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He handed Lonna a fat little joint. She took a hit, I took a hit and so did he. That was repeated several more times. It was a nice buzz. Lonna and Allan started kissing which evolved very quickly into one of her world class blow jobs. She was really working on him. His head was laid back on the couch and he was really enjoying her oral talents. Soon he announced that he was going to cum and she just kept on working on him and then he lost it and came and came and came in her mouth.

She got up from her knees slid over to me and gave me deep kiss. I was greeted with a mouth full of his cum. She kept on kissing and licking me until we both had swallowed it all. I had eaten my share of pussy cream pies but never shared a mouth full of cum. Oh what this lady does to me I thought. And then we were off to the bedroom leaving Allan on the couch recuperating.

We fell on the bed and melted into each other and kissed. We were rolling around the bed like a couple of teenagers. She had her legs around my waist and suddenly my cock was in her pussy and we started a slow dance. I took hold of her wrists and put them above her head and held them there while we moved in perfect rhythm. I said, “Tell me how it feels,” our slow rhythm never changing. “God it feels so good, damn you know how to get me.”

I said to her, “Look me in the eyes…don’t close them or look away.” She said, “It feels so fucking good.” Our slow passionate fucking went on for about 20 minutes. I said to her again, “Tell me how it feels.” Only this time I had a bit more demanding sound to my voice. She just started saying oh god over and over. Her eyes never left mine. Then our pace quickened. She took a deep breath and shouted that I was going to make her cum.

Our pace quickened again and this time we couldn’t stop. I shouted at her, “Don’t close your eyes…look at me in the eyes!” We started to dissolve into a powerful orgasm together. Her mouth opened as if to shout but nothing came out and then we reached the peak together. Her eyes never wondered from mine and never closed. I started shooting inside her warm flowing pussy and as she too went over the edge and I watched as her eyes rolled back into her head.

That’s when her open mouth broke with an animal like scream and then we were both moaning and babbling nonsense as we pounded our hips together for many minutes before we gradually slowed and slowed to a stop. Her eyes came back and focused on me again, I let her wrists go and let out a loud groan. Just then we both broke into laughter…a very satisfying laughter.

And then we heard a round of applause from Allan and we laughed more. He said he had been watching us from the beginning and that the two of us made really great porno together. With that she rolled me, spread her legs wide apart and said. “Come here Allan and eat my cream pie.” He went directly to her pussy and started sucking our cum out of her. She was talking to him, telling him to swallow it all and then her head fell back and she started cumming and squirting again giving him even more to suck and swallow.

At that point I was exhausted. I had to lie down and rest. Lonna curled up next to me with Allan on her other side. How great this evening had turned out. About 8 the next morning I woke up with my cock in a very warm mouth. I didn’t open my eyes, I just laid there and enjoyed the sensations I was receiving. I became aware of hands gently holding my balls.

It really felt good. The bed shifted a little and as I came out of my sleepy fog I felt Lonna bending in for a kiss. But if she was kissing me who was…My eyes shifted down to my cock and there was Allan sucking and stroking my cock expertly. Lonna whispered to me, “Does it feel good?” I just groaned, “God yes.” She said, “Just lay there and enjoy.” She then went to my ear and started talking her sexy patter.

A man was giving me an expert blowjob and I was enjoying it. She kept saying how hot it looked with him sucking me and me really enjoying it. And yes I was. Lonna straddled he leg over my chest and said, “Give in to how good his mouth feels on your cock. Give in to it just like Dolly did with me. Let him make you cum…cum for me Robby cum in his mouth.” I was right on the edge of a powerful orgasm and he was picking up his pace, sucking and stroking me faster and faster.

Then it hit. My hips came off the bed and they were lunging at him, trying to fuck his mouth. My cock exploded and he sucked harder and my cock slid down his throat. Lonna was shouting, cum in his mouth, cum in his mouth and encouraging us both on. I had never cum like that in my life! My hips just kept on pushing up trying get more pleasure out his fantastic mouth. Lonna slipped her pussy up onto my mouth her juices were running everywhere.

Then her big clit was in my mouth and I was sucking it for all I was worth. “Robby, oh yes, oh god, suck my little cock. Suck me she demanded! Suck me!” I felt the bed shift again and Allan moved up behind her. I could see his hard cock and shaved balls just above my chin pushing at the entrance of her pussy. Lonna screamed, “Fuck me Allan, fuck me with your beautiful cock. Oh yes!” I was sucking her and he was pushing his cock into her pussy.

I realized that as I was sucking her pussy I had no choice but to lick his shaft as it was bounding in and out of her. Lonna screamed her climax and started squirting her cum juices all over me and filling my mouth. She came so hard that she squeezed his cock out of her pussy and it feel onto my mouth and chin. Lonna looked down to see what happened to his cock and told me to take it into my mouth. What are you doing my brain was screaming.

Lonna moved off of me and started wickedly talk to me. “Oh god Robby yes, suck his cock, suck it for me, oh yes.” Allan moved a little so I had a better angle on his cock and I opened my mouth and started sucking my first cock. At first I could only take a little of his length but slowly I was able to take more and more until he slipping easily in and out my mouth and throat. I was pleasuring Allan with my mouth and I was loving what was happening.

Lonna was again urging me on. “I want you to suck him off Robby. Yes, suck him off for me. Oh yes, your loving it aren’t you. Suck him and drink his cum.” Soon, he announced his climax and exploded in my mouth. Shot, after shot, after shot of his cum filled my mouth. I tried to swallow it all but it was leaking out the sides of my mouth. Then Lonna engulfed my cock with her mouth and started sucking me deeply picking up speed with each thrust of her mouth.

It took me less than a minute to cum. I shouted out my total surrender. My chest was heaving and I was trying to catch my breath. My mouth was still full of cum and it was all over my face and neck. Lonna came up to my face and kissed me again filling my mouth again with cum only this time it was all mine. I turned to Lonna and asked her what just happened.

She answered in a very sexy, husky voice. “Ten years ago I collected Dolly’s bi-cherry and changed her forever. Today, Allan and collected your bi-cherry. I’m thinking that maybe you are changed forever too. As I headed to the shower to wash the cum off me, I realized that Lonna had done it again. Neither Dolly nor I could ever resist her charms and that she had total power over us. What a nice and very erotic thought. And yes, on that night I was changed forever.

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  • Taylor

    Reply Reply September 29, 2019

    An absolutely amazing and passionate fantasy of mine. It was as if you read my mind

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