FreshMEN Year 5/5 (24)

“I’m going to cum, Annie. I’m going to cum.” he groaned. I was going to receive my first load since beginning my freshman year in college and it was from one of my professors. This was going to be one interesting year. I grew up in small town USA. I was a pretty conservative young girl as I dated my first true love for a couple of years before losing my virginity. I was a junior in high school when he busted my cherry. It was cramped and

unromantic in the back seat of his car and it wasn’t anything like I had fantasized about. It actually was painful and after a couple of attempts I had him stop. He never actually penetrated me fully but there was a little blood. So technically I had lost my virginity and all I got out of it was a bunch of warm semen sprayed on top of my belly. I was so afraid of the pain and I was so terrified about getting pregnant. I thought it was because his cock was

so big but I was to learn later that he was only average in length. Now I continued to give him head on numerous occasions and actually felt that I had become one great little cocksucker but this act of fucking wasn’t nearly all it was cracked up to be. After that night we went back to petting and the session ending blow jobs I remember how the very first few times I had trouble keeping my teeth from nicking his shaft sometimes and then having him

pull out and cum on my breasts. He would exploded and sometimes he would accidently discharged some on my hair and blouse and it was such a chore to clean up afterwards. I remember the first time I took his jism down my throat and actually swallowed it all. It was salty and slightly pungent but over all it wasn’t that bad. I began to enjoy swallowing his load especially as this act seemed to excite him more than anything. I learn early on that men

or boys will do anything to have their dicks sucked and if you swallowed you were a goddess. I dated two other boys before graduating and both of them were much larger than my first lover. They were both so much bigger that I even had trouble taking them down my throat. No way was I going to let them fuck me. I learned quickly how to accommodate them and maybe I don’t have a very sensitive gagged reflex but I got to where I could take their

burgeoning cockheads to the very back of my throat quite comfortably. I prided myself in taking a full 10 inches into my mouth. Now I did have to do things a little differently for that lover’s monster cock. I found that if I laid on my back and put my head over the side of the bed that I could allow him to slide his shaft down my throat sword swallowing style. Once I figured out how to breathe through my nostrils I felt I could deep throat anyone up to

12 inches and I also learned that I could distinguish each one from their distinctive taste. I was kind of a cum coinsurer. My boyfriends thought I was the most amazing girl on the planet and it was so much easier than taking him into my tiny cunt. But now I was 18 and a freshman in college. I pledged a sorority and was having the time of my life. My history professor was a handsome man probably in his mid 30’s and I wound up being one of his

assistants. All the girls at the sorority were super jealous especially my big sister Susan as they all thought he was such a hunk. He had asked me to babysit his 4 year old and I was doing it to make a little extra spending cash. The first time he and his wife returned home she was a little bit tipsy and was so obnoxious and berating him as she staggered down the hall. I thought what a bitch to have such a wonderful guy for a husband. I later found out

that she was pretty much an alcoholic. The 2nd time they got home he almost had to carry her as she could barely walk. I helped him get her to the bedroom and deposited her on the bed. She passed out before he had removed her second shoe and I remember thinking how this was the place were he made love to his wife but it was pretty obvious that he wasn’t getting any tonight. He walked me to the door apologizing for his wife behavior the entire time.

I don’t know exactly what I said but it was something to the fact that I would never treat him the way she did. He told me I was sweet and gave me a peck on the cheek. I don’t know what came over me but I reached up and kissed him passionately on his lips. The next thing I knew I was on my knees by the living room and his pants were gathered around his ankles. His lovely cock was about 10 inches long and the quintessence of a manly cock. I stroke

the back half as I sucked on the front part. I kept my eyes open and looked up at him seductively while I took more and more of him into my mouth. He was whimpering softly by the time I had him deep down my throat. I hadn’t gotten fully all of him down before I felt his cock head pressing against the back of my throat. I relax my throat muscles and once the reflex settled down then I set my mind to taking all 10 inches. I put my hands around on his

firm athletic buttocks and I gobbled down the last couple of inches and my nose was finally touching his stomach. I held him there and lathered the underside of his shaft with my tongue. “You are so beautiful and amazing.” he moaned. He began gently thrusting his hips and I don’t think I sucked him very long this way before his gentlemanly announcement. I sucked him even harder and I heard him grunt and felt his cheeks tighten up and then he

exploded against my tonsils. His white hot spunk coated my windpipe until I had to swallow to relieve the pressure. I just relaxed my throat muscles and his white hot lava flowed directly down my esophagus. It was like taking a semen IV directly into my stomach. His taste was sweet with a touch of saltiness. I took his nectar as if it was a gift from the gods and this man could cum. He pumped load after load until I thought he was never going to stop.

It must have been a long time since he had cum. When he finally finished and withdrew his sensitive member I stroked his shaft from base to tip and squeezed out the last remaining drops of semen. I looked into his eyes and I licked off his pee slit with a slow flick of my tongue. I know his wife never did that for him. He was so appreciative and also acted so apologetic. He paid me 100 dollars which was way more than the babysitting was worth. He

explained it was because I was such a good….babysitter and he stumbled and hawed around while trying to communicate something delicate to me as I was straightening up to leave. I put my finger against his lips and said. “This will just be our secret. Nobody else need know.” I whispered. I saw the relief cascading down his entire body and he gave me a quick peck on the cheek again and home I went. Once there my roomy was gone as I knew the girls were

going to some booze party at one of the frats. I removed the bedspread and lay down on the cool white sheets. I unbuttoned my jeans and slipped them down just far enough to be able to pleasure myself and fanaticized about this hunk of a man fucking me. He was the one that I wanted to give my ‘virginity’ to. My pussy was already wet from our prior perverse act that we had just perpetrated and I slipped my right hand beneath my panties and began

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    Wow – best story for a while – love a good lesbian fuck. Was it written by a woman?

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