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Section 1

Chapter One-The Beginning

After a year of great fucking, my husband’s cock went on strike. This was before Viagra and nothing either of us could do would help out. Doctors wanted to give him something to shoot in his dick or for him to see a mental health doctor.

We just did not want to do those things and in fact it really did not matter anyway. His dick was almost six inches long and maybe an inch and a half thick. His head was the just a little bigger than his shaft. I knew from experience that what really worked for me was a nice shaft with a big head. Now it was not that he came too easily, until the ED got bad he could go for hours but again I had to have oral from him to climax.

Being the great man he is, he started suggesting that I find a lover. I fought this idea for a long time but then my cunt got the best of me. I have to describe myself. At this time I had just turned 40, while I don’t think I was that good looking I have to admit that I had a smoking hot body, 36D+ natural tits, great legs, tight ass and tight cunt. I had fucked and sucked a lot of men over the years so was not lacking in experience or skill.

I had been divorced for a couple of years when I first came to Florida. I fell in with this older lesbian and lived with her for a month or so but was not into being fucked by cucumbers and candles, and not being allowed to reciprocate plus being bossed around and treated as a prize. After moving out I lived with a guy for a year or so and it was OK, sex was fairly good but he was a drinker and I soon got tired of it.

My brother got a place in the same town so I moved in with him. Had a crappy job, did some mercy fucks and was plain bored. The week before I met my current husband I had brought a guy home to fuck, he had been fine until he shot his cum in me then he kind of freaked out. I could never figure out why.

So here I was hot lady with a juicy cunt just looking for a real dick to fill it. My husband and I had a great first year with tons of sex. He could fuck for hours and climax when he wanted too. Often his dick was enough to get me off but if not he would use his tongue on me. He never left me hanging.

After his ED problems set in my husband tried various dildos and strap on dicks but most of them just did not do it. Now again it was not that I wasn’t being climaxed, he has never left me dry in all the years we have been together. But at that time I wanted dick, real hard man dick. I think the real reason was the thrill of unleashing my 36 D’s and watching a cock reach for the sky.

Finally, my husband convinced me he really wanted me to have a lover and I decided to agree. This was hard for me, while I had lots of experience I only did one at a time. I started looking for a suitable sex partner.

At the time, I was working at this high tech company and there were a lot of hot guys there but most were married including the very horny owner. I did not want to do that scene, I had done married guys in the past and it never turns out well. I also knew that I did not want to pick someone that I was attracted to for their brains, I did not want to fall in love.

Finally I decided that Tim might fill the bill. He was some kind of mechanic there, nice stocky build, good enough looking and had always treated me well. I knew he had dated one of the other secretaries for a while so one night after work, as we were having a drink I asked her about him. She said he was great in the sack but not much to talk too. BINGO

I told my husband I had found one and started dressing hotter for work. This did catch the attention of the owner and I got to feel his hands on me a couple of times. I kind of let the word out among the girls that I was not being satisfied at home knowing that it would get around and it sure did. I felt like a deer with a pack of wolves after her.

Finally, one day Tim asked me if I would like to come and see a car he was working on, I knew he was proud of his car. I agreed that I could tomorrow as I had to make an excuse to my husband. Having the lover think he is pulling something over on the husband is a big turn on for the man. Something from our ancient roots I guess.

The next day I wore a short skirt and a thin button-down blouse. Just before quitting time I went into the bathroom and took off my panties and bra. I then walked back by Tim’s work station and asked if we were still on, he said for sure and I knew he could tell I was not wearing a bra. I waited for him in the parking lot and followed him home.

It was a modest place but clean, we went inside, I could tell he was nervous, he grabbed a beer and asked me if I wanted something, I said “Something hard and hot.” That was all folks, he came up behind me, grabbed my tits and kissed my neck. I moaned and turned to him, sticking my tongue half way down his throat. I said, “Tim, I need a real man’s cock in my pussy.”

Off came our clothes and to my surprise he had the perfect cock, I grabbed it and start sucking and slurping. I guess Tim was not used to hot sluts that liked to fuck because he was moaning and groaning and then he was shooting gallons of salty cum down my throat. I saved a little and let it flow out of my mouth down onto my breasts.

Then I rubbed it in and licked my hands. I told him he had the best tasting cum ever. He was already starting to get hard again so I opened my legs and said, “Tim fuck my needy pussy with your big cock.” He started going real fast and I said, “slow down lover, we have lots of time tonight and many other nights.

" At that he started fucking me real good. In, out, in further, all the way out, then back in. I wrapped my legs around his thick body and came like I had few times in my life. I screamed out and scratched his back. He came again also as we locked together. I have to admit that Tim was one of the best fucks I had ever had.

We laid there awhile, bathed in sweat, trying to come back to earth. Then I looked at the wall clock and said, “Tim, I have to get home.” He asked me when I could come over again and I told him Saturday night because my husband was going to be at some function. We kissed, I reached my head down and cleaned his cock off, dressed and went home.

Of course, my husband was waiting for my report and when I told him what happened he ripped my clothes off and ate me out, Tim’s cum and all.

The next day at work I got Tim aside in the lunch room. “Tim, I’m busted” I said.

“What happened,” he said with a worried look.

“When I got home my husband insisted on eating me out and of course saw your cum.” “Oh God, is he coming after me.” Tim asked.

“Not at all Tim, he wants to watch.” I answered. “Watch?” “Watch what?” Tim inquired.

“Watch you fuck me, Tim.” I replied.

At that point I told Tim all about my encounter with my husband, how he ate my pussy, including Tim’s cum and told me he wanted to see a man fuck me like I needed to be fucked. Tim seemed to be in shock but I guess the free sex overcame his concern. We agreed to discuss it more on Saturday.

