He Fucked My Girl, Part 10 3.4/5 (5)

I immediately hung back to watch them flirt. She saw me hanging back. She surreptitiously smiled at me, and then kept flirting with him. They slow danced, giving him a chance to check out her tight butt, and her a chance to feel his hard body and big cock pressed against her.

“Do you want to fuck him?” I asked her when he went to the bathroom. I knew she did, she had her cum face on.

“Do you want me to?”

“Yeah baby I wanna watch him fuck you.”

We took turns kissing her in the cab as we drove to a hotel room (I didn’t want to bring him back to our apartment because I didn’t want him to know where we lived). The three of us started out in the bed, but then I held back to watch. She reached for my hand and held it as he entered and fucked her. He had a big cock and knew how to use it. She moaned and writhed under him as she had with Ricky. I knew she loved sex with me, but it was for the love, not the pleasure. This guy was all pleasure. The look on her face as she came was incredible. Knowing I couldn’t satisfy her as well as other men hurt, but it excited me too. We made him wear a condom. She was on the pill but we didn’t know him.

We had more hookups over the following weeks. It excited me watching her get dressed to tease and be seduced. Since they were strangers we always made them wear condoms.

The hookups were always exciting, but they were missing something. We kept them to one night stands. Even though they asked, I never let a guy have Jen more than once. No second hookups and certainly no dating. Both of us were afraid to go down that road again.

But our Game was missing something. For me, missing the edginess and danger. For Jen, missing the thrilling romance (also, I think she started feeling slutty with all the meaningless one night stands).

Jen’s mentor at work was Gary, an older guy in his early 40s. He helped train Jen when she first started and they became friends. Sometimes they’d go for lunch. Jen had been an emotional mess before we got back together, and Gary stood up for her and kept her from getting fired (of course, he didn’t know anything about Ricky, he only knew she was having problems with me).

Although he was almost 15 years older, Jen had always found him attractive. He married young and his wife tragically died in a car crash a few years before Jen met him. Around the office, he had the reputation of being a great guy and great in the sack (after his wife died he’d dated some of the girls in the office).

Jen confessed that after California, and before we got back together, she’d slept with Gary. They’d always been an attraction between them. Gary had never hit on her before, but at the time he’d thought Jen was available. Jen told me she’d gone to his apartment only because she was lonely and stricken over me. She said the sex had been incredible –just as good as Ricky– but she never went home with Gary again because she felt guilty and wanted me back.

“Do you want to fuck him again?” I asked. We’d been playing our Game again for a couple of months by this time.

“No … I mean yes, but I don’t want to lead him on. I think he’s looking for a relationship.”

My breath caught when she said “Relationship.” I’d been thinking about finding that missing ingredient to our Game. “Maybe you should ask him out on a date,” I hesitantly said.

She slowly turned her head to look at me. “Really?”

“What do you think? Are we ready for this?”

She pulled her legs to her chest and put her chin on her knees. “I’m not sure.”

“Let me ask you something,” I said. “If we hadn’t gotten back together … would you have dated him?”

“I don’t know. I never thought about it. Maybe.”

“But you like him.”

“Yeah, but … Mike …”

I squeezed her hand. “I know. It’s dangerous.”

“Real dangerous,” she said, squeezing my hand back.

“Do you think he could date a married girl? You could ask him.”

She shuddered at the idea, but I think in a good excited way. “I don’t know Mike. What if the same thing happens?”

“We’ve been through it once. We know more now.” Thinking, I added “We’d have to talk more.”

She nodded. “A whole lot more.”

“Do you want to think about it?” I asked her.

“Do you?”

“Yeah,” I said after thinking a moment. “I think so.”

She paused. “Okay,” she said hesitantly. “Then me too.”

So we thought about it. And talked alot. And thought and talked a lot more.

And then …

~~ The End ~~

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