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We are a twenty-nine year old couple that has been married for just five years. We met during our studies in the MBA program of a major university in the south and got married shortly after graduation.

Sarah is a beautiful brunette 5’6″ in height and weighing 122 pounds with perfect C cup breasts that sit high on her chest. Her hair is coal black and has a deep luster that accents perfectly her dark brown eyes and creamy complexion. Because she works out religiously, her body is extremely toned with hardly an ounce of fat. In addition to her looks, she is also very intelligent having graduated near the top of our class and now works in the finance department of a large multi-national corporation.

How I landed her has always been a pleasant mystery to me. My name is Chris and I certainly don’t equal her looks. I view myself as average with a build of 5″11″ and 180 pounds. I work in sales for a nicely growing regional company and between our two incomes and our decision to put off children we are able to enjoy a pretty nice life with a home in a good neighborhood and the ability to dine and travel without a huge need to watch costs.

Another good thing about our relationship is an active and fulfilling sex life that is highly communicative. In addition, we both enjoy talking about our fantasies and seeking out ways to expand our sexual horizons. What makes it even more fulfilling is the fact that Sarah and I only had limited sexual involvement before we started dating. Sarah had been with one man prior to me which was a long term relationship during her undergraduate college days and I had been with five women starting with a girlfriend in high school. Thus, most of our explorations are first time experiences for both of us.

Like I said, we enjoy seeking out ways to expand our horizons and the situation I’m about to describe started out as one of these events. Sarah and I had recently been to one of those erotic stores and purchased some clothing for her that I had her wear around the house for fun. Her outfit included a 12″ fake leather miniskirt and a sheer pullover top that I had her wear without a bra so that her small nipples showed through the fabric. To finish off the look, she had 4″ pink platform shoes that raised her and accented her taut butt.

For the next several weeks, on at least one day I would have her wear the outfit in the evening around the house. She would parade around and tease me finding reasons to walk back and forth and bend over until I couldn’t take it anymore. As I undressed her and ravished her body I always found that she was turned on and very excited too.

One Friday night in early May when Sarah was wearing the outfit we were in an especially playful and antsy mood and I convinced her, with little effort, that we should drive around the city and see what was going on. While the idea excited her she quickly informed me not to get any ideas about going in anywhere because she was not about to be seen in public in the slutty clothing. I assured her she was safe and so at around 10:00 PM we poured ourselves two glasses of wine in plastic tumblers and set out in her Lexus SUV.

Of course, I had to play some games like driving next to trucks and turning on the interior lights at stoplights pretending to be looking for something. She took it in good spirits and we were thoroughly enjoying our little game when an idea flashed through me head. I guided the car towards the south end of downtown where the flash of the city gave way to a more industrial and seedier feel. There, I knew, were several streets that were notorious for dive bars, run down motels and streetwalking prostitutes.

Sarah and I were bantering back and forth so much that she didn’t catch on to my intent until we were already in the area. When she understood where we were, she just gave me one of her withering stares then rolled her eyes without saying anything. We cruised back and forth with the windows down just getting the feel of the street and talking about the sights and characters we came across. After several circuits, we got a sense of the flow of things, such as spotting men on the prowl and how the street corners used by the prostitutes were determined by the proximity to the sleazy motels. There were also the run down bars but these seemed to operate separately from the sexual aspect of the area.

During one long red light, we watched a young and attractive prostitute at close distance talk to a man in a late model Explorer. It was apparent that they had successfully concluded negotiations when she opened the door and climbed into the vehicle. Sarah was very quiet watching this scene unfold and when the young lady entered I saw her chest rise with an intake of breath and I swear her nipples also hardened.

“Did watching that excite you?” I asked bluntly.

“It hit me when she got in his car that she is going to have sex with a complete stranger.” Sarah replied while looking at me with a confused expression.

We drove around for several more minutes in silence watching more of the erotic scene play out around us. My thoughts were racing and I was about to explode from sexual tension.

“Sarah, I want to pick you up.” I blurted out as quickly as possible to overcome my nervousness.

“What do you mean?” She replied. By her look, I knew she understood full well what I meant but wanted me to describe it to her.

“I want to drive up to you on the street corner and pick you up like that man picked up that girl.” I explained.

“Chris, we can’t do that. What if someone sees me like this that knows us?” She asked. But, knowing her as I did, I knew she really wanted to be convinced it was okay.

“It will go quickly. No one will see us. I’ll drop you off on the side street and you can walk to the corner and I will be there when you get there.” I spat out quickly.

Sarah never responded and just leaned back into the seat back and stared straight ahead. I turned off the main street sharply and took several side streets to get into a position where Sarah had only to walk about fifty yards to reach a street corner that was currently deserted.

Without saying a word she opened the door and stepped out. I watched her incredible ass in the tiny mini move down the sidewalk towards the corner before doing a U-turn and taking the street I knew would lead me down the street where she would be standing. I wanted to pull-up so that she could lean in the passenger window while we negotiated like the young woman we watched had done.

It could not have been two minutes from the time I dropped her off until I was approaching the corner where she would be standing. As I drove up, I was stunned to see a car stopped at the curb next to her with another car waiting twenty yards behind hoping, I assumed, that a deal would not be made and he would have a chance.

My wife was standing far back from the car but I could see that a conversation was taking place. It was easily two or three minutes before that car finally moved away and the car in front of me pulled up next to her. This car was fairly run down and from what I could tell was driven by an older man with a beard. This conversation went on even longer and I noticed that Sarah was not standing as far back as she had with the first car. Finally, the car in front eased forward and I pulled up quickly next to Sarah and rolled down the passenger window.

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    This is a good story, but I feel like it could be continued.

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