Hot In The Sun

Section 1

We were holidaying on Rhodes one of the larger Greek islands. Jayne, my wife, always liked to find places where she could sunbathe in the nude. She has light coloured hair 34D breasts and a gorgeous shaven pussy. She attracts attention wherever we go. Finding a place on this island was quite difficult at first and after much searching, we actually located a place right on the edge of the main town.

We found some rocks where the road rose across the side of the mountain as it entered the town. There was not much beach, but what there was, we found to be out of sight of the traffic and unless you were walking along the narrow beach, or climbing down the cliff, we were safe from general view. The following day we loaded up with some snacks and lots of beer in the cool bag and headed for our secluded beach. There were already a number of people there with a similar idea to ours. Eventually we found a place amongst the rocks with enough space to layout our towels and with a couple of yards of sand to the sea.

Jayne stripped off and lay down in the sun and I kept my trunks on and sat about reading. We stayed there for the morning enjoying the seclusion and the sun; our only visitors were people walking past by the sea. I became aware of somebody at the top of the cliff. It was a local by the look of him, wearing just shorts, tee shirt and sandals. Jayne was lying on her back with her head facing out to sea and her legs apart slightly, facing the rocks. The stranger settled in about twenty five feet above us and was obviously enjoying the view.

After I was sure that he proposed no threat, I ignored him. We decided to have some lunch and Jayne sat up and took a cold bottle from me, raised it to her lips, lifted her head and started to drink. I heard her choke and looked across at her. She asked, “Is he doing what I think he is doing?” Yep, he certainly was, he had his prick down the leg of his shorts and was masturbating furiously. We both thought it quite amusing. I didn’t see the final results and after a while noticed he had gone.

He must have been a scout for a raiding party because within a half an hour I was aware of a number of men moving around behind the rocks peering at Jayne’s naked form. I felt more than a little concerned for her safety, but none of them came too close. It also became obvious that as we were not about to up and leave, they were here to stay and I saw that they were all trying to gain the best views of my wife. I didn’t stare at them, just gave each one an occasional aggressive stare which meant, “Keep your distance”.

Each one in turn began to masturbate behind the rocks where they were standing. I told Jayne who wouldn’t believe me at first. She sat up as if to change position to take a covert look at her admirers. Jayne looked at me and smiled, she asked if it bothered me and I told her it didn’t bother me if it didn’t bother her. Jayne said that she was quite enjoying the attention and settled back, I noticed that she had allowed her one leg to fall open affording them a full view of her open pussy. “Tart”, I said jokingly and she laughed, turning onto her stomach and opening her legs a little wider than before.

Some of the audience were becoming a little braver, moving out of the rocks slightly; only returning out of view if somebody came along the beach. If I actually looked directly at any of them, they would retire out of sight for a while. From where I was sitting, I couldn’t help but see some of them playing. There were as many as ten men at one stage all standing amongst the rocks wanking themselves to ecstasy. Some were leisurely about it, some did it as quickly as possible and then left, some even did it two and three times.

A local in his mid-thirties passed us by on the beach. He stopped, walked back and passed within two feet of Jayne taking up position between two rocks within eight feet of her. His position meant that he was able to see closely what Jayne had on display. I gave him a disapproving look, but he took no notice, stripped naked, laid out his towel betwecks and sat on it. He was not hard, but his prick was a good size to start with. I mentioned it to Jayne who turned over and sat up, sneaking a look at him.

“Mmmmm, he certainly is. It’s time for another beer I think”, she said and I handed her a cold beer. Jayne sat up with her knees apart and I knew then that she was teasing them. She took the opportunity to have a look around at her audience whilst she was drinking. I watched her and realised that she was really enjoying the attention and was quite excited by it.

She asked me to pass the sun cream to her; which I did and she then went about making sure that she applied it as provocatively as possible. I heard her gasp and asked what was wrong. She told me that she had just seen a man with a big cock shoot his load whilst staring at her pussy. Jayne leaned back again supporting herself on her out stretched arms throwing back her head and widening her legs to increase their view of her open, wet vagina. I looked across, just in time to see the man between the rocks pumping hard on what must have been ten inches of solid, thick prick. A thick jet of spunk flew from the eye of his swollen cock towards Jayne, the second spurt landing within eighteen inches of her feet.

