pulling 2 cocks with my hands. A lot of cellphone photos were taken of me and the guys. They liked it when I licked their sperm from my wedding rings. I had them use my cellphone to send photos to my husband James.

Aaron came home from work. He helped me get the cum off my body in the shower. He is taking me to the Tropical Club tonight for dinner and dancing. He wants me to dress real young to draw attention to myself to find guys with big cocks to share me with. He said it’s Saturday night. Let’s keep you “cock drunk.”

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