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We were holidaying on Rhodes one of the larger Greek islands. Jayne, my wife, always liked to find places where she could sunbathe in the nude. She has light coloured hair 34D breasts and a gorgeous shaven pussy. She attracts attention wherever we go. Finding a place on this island was quite difficult at first and after much searching, we actually located a place right on the edge of the main town.

We found some rocks where the road rose across the side of the mountain as it entered the town. There was not much beach, but what there was, we found to be out of sight of the traffic and unless you were walking along the narrow beach, or climbing down the cliff, we were safe from general view. The following day we loaded up with some snacks and lots of beer in the cool bag and headed for our secluded beach. There were already a number of people there with a similar idea to ours. Eventually we found a place amongst the rocks with enough space to layout our towels and with a couple of yards of sand to the sea.

Jayne stripped off and lay down in the sun and I kept my trunks on and sat about reading. We stayed there for the morning enjoying the seclusion and the sun; our only visitors were people walking past by the sea. I became aware of somebody at the top of the cliff. It was a local by the look of him, wearing just shorts, tee shirt and sandals. Jayne was lying on her back with her head facing out to sea and her legs apart slightly, facing the rocks. The stranger settled in about twenty five feet above us and was obviously enjoying the view.

After I was sure that he proposed no threat, I ignored him. We decided to have some lunch and Jayne sat up and took a cold bottle from me, raised it to her lips, lifted her head and started to drink. I heard her choke and looked across at her. She asked, “Is he doing what I think he is doing?” Yep, he certainly was, he had his prick down the leg of his shorts and was masturbating furiously. We both thought it quite amusing. I didn’t see the final results and after a while noticed he had gone.

He must have been a scout for a raiding party because within a half an hour I was aware of a number of men moving around behind the rocks peering at Jayne’s naked form. I felt more than a little concerned for her safety, but none of them came too close. It also became obvious that as we were not about to up and leave, they were here to stay and I saw that they were all trying to gain the best views of my wife. I didn’t stare at them, just gave each one an occasional aggressive stare which meant, “Keep your distance”.

Each one in turn began to masturbate behind the rocks where they were standing. I told Jayne who wouldn’t believe me at first. She sat up as if to change position to take a covert look at her admirers. Jayne looked at me and smiled, she asked if it bothered me and I told her it didn’t bother me if it didn’t bother her. Jayne said that she was quite enjoying the attention and settled back, I noticed that she had allowed her one leg to fall open affording them a full view of her open pussy. “Tart”, I said jokingly and she laughed, turning onto her stomach and opening her legs a little wider than before.

Some of the audience were becoming a little braver, moving out of the rocks slightly; only returning out of view if somebody came along the beach. If I actually looked directly at any of them, they would retire out of sight for a while. From where I was sitting, I couldn’t help but see some of them playing. There were as many as ten men at one stage all standing amongst the rocks wanking themselves to ecstasy. Some were leisurely about it, some did it as quickly as possible and then left, some even did it two and three times.

A local in his mid-thirties passed us by on the beach. He stopped, walked back and passed within two feet of Jayne taking up position between two rocks within eight feet of her. His position meant that he was able to see closely what Jayne had on display. I gave him a disapproving look, but he took no notice, stripped naked, laid out his towel betwecks and sat on it. He was not hard, but his prick was a good size to start with. I mentioned it to Jayne who turned over and sat up, sneaking a look at him.

“Mmmmm, he certainly is. It’s time for another beer I think”, she said and I handed her a cold beer. Jayne sat up with her knees apart and I knew then that she was teasing them. She took the opportunity to have a look around at her audience whilst she was drinking. I watched her and realised that she was really enjoying the attention and was quite excited by it.

She asked me to pass the sun cream to her; which I did and she then went about making sure that she applied it as provocatively as possible. I heard her gasp and asked what was wrong. She told me that she had just seen a man with a big cock shoot his load whilst staring at her pussy. Jayne leaned back again supporting herself on her out stretched arms throwing back her head and widening her legs to increase their view of her open, wet vagina. I looked across, just in time to see the man between the rocks pumping hard on what must have been ten inches of solid, thick prick. A thick jet of spunk flew from the eye of his swollen cock towards Jayne, the second spurt landing within eighteen inches of her feet.

His cock pulsed as he stared at my wife’s open pussy and wad after wad landed closer and closer to him, finally just oozing from the large purple head of his cock. He cleaned himself up and started to leave. His place was taken by another slightly older man, with short dark hair, which was greying at the sides. It was him that we later jokingly named, her “regular.” I moved over to her and told her about her near miss which she didn’t believe. I told her to look and she sat up. There on the rocks within two feet of her the drops of spunk glistened as they dried in the hot sun. By now the new arrival was settling into his niche in the rocks. Jayne said,” Bloody hell!” and I looked over at yet another stiffening large cock. I asked her if all the men on the island were well endowed and she laughed and said that at this rate we would soon find out. Jayne settled back as this new arrival started to put baby oil on his cock and rub it to full erection.

There were only four men left as far as I could see and almost opposite me there was a rather chubby young man who wore glasses who had, for the first time today as far as I had seen, an average sized cock. He did not like me to look at him, but masturbated hard if Jayne looked in his direction. He was also the first one to be vocal, gasping and grunting as he wanked. To the left and about five feet behind the new arrival was a young man with blondish curly hair. “Not so unusual” you might say, no, but the cock he pumped with both hands was!

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