Holly Discovers a Glory Hole


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Section 1

Hubby was out of town for the next week and Holly had been invited for a night out with her friends. It had been a while since she had been out with them, but she was still considering skipping. There were some reports she had to get done for work at home, plus a fair bit of cleaning for their upcoming move. It was fair to say she was feeling some stress and needed the break.

“But I know there’s a lot to do still,” she told hubby on the phone.

“It’ll be OK, have a good night with your friends,” he told her.

“I suppose. We’ll just have to get this place looking presentable faster, love you, bye,” and they hung up the phone.

She still felt guilty about taking the time for herself, but again, she hadn’t spent time with her friends in a while and they were going out to a local bar and maybe a dance club they’d been to before. It would probably be a late night and she was sure to be tired at the end of it. She wasn’t planning on drinking much since she didn’t have much of a tolerance, being only 5'1…plus she had to see a client the next day.

Her friends had suggested a certain bar that played a lot of older music. It was a retro kind of place and she was considering more retro clothes, but she had just bought a new dress and wanted to wear it. She had been planning a date with hubby and would have worn the dress for him first, but he had to cancel last minute due to the business trip he was on.

She pulled the dress out of the closet and hung it on the bathroom door while she showered. It was black, or a very dark gray, it was hard to tell depending on the light. It was slightly form fitting and ended just above the knee. At the top, it hung off the shoulders with a very slight ruffle. The whole dress had a modest hint of lace sewn into it.

Holly decided she was going to feel as sexy as she could, even if hubby wasn’t there. In the shower she decided to give pussy a trim and clean up as much fuzz as she could. She got out of the shower and began towel drying her hair, watching herself in the mirror. It was quiet and she decided to turn on some music while getting made up.

“Black panties with a black dress right?” She said to herself. Hubby had picked up a tiny thong for her a bit ago, she would wear that and maybe send him a photo later. Strapless black bra of course, there was no way she could considering going without with the size of her chest. She put it on and began messing with her hair. It was shorter now that she had just had a haircut, and she just had to tame it a little bit, nothing too fancy.

Holly slipped into the dress in front of the mirror, watching the dress conform to her curves, then she put on her bootie heels, something she rarely ever wore.

“Hubby could probably count on one hand the number of times he’s seen me in heels since we were married,” she thought to herself. She admired herself in the mirror, but something else was needed…She felt like wearing something on her legs…leggings? Hmm, no. Pantyhose? Too stuffy. She remembered fishnet hose that she had worn on a date with hubby once. Those seemed good, but they were open in the crotch, she remembered. No matter.

Why not feel a little more daring. While she turned in the mirror she looked at her legs, how they looked in the black fishnets, her toes, poking out the very front of the shoes, her curvy hips and booty in the dress, and the way the bra was working hard to hold her breasts perfectly, and one last thing…a necklace given to her by Malik. We’ll call him the ex-lover for now, unless you’ve read some of my other stories. She was sure the guys were going to be looking at her tonight.

She was ready, and called a car to pick her up to meet her friends.

Holly’s phone chimed with a new text: “Make sure to send me a pic of how hot you look tonight ;)” It was from hubby, and she smirked.

There was another text, “Hey! It’s your driver, I’m outside. -Kyle”

“Oh wow, he’s here already,” she said to herself. As she left, she thought about hubby’s text, and decided to pull off her panties before heading out to the car. “Maybe I’ll see if I can take an exciting photo for him in the back of the car…”

After a minute, she had removed the thong, and was walking out to her ride, “Sorry! I just forgot one thing,” she apologized as she got in the car. “It’s got us heading to the bar on 3rd Street, right?

“Yep! We should be there in no time,” Kyle, the driver, replied.

They chatted a little as they made their way towards the bar, small talk, but fun. She managed to discreetly take a few photos up her dress and sent them.

At the bar she met up with her 3 other friends. They found a table and got some snacks and a drink.

