Her First Time 4.6/5 (77)

If you could see her through my eyes, you’d see a warm, loving, sexually stimulating, beautiful woman who loves being made love to.

At first glance, you’d probably see an attractive woman who might merit a second glance. But, boy, would you be amazed how sensual she is and how she can fill you with desire.

I admit it. I’m not the man I used to be. That’s what a variety of surgeries to knees, shoulders, back and gut can do to you.

But she’s still all woman and lives for and loves orgasms.

Even if I get it up any more, my tongue and fingers still supply her with plenty of orgasmic satisfaction. And when she gets going, tightening her legs around my hand as I flick her clit, I fear she is going to break my hand she’s squeezing it so hard.

She doesn’t complain that I can’t get it up, but I know deep down inside she misses my erect cock thrusting into her.

I love her. She loves me. Enough said.

But because I love her, I want to get more satisfaction than just my fingers and tongue can provide.

I have encouraged her, but she always responded that sex is special and at its best with someone you feel completely free and compatible with.

I wanted her to feel free to explore sex with another man and dropped little hints about her doing it.

Several years ago, in an on-line chat room, I began a conversation with a gentleman that drifted into sex as the communications continued.

I expressed my frustrations that my wife was missing out on sex, and he was sympathetic. Together we decided to try to get together to see if we could get her to do something with him.

I invited him to our house for dinner under the pretext that he was coming over to watch a championship fight on TV.

While she was showering before his arrival, I put a bouquet and bottle of her favorite wine on the front porch for him to give her.

She was impressed by his thoughtfulness, and I fixed the two of them cocktails before dinner. I’m not the greatest cook in the world, but I grilled chicken on our George Foreman grill, complete with my special barbecue sauce, which she loves, and then opened the wine for them as we sat down for dinner.

He and I talked a little sports, and my wife seemed to enjoy the conversation, joining in with questions about his favorite players and teams, slipping in some personal questions about him as well.

I could tell that she was impressed by his concern for others and his political stance.

I continued filling their wine glasses, and everyone felt at ease.

My wife loves to play cards, something I’d warned him about, and I suggested we play three-handed pinochle, having given him some of the basics of the game in an email after setting up the meeting.

The competition was fun and spirited, and I realized that we’d missed the fight but assured him I had taped it.

I said we should play another game for the championship of the world and said we should do like major-league baseball players do when they are practicing and making fun bets, not for money but for service, liked the loser having to get the winner a sandwich or drink in the clubhouse.
He and I joked that with stakes that high, we’d go all out to win, and my wife laughed and said she was game and wouldn’t mind two men having to do something for her.

I suggested the losers would have to give the winner a massage, and told them they would have to massage my achy knees. I teased my wife that she liked to have her feet and legs massaged, and she agreed that’s what she’d ask for.

When I asked him what he’d like massaged, he screwed his face up as if in deep thought and then stared down at his groin before saying, “My shoulders.”

The game was on, and you can probably guess who won with subtle help from the two losers.

I suggested maybe she should rinse her feet and maybe take off her skirt. She did and returned downstairs wearing some baby doll pajamas that weren’t see-through but were still revealing.

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  • JohnV

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    Loved story and want to hear more. Am available if she needs me.

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