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She opened his pants and as they dropped to the floor his large hard cock pushed out visibly from his boxers. She reached down and stroked it four or five times and they again engaged in a very erotic kiss. At that point I too was getting out of my clothes. My cock was so hard that it ached for release. Lonna turned and walked to the bedroom with Allan. Her dress had fallen in a puddle at her feet and except for her thigh-high hose and high- heeled CFMs she was naked.

She had always shaved her pussy bare and smooth but I noticed another change. She was now sporting a small tuft of read hair just above her beautiful pussy. It was the same flaming color as her hair. She saw me staring at her pussy and reached done and gently stroked her bare pussy lips and spread her legs open to give Allan and me a better look. As she continued to stroke herself she asked me if Dolly would approve of her new look.

I knew she would and just was barley able to force out an audible yes. She then patted the bed on either side of her and told us both to set down. She went to Allan first. She was stroking his long but not too thick 8 inches of cock while they engaged in another passion filled kiss. She pushed his head down to her breasts where he started to devour them. At this point I started to stroke my cock being caught up in her vocal encouragement.

“Allan yes; yes, yes, suck my nipples…oh god that feels so good.” She was visibly starting to breathe heavier and continued her moaning and gasping as Allan made love to her breasts. I was witnessing one of the most erotic live sex scenes I had ever seen. He was playing her like a fine violin and she vocally loved every thing he was doing to her. It was obvious that they were practiced lovers. She started to beg him to eat her pussy and he moved down kissing every inch of skin in a straight line from her breasts to her now very wet pussy.

She jumped a little at first contact and groaned loudly as his mouth opened to devour her overheated pussy. She came the first time in seconds and ripped off several more powerful wet orgasms in a row. Her head was arched back and her hands where holding him tightly to her convulsing pussy. I had stopped stroking myself because I didn’t want to come…well not yet anyway.

Lonna pulled him up to her face and they kissed again. She was licking her cum off his lips and mouth. She rolled him over on to his back. His long cock was very much at attention. It was then that I noticed that his balls and cock were shaved bare as mine have been ever since she and Dolly shaved me and ordered me to keep it that way always. She lowered her head to his cock and swallowed him slowly inch by inch.

Her head started going up and down in a slow steady rhythm until his whole cock disappeared into her throat. I almost came without touching myself. Suddenly she got up on her knees, moved up and impaled herself on his cock. She let out an animal like cry as she took all of him in one motion. She then started her sexual dance with his cock moving in her in a slow practiced rhythm.

She started her erotic talking again moaning over and over; “Oh god fuck me Allan…god you’re making me crazy.” She had her hands on his chest and was playing with his nipples as she rode him, his cock moved in and out at her pace. He started talking to her repeating over and over for her to take what she wanted. That just made her crazier. I just couldn’t help myself at that point so I reach for her breasts and started pulling on her nipples which were long thick and ridged.

She started shouting “oh god yes, oh god yes, your going to make me cum, oh god yes I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, oh god yes!” Allan was also shouting and announcing his climax. I was still playing with her breasts and leaned in and started kissing and licking her back and shoulders. Even though she had just cum very hard she reached back and touched me said “oh yes Robby that is so good. Oh yes, yes, yes”…and with that she came again.

I looked down and saw her cum filled pussy start pouring out her juice and his. It was flooding everywhere. And then she just stopped. They both were gasping for air as Lonna rolled off of him on to her back. Her legs were spread and I could see the large amount of cum flowing from her. I had to get up and get myself a drink just to keep me from cumming after the show I just witnessed. A few minutes later Lonna appeared in the living room with her nylons and CFMs still on.

God, she looked so sexy. Her practiced walk as she approached and the way her blue eyes pierced me had me breathing hard. She plopped herself down on the couch next to me and took the scotch from my hand and downed it with some of the liquid overflowing her mouth a down the corners of her mouth. I leaned in to lick the excess liquid from her chin and lips. We started one of our white hot kisses that lasted for what seemed like five minutes but actually was much shorter than that…I think.

When we broke our kiss she presented the scotch glass to me and said that we had a problem. Our scotch had disappeared and we definitely need some more. I got another drink for us to share. We sat cross-legged facing each other on the couch passing a cigarette and the scotch back and forth just talking and enjoying each other’s company.

When the cigarette was finished she put it out, put down the drink, leaned back on the couch with her legs spread and said; “come here and kiss me.” What a sight she was. Her red hair was tussled, her right hand was on her breast gently squeezing it as her fingers moved to her hard nipple and that “come hither” look on her face took my breath away as it had many times before. I moved between her legs for another white-hot kiss.

I reach my hand for her breast and felt its firmness seeming to swell slightly in my hand. She broke the kiss looked me in the eyes and told me to eat her pussy. I gave a suck to each of her nipples, kissed and licked her pierced navel and moved down to that little tuft of red hair. I stopped to lick the skin around it and down to the top of her cleft. Her hands came to the side of my face stroking me and moaning softly. I then moved directly to her engorged clit.

Her clit when hard stands out about an inch from her pussy just like a little cock so I attached my lips and tongue to it and started making love to it. Her pussy was still leaking cum and I moved down to enjoy her sweet cream pie. She now had both hands on her breasts, squeezing them and pulling on her nipples as I gorged myself on her molten pussy and the large amounts of her and Allan’s cum that was there for my delight.

Lonna started her erotic litany. “Oh god yes Robby eat my pussy; suck all that cum out of me…Oh you’re the best ever. You’re making me see stars!” And with that she exploded in my mouth, her hips gyrating while she was shrieking about god and fucking and that she couldn’t stop cumming. Soon she pushed my face away from her pussy pleading for me to stop…and I did. She sat up and started to lick and suck every drop of cum that coated my mouth, chin and face.

When she was done, she got up and headed for the bathroom. On the way she stopped at the bar looked over her shoulder and told me to make us another drink. I couldn’t refuse her even if I wanted to. She smiled at me and went into the bedroom. I made us a scotch; lit up a smoke and sat back to think about what happened in the last hour or so and what was yet to cum. The night was still young and Lonna was far from being satiated.

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  • Taylor

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    An absolutely amazing and passionate fantasy of mine. It was as if you read my mind

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