They went over their trials and frustrations from work and life over the last month. Her other friends with children talked about their kids and motherhood a lot. She mentioned how she and hubby had been trying to get pregnant for a while now with no luck. They told her stuff like, “It’s ok, it’ll happen sometime,” or other stuff like that.

Anyways, it was time to get up and move around some. The four of them decided to get up for their favorite song, taking their drinks with them, they got out on the floor and formed a circle, dancing for quite a few more songs.

When the song changed again, two of her friends decided to sit down and rest.

Holly decided to stay on the floor and dance with the remaining friend for a while, though some guy she knew came up to her and they got to talking and Holly was left alone. Not ready to sit down yet, she made her way to the bar and got herself another drink.

As the drink arrived, “Hey, you move pretty good out there. Mind if I join for a song or two?” She her a voice from over her shoulder. She turned to find a well dressed guy with dark hair and glasses. He wore an un-tucked purple dress shirt and a gray jacket, with dark denim jeans. Nice shoes though, definitely.

“Hey! Thanks!” She considered him, and finally, “I suppose I could probably give you a dance or two,” she smiled and they danced together a little.

Hoping to not spill her drink she finished it quickly so she could focus on the guy in front of her. He was a pretty good dancer, good with his feet, and very handsome. She was impressed. He did move in closer for some of the more playful songs, twirling her around, even a little bit of grinding.

She could feel he was turned on, and actually kind of liked the idea of getting some other guy excited in a club. She felt dirty, in a good way, knowing that she was grinding against some guys erection with while wearing a dress with no panties.

Before long, he proclaimed he had somebody to meet, and he kissed her hand, before leaving.

She rejoined her friends who were still sitting down, but there were only two of them now. One had left.

“Yeah, she said one of her friends from out of town came and she was going home with him. We really think she just met somebody and wants to get laid,” one of her friends said.

Oh wow, that sounded so good to Holly right now. Her hubby had actually shared her with another guy previously, but she didn’t know if she should just go explore by herself while he was out of town.

The friends stayed for another 45 minutes, and she danced with a couple more guys, none as attractive as the first, though each wanted their chance at a quick grind, naturally. Each of them got their own drive home, and when Holly’s arrived, she discovered she may have had a little more to drink than she planned, as she stumbled towards the car.

Her driver greeter her and started to take her home for the night to sleep off the alcohol. She rested her head against the cool window and thought about the cute guy she danced with, and the fun of grinding against him.

Section 2

“I’m probably all kinds of wet now,” she thought to herself, and slipped her hand up her dress to feel. Yep. Soaking. Ugh. What to do…maybe when I get home…

“Hey,” she addressed the driver, “can you actually stop at the store up here on the corner? I need to pick something up. That can be the end of the ride.”

“Are you sure?” He questioned.

“Yep, thanks!”

She got out of the car and looked up at the store, and the hours. The store was something she’d been to with hubby before, a store with sex toys, fancy lingerie, porn, and all that stuff. The sign said it’d be open a little longer than an hour. “Oh no problem,” she said to herself, and opened the door.

She had never been in one of these stores by herself. Always with hubby, but she knew what she wanted to do. She was going to get herself a new toy, and see if they had a bathroom where she could use it.

She browsed the section, finding futuristic looking toys like the long slender white and gray toy that vibrated at the end. It looked like something by Apple, like an iDildo, she laughed to herself. There was a smooth purple vibrator like what she already had, and a big flesh colored penis shaped dildo with a clit tickler like what she also had. This was intrigued her since she only had brightly colored toys, and nothing that looked real.

The next one to catch her eye looked more like a real cock than the rest of them, with balls, but it didn’t vibrate. Did she need it to vibrate? Hmm, maybe not. Then she saw it. Even a little bigger, and a darker flesh color. She wouldn’t call it black, but it did remind her of the latest fuck she had, not her hubby.

She brought the toy to the counter and paid for it, then asked the clerk, “Are those restrooms back there?” Pointing to a hall way.

“No, those are the booths,” she informed Holly.


