He Fucked My Girl, Part 10 3.4/5 (5)

“Yeah, it has,” she said squeezing back.

“You know, next week is our anniversary. Maybe we could go someplace, to celebrate?”

Her face lit up in a big smile. “I’d really like that.”

We held hands, looking into each other’s eyes. I took hold of both her hands and squeezed, and she squeezed back. Then we kissed.

~~ Epilogue ~~

Jen and I moved back into our loft apartment again. Things didn’t return to normal immediately. We’d both hurt too much. We held hands a lot, kissed, took long walks, snuggled, and made love. It took time, but we were healing.

A few weeks after getting back together we were using our pet name for each other again, “baby.” It might sound like a stupid thing to use as a measure of our healing, but it meant a lot to me when she called me baby again, and I could hear it from her with love in my heart (instead of anger and hurt). I think it meant even more to her when I called her baby back.

Soon after we got back together, she surprised me with her wedding and engagement rings. She’d retrieved them after I threw them out the window. I was overwhelmed. She’d been crying at the time when she left, and it touched me so much that even after I’d hurt her so bad, she’d taken the time to find the rings. I got on my knees and put them on her finger. I know it was goofy, but that’s how moved I was. She cried when I put them on her, and we snuggled and kissed and made love all night long.

We talked a lot, about everything. As part of our healing we talked about our fantasies. We had to, they were too much of us now, we couldn’t ignore them. We’d learned a lot about ourselves.

Jen loved the excitement of being bad. She liked the variety of other men. She liked a lot of sex, and she admitted she had probably turned into a size queen and was attracted to handsome men with hard bodies and big penises, and a latent submission streak turned on inside her with those alpha types. She couldn’t have sex with the same man without emotions eventually developing. Also, she could easily lose herself in another man, at least until the infatuation wore off, and that was part of the thrill for her, the intimacy and romance. That’s what happened with Ricky, although it did eventually wear off, although it took much longer than the 9 ½ weeks it did in the movie.

My fantasies were about her with other men, of course. My fantasies involved some humiliation. I liked it when she compared me to her lovers. I liked it when she flirted with men in front of men. I liked it when she ignored me in favor of her lovers. My most intense fantasies were when she developed emotions for her lover. The risk of losing her made it more exciting for me. The angst and jealousy made it more intense for me.

Obviously, we were a dangerous combination. Thinking back, what happened with Ricky was the perfect fantasy, for both of us. Yet it almost tore us apart. I’m not sure if we could ever play the Game again. I mean, where were the boundaries?

Jen gained her weight back, thank goodness. She was still slim, but healthy looking again. For my part, I started going to the gym to try to lose some weight.

Sometimes we talked about Ricky. I guess he did love her, in his own way. She probably still loved him somewhat too, like how you always have lingering feelings for an old girlfriend or boyfriend.

He was torn up when she broke up with him. He was a mess, that’s why she felt she owed it to him to help him get settled in California. Mostly though she went to California (and then came back) to prove to me she was over him. She never fucked him after Cancun. I didn’t feel sorry for Ricky. I shared my girl with him, and he paid me back by trying to steal her away.

She told me she hadn’t worn stockings for him in Cancun. “He insisted I bring them, but I didn’t wear them, it was too hot.” She stroked my cheek and said, “I’d have worn them for you though.” In fact, she brought the stockings home, still unopened in a zipper pocket I hadn’t looked in. It wasn’t about him though. “Stockings are expensive,” she said.

I told her how hurt I was when she’d suggested I date other girls. She told me it’d been Ricky’s idea. She said she became friends with Claire so she could keep tabs on me. She said she’d been jealous of Claire, but didn’t think I could ever fall seriously for a brunette, not with my blonde obsession. That’s why she got so upset when she got home from Cancun and saw Claire with blonde hair.

She’d always been kinda scatter brained when it came to taking her birth control pills. Often she forgot to take it a day or two, and it got worse once we got engaged since she figured it was okay if she got pregnant. A few weeks before Cancun her period was late. She got scared she was pregnant as around that time she’d been particularly bad taking the pill. Almost certainly it would’ve been Ricky’s as they were fucking all the time and we were rarely having intercourse.

Thank god her period was just late and she hadn’t been pregnant. That had been a reality check for her, and the bubble of her infatuation with Ricky burst at that point and she started thinking about breaking up with him. When Jen told me this, I was sick to my stomach. Being Catholic, I knew she would’ve had the baby. Could we have survived if she’d been pregnant with his baby? At the same time, the thought of her belly getting big with Ricky’s child got me hard. I never mentioned this in our pillow talk though because it frightened me too much.

I got really good eating her out. I’d lick and nibble on her clit, and as she got close, I’d stick a finger in her and find her g-spot (it wasn’t too hard after I found it the first time). I’d lick her clit and rub her g-spot hard, and this never failed to give her a mind-blowing orgasm. I always paid a lot of attention to her breasts and nipples, and hit all her other erogenous zones like her ankles, behind her knees, and her neck below her ears.

I also went to new places, like her sandbar and twirling my tongue around her anus. Maybe I didn’t have the muscular physique or big cock like Ricky, but I wanted to give her just as much pleasure. She always rocked my world too, but seeing the look of satisfaction on her face after I made her cum was the reward I wanted the most.

When we went out men still hit on her. I mean, that’d never stopped, she was drop dead gorgeous. We were too fragile at first, but eventually we got our mojo back. I’d catch her looking at a handsome guy and tease her, and she’d blush. If the guy was bold enough to hit on her, she’d flirt with him a little. Afterwards she’d give me a sly smile. We’d always have great sex afterwards.

Our fantasies were too strong to keep bottled up forever. About 6 months after getting back together, I watched her fuck another man. We didn’t plan it. We went to a party, one of those where you’re invited but don’t know many people. I went to get us drinks and when I came back a guy was talking to her. I could tell she was interested in him by her body language.

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