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Chris and I had been married for twenty-three years now Things had been hard but now that our youngest daughter had left for uni, we had more time for ourselves. This was to be our first holiday in years without the kids along and we’d agreed to go to a country holiday resort with some friends.

My wife Chris is forty-nine, five-foot nine inches tall and curvy. She has nice firm boobs and shoulder-length straight light brown hair with a natural flick. Chris has always been active and although she doesn’t go to the gym, she keeps fit and is often thought to be much younger. She’s always been very conservative and comes from a large family of church goers.

Meanwhile I’m 45, 5’10” and a little overweight, since I’ve been in an office job for a while. I’ve short cropped hair, what’s left of it! I used to be a fit outdoors type but, but because of the pressure of work and time, have let things slip a bit.

Anyway, back to the holiday. We arrived on Friday night and after settling into our rooms and freshening up we met up with Karen and Dave in the resort bar for a meal and a few drinks.

Karen, forty-two, is a petite blonde with her hair in a bob and a slim figure and large shapely boobs, she works as an office manager in a school. Dave is a touch under six feet, fifty-one years old and slim; he’s a high level manager in his company. We’ve known them for about 10 years. Chris and Karen being on the school parents committee together, they soon became best friends and Dave became my walking and climbing partner.

Karen is one of those people who will talk to anyone and a few times on the way to and from the toilets I noticed her chatting to some black guys at the bar and giggling with them. I asked her who the guys were and she told us they were some American collage footballers over hear on a working vacation trying to introduce the game into British schools. We had a good night setting the mood for the week and headed off to our rooms.

Back in our lodge we headed to bed and Chris was feeling horny as usual. However I was tired after the long drive up and no way was she going to get me hard enough to do anything. With the stress at work lately I’ve been having a few issues in that department and Chris was starting to get frustrated with the lack of attention she was getting. So we went to sleep in an icy silence.

The following morning I awoke to Chris still feeling amorous and after a little help from her tongue I was quite hard. So she climbed onto my four inch cock and started to grind away. God it felt so good, her pussy still felt tight after three kids and at forty-nine, just watching her boobs swinging back and forth soon had me shooting my load.

“No, not yet!” she complained, as it wilted and slipped out of her followed by most of my cum into our pubes. She ground away at my crotch for a while then rolled of and sighed. “It would be nice to come together like we used to,” she said. “Sorry” was all I could muster and headed for the shower.

After that I headed to the kitchen to put coffee on and make breakfast. Chris showered and I heard her on her mobile. She wondered into the kitchen.

“That was Karen, we’re meeting them at ten and going into the retail village to do some shopping.”

Great I though. Dave and I will get dragged round the shops all day while the girls bend our plastic, I knew Karen was a bad influence on Chris when it came to shopping! Still there were a few good outdoor shops so Dave and I could take a look round them.

So a day at the shops it was the girls dragged us round all the fashion shops and got us to buy them whatever they wanted. In a leather shop Karen talked me into buying Chris a short leather skirt several inches above the knee and much shorter than she’d normally wear. After the morning I figured £150 for a skirt might cheer her up and get me back in her good books.

Karen talked Dave into a short straight leather mini-dress for her at £275 I felt much better about the skirt! We continued round buying shoes, underwear, etc. , all day then the girls went to get a manicure and pedicure while we went to do the outdoor shops. We met up later for a coffee and talked about plans for the night ahead.

Karen said she fancied a girlie night and some dancing with Chris. As she knew neither I nor Dave were into clubbing, she suggested we go down the sport bar to watch the Grand Prix and have a few beers. We agreed Karen would come round at seven to get ready with Chris and Dave and I would meet in the bar around nine


Karen came round as planned and the girls disappeared to the bedroom to sort themselves out, taking a bottle of wine with them. Meanwhile I sat in the lounge and caught up with a few work emails that needed my attention, after which I started to read a book.

About eight-thirty the girls walked into the lounge. They looked fantastic. Chris had the new leather skirt on as well as lace tights and her new black patent ankle strap five inch heels. These made her legs look really long and sexy; I often think they’re her best feature. She really looked hot. She wore a sheer cream top with black trim and a black balcony bra under, pushing her gorgeous tits up. In the heels she seemed to tower over me.

Karen had the black leather dress on Dave had brought her matched with seamed black stockings and black patent heels that looked higher than Chris’s. They completed the look with stark red polish on their nails from the manicures and more make up than they usually wore.

They sat on the sofa together and asked me to get them some more wine, which I did. I stood before them about to leave when Chris spoke.

“I’ve been telling Karen about last night and this morning’s shambles.” I was taken aback. “Take your clothes off, I want to show Karen” she said.

I stood there dumbfounded.” What? Strip?” I stammered.

“Yes, and hurry up we’re going out soon.”

In a daze I removed my shirt and jeans and stood there in my boxers.

“I want her to see what I have to put up with,” said Chris

I pulled my boxers down and stepped out of them. My manhood shrivelled to hide in my pubes. I stood naked in front of the girls.

“Oh my god,” said Karen, “it’s tiny! I thought you were joking! How on earth did he ever get you pregnant with that?”

“God knows,” exclaimed Chris, “but it’s useless now, he hasn’t made me cum in months, and when it does get hard he comes too quickly.”

“You need to make him get rid of those pubes, Chris. I keep Dave shaved; at least you can see what he has got then.”

“Yes,” replied Chris, “you can do that after we’ve gone before you meet Dave in the bar. Now go and get that leather belt of yours. I’m going to teach you a lesson”.

This was so much to take in, all at once. I was caught like a rabbit in a car’s headlights. I went to our bedroom and fetched the leather belt.

“Now kneel on the other sofa and bend forwards, legs apart,” said Chris.

As I positioned myself I could feel my embarrassment deepen I was totally exposed to both women. “How dare you come before I do? You need to learn a lesson and it starts right here. How many strokes do you think you deserve, Nick?” she demanded.

“Ten?” I ventured.

Karen laughed. “Ten, is that all your worth, Chris?” She asked.

I could see where this was going so jumped in quickly “Twenty? Hard ones,” I added hopping I’d get away with that.

“Mmmm,” said Karen, “that should do for now as it’s his first time. Remember what I told you, Chris”.

Chris positioned herself behind me and put her hand between my legs, feeling my cock and balls hanging down.

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