His cock pulsed as he stared at my wife’s open pussy and wad after wad landed closer and closer to him, finally just oozing from the large purple head of his cock. He cleaned himself up and started to leave. His place was taken by another slightly older man, with short dark hair, which was greying at the sides. It was him that we later jokingly named, her “regular." I moved over to her and told her about her near miss which she didn’t believe. I told her to look and she sat up. There on the rocks within two feet of her the drops of spunk glistened as they dried in the hot sun. By now the new arrival was settling into his niche in the rocks. Jayne said," Bloody hell!" and I looked over at yet another stiffening large cock. I asked her if all the men on the island were well endowed and she laughed and said that at this rate we would soon find out. Jayne settled back as this new arrival started to put baby oil on his cock and rub it to full erection.

There were only four men left as far as I could see and almost opposite me there was a rather chubby young man who wore glasses who had, for the first time today as far as I had seen, an average sized cock. He did not like me to look at him, but masturbated hard if Jayne looked in his direction. He was also the first one to be vocal, gasping and grunting as he wanked. To the left and about five feet behind the new arrival was a young man with blondish curly hair. “Not so unusual” you might say, no, but the cock he pumped with both hands was!

Section 2

He threw back his head as I saw the first thick white spurt leave his cock. I called Jayne over, so she crawled over on all fours making sure that her arse and pussy faced the man with the glasses. He immediately picked up the pace and shot his load into the air in Jayne’s direction, the last dregs landing on his legs. Jayne was too late to see the blond man’s giant cock as he made his way between the rocks up to the top of the cliff. Jayne settled back on her towel facing the man in the niche, who was now the only one left.

He stared intently at Jayne, or at least parts of her. She sat up, removed her glasses and leaned back on her outstretched arms. She parted her legs again so that she must have been wide open to his view. She looked at his cock and then his face several times. His gaze never left her and then the little vixen started licking her lips. I looked across at him as spunk poured out of the end his prick running down over his hand, down his long shaft and onto his towel. It may not have shot very far but it was more than I have ever seen before.

Jayne said she needed a swim and we went down into the sea. The man got up, pulled on some trunks and entered the sea a little way down the beach. We returned to our towels and sat down again deciding it was time for another beer. The man stayed in the water for quite some time before returning to his place and stripping off again. I applied sun cream to Jayne’s back and she rubbed it into her arms and breasts taking a long time to massage it in.

Our friend meantime was once again stroking his long cock. Jayne was now in her element, the perfect prick tease as she turned the attention to her legs and stomach even running her cream laden fingers into her slit. Her watcher was not going to be rushed and took his time, stopping occasionally to have a cigarette whilst slowly masturbating as Jayne lay there, changing position every so often giving him full advantage of her lovely intimate parts.

I told her that we had better see about leaving for our apartment and I started gathering our things together. Jayne stood and wiped the sand and grit from her body. She turned her back to him and raised one foot onto a rock to wipe the grit from between her toes. He now had a superb view of her beautiful behind and her opened slit. I saw her look back at him and hold his gaze.

He knew he had to hurry up and once again his spunk spurted out of him for about six inches, the rest oozing over his fingers and running down his cock and balls. They stared at each other until his plentiful ejaculation had finished running down his length. We then got dressed and prepared to go, leaving him sitting there. Nothing was said. He just smiled and nodded as we left. That night our lovemaking was fantastic.

I said to her that whilst those men were masturbating each one of them was imagining that he was emptying his balls into her pussy, mouth, arse or over her face and tits. She said that she hadn’t thought of that and it made her feel really hot. I gave her a fantasy about my letting her admirers take her into the rocks and take it in turns to fuck her. I told her about how they would use her, the positions they would use, the spunk they would shoot into her and how much spunk she would have to drink. She came time and time again as I described the size of them and the way each one was different in the way he screwed her and how much she would be stretched open and how much spunk would be running from her pussy. She loved it.

The next day we loaded up and headed for our beach. Despite being early, somebody else occupied the place we had been yesterday. We moved on and found another place, although only secluded on one side, we could not be seen from the road and the rocks against the cliff made it fairly private. I went to explore the rocks as Jayne settled herself down to sunbathe.

I called her from the rocks and told her I was going to spy on her and have a crafty wank She said, “OK” and started to put on a display for me as I began to masturbate in full view of her. I felt rather uncomfortable and gave up when a family walked into view along the beach. Jayne thought it very hilarious. After about an hour the first of her audience arrived and before long there were several men in the rocks. They were now getting braver and some started to get closer, not worrying about exposing themselves and only covering up if somebody came along the beach.

