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Allan came out of the bedroom looking like he had just been run over by a truck. In truth it was just simply that Lonna always seems to drain all she can from her lovers while giving even more back. We started to talk a bit about how outrageous this whole scene was. He laughed and said now that he has met Rob it was necessary that he meet Dolly too and I agreed. I questioned if Lonna had spoken openly about us and he said yes.

He told me that Lonna had never included other woman in their sex play, just other men. He knew she was bisexual but she always kept her female lovers for herself. He said that when they first met he thought she might be lesbian. It had been rumored around her work because no man there had ever gotten even a drink with her but she would go out with several of the women in the office; women who also were thought to be lesbian.

He joked that she certainly had disproved that theory. Lonna returned smelling intoxicatingly of fresh perfume and looking as beautiful and sexy as ever. She took the scotch from my hand, took a large swallow, gave it back and then took my cigarette, took a long drag and blew the smoke in my face. Allan came up behind her put his arms around her and filled his hands with her breasts. I guessed that our rest period was over. She broke Allan’s embrace and glided into the bedroom.

Her hips swayed as she strutted like a dancer in a strip club. Allan and I followed close behind. Lonna got on her knees on the bed and crooked her finger at me to cum over to her. She reached for my hardening cock and stroked it slowly. She said, “It’s Allan’s turn to watch.” As my cock hardened she put it in her mouth and started sucking. I was hard and getting harder as her saliva coated my cock and pre-cum started leaking from the tip.

I looked down and saw that she had her fingers on her pussy, stroking it as only a woman can. She pulled me down on the bed and said, “Eat my pussy again Robby and then fuck me.” I didn’t need to be asked twice. Allan had pulled a chair close to the bed and was watching our little scene while stroking his cock. I have always relished every second of eating her pussy. Her large clit was standing at attention, protruding from her pussy lips.

I pulled her hips toward me and went to work on her. A minute later she was howling, her hips were undulating wildly and she was exploding in my mouth with a steady stream of her cum. I moved up and put my cock at the entrance of her pussy. She was so wet that when I pushed into her it started to suck me in. “Oh god she hissed I love your thick cock. Oh yes fuck me like you do.” And I did. I couldn’t keep track of her orgasms.

She would peek, squirt, slow down a bit and then start again. Suddenly she stopped and started to roll me onto my back. Holding me tightly inside her with her pussy muscles and never disengaging. Now she was on top setting her own pace. Each time I was about to cum she would slow down and then start again. Suddenly she stopped moving her hips. Through raspy breaths she shouted; “Fuck me Allan. Fuck me in the ass!”

I was so involved with our dance of lust that I hadn’t noticed that he had been kissing her back and ass. Lonna leaned forward pressing her breasts into my chest and raised her ass slightly. I felt his breath on my balls and then the wetness of his saliva as he licked her hole so he could enter her more easily. Then I felt his balls on mine as his shaft started to push into her. He moved slowly at first just moving a little at a time.

I felt her arch her back and raise her ass slightly allowing him to push all the way into her. “Oh god she shouted. Oh this is so intense!” Her mouth sought out mine and we kissed. She was muttering and moaning into my mouth each time Allan and I moved our cocks in and out of her. We reach a perfect rhythm and kept it up. His cock felt so good sliding against mine and his hairless balls kept rubbing against mine sending me to the edge.

I wasn’t going to last much longer. He shouted his climax first and started thrusting harder. I felt his cock grow a little larger and then I could feel him squirting into her vibrating ass. She let out a loud long gasp as her cum started to squirt and flow all over me. Then lightning struck, thunder broke and I started cumming. All three of us were shouting in unison. Lonna cried out and came again and then just collapsed on my chest. I felt his cock pop-out of her.

Mine was still being held in her magic pussy. Gently we rolled her on her side on the bed and then her pussy let me go. His cum mingled with mine and hers as she was leaking from both her holes. What a beautiful sight. He got up and went to the bathroom to clean up. As I rolled flat on my back in shear exhaustion I heard the sound of the shower. Lonna raised her head and spoke softly. “That was the best ever. I can’t move.

You two really got me that time. Robby, she purred; get me a drink and a smoke.” I was pretty wobbly as I got up and staggered into the living room to pour a drink and get us a smoke. When I returned she was finally taking off her CFMs and hose. Her hair was tossed in every direction and she looked lustful and wonderful. She definitely was the most sexual, sensual and exciting woman I had ever been with.

The shower shut off and Allan returned toweling his wet hair. She took a big gulp of scotch, a long drag off the cigarette and then handed both to me. Mumbling something about having to wash the cum off, she disappeared into the bathroom. Allan called room service and ordered a late-night breakfast for us and when I heard the shower start I got up and joined Lonna. Lonna was not surprised when I joined her. We soaped each other rinsed off and soaped up again.

I paid particular attention to her recently fucked ass hole. It was all stretched open and a bit red. As I gently rubbed it she let out soft growl of approval and promised I could lick it and fuck it later. She turned around and pulled me to my feet. We pressed our bodies together and started to kiss. She put one leg between mine and wrapped it around and started rubbing her pussy on my thigh.

She broke our kiss, looked me in the eyes and I realized not only was she rubbing her sweet pussy on my leg and peeing on it. Her eyes were clouded over as if she were in a trance. When her warm flow stopped she said, “That was my gift to you, it’s a gift of pure lust. I know you will always remember it because I know will.” After our shower we dried each other off put on the robes the hotel supplied and went into the living room.

Allan had put his pants on and the reason was that our late-night breakfast had been delivered and he didn’t want to answer the door naked. Lonna quipped that she had answered the door naked for room service once. I asked her if he liked his tip. She answered, “Yes, I know for a fact she did.” Allan and I just smiled. It was about midnight when we finish breakfast. Lonna had taken her robe off and was lounging on the couch smoking a cigarette. I took off my robe and joined her. When Allan came over his clothes were also off.

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  • Taylor

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    An absolutely amazing and passionate fantasy of mine. It was as if you read my mind

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