He Fucked My Girl, Part 10 4.1/5 (9)

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My friends rallied behind me. I wouldn’t have made it without Sam and Claire. (By the way, she was a hit as Juliet and now had the lead role in a revival of Chicago – this time as a brunette.)

Sam pretty much moved in with me, to get me on my feet again. I told him the entire sordid tale. I knew he thought I was an idiot and pervert, but he never said it, and he hugged me whenever I lost it, which was often the first few weeks.

Every day I dreaded going to the mailbox, expecting to find divorce papers from Jen. But I guess paperwork was on the backburner because she was too busy setting up Ricky’s new home.

I moved out of the loft. I couldn’t stay there as it reminded me of her. Sam told me to transfer all our assets into my name. “She screwed you, so you should screw her,” he said more than once. But I couldn’t do that to her.

My friends tried to hook me up with other girls. I went on a few dates, but my heart wasn’t into it. Despite everything, I still loved her. Yeah, pathetic, I know.

Claire and Sam visited me a lot. Believe or not, they started dating! He lost a lot of weight and looked good, and of course Claire had always looked good. They had a whirlwind romance, and got engaged!

The weeks and months went by. I got better. I didn’t think about her every second. I could make it a whole 15 minutes.

She never called or emailed, but I didn’t expect she would. It hurt though, she didn’t even call on my birthday. I dialed her number about a million times but each time hung up before the first ring. While I wanted to hear her voice, I couldn’t bear to, knowing she wasn’t mine anymore.

I knew I was pathetic. I knew I’d brought this on myself. Yet, despite everything, when I thought back at what’d happened, I got turned on. I’d masturbate and then after cumming I’d hate myself and get depressed. How pathetic is that?

I got angry at Jen. I couldn’t believe she’d done this to me. Okay, we’d never sat down and made up rules. But there was one rule that shouldn’t been clear, “you can have fun and romp in the hay with whoever you want, but you can’t leave me.” Clearly though, she hadn’t lived up to her end of the bargain.

I started thinking maybe she never loved me at all. But how could that be, from the moment we’d met we’d been practically inseparable. Still, whatever we’d had, she’d thrown it all away for a handsome face and a big cock. Yes, I was bitter and hurt and angry, but most of all I loathed myself, because I knew it was mostly if not all my fault.

I threw Claire and Sam an engagement party. Partly I did it to try to rejoin human society. But it was hard at the party being around so many happy couples. God I missed her. I tried not to show my unhappiness. I didn’t want to ruin the party. Claire and Sam could tell though. I saw them whisper to each other as they eyed me, and then Claire walked over. I guess she got the job of cheering me up.

But she surprised me when she said, “You know Mike, you’re a real shithead.”

“What?” I asked surprised.

She pulled me over so we were private and no one could hear. “You know I love you like a brother, right? And you introduced me to Sam. So I’m not judging you okay? But you pushed Jen to be with Ricky, and then you get pissed when she does exactly what you want. Is that fair?”

“Okay, okay, so I’m a jerk, I know that. Why are you saying this? Why does it matter now?”

She shook her head as if disappointed in me. “Mike, you never went to California after her. You never called her.”

I gave her a WTF look. “Claire, she’s with Ricky. She’s in love with him. They’re probably engaged by now. So what would be the point? Okay, I was stupid for hooking them up together. But once he was in the picture I never had a chance.”

“God, you are so stupid!” Claire said frustrated. She made herself calm down and tried a different tack. “Remember when I called that first time, to ask you out? Didn’t you ever wonder why I called you?”

I shrugged. “Ricky put you up to it. It was a big joke.”

“It wasn’t a joke you shithead! God!” she hissed angrily. Then again she forced herself to calm down. “I saw Jen dating Ricky, and I thought you were available. I asked Ricky for your number.”

“Why?” I asked dumbfounded.

“Because you’re a good guy,” she said looking sheepish. “Mike, do you know how hard it is for a girl to find a good guy?”

I stood there stunned. Then I shrugged. I said “Claire, why are you telling me this now? Why does it matter? Jen’s with Ricky in California.”

Claire shook her head and looked at me like I was a complete idiot. “She’s not with Ricky. She’s not in California.”

I gawked at her.

Still shaking her head, she said, “Mike, Jen’s here in New York. She’s been here for months.”

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