From Fantasy To Reality

Section 1

Randy and Judy had been married nearly 30 years. To spice things up, Judy would talk about sucking another guy’s cock while Randy fucked her. She knew that it turned him on to hear her talk nasty. Gradually it went from one guy to two, and eventually she began to talk about multiple men taking turns fucking her.

The fantasy fueled many great orgasms for both of them, and seemed harmless because outside of the bedroom Judy would always dismiss it as bedroom talk if Randy brought it up. That is until one particular day. Randy was joking with her about setting up a gangbang, and she said go ahead. Of course he still thought she was just joking around to get a reaction, but it made him curious.

A few days later Randy was on the internet, and decided to look at sites that had anything to do with groupsex, or gangbangs. Besides the many graphic pictures to be found, there were also some sites that seemed to network people who wanted to meet.

Most of them were swinger sites. He also found a website named Flickr that allowed people to set up a personal page, and create themed groups, and allowed for xrated pictures as long as the account was set up as adult access only. So he thought to himself, I’ll set up an account and a group inviting people to participate in a gangbang with my wife. Sounded simple, and he had several pictures of Judy naked that he could add to the page. All he had to do was crop them so her face couldn’t be seen. In a couple of hours the group was up and running.

Several days went by, but nobody had joined the group, and Randy was frustrated. So he thought about it, and reasoned that not too many people searched for gangbangs. So over the next couple of hours he searched for several sexual key words, and found hundreds of pages that had similar interests. So he sent friends requests to at least 50 people, and added a brief explanation of what he was looking for, as well as the link to his group.

He was surprised at how many women had profiles that had pictures of them with other men, and showed various sex acts, cumshots, etc… In fact there were a lot of white women who wanted BBC or big black cocks. So he sent out friend requests to quite a few, well endowed, good looking black men who lived within reasonable driving distance.

There were a couple who had extremely long and thick cocks who lived in other states. He was sure that her pussy couldn’t possibly accommodate them, not to mention that they probably wouldn’t be willing to travel that far but, he sent requests anyway because he was amazed by how fucking huge they were.

The next day after work Randy checked his email, and was surprised to see at least 15 emails that said his friends request had been accepted. He opened each one to get an idea of who was who. There were probably 6 white guys out of the 10 to 15 he had sent requests to. The other 9 were from black guys. All of them not only accepted the friend request, but they also joined the gangbang group he had created.

Most of them had also posted pictures of them naked, and posted comments on Judy’s pictures with wide ranging comments about what they would like to do to please her. Randy smiled because he knew that Judy’s fantasy had gone from talk, to an experiment online, and one step closer to becoming a reality if he let it.

Over the next two weeks he continued to get responses from guys, and he sent emails back and forth to most of them. He eventually had 24 guys who seemed to fit his requirements, and who seemed like genuinely good people. There was a handful that were weeded out. Mostly because they came across as seedy, or selfish and disrespectful to women in general.

So now it was to the point where this could become a reality. All he had to do was decide where, and when, and most importantly how to introduce the idea to Judy. He was a little concerned that her reaction would be, “I can’t do that.” So he just kept pondering scenarios for the next couple of days. He finally made up his mind that he would set up a gangbang in a hotel out of town.

He would tell Judy they were going to dinner, and to a club afterwards for a drink, with the hopes that after a couple of drinks she would be loosened up and go with the flow as the situation unfolded. He would bring some pot too, because he knew it made Judy even hornier when she got high.

The plan was now set. Randy chose 12 out of the 24 guys, and posted a message to all in the group thanking them for joining and corresponding. He said that he would be mailing out individual emails to those who were invited, but that if it went well, the other 12 would be invited to a future gangbang.

He posted the date, time, and location too for the few who hadn’t given email addresses. He also gave instructions on where they would meet and how. The plan was now in motion, and Randy proceeded to tell Judy about the dinner date. She of course was happy to not have to cook.

On the afternoon of the event as they got ready, Randy asked Judy to wear a particular outfit that accentuated her large breasts, and was snug on her ass and pussy. When she asked why, he smiled and said, “Never know, we might pick up a horny guy.” Judy reached over to find his cock stiffening, and laughed, “It looks like we already have one.”

As they drove to dinner, Randy glanced at the time on the dash. It was 6:30, and he told the guys to be at the bar by 9:00. When they reached the restaurant Judy made a beeline for the restroom to check her makeup. Randy ordered them both a drink.