Jayne was loving the attention and lay there exposing her lovely intimate bits to her audience. Some worked themselves hard and fast, usually doing it again later. Others took their time enjoying what was on offer. As one of them shot his load, he would move out to let somebody else get closer. I was amazed at where all these big cocks had come from, it was making me feel decidedly inferior! I recognised some of the faces from the day before, Jayne recognised more than I did, remembering some by their pricks.

Just before lunch her regular arrived and positioned himself on a ledge about six feet away to our left. This meant he could look down onto her charms on display. I told her that if they got any closer she would be likely to drown, which she laughed at. Although I was a little concerned that it would be possible for anybody with a powerful enough ejaculation to reach her from where some of these men were.

There were definitely more visitors today, with some returning later for another go. The man in the rocks would easily have been close enough to hit Jayne with his spunk if he had tried, but he continued to bring himself slowly to orgasm and then stop for a smoke or go for a swim. Jayne said to me whilst he had gone for a swim that she had seen him come three times since he had arrived, still shooting the same large amount of spunk every time. Again that night our lovemaking was unbelievable. I gave her a fantasy in which her men came closer and spunked over her body as they reached climax, hitting her across her breasts, face and even her open pussy as she lay there. She had one of the most intense orgasms she has ever had and I managed to keep her there for ages.

The following day was not so good. Jayne enjoyed her exhibitionism and her regular men again presented her with massive erections and pints of spunk. But today there were a lot of new faces. One man who I took to be Italian at first told me how beautiful Jayne was and asked if she was available. He kept returning and still persisted in enquiring if he could screw Jayne and I just kept on explaining that it was look, not touch. Later in the day some youths arrived and for the first time I began to worry seriously for her safety.

I told Jayne it was time to go, which at first upset her; then she realised why and started to dress. The man in the niche also dressed and as we sat and drank a beer, he smiled and then headed off up the beach. We decided to walk the short distance into town and spend the rest of the day exploring, in particular the old town. She told me that she had been well rewarded despite our early departure. Her regular had come three times again and she had seen the blonde man but only caught a glimpse of his massive weapon.

She said that she would like to have seen it close up but it was better that we left when we did. We still had a superb night of passion and I gave her a fantasy about the blond man with the giant prick being unable to control himself and rushing from his place in the rocks he throws himself between her spread legs and forces his massive cock into her before she can close her legs.

Because she is so wet, he actually manages to get halfway into her with his first try making her cry out as he forces her wider than she has ever been opened before, almost tearing her in his impatience. The other onlookers hold me back so that I can’t stop him and he gives her a savage fucking, making her cry out and come hard on him until he blasts his spunk into her. They then take turns on top of her, each adding his load to the previous one forcing their thick come up into her and out of her swollen bruised pussy until her stomach, legs and pussy are awash with their juice. Again, you guessed it. She loved every minute of it!

Section 3

Over the next three days, we tried different beaches looking for a secluded place, but it was not easy. Even walking across the rocks out onto headlands we found others walking past, scuba diving or canoeing close to shore. We did find one place at a Kalithea, a spa resort near the town and actually managed to make love on the rocks under the hot sun. Only to realize that we had been watched by a man as he had passed close by. We decided that our usual beach may now be worth revisiting now that we had given it a break and would go there the following day.

We arrived early, well stocked with food and drink, settling in place we had found on our first visit. For most of the morning we were alone and then just before lunch, who should walk past with his towel and his oil, but Jayne’s “regular”. He walked well past us at first before he recognised Jayne. Turning, he walked back and took up position in the niche where he had sat the first day. Jayne lay back not displaying her charms particularly but he still oiled himself and started his slow masturbation. Jayne sat up and looked directly at him, again looking first at his large shining prick and then at his face. She opened her legs to give him a full view and then reached for the sun cream.

Slowly and provocatively, she rubbed it into her body, paying particular attention to her breasts and then sliding her hand down to rub her opened pussy. I sat there watching her and becoming aroused myself. Then to my amazement she slid two fingers inside herself whilst never taking her gaze off his cock. She continued to rub herself and started to lick her lips. She was rewarded by his thick spunk jetting from the end of his cock. Again it didn’t go far but I have never seen so much as it oozed from him, running over his fingers and down the length of his prick and onto his large, hairy balls, sticking to his pubic hair. I heard Jayne gasp and looked across at her realising she was coming herself. Her admirer wiped himself and then putting on his trunks, headed for the sea. I suggested that we might go in as well, to cool down. Jayne agreed, put on her bikini briefs and we made our way across the narrow beach and headed for the warm Aegean sea.

