Green Bay Game (First MFM) 4.6/5 (23)

One night I arrived home late from work. I was in meetings all afternoon and all I wanted to do was take a nice hot bubble bath. As I pulled into my driveway I saw a car I didn’t recognize. I knew my boyfriend, Brady got off work early, but he rarely has friends over.

I walked inside and Brady and his friend were in the kitchen preparing dinner. Brady introduced me to his friend Tanner and told me they were going to go outside and grill burgers in a little while. I walked around the kitchen to kiss Brady hello and I noticed Tanner staring at me. I smiled to be polite, kissed my boyfriend then excused myself to go upstairs.

As Brady walked out back to the BBQ he turned and asked where I was going, I told him that I was going to take a bubble bath. He looked at me and said but Nicole the burgers will be ready soon and the game starts in 15 minutes. (Green bay was playing the Bears and we’re a Green Bay house). I told him that he was right and I’ll just get out of work clothes and through on my Rodgers jersey.

Good Idea Nicole. As I walked up the stairs he came running back in and stopped me and said that him and Tanner were going to get in the hot tub after eating and watch the game on the tv out back. So he suggested that I just put my suit on and throw my jersey over it. Good idea hun I replied and walked up stairs.

After I changed and got ready, I walked downstairs. The boys were already out back, so I grabbed a few beers and walked outside. As I walked outside Brady smiled at me and told me I looked sexy wearing just my jersey. I smiled and thanked him and passed out the beers. I walked over to the tv and turned it on. Brady told me to sit next to Tanner, since he was using the other chair.

I sat down next to him and we started talking about our day. Brady sat across from us contributing to the conversation, but would get up every minute or so to check on dinner. The game was just about to start when Brady realized the sound wasn’t working, so he asked me to check it while he took the burgers off the grill.

I grabbed the spare chair and dragged it over to the TV and stood on top of it. I am a short girl, so I had to reach for the buttons. Brady was telling me where the buttons were, but I still couldn’t reach.

Brady asked Tanner if he could help me so he could set the burgers down and get the rest of the stuff from inside. Tanner stood out of his chair and said of course I can and walked over to me and said why don’t you get down and let me try. I told him it was okay and asked him if he couple tell me where the input button is on the back of the screen. I think we just need to be on a different input.

So I started to reach up which lifted my jersey and didn’t really think of it. Tanner told me where the input button was so I pushed it and we had sound. I got down off my chair and thanked Tanner and sat down, as did Tanner. As soon as he had sat down he asked me, “so Brady made a comment about how you look good in just your jersey, is that really all you have on or are their shorts under there?”

I laughed and said, “Well I have my bikini on under it.” Tanner smiled and nodded then took a drink of his beer. Brady came back out just as the game was starting and then we all started to eat our burgers. I finished my beer and decided I wanted a margarita. I asked if the boys wanted one. Both Brady and Tanner said they would stick with beers so I got up to make myself one.

A little while later I came back out and both boys were laughing about something and looking at me when I came out. I didn’t think much of it and started drinking my margarita. Before I knew it I had drank my whole margarita so went inside to get more.

I started to feel very relaxed and happy. I walked back out and told Brady and Tanner I was going to sit in the hot tub to watch the game and enjoy my drink. Brady said it was a good idea, so both boys followed me to the hot tub.

I started to take off my jersey as I step in the hot tub and turned and handed it to Tanner and asked if he could set it on the table. The boys stood on the edge of the hot tub and Brady said to Tanner that we should fill a cooler with some beers and make a batch of margaritas for Nicole so we don’t have to keep getting in an out of the hot tub.

A few minutes later the boys were back and set everything next to the hot tub. Tanner noticed I had finished what was in my glass so he walked over and poured me more. Brady ran inside saying he was going to go put his suit on. Then Tanner looked at me with a blank stare and said, “Oh shoot I don’t have a suit. Oh well I can just sit on the edge with just my feet in.”

I looked at him and said, he could get in and just borrow a pair of Brady’s shorts later when he leaves or he can just go in with his boxers. Tanner nodded at me and got out to take his shorts off. I sat back in the hot tub watching Tanner take his shorts off noticing the muscles in his legs.

He then got in and sat down next to me. We both started talking about the game as Brady came back out. Brady pulled the cooler up next to the hot tub and he slowly got in and sat on the other side of me. I smiled at him and snuggled up next to him.

About two hour later I had a few more margaritas and the boys emptied the cooler. The Packers were winning and the game only had a few minutes left so we were all in a great cheery mood. I realized I was drunk and had to go to the bathroom. I told the boys to excuse me and I stood up and walked past Tanner. I struggled getting out so Tanner gave me a hand.

I told him thank you and disappeared inside. After the bathroom, I stopped in the kitchen to get the boys more beers and walked back outside. I put the beers in the cooler and started to get back in the tub. Brady was making a comment about how drunk I was and he started to laugh. I stepped into the hot tub and tripped and fell into Tanners lap.

Tanner caught me and I sat in his lap. “Okay maybe I am a little drunk” I said and laughed. As I sat in Tanners lap I could really feel part of his cock on my left butt check. I thought to myself if this is only part of his cock then damn he’s big. With me being as curious as I always am I decided to slid over on his lap more so I could feel more.

I could tell that Brady did mind so I wiggled my hips and little and took a sudden gasped. Oh my god he’s huge I thought to myself. I kept wiggling my hips around on Tanners lap cuz it felt good. Luckily Brady couldn’t tell what I was doing. Within a few minutes Tanner was as hard as a rock and boy was it big.

A few minutes later I started to feel Tanner rub his hands on my legs. To show him I was okay with what was going on I opened my legs a little. Within a few minutes I started to feel Tanner rubbing his hands over my pussy so I open my legs a little more and carried on the conversation I had going on with Brady. Soon Tanner was fingering me.

Luckily with the bubbles from the jets Brady couldn’t see anything so I was pretty calm but really wet. We both continued to talk with Brady like nothing was happening. Soon Brady got on his knees in front of me and ran his hands down my legs to try and grab me over to him but then he felt Tanners hand under my bathing suit bottoms. All he did was look at me and say Oh sorry and smiled.

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