When she saw the margarita, she smiled and asked, “Trying to get me wasted so you can have your way with me?” Randy laughed and said, “I brought some pot too.“When we get to the hotel that I took the liberty of making reservations at, we can pretend we are strangers hooking up to fuck.” Luck was on his side, because she responded with a nasty smile.

Two margaritas later, a light meal, and a lot of sexual overtones during their conversation, and Judy was getting very horny. When they left the restaurant, it was only 8:30. “How about another drink before we go to the hotel” he asked. “There are several bars here on restaurant row.” “In fact there’s a bar with live music right next door to the Howard Johnson’s where we are staying.”

“Perfect” Judy said, “We can walk from the bar to our room.”

As they pulled into the parking lot of the hotel, he told her that he would go in and get the room key. She waited in the car, and in a few minutes he came out to get her.

“Why don’t we go to the room, and get high before we go over to the bar?” He suggested.

Judy thought it was a great idea. She would rather get high than drink a lot anyway, and she could use the toothbrush she always carried in her purse. Within 20 minutes they had smoked a couple of bowls of medical grade Kush and were feeling great. As they entered the bar, Randy scanned the room and immediately made eye contact with several of the guys. In that moment he felt exhilaration like you feel on a big roller coaster. He thought to himself for a moment, “It’s not too late to back out” but was interrupted by Judy’s voice.

“The music is good, but there isn’t anywhere to sit except the bar.”

So they made their way to the bar with the idea that they would order a drink, and wait for a table to open up. Between the pot, and the alcohol and the music, they were both feeling great.

“I want to dance” Judy shouted over the music.

“Let’s go” Randy shouted back.

As they danced Randy made eye contact with several of the guys who were sitting in various locations. After a couple of songs, they decided to get another drink, but now there were no open stools at the bar. One of the guys saw that as his cue to wave at them and motion them over to his table.

Section 2

When they approached, he said he noticed there was nowhere to sit, and invited them to sit at his table. Judy glanced at Randy, and he smiled and nodded. As they sat down, they exchanged names, and the guy who introduced himself as Gary said they could share his table if Randy was willing to share Judy on the dance floor. “Sounds reasonable” Randy replied smiling at Judy. “I’ll watch the table while you two dance, and you can watch it when we do.”

Randy ordered a round of drinks for all of them, and told them to go ahead and go dance. Judy might have been a little apprehensive, but the mixture of all the elements and the fact that Gary was attractive and seemed nice, diminished those feelings. Randy and the other men watched Judy and Gary dancing and laughing. Randy glanced at the others and they all nodded knowing that Gary had set the ball in motion. Gary didn’t waste any time either.

By the middle of the 1st dance his hands were touching her shoulders, back, and arms. When he saw that she didn’t object, he pulled her closer and let his hands slide down her back, and onto her ass. Judy could feel his dick rubbing up against her, and acted as if nothing was wrong. By the middle of the second song it was apparent that Judy was lost in the moment. Occasionally she would glance at Randy. He just smiled at her approvingly.

Half way through the second dance, one of the black guys decided it was his turn to break the ice, and asked if he could cut in. Gary said sure, but Judy looked back to the table at Randy. He just kind of shrugged like it was ok with him if she wanted to. Gary returned to the table, where Randy gave him the key card to the hotel room. He told Gary to go over, and to help himself to some smoke if he wanted it, and to make sure the adjoining room was accessible.

On the dance floor the young black stud wasted no time getting to know Judy. He was all over her, and she wasn’t resisting his moves at all. In fact she seemed to be really enjoying it. He managed to maneuver them across the dance floor to a corner that was a little darker.

Randy watched as he started squeezing her breasts, and grinding his cock into her. Her pussy and mind were on fire. His large hands cupped her ass, and pulled her harder against his cock. At one point she opened her eyes, and looked back towards the table.

But there was no sign of Gary, and Randy was talking to some other guys across the room, apparently oblivious to the fact that his wife was practically being fucked standing up, by this black guy. Just before the song ended, the young stud kissed Judy hard. Sticking his tongue deep in her mouth. She was a little hesitant, but kissed him back anyway. Her pussy was soaked, and she experienced an orgasm standing there that caused her knees to buckle.

When the song ended, the young man said thanks for the dance, and that he was going to get another drink, and would like to dance again later if it was ok with her. Judy’s mind was spinning as she quickly agreed to dance with him again later. But all she could think of was that she wanted a cock in her pussy badly. Randy had made his way around the room and talked to all of the guys and told them his plan. He met Judy back at the table.