The man left the sea some way down the beach and made his way back to his place. I held Jayne in my arms, her naked body smooth against me. She said that she had really enjoyed herself that few minutes before. I said," Yes, I could see that." I moved my hand over her breasts, hidden by the water. Jayne murmured her appreciation as her nipples hardened under my touch, as she slid her arms round my neck and her legs around my waist, I reached round, moved her bikini aside and started to slide my fingers along her slit. She lay her head on my shoulder and relaxed her grip with her legs. I found her sensitive clitoris and gently rubbed her, occasionally letting a finger enter her until she came.

Jayne kissed me passionately, opening my mouth with her tongue. She smiled at me and reached down pulling the waistband of my trunks down. She said in a seductive voice," It’s your turn now," and rubbed her fingers along the length of my shaft. She let go with her arms and lay back, her legs still encircling me as I held her waist. She masturbated me and rubbed the head of my prick along the length of her slit. Jayne continued to excite me like this until I told her I was close. She increased her movements until I groaned that I was coming and she quickly tried to get me inside her. Jayne only managed to get the head of my prick inside her before a long powerful orgasm hit me and I emptied myself into the entrance of her warm pussy. She laughed and swam away smiling to herself. I suggested that it was time for a beer and headed for the beach.

As I walked up the beach, my erection visible under my trunks, I saw that there were some familiar faces making their way towards the rocks. Unfortunately, there were also some faces I did not want to see. The youths were parking their Moto’s and talking excitedly amongst themselves. I reached the beach towels and started gathering our things. I looked up at the man in the niche and smiled. “Time to go,” I said. “You leave now?” he replied. I don’t know why I thought he should not be able to speak English, but he took me by surprise. “Yes, too many people now, not safe,” I answered. “That is shame, you are very lucky man to have such beautiful wife,” he said almost sadly.

“I noticed that you appreciated her, but I don’t think we’ll be coming back here again,” I smiled. “Is big shame, I have enjoy your wife being nice to me.” My mind raced and I asked him if he would like to join us, just him, at our apartment, just to look not touch. He thought for a while then said," Yes, would be very nice, is not problem for you?" I told him it wasn’t and explained where we were staying. It turned out he knew the owner well so he agreed to be there at eleven the next day. I suddenly regretted my invitation, but it was too late now, the deed was done. Just then Jayne reached us. “What’s the matter?” she said. ”Look up there, I’m not happy with your safety anymore” I replied. She understood and reluctantly started to dress.

The man in the niche also dressed and headed off up the beach again as we sat and drank our last beer. Then we headed back to the Old Town for the afternoon. That night as we made love, I told Jayne about what I had arranged. She was a bit shocked and unsure at first, but as I made love to her and painted the picture of what she would see and how she would feel, she responded and came violently on me causing me to explode into her. We made love several times that night and Jayne’s passion nearly wore me out, falling asleep in the early hours.

The next morning we made love slowly and passionately before we got up. We left the single beds pushed together we then went for a walk around the shops after breakfast. I could see Jayne was both nervous and excited so I told her that if at any time she was unhappy with what was happening, we would stop and he would have to leave. We returned to the apartment with some wine, beer and food. Jayne settled down on the balcony, lying on a towel, taking in the sun. At five to eleven there was a knock at the door, I opened it and there stood her “rgular” from the beach. He had a large bottle of wine and some flowers. I asked him to come in and Jayne appeared from the balcony wearing a long silk robe over her bikini.

She smiled nervously and said," Hello." We went and sat on the balcony and opened some wine. Jayne brought some food out and we sat talking. His name was Costas and he lived in the old town. He worked split shifts from five in the morning until ten and then from six in the evening until after midnight. Jayne sat between us and as we talked, I could see her showing more cleavage and more of her tanned thighs. I also noticed that she had removed her bikini and was obviously aroused by the way her nipples stood out through the material of her robe.

After a bottle and a half of wine, we were all much more relaxed so I suggested that we go indoors taking the wine with us. We left the sliding door to the balcony open, which provided a gentle breeze into the room. Costas produced his towel and pulled up the chair from the corner of the room positioning it near the foot of the bed. I stripped to my shorts and climbed onto the bed as Jayne climbed on there with me.