“Where you can watch porn if you have some $1 bills.”

“Ohhh, ok,” she pondered, “I might go back there.”

“Ok,” the clerk smiled, “have a good time.”

She picked up her new toy, credit card, and receipt and made her way to the back, passing a couple guys as she went back there. They were chatting together about their latest conquest it seemed. She heard the white guy mention tits, and something about “that ass” from the black guy. Whatever, she just wanted to get off, and kept walking.

She ducked into the hall and found a booth further from the front of the shop.

She entered and closed the door, turning the lock behind her. The room was painted black with a single light in the middle of the ceiling. There was a padded bench by the right wall, sticking into the center of the room, and a flat-screen TV on the main wall. A sign on the left wall read, “Rules.” She opened the packaging and began to examine her new toy. It was definitely darker, not at all like her hubby. It was thick, long, and ribbed with veins.

This one had a suction cup at the bottom she hadn’t seen before purchasing it. Noticing it’s size, she considered going back to buy some lube, but really didn’t want to have to leave the room before she was done. Maybe she’d just finger herself, she thought.

She reached for a couple dollars she had tucked in her bra and fed one into the machine. She wasn’t usually a big fan of porn, but it seemed to make sense to have something on.

Laying back on the bench and spreading her legs, she lifted her dress. Her pussy was soaked as she teased it with her fingertips, feeling how wet she was still. She took the toy in both hands and guided it between her legs, rubbing the tip against her pussy.

It quickly became shiny with wetness, and she began to push it inside her. Deeper it traveled, giving her exactly what she was looking for right now. She rhythmically pushed it in and out of herself along with the music on the TV, but soon the music stopped, and she decided she would rather keep fucking herself than put more money into a TV.

Experimenting a little, she pushed it in as far as it would go, and began to twist it. That was a different feeling. She left it inside herself, trying not to squeeze it out, and began to rub her clit, moaning softly, enjoying the feeling of being completely filled with cock. Well, not cock, but she could imagine.

She grew ever closer to orgasm, between rubbing her clit and fucking her pussy, her moans were growing louder. She was shaking the room somehow with her thrusts. The “Rules” posted on the wall began to shake and fell to the floor.

Where the Rules had been, there was only a dark hole, about 4 inches in diameter. That seemed like a pretty big hole. Why were the Rules covering it up?

She quieted down for a second and decided to see what was going on, as an eye appeared at the hole.

“Keep going baby, make that pussy feel good,” the eye encouraged her.

It was definitely the alcohol helping her, and she continued to thrust the toy into herself, doing as the eye next door guided her. She managed to grip the toy with one hand, and rub her clit with the other, getting closer, closer to orgasm.

The eye vanished, the guy next door had stopped watching her, and suddenly she wasn’t as motivated to get off, not having her viewer anymore. But as she got up to examine the hole herself, something dark came through the darkness and pointed straight at her. The man had slid his black cock through the hole, looking for some kind of attention no doubt.

She knelt down on the floor and placed her toy on the seat where she had just been sitting. Taking the stiff, erect penis in her hand, she felt how warm it was. She felt how hard it was, much harder than the toy she was using, but still somewhat soft.

“Suck it baby. Suck me with those pretty lips,” he told her.

She did, and he moaned at the touch of her lips and tongue. Her hand rubbed the base of his shaft, and her lips kissed all around the tip. She would lift his dick up and slide her tongue along the bottom, and then push it down, and lick all along the top. Before long, she began to kiss on it passionately, actively sucking at him, rubbing on his shaft with her hand the whole time.

“Ohh yeah baby, gimmie a sec,” he asked, withdrawing his cock from her mouth and from the hole.

“Whatcha doin?” She asked.

Shortly the cock re-emerged, this time wrapped in rubber. He had put a condom on his dick.

“What do you want me to do now?” She asked teasingly. Did he really want to try and fuck her through a wall?

