Fulfilling A Couple’s Sexual Fantasy 4.5/5 (8)

Happy hour on a Friday night at our local neighborhood bar outside of Pittsburg was always crowded and fun. I would normally meet Jerry and Jennifer there after work Friday evenings. I was closer to the bar with my drive home from the office while Jennifer and Jerry would arrive separately since they worked in different locations.

This Friday night, I walked in knowing I was there before either Jerry or Jennifer. There happened to be a couple of seats open at the bar as I made my way in through the many Friday night regulars. Of the regulars, I knew Jennifer and Jerry were bi as well as Brian and Susan, William, along with David and Michelle knew I was bi.

This evening, none of them were in the bar yet and not sure if their schedules were going to allow them to be there this evening. With Jerry and Jennifer, our relationship had been close, even before the three of us became lovers. Now that I was introduced and initiated into their bi orgy group as a regular member, I didn’t have to count on my work trips as a way to enjoy the company of both sexes.

Jerry was going out of town on business for a conference in Atlanta the next morning and Jennifer was going to make sure I was occupied for the weekend. I was looking forward to it. I took an open bar stool next to a couple of regulars I knew, Holly and Nick. Holly was a stunning voluptuous brunette and quite a knockout. You would never have guessed that both she and Nick had just turned sixty that year.

Holly was always dressed to the tens. That night, her five foot five inch frame was enticingly displayed in a grey cashmere sweater dress showing off here thirty-eight double D breasts, hour glass figure, killer ass, and gorgeous legs and always a pair of killer stilettos. This pair just happened to match her dress. She wasn’t slim, but enhanced in all of the right places and she sure was one attractive woman.

Nick was six foot tall and handsome, peppered hair, and always in a suit. He wore a blue pin stripe suite this evening with a Brooks Brothers white button down shirt and a deep red tie. She was a local realtor and he worked for a major bank in down town Pittsburg.

The chair to the right was empty and the stools further right had been occupied by others I’d seen in the bar before. I noticed as I approached that it appeared that both Holly and Nick just might have been the first occupants of the bar at happy hour this evening. Holly was always flirty often dropping innuendos but never pressing and acting on them.

This evening, when I walked in, she gave me a kiss on the cheek as I shook Nick’s hand and placed her right hand on my waist and pulled me close telling me she was glad to see I made it there this evening. I ordered my drink and waited for Jennifer and Jerry to show up when my cell phone rang. It was Jerry. He had to leave for the airport this evening and Jennifer was dropping him off at the airport.

They would miss happy hour but I might see Jennifer there after she dropped him off. Once off the phone, I turned my attention back to watching Holly slowly move to the music coming from the piano bar. The piano player’s rendition of Billy Joel’s Piano Man had everyone in the bar singing the verses. After a two rounds of scotch and ice I thought I might get a bite to eat at the bar.

When I ordered my lobster tail, baked potato and asparagus, Holly told Nick she was also hungry. In no time, they were eating as well. Just as the bartender cleared the dishes, Jennifer walked into the bar. Happy hour would be over in thirty minutes. We quickly ordered several more rounds and chatted, watching the dance floor fill up.

The music was a great mix of fifties, sixties and seventies, and the selection included both fast and slow dances. Jennifer looked extremely sexy, as always, in a black knee length pencil skirt, ivory blouse and black matching suit jacket. Of course, her standard black stiletto heels always showed off her killer legs and ass. What can I say; she’s a gorgeous redhead.

The girls were chatting away and even danced a few fast dances together. The girls disappeared into the bathroom on one of those girls’ trips and Nick and I chatted about the day, Steelers football, Penguin hockey and the good time we were having that evening. Nick noted, “You, Jennifer and Jerry are pretty good friends aren’t you? You know, we see you all together a lot.”

I smiled and said, “Yes, we are. We’re neighbors who happen to have become good friends. They have been good to me since moving in after my divorce and making me feel welcome here.”

Nick slapped me on the shoulder and responded, “We are glad you chose to move into this area and glad to have you as a regular here too.”

This was the most conversation I had ever had with Nick since I had moved into the subdivision. I caught sight of the girls walking closely together back from the ladies room giggling like teenage schoolgirls. Jennifer reached for my hand as I sipped my scotch and made the attempt to pull me toward the dance floor for a slow song.

I hurriedly put my drink on the bar and followed her. Once there, she pulled me close and put her right hand up to pull my head down so that she could talk without everyone hearing her.

“You will never believe what happened in the ladies room,” Jen said pulling back to gauge my reaction.

“You are right. I have no idea,” I replied with a perplexed look on my face.

“Holly told me that Nick has been pressing her to have a three way or another couple join them in bed and wanted my advice.” She pulled back again to gauge my reaction.

I leaned back in to her ear and commented, “You and Jerry are good candidates for the couple. They are both very attractive and I could just imagine you fucking Nick while Jerry had Holly. You have to let me see pictures or even video,” I grinned back at her.

“Well, it gets even more interesting. You see, Holly said that Nick wanted to double team her with another guy as well as see her make it with another woman.” Again, she leaned back to gauge my reaction.

My cock was growing and Jennifer noticed. She ground into my cock just as the second slow song began to play. “So, right up both of your alleys, so to speak. Again, they are both pretty hot. I would do them but I don’t have a partner,” I replied.

“You haven’t heard the kicker. Holly told Nick she would do it, do everything on one condition.” And again, she leaned back for my reaction and playfully ground into my throbbing cock knowing she was teasing me to no end.

“Ok, I give.”

“Holly told him that if he would consider having sex with a guy in front of her, she was totally game with everything. She told him that was her fantasy, for him to put on a sex show for her.” Yes, she leaned back again.

I smiled back at her, “Jerry would love to fuck Nick.”

“Yes, I believe he would if he was here. But, you are here tonight and he isn’t. So, you and I are going to help them fulfill their fantasies tonight. Are you up to it?” She ground into my cock with a little more force and didn’t have to wait for an answer before saying, “I believe you are.”

“Well, first, what about the kids? You dropped Jerry off at the airport.”

“Kids are already at Mom’s house. Next?”

“How do you let Holly and Nick know?” I was concerned about our escapades becoming public.

“Holly knows you are bi. I told her in the ladies room after she told me the conditions she put out there for Nick to have his fantasy.”

“Who’s going to tell Nick? Big key to this is him you know.”

“You let Holly and I take care of that.”

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