We kissed slowly, excited by the fact that we were being watched; and that a stranger was to see us making love whilst masturbating as he watched. I caressed her body through the robe and nibbled her nipples through the silk material. Meanwhile Jayne kissed my neck and stroked my erection through my shorts. I eased her robe off her shoulders and took her right nipple in my mouth making her moan with delight.

She now had my prick out and rubbed it steadily. I was hard and as I looked down the head of my prick looked as if it was going to burst with the pressure. I ventured a look at Costas who had removed his trousers and sat there in just his shirt stroking his long shiny cock, the head was a dark purple and his pubic hair was jet black. I guessed that he must have been over eight inches long and a pang of jealousy ran through me as I returned my attention to Jayne. I worked my way down her body using my tongue and exposing the rest of her body as I pushed her robe aside.

Section 4

She parted her legs and I opened the lips of her shaven sex running my tongue down the outer lips and then returning, I settled on her erect clitoris. Licking and kissing her sensitive clit. I then slid my tongue into her warm wet cunt returning to the swollen bud, which I sucked between my lips. Jayne gasped and moaned loudly as she pushed herself against my mouth. I looked up at her to see her eyes half closed but staring across at Costas as he stroked himself. I returned to her open pussy and slid two fingers into her as I continued to excite her with my mouth. She came suddenly, her juice running down my fingers, filling her hot cunt with lubrication. She sat up and taking my hand, licked her juices from my fingers.

Jayne pushed me back onto the bed and moved down my body taking my prick in her mouth. She sucked and licked the head of my cock, running her tongue up and down the shaft and occasionally taking my whole length down her throat. I couldn’t take much more of her exquisite mouth and thrust my hips up shooting all I had into her throat. She took the lot and came, squeezing my fingers hard in her orgasm.

As we subsided, she allowed some of my spunk which she had not swallowed, to run from her mouth down my prick. I continued to work my fingers into her and as I looked at Costas, I saw the last bit of his spunk running down over his hand. Jayne was watching him and came again, very strongly, almost breaking my fingers. I turned Jayne onto her back and positioned her so that Costas could see everything whilst Jayne would be able to watch him.

She raised her legs and I moved between them. My prick was still half hard and I rubbed it up and down her slit before sliding fully into her open pussy. I made sure it was all the way in her and that our guest could see everything. I screwed Jayne steadily, pulling right out before pushing right up to the hilt as I reached full hardness. Her juice flowed making an exquisite sound as I rode her.

I licked, kissed and bit her nipples whilst stroking and squeezing the cheeks of her bum. Jayne was responding with intense passion, biting my neck and face, bruising my lips with hers, searching my mouth with her tongue and coming with such intensity that the pressure inside her threatened to push my prick out. She pulled away and I knew she wanted to change position.

I lay on my back and Jayne straddled me facing Costas, then taking my cock in her hand slid it back inside her. She rode me hard coming again, and again. Jayne leaned forward and supported herself on outstretched arms. She said something to Costas, which I couldn’t hear. He stood, removed his shirt and moved close to her, masturbating into her face. I could not hold back and came high into her, right against her womb.

Jayne cried out increasing her speed coming hard and grinding down on my prick, our juices running from her and down over my balls. She continued to ride me steadily and to my surprise, she leaned forward taking the large head of his prick into her mouth. My cock twitched and I wished I had not come earlier, although I could not see much, I could hear the sound she was making and knew he was wanking his cock into her mouth. I heard her cry out and knew she was now drinking him. Costas had his eyes closed and his head thrown back.

She cried out again, almost in alarm and I realised that she was struggling to take the quantity of spunk he was giving her. I suddenly felt her cunt tighten on me as an orgasm swept over her. Jayne continued sucking him for several minutes moaning and gasping, no doubt making the most of what he had to offer. She let his cock slide from her mouth and turned to me with a nervous, guilty smile. I smiled back and stroked her shoulders and back letting her know that I was not angry. Her face broke into a beaming, pleased smile and she climbed off me. My stomach, legs and balls were soaking wet with our sweat and sticky juices.

I reached for her and she lay on the bed. I moved down her body, licking her as I went. I reached her soaking pussy, smelling the scent of our combined orgasms and juices. I ran my tongue along her slit and opened her with my lips and tongue, tasting the musky juice inside, then settling on her clitoris she moaned in delight. I caressed and sucked her sensitive, swollen bud until she came, grabbing my head and forcing herself up into my face. When she had come down, she smiled and sat up pushing me back and kissing her way down my body until she reached the head of my semi hard prick.