“Lemmie get inside that pussy baby, put that ass against the hole,” he instructed. Oh yes, he did want to fuck through the wall. He seemed confident though. It was a good thing she wore some heels otherwise she’d never reach the hole.

She stood up, and turned herself towards the other wall. She bent over and lifted her dress further. With no panties to remove, and an opening in her fishnets for just such an occasion, she backed up towards the hole.

“Oh yeah baby, such a sexy pussy. I’m gonna get in that,” he said hungrily. His dick began pushing at her pussy, and he soon penetrated her. She was getting fucked by another man now, a man she didn’t know, and hadn’t even seen. Normally she might be scared, but she was so turned on, all she wanted to do was get off on this guy’s dick. She pulled the bench closer and used it to rest her arms on, and to push back against the hole in the wall…and his increasingly forceful thrusts.

Ohh it was so good. She loved the feelings she was getting, both physically, and mentally, thinking about this anonymous cock, and how it was now balls deep inside her.

He grunted and thrust, withdrawing his cock from her completely, and pushing it back in as far as he could. He did this at least ten times, each time he kept himself inside her longer before withdrawing for a few seconds, and then thrusting deep again.

Section 3

During his trusts, his cock began to feel better and better inside her. He seemed to fill her even more, she felt herself get wetter and wetter on his cock, he slid in and out so easily now. Each time, sliding in easier, pushing her against her bench, stretching her pussy.

He pulled out again for a few more moments and then pushed in deep again. This time instead of the slow deliberate thrusts, he was really going hard and fast. She was grateful after all the teasing. This was getting her so close…so close…it was coming. He was going to make her orgasm by his cock alone, and she began moaning loudly, begging for his dick, telling him not to stop.

He began moaning as he reached his own orgasm, and she felt herself getting even wetter than before, if possible. Her wetness began to dribble down her leg, and as she came down from her orgasm, she wiped up the wetness she had made, and looked at it. It was white and thick. She had never known her wetness to be anything other than clear.

She pulled herself off of the cock, still penetrating her and looked back.

She was not looking at the same, black, rubber encased cock. She was looking at an equally fat, completely bare, white cock. A cock that had just completely filled her with cum, and then some.

Exhausted, she let herself fall forward, laying lengthwise on the bench, an arm and a leg dangling off each side, and her head turned to the side, drunk on the afterglow of a great fuck, and of course, alcohol.

“Damn cutie,” the voice came from the hole in the wall, “we put a lot of cum in that pussy.”

“Yeah, baby, you’re still drippin,” the other guy said, sounding impressed at their work.

She began to come down from her orgasm enough to realize she recognized those voices. Were they the guys from in the shop, the guys she passed on the way back to her booth? Their voices trailed off and she heard the door shut from next door.

She sat up, straddling the bench. She noticed she was indeed sitting in a pool of cum. Thankfully, there were tissues in the corner, and she quickly wiped up…both the bench, and herself, and tossed the cum-soaked refuse into the waste basket, along with the packaging from her new favorite toy.

The last thing she wanted to do was run into those guys again on her way out, plus she had to call another ride to pick her up. Holly decided to send out for her ride, and called the front desk at the store…

“Hi, I just bought a toy a little while ago and ended up…uh, having a little fun in the rooms back here. Can you tell me if those two guys from earlier are still here?

“Oh no, they left a few minutes ago. They come here every few days and always leave right after. If you need to get in contact with them for any reason, I’ve got their info.”

“Oh, ok. Thanks. I’m going to wait back here until my ride comes.”

“No problem at all hun. Be safe,” and the clerk hung up.

Her phone chimed that her ride had arrived, and exiting the store, she gave the clerk a quick wave.

She got in the car and started heading home, this time with no detours, when she felt more wetness between her legs. She was still dripping cum. She found some tissue in the back seat and stuffed it between her legs to soak up anything else.

Again her phone chimed. It was a text from hubby. “Hope you’re having a great night!”

She texted back, “Yep! Had a ton of fun! On my way home now…exhausted!”

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