“Where did Gary go” Judy asked.

“He said to say goodbye, and that he had to go” Randy told her.

She scanned the room looking for the young black guy, and couldn’t see him. Feeling sexually frustrated, and extremely horny, she asked, “Did you see me dancing with the black guy?” “He practically raped me on the dance floor.” Randy told her that every time he looked at them dancing, she seemed to be enjoying it, acting like he didn’t see the tit grabbing, crotch grinding, or her kissing him.

Randy asked her if she wanted another drink, or some water. As they sat there she sipped her water, and when the young black guy didn’t reappear after several minutes, she told Randy, “I need you to take me back to the room and fuck me.” Her pussy was still on fire, and ached for relief as she thought about the two strange cocks that had been grinding her on the dance floor. Randy smiled because he knew that it wouldn’t be long before Judy’s pussy would receive 1000 times the relief she so desperately craved.

“Let’s head back to the room and take care of your needs dear” It’s too bad your dance partners had to leave, they could have joined us” He said, looking for a reaction.

Judy said without hesitation, “I know, I’m so horny I just might have fucked them .”

When they got back to the room Judy said, “Let me show you what that hot black guy did when your back was turned to us” and she kissed him hard and pulled him against her. Grinding her soaked crotch against his cock. When she stopped kissing him, he asked her what was going through her mind as the guy manhandled her on the dance floor.

She told him that she was so turned on that she wanted him to fuck her right there on the floor in front of everyone, and that it was a good thing that he left when he did. Randy’s cock had grown extremely hard listening to his wife talk about wanting the big black cock inside her, and suggested smoking another bowl to further intensify the moment.

Once they had renewed their buzz, Judy excused herself to the restroom. She wanted to take a short hot shower before they got in bed. While she showered, Randy went to the locked door that separated their room from the adjoining room. Inside the other room were the 9 waiting men. He had talked to each of them while Judy was dancing, and had told him what the plan was, and that it wouldn’t be long before the fun would begin. He quickly returned to his room closing the door but left it unlocked.

Judy came out of the restroom naked and with lust in her eyes, and said, “I hope you have a lot of energy tonight. My pussy is on fire, and I’m in need of some long hard fucking.”

They laid down and he began to kiss her deeply. His hand moved down to her pussy to find it hot and oozing from all of the earlier stimulation and anticipation. He had barely touched her protruding clit and he felt her tensing up as she orgasmed instantly. He wanted to jump on her and fuck her, but that wasn’t the plan. He whispered to her, and asked what she wanted, and without hesitation she replied, “I want you to fuck me, and I want another cock too.”

“Really” he whispered back.

“Yes, fuck yes, I need cock now, please fuck me!”

Judy’s eyes where closed, as she waited for him to put his cock inside her and give her what she desperately needed. He told her to roll over so he could doggy fuck her first. She rolled over and spread her legs and pushed her ass up into the air exposing the target that 9 guys and Randy all wanted to fill.

By this time the door between the rooms had been quietly opened and the guys had entered the room, and were waiting for Randy’s signal. He moved on the bed as if to position himself behind Judy, but instead one of the guys got into position between her legs.

With her eyes still closed in anticipation, Judy spread her legs wide and waited for Randy’s hard cock to slide deep inside her. Because they had discussed it earlier, the guy who was going to go first was about the same size as Randy. If it worked out the way he planned it, the guys would take turns fucking Judy, in order of size. That way, he reasoned, Judy would hopefully be able to take the larger cocks without to much pain.

The first guy rubbed the head of his cock teasingly up and down Judy’s well lubricated opening, and she nudged back against him. We all watched quietly as the first of 10 cocks pushed deep into her quivering cunt with one long thrust. He pulled her ass cheeks apart as he continued to push deeper into Judy’s cunt. Judy moaned and rocked back against him as he picked up the pace.

Section 3

She moaned, “Mmmm you feel so big tonight, I wish I had a cock in my mouth too.” Randy who was still inches from her face said, “you can suck mine first baby” and he brushed it against her cheek. It took a few seconds for it to register that her pussy was still being fucked. It was then that she opened her eyes, and in the dark room she could barely make out the silhouettes of what looked like several bodies.

She began to speak, and Randy said, “Shhhh just enjoy dear, you are going to get your wish tonight and get some long hard fucking.” and then he stepped off the bed to watch.