As she often does, without using her hands she took me into her mouth, sucking me deep inside and running her tongue along the shaft and over the head of my rapidly stiffening meat. I had almost forgotten about our audience and as I looked across and I could see his gaze shifting backwards and forwards from Jayne’s wet pussy to her mouth enclosing my prick, sucking avidly, waiting for me to reward her with my spunk. I became more and more aroused and excited and as I looked across at Costas, he too was well on the way.

He looked at me, holding my gaze and a sudden strange feeling coursed through my body as I motioned him to join us. A mixture of raw emotions were sweeping through me and my heart raced as he slowly stood and walked the two paces to the bed. As he climbed onto the bed, Jayne felt his weight on the mattress. She jumped with alarm and first looked at him and then at me.

I smiled and looked at her with an expression that said, “If you want to, I don’t mind.” Jayne gave a long moan of pleasure and went about sucking me with renewed fervour. Costas knelt behind Jayne, kissing her back and shoulders whilst running his hands over her body. He reached round, taking her breast in his hand, feeling, squeezing and then caressing the nipple between his fingers. Jayne was in heaven, whimpering and moaning with delight, I could see she was incredibly excited at the thought of two men, or just possibly his big thick cock.

I was also excited, my stomach was as tight as a knot and part of me was saying that I should stop it now, but the intense pleasure - pain was indescribable unless you have experienced it yourself. Costas reached down and moved Jayne’s leg sliding his hand underneath and along her slit. I could tell from her reaction that he was easing his fingers into her and I came close to coming. I reached down to Jayne and told her to go a bit easier as I didn’t want to come yet. She took my prick from her mouth and just licked it instead.

She cried out, “Oh God,” and looked directly at me and I realised that he was entering her. I looked as he pushed fully into her and Jayne closed her eyes and then started sucking me again. Costas moved his body away from her and taking hold of her hips, he started giving her long strokes. Jayne alternated sucking me and making low gasping sound, “Oh, Oh, Oh, Yes, Yes,” every time he was fully in her. She was quickly rising towards an orgasm and taking my wet cock from her mouth; she stared at me and screamed quietly as it hit her. She stayed there for ages convulsing and gasping as he kept up the steady long strokes into her. I felt a mixture of pain, jealousy and excitement as I watched her come, knowing she was giving another man what was mine and that she was enjoying the fact he could give her more than I could. Costas screwed her at the same steady pace using the whole length of his prick. All the time he was staring at where their bodies joined, watching her pussy lips being stretched around him and the sight of her pussy pulsing every time she came. Jayne had started to suck me again murmuring, “Oh God, yes give it to me, deeper, harder, harder”.

Section 5

Only pausing when an intense orgasm hit her. She had already come at least a dozen time and I could tell from the sound his thick cock was making that she had given him lots of her juice. I felt the start of my orgasm building and grasped her head forcing myself into her throat, Jayne knew the signs and held onto me and as I shot into her mouth surprised at how much I could still manage to give her, she swallowed everything. She kept me in her mouth, gently caressing me with her tongue, gasping as her orgasms hit her.

Costas continued his steady pounding for about another ten minutes, never taking his eyes off her pussy. Suddenly he growled and rammed into her, holding her tight against him. Jayne cried out, “Oh God, Oh ,Oh, I can feel him coming in me, so good, Oh God, so good.” She came hard on him, staying there for ages. I knew how much spunk he was pouring into her and imagined how it was filling her and how it must have been running from her pussy as she squeezed him in her orgasm and I found myself getting hard again.

Eventually he raised himself off her back and pulled out of her, leaving Jayne to lie down on her side, he returned to his chair. I stood up and walked around the bed. Jayne’s legs were drawn up and her hot swollen pussy was visible. She was absolutely soaking wet, spunk ran from her, a mixture of clear liquid filled with white blobs. I turned her onto her back and positioned myself between her legs. Jayne was exhausted from her exertions and taking my nearly hard prick in my hand I entered her easily. Jayne moaned quietly, “That was the best I’ve ever had.” The feeling of her opened wet pussy was strangely exciting. Feeling another man’s spunk inside her made me want to punish her and then add my own to reclaim her. I screwed her slow and deep savouring the texture of what she had inside her, finally ramming into her hard until I gave her my load to add to her already full, wet pussy as she gently came again.

