He Fucked Her Well 3.8/5 (30)

My wife and I were at a formal function at a local hotel, it wound down early but there was a bar named Cassidy’s in the hotel on the north side if Ft wWorth and they had a DJ so she wanted to stay and listen to music. The place was very crowded and she was a little tipsy. The only place that she could find a seat was right snide the entrance which meant every guy had to pass by her.

Most wouldn’t dare to speak or approach her as long as I was standing there but I hadn’t really thought about an escapade that evening so I excused myself to the restroom. When I came back she was talking to a Hispanic gentleman and waved me off. Ok, baby go ahead and flirt, that shit turns me the fuck on and makes her pussy swollen and wet and I get to be the benificiary.

After awhile they decided to go dance and of course a slow song came on. My girl was grinding her pussy into his crotch and he was whispering in her ear. To myself, I’m thinking, this “Pussy is going to be so good tonight”.

They finally come of the floor and go sit in the hotel lobby at what high point I receive a text saying” his dick is sooooo big, I want to suck it, he wants to go to his car” I text back I’ll follow and make sure you are safe and pull our car closer to his.

They make it to his car and start kissing, but he doesn’t know my wife has me on speaker on her phone in her lap and she tells him “ I want to suck you’re dick”, he pulls it out and she says “ damn your dick is huge” and immediately goes down on his dick. She is moaning like she’s getting fucked. Later she would tellme he had slipped his fingers in her pussy and she almost came.

At that point security is stalking the parking lot and she doesn’t want to go to jail. They exchange numbers and she exits the car and goes back in to give him time to leave before she comes back to our car.

When she gets in she says I wish we had a room, my pussy is so wet I can’t wait to get home andI want to get loud tonight(kids at home).I say “ that’s easy” and go back inside side and get a room for the night, on the way up to the room she puts her ass on my dick and asks why is it so hard. I tell her that meaning and knowing you had a big dick in your mouth with me only a car away made me stiff.

She then says I have his number and he wants to eat my pussy, can I call him to come over. I let her know he is going to want to fuck and asks if she is prepared for that. She turns the question around and asks if I’m ready for that. I remind her I have a big dick too and after he gets done fucking you, I’m going to fuck you senseless.

She calls him and we are on the 1st floor and the room has a patio, which I retire to. BTW he doesn’t know I’m in the room, listening and watching from the open patio door. He comes in they talk for a minute and start kissing as he lies her on the bed and lifts her dress up to her waist and removes her panties.

He starts to eat her pussy and she moans loud and starts to cuss “ shit, fuck eat my pussy” and she cubs in 3 minutes. She believes it’s iver but he stands up and takes his dick out and she again offers to suck it, he declines and tells her he wants to stretch her pussy.

She says not without a consumer which he produces 3, puts one on and with her formal dress on starts to fuck my baby hard and deep and those moans fill the room with her begging him to “fuck me harder , turn me over and fuck me from behind” .

He then insists that they go to the bathroom where he bends her over the sink and fucks her senseless as she takes every inch. She cums 3 times as he pounds her pussy from behind till he gets tired and asks her to sit on his dick and she rides it bouncing on it, grinding her soaking wet Pusey on it. He continues to fuck her for the next 20 minutes until he cums. They make small talk but he soon leaves….with an attitude.

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