He Owned Me…And I Loved It 4.8/5 (22)

I want to tell you a tale of contentment and bliss. It is also a story about the depths of domination and lust. It is my story. I’m a college graduate named Patty and I’m 5’7”, 110 lbs and 24 years old. I’m not boasting when I say I have a beautiful figure and long sandy blond hair. I’ve been married for a little over a year to my husband Tim. He has made me what I am today.

In college I just wandered around not able to decide what I wanted to do and Tim being almost 30 at that time gave me direction. At first I wouldn’t say he was controlling but he was very subtle and manipulative. He would do things like ordering off the menus for me and he would even pick out clothing for me.

He’s the one that told me how much better I would look as a pure blond. I loved him and would doing anything to please him so of course I bleached my hair. He inferred that he like me to shave off all my pubes so I started getting wax regularly. He liked me blond on top and pink on bottom. The sex was incredible and he taught me things I never thought I would do.

Because I enjoyed the sex we had together, I guess I overlooked somethings when we were dating. He knew exactly what buttons to push and showed me a world of toys and accessories. He introduced me to anal sex and although it’s not my favorite Tim really seems to be turn on by it. When he does shove his thick 8 inch cock inside my petite butt, he always takes it nice and easy.

I have to admit that I do enjoy the warmth I feel inside my bowels when he deposits his hot seed as he cums. Where most guys would leave their toothbrush at your apartment, he would leave vibrators and butt plugs. Sometimes I wouldn’t hear from him for 3-4 days at a time. He would say it was work related or one of his many guy friends that dropped by for the weekend.

He never gave me a key to his place until we got hitched. I would always have to call if I wanted to come over where as he would stop by any hour of the night. I wasn’t ever suspicious until after we were married. Once I hadn’t seen him for 2 days and he shows up around 3 AM after supposedly partying with some of the guys one weekend.

He was inebriated and ordered me to get on my knees. He didn’t even fully undress, he just dropped his pants around his ankles and told me to suck his cock. I was barely awake but I obediently did as I was told. His cock smelled of fresh sex, pussy to be exact. I bet my tight ass that it had been in some slut’s cunt earlier that evening.

I didn’t have time to accuse him before he shoved his cock into my mouth. His dick harden quickly and filled my oral cavity. The scent of pussy filled my nostrils, but the knowledge of sucking his cunt covered cock was somehow exciting. I grabbed his iron hard buttocks and pulled him to me and sucked him eagerly.

I wanted him to fuck my pussy so badly but he had a lot to drink and was only interested in getting off. He reached his hand under my Teddie and roughly mauled my soft white orbs. By the time he was close he was literally fucking my face. He held my head with both of his hands and pistoned his dick like a well tuned Detroit car engine.

I looked up at him and saw a man who wasn’t going to let anything keep him from blowing his wad. He was close and began to shove more of his huge cock deeper into my mouth. I tried to relax my throat to accommodate the pounding from his bulbous head. He yelled out, “Suck it!” before I felt him exploded against the back of my mouth. He grunted and I felt the first spurt hit the back of my throat.

He held still as his dick spasmed and pumped load after load of warm gism into me. I rubbed my tongue back and forth under the base of his pulsating shaft. My husband’s loads are legendary for their amounts and all I could do was swallow as fast as I could to keep from gaging. If he had already cum once tonight inside of some slut’s cunt I couldn’t tell it because he gave me a massive load.

I continued sucking as his spurting finally wound down. When he had nothing left to give he pulled his sensitive cock from my mouth. He fell on the bed and soon passed out. My cunt was soaked but he was in no shape to take care of it. It had been two whole days since I had any kind of action. I reached my hand down and frigged my juicy slit like I had in high school and soon found the relief I needed.

Afterward I collapsed on the floor next to the bed in a state of partial bliss. I wanted to be fucked after having been used like a common streetwalker but at least I did get to cum once. I soon went to sleep also after having my teeth ‘brushed’ for the second time this evening.

The next day Tim wanted to spend some quality time with me so he took me to dinner. He was back to his usual self, charming and debonair. I had never noticed before but this evening I saw him checking out other woman routinely. I was jealous and still upset about my suspicions and I let him know it when we arrived home.

I asked him if he had been with another woman because he smelled like sex yesterday. He smiled and told me that it was so hot making me suck his pussy coated cock last night. I was shocked. He didn’t even try to deny it and he continued that he could tell that it had turned me on some also. I protested and told him that I wasn’t about to let him fuck other woman while I was his wife.

His demeanor changed and then he told me in no uncertain terms that I was his wife and that I would be obedient and obey his every command. “I own you!” he shouted. He tossed me down on the bed and removed my clothing. He practically ripped off my panties and pulled me to the edge off the bed. He got down before me and ordered me to spread my clamped shut thighs.

I didn’t want to but something told me I should. I spread my legs and he began to eat me out. Tim’s tongue could always drive me wild and my pussy betrayed me once again. My pussy loves hard cock and a soft tongue too and once it’s had a little of either there isn’t anything I can do. When he had me nice and wet he stood up and dropped his trousers and entered me roughly.

He fucked me nice and slow until I was begging for more. That’s when he would slow down or even stop completely. The mother fucker was playing with me and he never allowed me to cum. He intentionally brought me to the edge and then backed off. He pulled his cock from my cunt and pulled me off the bed, “Clean it!” he ordered. I took him in my mouth and tasted my own wetness.

His cock was dripping with our juices and it was especially nasty and it only turned me on some more. I was so horny that I reached down to finger myself. Tim immediately saw what I was going to do and yelled out, “NO! You will never pleasure yourself again unless I allow it.” He pulled my arms around his ass and had me continue to suck him. Later he had me stop and get back on the bed on all fours. He grabbed so lube and told me to hold still.

He was going to ass fuck me and my pussy was still on fire. He shoved one lubricated finger into my ass and I winched and pulled away. “Don’t ever pull away like that again or you will be punished.” he told me. I wondered what punishment was? He withdrew his finger and told me I wasn’t fresh enough. He took me into the bathroom and pushed me into the shower stall.

As I started the shower I saw him pull out a red douche bag from under the sink. I hadn’t seen one of those since I was a little girl at grandma’s house. I watched him fill it and add some soft soap to the mixture. He entered the shower and told me to bend over. “You’re not go..” I asked. “Only talk when you’re spoken too.”

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