Honeymoon Cruise, Part 3 of 3  4.9/5 (14)

Honeymoon Cruise
Part 3 of 3
By Kerik Karksey

I woke early and alone in Cozumel, and knew there were two more nights where that would likely happen again. It had been almost 3 AM when I finally found the bed, so I didn’t expect Brock and Willow for at least a couple of hours. I had breakfast, checked email and the news on my phone, and downed several cups of coffee before I finally settled the argument with my conscience.

This time I would keep my word. Alcohol had been a significant factor in the crazy decisions I made the last two nights, but my dark fantasy had emerged even further and was undoubtedly now predominant, even when sober.

That reaffirmation reduced the discomfort and embarrassment I would have felt if I had to tell Willow that I decided to renege on the drunken offer. Last night, after watching Brock please my wife in front of me and a few other people, and in several positions, I offered her to him for the rest of the cruise. She really isn’t mine to give away, but she didn’t complain about being a gift.

He and his gift both had wet hair and smelled fresh and clean when they walked through our suite door at 11:15. I wondered if they had played together in the shower they both just took, and blood started filling the traitor in my pants. I shook Brock’s hand and hugged my beautiful bride, although it felt awkward and I didn’t kiss her. She didn’t let me get away with it.

“Please kiss me honey. I need to know you’re ok.”

It was reassurance for me, and one of the most gratifying kisses of my life.

Brock was barefoot and shirtless. It looked like he was wearing the same cargo shorts he’d worn last night. Willow, of course, wore the same dress, but she was also barefoot carrying her heels and purse. I wondered if they were both wearing just one piece of clothing, and whether I would find out.

We all sat on the couch while I poured coffee and Willow opened her purse to find the enlarged photographs. She made no effort to hide her bra and panties that were moved aside to grab the envelop, so I knew my speculation that she was naked under her dress was correct.

There were only 6 photographs he thought worthy of printing, and only 2 that were 8” x 10” size. There were four 5” x 7” photos: one with the shark only a couple feet away looking right into the camera, two photos of several schools of colorful fish swimming together, and a photo of Willow and I hugging. One of the large photos was of Willow alone, smiling with her breathing apparatus in her hand. She was topless of course and her camel toe seemed to be the focal point as it was clearly outlined by her spread legs. The other large one was of Willow and Brock hugging. I hadn’t noticed it when I snapped the photo, but his hand had to have been on her bottom.

All the photos were in focus and looked professional, and I was grateful for his gifts. They had been taken before anything else had happened, and they were the very start of my fall into my dark fantasy. I was still dropping, and I didn’t know when or if I would find its ultimate depth.

Was it bottomless?

Was there a Willow line?

They were both questions that we didn’t want answers to yet. We were both fully invested right now, gladly ignoring later consequences.

After looking at all the photos twice, Willow excused herself and headed for the bathroom to put on makeup. I knew it would be a while, and I knew she was prepping for Brock’s cell phone camera. He got up and pulled her bra and panties from her purse before he found his phone. He used the light meter app to check the light in the room.

His verdict, “This is great. Just enough so I won’t need the flash. The skylight does it.”

“Do you want me to give her the new bikini while she’s in the bathroom?”

“No, she can change into it here. Find some more things for her to wear to entice her newest husband and best lover on her honeymoon. I want some sexy photos to show my friends back home.”

He said it in a way that let me know he was rubbing it in, and that he expected me to let him assert his dominance over me too. He really did bully, and although we hadn’t found that line for my wife, he found my pit wasn’t bottomless.

“Fuck you Brock, it’s time to stop treating me like shit. You know that watching and hearing about what you do together turns me on, but you’re being an asshole. I love her and want the best, and right now you are, but that doesn’t mean you can treat me like shit, especially in front of her.”

It was a long harangue for me, and he looked surprised. Finally, he offered his hand and I took it.

As we shook hands, he backed off, “Deal. Sorry, I thought you liked it. From now on, we treat each other with respect and we push Willow. If she balks like you did, we stop pushing.”

I answered, “Deal.” but then walked over to the dresser and opened the top drawer filled with filmy enticements, “These are all new and she’s never worn them.”

“Can I pick a couple for today?”

That was more like it. Questions beat orders, “Any you want.”

He had a couple laid out on the bed when Willow returned with her hair and makeup done expertly.

He asked, “Would you please get the new suit for her Jace?”

Willow looked at me, realizing his attitude toward me had changed. She didn’t expect questions from her newest husband, only directives for both of us, and she didn’t know ‘please’ was in his vocabulary. I went to a different drawer and handed it to her.

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