The next guy to climb on the bed was Gary. When she saw his face, she smiled, and got up on her hands and knees so she could suck Gary’s cock while the other guy continued to fuck her from behind. One of the guys turned on the light so everyone could watch each other as they took their turns with Judy. Judy was eagerly sucking Gary’s cock when the lights came on. She paused briefly so she could see how many guys were there.

As she quickly scanned the room she counted 5 white cocks including Randy’s, and 5 black cocks. Her mind which was already spinning raced as she noticed the enormous size of some of the cocks. Then she connected the face of the black guy she had danced with to the largest cock in the room. He had to be at least 12 inches long and as big around as a coke can. Two of the other black guys were just as thick, but a few of inches shorter.

Her concentration on the size of all the cocks was broken when the guy who was dogging her began to swell inside her. As Judy continued to deep throat Gary, the guy behind her emptied his load into her pussy, sending Judy into another orgasm. The gangbang was in motion. One at a time, each of the guys took turns fucking Judy. For the rest of the evening she was like a woman possessed.

When the first of the black guys got on the bed for a blow job, she tried to wrap her hands around his cock and thought, “I don’t know if I can get this thing in my mouth” But she managed to get a few inches of it in her mouth and bobbed and gagged as the guy fucked her face.

Then as each took his turn the 3 largest black guys told her what position they wanted to fuck her in. Even though her pussy had been stretched out by several guys before them, and was very lubricated from all of the cum, she knew that the big black cocks would stretch her well beyond what she imagined she could handle. She relaxed, and before long the first of the thick black cocks was being inched into Judy’s still surprisingly tight cunt. Eventually the whole thing was inside her, and her heart was pounding as he began to take long slow strokes in an out of her.

Judy had lost count of how many times she came; in fact there was just a long continual series of orgasms. When it came time for the black guy she had danced with to fuck her, she had him lay on his back so she could lower herself onto his 12+ inch monster cock. Everyone watched in amazement and she soon had 9 inches inside her.

Then she began to move up and down on the shiny thick black pole. He began to push up into her and meet her downward movements, and before long she had engulfed all 12+ inches. Not only did she manage to get it all in, but she began to earnestly fuck him. Before long she was bouncing on his cock panting and whining. Judy’s face contorted as she rode his horse sized cock. Her pussy juices gushed out and soaked the sheets.

When he began to moan, everyone watched as his magnificent tool grew even larger, and the veins bulged as he pumped his cum deep into Judy. She cried out some obscenities, clamping down as she milked his cock. He continued to fuck her until he had emptied his heavy balls into her well fucked cunt. When he was done, she rolled off of him and laid on her back, legs spread. Her pussy was gaping wide open. Cum was pouring out as her pussy still convulsed involuntarily.

At that point some of the guys had to leave, but Gary, and all of the black guys stayed. Judy went into the bathroom and showered off. Everyone else waited for her, and passed around the bong. Judy returned a few minutes later, and was ready to go for round two. For the next few hours Judy fucked and sucked everyone again.

She eventually was able to take a cock in her pussy and in her ass at the same time. All of the guys got to take turns and switch between her pussy and ass. When it was time to call it a night, the ones who were still hard, stroked their cocks and one by one shot loads on Judy’s face, and tits. When they were done, Judy laid there in a cum bath. She was covered from head to toe with cum, and it was still oozing from her holes.

When the last of the guys said goodnight and left, Randy who had just watched all night, crawled onto the bed, and it was finally his turn. He easily slid his cock into Judy’s pussy. He asked her if she could even feel him after being fucked by the large black cocks. She said that her pussy had become so engorged and sensitive from the intensity of the size of the cocks, and the amount of fucking that she orgasmed from the slightest touch.

Randy kissed her as he slowly fucked her. He could taste the other men’s cum as they kissed. Judy came several more times, and it wasnt long before he emptied his cum inside her. After laying there a while completely spent, they both went to the shower, and he washed her cum covered body. When they finished, they went into the room next door and exhausted, laid down to sleep.

Before she drifted off, she said, “I can’t tell you how much….” “….I love you baby.”

He kissed her, and she drifted off. He laid there playing the night over and over in his mind. He was very satisfied with how it turned out, and that Judy enjoyed it even more than he had hoped she would. As he drifted off to sleep he smiled as remembered that there were 12 more guys that would be fucking her soon.


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