He Fucked My Girl, Part 10 3.4/5 (5)

My head spun, trying to process this. “Why didn’t she call me?” I finally asked.

“Because she’s all messed up. Thanks to you.” Claire’s eyes narrowed angrily at me. “Did you really call her a slut?”


I called Jen and we met for coffee the next day. She wore her hair down, no makeup. Jeans and a simple loose blouse. She’d lost weight. She’d always been slim, but now she looked frail and borderline unhealthy. She still looked gorgeous, but now so vulnerable. My heart went out to her, but I couldn’t say it with my feelings so raw and confused.

“Why didn’t you call me?” I asked.

She looked sad. “When I got home, you weren’t there.”

“I didn’t think you were coming back.”

We both sat there, first looking at each other, but that was too hard, so we both looked away. After a few moments I asked, “What happened Jen? Why did you go with him to California?”

She looked at me. “I needed to prove I was over him.”

“Are you?” I said, bitterness in my voice. “Did you prove that to yourself?”

“Mike …” she said looking imploring at me. “I needed to prove it to you.”

I shook my head. What was she talking about? Finally I voiced what I was thinking. “I don’t understand. You moved in with him …”

“I never moved in with him,” she said interrupting me. “I was already thinking about breaking up before Cancun. But then when I got home, you were so mean to me, and you threw out my rings …”

She forced herself to calm down. “Then he got transferred to California.” She paused. “You were making up things in your head … I was afraid if we made up then, you’d think it was just because he was moving. It would hang over us. But if I went to California and came back, you’d believe I was over him.”

“But then I got home and you weren’t there,” she added a tear falling down her cheek.

“I thought you’d left me.”

“I told you I was just helping him get settled.”

I shook my head. This made no sense. She’d given herself completely to him. I’d watched them, watched her respond to him, watched her kiss him, suck him, watched her orgasm again and again on his big cock. She’d let him do anything to her. Anything. “Did you fuck him in California?” I demanded cruelly.

“No, Mike, god!” she cried in despair. “I told you I broke up with him!” She pressed her palms against her eyes, as if reading the anger and bitterness in my head. “You can’t – it’s not – you can’t hold it against me, what I did!” she cried tears running down her cheeks. “You were part of it! I’m not a slut! You can’t call me that, it’s not fair!”

I wanted to comfort her, but it was too hard. “Your hurt me so much Jen.”

“You hurt me too!” she cried. “You were part of it Mike, all of it,” she insisted again. “I always asked you first, about everything.”

“You never asked me about Cancun!”

“Yes I did!” she insisted.

I thought back and realized she had asked, more than once. I just hadn’t believed her. “You bought all new clothes …”

“Mike … he bought those for me.”

“But you went to Cancun with him, you fucked him there,” I said skeptically.

“Because you wanted me to!” she insisted. “You wanted to be with Claire!”

“You know that was a fake!”

“I didn’t know then!”

God, had all of this just been a misunderstanding? But no, there was more, the most important thing. “You fell in love with him.”

“Mike … you wanted me to, a little, didn’t you?” she said looking pleadingly into my eyes. “I always told you it wasn’t like how I love you. I always told you that.” She hesitantly put her hand on mine.

Had I wanted her to fall in love with him? No, of course not! But … I wanted her to have feelings for him. Is that love?

A long silence. Then she said “What now Mike?” She still had that pleading look in her eyes.

I looked at her, still angry and hurt. There’d be a lot to sort out. But I wasn’t letting her get away.

I squeezed her hand. “It’s been a hard year.”

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