Section 2

Saturday seemed to take forever to get here. My pussy was weeping all day thinking about Tim’s big-headed dick. Finally it was time to go. I just wore a wraparound dress with nothing on underneath. After all I was just planning on fucking him most of the night. I got to his house but was surprised to find that there was another guy there drinking a beer.

It was Tim’s cousin Stan and it also turned out that Stan had been watching all the action the other night and wanted a piece. Well that kind of pissed me off until Stan pulled out his long cock and stuck it in my face, I figured whore for one whore for all, looked at Tim and said, “Nobody else!” Then I grabbed Stan’s cock and proceeded to suck him off.

In short order, he sent his slightly sweet cum into my mouth. I got up, drank some water and said to the guys. “I am running the show from now on, without me you two would be jacking off. I want to do a sandwich and Stan, you are going to do my ass and Tim my cunt.” I was ready to relive my college days.

First I had the boys lube me up real good. It was exciting feeling Stan’s big fingers pumping lube into my rectum. I then had Tim lay down on the floor, I spent a minute getting his cock really hard then squatted down on it, at that point I told Stan to lube up and stick his long hard cock up my ass.

My God it was wonderful. They took turns in and out, in and out. After what seemed forever we all started feeling the buildup and we all came almost at once. I could feel every spurt in my cunt and ass and was in heaven.

A little while later I got up and walked dripping over to the phone and called my husband. “Dear, I will be home tomorrow evening.”

I hung up the phone and looked at Tim and Stan, already their dicks were getting hard thinking about the continuation of our fuck session. I had not had a hard cock for some time so I did not want to waste this opportunity. When I told my husband I would not be home until tomorrow and he did not object I knew the way was clear for an epic session.

I admit I was wondering what it would feel like with Tim’s big headed cock up my ass. I knew though that the boys would have to get some rest before we could try again. I was standing at the phone, naked, with my tits sticking out and my almost shaved cunt dripping Tim’s cum. Just to be a bitch I walked over to where Stan was sitting and stuck my cunt in his face.

Much to my surprise he started licking and doing it well. I squeezed real hard to drain all the cum out of my cunt. Tim came up behind me and stuck his semi hard cock in my ass crack and grabbed my breasts. My weakness is that if you can get your hands on my breasts you are going to get fucked.

I looked at the boys with their half hard dicks and told them to kneel down, side by side on the floor. Being slaves to my cunt they did what I told them to do. Here is my secret to men, a nice face helps but you don’t have to be a raving beauty. Breasts are important to most guys, the bigger the better but C’s will do just fine.

A tight cunt is a real plus along with the willingness to let them fuck your ass and most importantly love oral sex and be happy to swallow. A lot of guys are into watching their wives or girlfriends fuck other men so doing that is also a benefit.

I got down with the boys and started sucking, back and forth, back and forth. Stan came first, I took it all but saved a little bit and spit it out on Tim. I guess the graphics of that got to him and he started cumming all over my tits. I rubbed it in then told them to lick up what was left and low and behold they did it.

I said, “Boys, I need a nap, but when I wake up I want to do the double again but I want to try Tim’s cock in my ass.” Do you think anyone said no?

Then I added to it, “Do you guys know a few other men with big cocks that would like to fuck me?” “Call then and have them over, say at ten tomorrow morning.” “I always wanted to do a gangbang.”

All I heard was, “Yes Dani, we will take care of it Dani.” Then I headed to Tim’s bedroom. Sleep came at once but not before I sent a text to my wonderful husband. “Hope to have a lot of cum for you to drink tomorrow afternoon.”

I woke at three in the morning, looked at the clock, went to the bathroom and then out into the living room. The boys were asleep on the couch, one facing each way, almost sexual. I turned on the overhead light and said,

“Wakie Wakie boys.”

I had brought a tube of KY jelly with me, stripped off my bra and panties and started greasing up my cunt and ass hole. This got them fully awake and almost fully up.

I had them get up and dragged the couch cushions onto the floor. They were standing there like robots as I put KY on their cocks.

I told Stan to lay down, face up on the cushions. Then I knelt down on him and slid down on his now erect cock. I looked over my shoulder and told Tim to take my ass. It took a while for that big head to get into me.

There was a little bit of pain than it was replaced by a pleasant fullness as he stuffed me like a Thanksgiving Turkey. I told them to move alternatively. Tim’s big head was rubbing up and down my anal cavity as Stan fucked my cunt.

Like many things, anal is an acquired taste, but I realized that I had acquired the taste. They must have fucked me for five minutes before Tim came in my ass. I felt the spurting of his cum and a deep warmness. Then seconds later I felt Stan’s cock stiffen and start shooting into my hot willing cunt. With that I came also.

Back to bed for the three of us and we all fell asleep in Tim’s Queen-sized bed.

I woke to the door bell ringing, put on one of Tim’s shirts and went to the door. On the way I noticed it was 9 AM. When I opened the door I found two good looking black guys standing there. When I asked what they wanted they said, “Stan told us there was this good looking blond ho here that could not get enough cock.”

I said, “That must be me, come on in boys.”

They walked in, closed the door and took off my shirt, reveling my nakedness. Not wanting to be alone I unzipped their pants and was able to pull out two of the nicest black cocks I had ever seen. I got down on my knees and started sucking. I guess they were horny because within minutes they start spurting black seed all over my face and tits.

When I scooped it up they went crazy. I found myself on the floor with a big black cock in my cunt and another in my mouth. It took me about two minutes to start coming and as my cunt sucked the cum out of one, the other took his place.

At this Stan and Tim woke up and joined the circle jerk. Finally, I ended up laying on the floor with cum in my mouth, cunt, and ass and all over my tits and belly.

When I finally got home my husband had a feast.

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