Happy Wife, Happy Life 4.8/5 (34)

I decided to sit down and share how I was lucky enough that my wife agreed to try being a hotwife. Let me start by saying, I never thought it would completely change how we lived our life or that it would make us both so happy. My wife gave me everything I asked for and so much more. My name is Ted and my wife’s name is Lisa. We have been together for about 6 years and married for 4 years with no kids yet.

We are both in our mid-thirties and both of our backgrounds have been the usual monogamous relationships. We happen to have an amazing relationship and we were always pretty open and honest with each other before Lisa became a hotwife, although I would say that now we are completely open and honest with each other. Our sex life had always been strong and neither one of us ever had any complaints. Lisa is 5’ 8” tall, has long brown hair, nice D sized tits, a few extra pounds with

curves in all the right places (as she would say) and a very pretty face. I think most men would consider her a trophy wife and she could honestly probably have any man she wanted. She is extremely modest and is critical of herself probably to a fault. I would describe her as being on the conservative side, but she does have an adventurous and outgoing personality. I am definitely a lucky guy to have her as my wife. When I was single and in my early

20’s, I had the pleasure of having a couple (who were in their 30’s) move into the apartment next door to me that turned out to be swingers!! After getting to know each other and becoming friendly, I was invited over and that turned into us getting together on a regular basis for threesomes. We actually became pretty good friends, while of course myself and the husband having mind blowing sex with his wife. The way they talked and interacted with

each other was different from any couple I had known. His wife loved fucking me and he loved having me fuck his wife. It completely changed my perspective on relationships and ever since then, I knew I wanted that have that in my own personal relationship, but good luck finding that. I would laugh at how hard it was to just find a girl for a simple compatible relationship, never mind adding swinging to the mix! I had told Lisa about my experience

with this couple after we had been dating for a while and I felt comfortable telling that. Lisa took it pretty good, commenting on how it must have been a lot of fun for me and asked what sorts of things we did. Of course I tried to contain my excitement when telling her about the amazing encounters, but I made it clear that it was amazing and I really did like it. Lisa being the detail orientated person she is had asked me if I meant the sex or the

swinging part. I told her both and tried to discuss the subject with her. Lisa agreed that the sex part sounded very hot and she did listen to my attempts for us to try it, but she would always say that she didn’t want to go there. Over the years, I would always try and bring it up at times to try and open the door. I looked at it like it would only enhance our sexual relationship to a higher level. For example when we would be out having a good time

and I would see a guy flirting with Lisa and see that she would enjoy innocently flirting back, I would comment about it later and ask her if she would want to have sex with the guy. She never got insulted and she would say that flirting is completely different than having sex with someone. Well I finally started to see a subtle change in her response about my commenting when she didn’t shut the door on it, but would just smile at me and start to

kid with me that I was funny and kinky. I thought there might be hope. Finally when we were on vacation about four months ago, I got a more positive response. We were out having some drinks and we had met this couple that we were talking to. It turned out where Lisa had agreed to play pool as his partner, while I stayed at the bar with his wife as we were going to take winners of the game. I watched them playing their game and saw the guy she was

playing with and the two guys they were playing against, checking out Lisa’s ass as she bent over for a shot and there was no doubt that she knew it and was having fun with it. At one point, I’m not sure who initiated it but her partner was standing behind her with his arms reaching around and showing her how to make a shot. She was sticking her ass out and rubbing right into him. Later that night when we got back to our hotel, I of course teased her

about it and her response was different this time. Lisa asked “so you really wouldn’t mind if I had sex with another man?” I told her that I would actually like it if she did, but we should probably set up some rules if it were to ever happen. Lisa inquired “what kind of rules?” That turned into a discussion that lasted for hours and my important rules were basically safe sex and not getting emotionally attached. The result was that Lisa confessed

that over the years she had thought over my many attempts to bring up the subject. She said that the more she thought about it, the more it definitely turned her on that she could have sex with my permission, but she told me that she doesn’t see herself ever being okay with me fucking another girl. I let her know that I was okay with that and she was surprised. She always thought that I was trying to get her to go along with swinging and I wanted to

be with another women. I explained that if she ever allowed me to have sex with another woman I would gladly accept. But I also told her that I was absolutely fine to just be with her and that I would love for her to be a hotwife. Lisa responded “a what???” I laughed and told her that a hotwife is a married woman who has permission to have sex. Lisa laughed that she never heard of such a thing and joked that she wasn’t all that hot, but she was

married. I assured her that she was hot and I would love for her to try it. We had been drinking for hours at this point and Lisa posed the question “you’ve had too much drink, let’s see what you say tomorrow morning?” I of course already knew the answer to that and couldn’t wait for the morning. The next morning came and while we were still in bed, I quickly reminded her of our conversation and that I would really like her to be a hotwife. Lisa

laughed at me and started to tease me by talking to me in a sexy seductive voice. She started saying some of the dirtiest sexy stuff I ever heard her say to that point, while stroking my cock. I was hard as a rock and couldn’t it. I had never heard her talk like that or even thought she was capable of saying such dirty things out loud. I would say the dirtiest things I heard her say to that point in our lives was “fuck me harder” or “your cock feels so

good.” Our sex was always great, but it was just regular sex. She was now saying stuff like so you want me to kiss another guy and let him put his hands all over me, finger my pussy, slide his tongue up and down my pussy and then fuck my pussy. She could see that I was turned on and loving what she was saying. She then told me to show her what I wanted another man to do to her. I must have spent about the next hour doing everything except fuck her.


  • Joe

    Reply Reply March 14, 2020

    Oh for heaven’s sake, learn how to use paragraphs.

  • The groom

    Reply Reply March 22, 2020

    Great cuckold story, the ending was perfect, knowing you will be expecting a baby soon!

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