Her First All Male Group 4.6/5 (39)

My story begins in 1999 when I managed a real estate agency dealing with clients looking to build holiday homes and hotels plus a separate department dealing with normal house sales. Teo came to work for us in the homes department as a sales assistant.

I took her on as she was lively, highly intelligent and spoke five languages, invaluable when dealing with foreign clients. She had been with us about 6 months before we first went on a date, we got together as a couple almost 1 year to the day after we first met at her interview.

To some people we were a slightly odd match as I was older than Teo at nearly 40yrs old I had better describe Teo as she was then, 5’3’’ tall, 22yrs old with straight black hair down to the top of her ass, large green eyes and Italian/Spanish looks. Her body is superb, long shapely legs for her height, tiny 22 inch waist, 34D tits with average size dark brown aureole and large dark brown nipples,

she was always fully shaved, apart from her head there was not another single hair on her body, fantastic to look at and lovely to go down on, I spent many happy hours using my mouth and tongue on her wet and willing pussy. Her face can only be described as stunning with a small nose and full lips, when she smiles the room lights up, her big green eyes sparkle when she gets excited and she loves sex, altogether an intelligent, very lovely and very horny package with an outgoing and friendly manner.

When at work she always dressed in a sexy, sophisticated style, usually with a white blouse with one too many buttons undone to make the most of her tits, which looked bigger because of her small slim build. Teo was great with male clients, the way she flirted with them, touching their arms and hands and looking directly into their eyes with her full smile had them very willing to deal with us.

If it was an all male group of investment company reps she would flirt outrageously with them to get the deal done. None of which ever bothered me, we often ended up having very intense sex sessions in the evenings, with me teasing her that she would find herself in the middle of a gang-bang one day. This type of talk, of her being fucked by several men seemed to turn her on, making her pussy very wet and ready and usually ending with a huge orgasm for us both.

So how did Teo end up making my teasing, and to be honest our secret fantasy come true? We had been working hard to complete a project with an investment group from the European Union and had finally completed the deal on a Thursday afternoon, everybody was relieved to have finished early as they wanted to travel back home over the weekend. But before they left they wanted a night out at a club to celebrate, and as they confided in me, maybe find a one night stand with some willing woman.

I thought they stood a good chance, they were a group of five businessmen aged between 28 and 55 yrs old with money to spend. After consulting with Teo and a couple of people in the office we ended up recommending a local club that had a reputation of being a bit wild and good for finding single women out for a good time.

They made it obvious they expected us both to be there to celebrate with them, so before they left to go to their hotel to eat and get ready we arranged to meet them at the club at 11pm, giving everyone plenty of time to prepare. Teo and me went home early and managed to snatch a quick couple of hours sleep before getting ready to go out.

I dressed in my Italian black suit with an open neck plain white shirt and black shoes and sat in the lounge with my gin and tonic to wait for Teo, I had taken her large G&T up to our bathroom for her where she was preparing herself. When she appeared in the lounge she was wearing one of her favorite dresses, a tight cocktail mini dress in bright green to match her eyes, it was made from some sort of stretchy material that clung tightly to every curve of her body.

It had a scoop top, being stretchy this could be pulled down off her shoulders to sit further down her arms, exposing as much of her ample 36D breasts as she wanted too or be pulled up to form a modest scoop.

The hem finished about 2 inches below pussy level, exposing nearly the full length of her lovely legs. I knew from experience that when she sat down she needed to be careful if she didn’t want to show her knickers to anyone watching. She had no stockings on leaving her tanned legs bare and had put on her black 6inch heel stiletto’s with the ankle straps, what she called her fuck me shoes.

My comment of ‘Wow’ brought a big sexy smile to her face and she pulled up the hem to show me she was wearing a very tiny G string that was just a bit of black lace at the front held together by very thin strings.

I was surprised and told her so, she explained that with this tight dress it was either full size knickers or virtually no knickers, as anything in-between could be seen in outline, which she hated. For the same reason she had no bra on and her large nipples were making little tents in the thin material.

I had to agree with her and looked forward to seeing how she would protect her modesty when sitting down with the guys as crossing her legs would expose the full length of leg and even a bit of bum cheek to their gaze, she would have to be very careful. We arrived at the club just after 11pm and the guys had found us seating in a high-back booth with a fixed oval table in the middle, they had even found a chair to place at the table end making enough room for all seven of us.

One of them called over our waitress and ordered another round of drinks telling her to make them large ones as nobody was driving that night. Teo squeezed onto the last vacant spot in the booth, sitting with her legs crossed and pointing inwards, leaving me with the chair. I looked around the club, noting the dance-floor right in front of our booth and the private rooms along one wall with privacy glass at the front which allowed the occupants to see out without being seen themselves.

On the floor above them was the VIP area also with privacy glass where I had heard that local sports team’s and other business big-wigs could party unseen by prying eyes. What I didn’t know was this area had it’s own private entrance as well so nobody would have to pass through the main club area, all very discreet and therefore popular with the more well known clients.

When the waitress returned with more drinks I asked her about the possibility of booking one of the private rooms for the evening and she said she would ask the manager. She returned to tell me that unfortunately they were all booked but if anyone canceled we had first refusal. When I told the others they were a bit disappointed as they had hoped to be able to entice some other girls to join us for champagne in privacy, but resolved to make the most of the night.

They ordered two bottles of champagne anyway and after it was opened we all drank a toast to the success of their venture. The champagne coupled with the G&T’s me and Teo had already consumed was making me feel a bit tipsy but still well in control. Teo I noticed was becoming very flirty with the guys closest to her as the drinks took affect, a tendency I had noticed with her when out partying.

One of the younger guys asked Teo if she would dance with him, she looked at me before answering and when I told her to go ahead she linked arms with him and off they went to the dance floor. The older guy asked if I minded her dancing with other men and I explained that not being much of a dancer myself and also being 18years older than Teo it seem overly protective of me not to allow her to do something she loved.

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