I eventually climbed off her having stayed inside, working my spunk up into her womb. I suggested we have a drink and something to eat. Jayne sat up, put on her robe and repaired to the bathroom to do what women do after they have been well fucked. We sat on the balcony for an hour drinking the wine, eating and talking. The subject arose about meeting again and I said that this was a one off and would not be repeated. Both Jayne and Costas looked disappointed but accepted what I had said. He said he would have to think about going soon, so I asked if they would like to make love for the last time.

Jayne’s eyes lit up and Costas smiled. I suggested they should go inside and go to bed without me. Jayne and Costas stripped off what few clothes they had on and climbed onto the bed. I stood there for a second or two, then decided to sit in the chair and watch. They kissed long and deep as he ran his hands over her body, paying particular attention to her superb breasts. Jayne reached down and took hold of his cock, rubbing it slowly, he then lowered his head taking each nipple in turn in his mouth, licking, sucking and biting them.

They kissed again and he ran his hand down over her smooth stomach, sliding two fingers between the lips of her pussy and into her cunt. Their kissing became more passionate as I sat there and watched, with Jayne moaning in pleasure. Pain and jealousy ran through me knowing that I was excluded and she was about to make love with another man who’s dick was far bigger than mine, watching her come for him and then him filling her with his copious spunk. Jayne began to sit up pushing Costas onto his back, she moved down his body tracing a line with her tongue down his hairy chest and stomach until she reached the head of his cock lying flat up to his navel.

Without using her hands, she licked along its length and then slid her mouth over the large dark purple head. She teased him with her mouth and tongue causing him to moan with pleasure. She then took his length in her hand rubbing slowly up and down its long thick shaft. Costas reached round and put his fingers into her again working them in and out until she came suddenly making him cry out as she sucked hard on him. He turned her onto her back and moved between her legs, as Jayne raised her knees he took hold of his cock and entered her.

I couldn’t see him but heard Jayne gasp, “Oh yes, yes, give it to me, all of it, I want all of it, all of your big cock,” as it went in up to the hilt. Costas lay on her and I had the most erotic sight of his thick cock stretching my wife wide open. I took my already hard prick in my hand and started to masturbate in time to his long slow movements. I saw his dark hairy balls obscure the sight as he pushed right into her and the glistening thick shaft as he pulled almost all the way out and also the intensely erotic sight of her pussy lips stretched wide open, much wider than I can open her.

I felt a strange anguish as she came powerfully on him and jealousy as he kissed her lips and squeezed her breasts, but most of all, the way she responded to his loving, enjoying his size, thickness and passionate kisses. He screwed Jayne steadily for nearly twenty minutes, holding back, making her come over and over again. I had already come twice albeit a lot less than previously watching the spectacle in front of my eyes.

He groaned loudly and thrust hard into her making her scream, she wrapped her legs around his back and I watched her outer lips pulsing in orgasm as he poured his spunk into her as she moaned and cried out, Give it to me, all of it, yes baby, yes. I watched it bubble and run from her stretched pussy, down over her anus and her cheeks, into the bed sheet. Costas stayed deep inside her for a few minutes then withdrew. His prick was still fairly hard and I thought he had finished, but he turned Jayne over onto her hands and knees and pushed straight back into her.

I knew she loved this position and the noises she was making urging him on as he set up a faster, stronger pace, still using all of his length and thickness to satisfy her. Jayne was in heaven her moth shaped in a permanent, Oh,” hardly coming down from one orgasm before the next hit her. Costas kept this pace up for several minutes as I watched, again masturbating my aching prick. Jayne groaned, “ Come in me, come in me, give me your come, deep in me, deep in me, Oh God.” He grunted and pushed right up her as he gave her another load of his come.

I felt my self right on the edge and as he continued to spurt into her and she came on him, I rushed round to the side of the bed and grabbing her head thrust my cock into her mouth. The first shot hit Jayne’s chin but she greedily sucked the rest from me as all three of us finished our mutual orgasm. Jayne was totally exhausted and I felt completely empty. She fell asleep as Costas left the apartment. I climbed onto the bed beside her, noticing that she was completely soaked with sweat, spunk and her own juices. I fetched a towel and wiped her dry as she lay sleeping. Placing the robe over her, I lay beside her and fell asleep almost immediately. We did not surface until Nine o’clock that evening.

We still have terrific sex sessions whenever I take her back in her mind to our hot summer holiday that year.


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